VIDEO: Autonatic Extended Trailer, Anyone But Me Episode #204

We gave you a trailer for our two new webseries (and one old webseries) about a month ago, and the first episode of Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office last week, and now it’s time for our full Autonatic trailer! Also you could meet Nat at the Boston Fenway Women’s Dinner if you wanna.

Anyone But Me is one of the ten webseries who will be competing in the Battle of the Webseries at Dinah Shore, along with Autostraddle’s “Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office” and Autonatic.


There’s a new episode of Anyone But Me today! It guest stars Liza Weil (of Gilmore Girls fame). The next new ep comes out March 9. This week Aster goes to therapy and her preggers thereapist reminds me of mine a little bit, though seriously Aster & the therapist are sitting REALLY CLOSE TOGETHER, I hope the baby doesn’t come out and get placenta everywher.e

Check it out!

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    She looks hot knocked up though. Is Liza Weil knocked up in real life? And yummy Nicole Pacent does great with that pissed off teenager vibe.

  2. Oh. Oh my god I am in love with Nat. This webseries is going to be the shit.

    Hm, I think I’m totally going to buy a seat to that Fenway Women’s Dinner. $175 isn’t bad for these things, and I love Fenway Health.

    • I know, it looks so good! I wish they had, like, press passes or something. I guess I can make a small donation and dance in my room to Bad Romance that night, it’ll be like the same thing, right?

      • Maybe call and see if they need volunteers? I did it for the HRC New England Gala and even got to sit and eat for the whole dinner because my volunteer shifts didn’t interfere. Spirit Mag is a sponsor and they always want people passing the magazines out.

        • I volunteered at an HRC New York City Gala and, typically, had to leave before the benefits (the dinner, speech) kicked in b/c I had two freelance articles and an L word recap due that Monday. Met a cute girl though! Anyhoo yah DO THAT! voluntour!

  3. I have seen a placenta or two up close and they freak me out. I know that’s not a very enlightened view but it’s the truth. So, please let “placenta everywhere” not be prophetic.

  4. Ugh, I hated therapy. My mom made me go when I was like 13-14 (and again when I was like 17) because she and my family were convinced I was depressed, on drugs (a little herb never hurt anybody) and destructive. None of which was true, apart from the herb (which was a lot more than a little). I was just gay and pissed.

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