Kristin Chenoweth Gets Her Own Musical TV Show, Does No Wrong on “D-List”


At a Television Critics Association event, Glee creator Ryan Murphy announced he is creating a musical series for our BFF, Kristin Chenoweth:

“I’ve always wanted to do something for Kristin, and Kristin is a good, close friend of mine obviously, so I’m writing a half-hour musical comedy specifically for Kristin… because if you can sing like that… I want her to be the star of her own show where she sings.” And: “I can’t say too much about it yet. Kristin is so funny. I want it to be adult.”


Cheno herself talked to Autostraddle about this very project last week!  She said:

“I can’t really say what the subject matter is about, but here’s the thing– I don’t really have to be the “star” of anything as long as I like my part. With this new TV project, the important thing will be to cast wonderful people around me, which will be easy because there are so many great actors out there. The writing and the storylines are the most important thing, so I can’t even tell you yet if I’m going to be the “star” of the show. When I look at Pushing Daises and other shows that are successful like The West Wing and certainly Glee, there are definitely leads, but everybody’s character pops. I’m not out to do a star vehicle for myself, I’m out to work with great people… cause they only make you look better… that’s the secret!”

Kristin also appeared on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List last night where she gave Kathy some Broadway singing lessons for reasons that are still on my DVR at home. Anyway! In this clip Kristin is going to blow your mother-f*in mind with her sheer vocal talent. Like, holy shit peeps.


It looks like  Carol Burnett will be cast as Sue Sylvester’s mom. Her episode will likely air in October or November. Also, Jane Lynch was finally immortalized in wax, thank the lord. (@ew)


OMG, they’ve remade Showgirls with Cher & X-Tina.


Velvet Park’s When Real Lesbian Sex Becomes Exploitation raises some interesting questions on the Sexisode issue (recapped here!):

From the bigger perspective what we have is a desexualized demographic. Lesbians are either un-sexy sexless women or they are hyper-sexualized to the point of superficiality and caricature. What is the problem with our sexuality, I ask? Is the male penis so fragile that we have to trivialize the female cock, or refrain from sex altogether?

Beyond the guise of “story telling” I ask you, does this set our visibility, or more importantly the understanding or our culture forward or backward? Really, I want to know.


Seth MacFarlane tells Details about his not-funny transgendered joke:

Details: You predicted that another episode—about a transgendered character—would make the LGBT community happy. It didn’t.

Seth MacFarlane: That surprised me. I don’t meet a lot of stupid homosexuals. They seem to be a pretty smart bunch. But it seemed that they were not picking up on the fact that it was a very sympathetic portrayal of a transsexual character.


JB is back and giving off some serious Bette Porter power suit vibes in the new trailer for Ride-Along. Everyone psyched to have JB back on TV on the regular?


REAL WORLD: There’s a homophobe in New Orleans, he’s right there on your TV!

JILLIAN MICHAELS: Jillian Michaels is being charged in another multi-million dollar lawsuit over weight loss products that might kill people. (@tmz)

THE BEATS: Beat chronicler Bill Morgan tours legendary poet Allen Ginsberg’s East Village: “In Morgan’s thoughtful, clear-eyed biography of the Beats, no empty bottle or one-night stand that contributed to the mythology of the infamous group of writers is left unexamined.” (@OUT)

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA: How Irresponsible (And Hilarious) Will “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s” Gay Marriage Episode Be?: On the upcoming sixth season of FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the characters aren’t going to grow any more mature. But they will tackle gay marriage! (@queerty)

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  1. Details: You predicted that another episode—about a transgendered character—would make the LGBT community happy. It didn’t.

    Seth MacFarlane: That surprised me. I don’t meet a lot of stupid homosexuals. They seem to be a pretty smart bunch. But it seemed that they were not picking up on the fact that it was a very sympathetic portrayal of a transsexual character.

    Details: Maybe the fact that Brian barfs his guts out when he realizes he’s had sex with a transsexual threw them off.

    Seth MacFarlane: Hey, we’re still Family Guy. We’re not suddenly going to become 7th Heaven. Actually, I guess on 7th Heaven they would probably burn the transsexual at the stake. Let me think of another example. We’re not Mr. Belvedere. Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, “Oh, my God, that’s disgusting.” It’s just the way we’re biologically wired. They should give that another look.

    Ummmmm wtf. Could you GIVE a more awful, offensive response than that? “Hey guess what, this shit wasn’t actually offensive despite the massive outcry, you just didn’t GET IT. Ha ha! See? Hilarious! Who knew the gays could be stupid! Ha! You didn’t GET IT!!!!!1111”

    Never mind the fact that, oh, you know, it was trans people he was discussing, not (necessarily) gay ones.

    ALSO WHAT THE FUCK, SRSLY YOU WOULD VOMIT IF YOU HAD SEX WITH A TRANSSEXUAL *WOMAN* YOU STRAIGHT GUY YOU? ‘Cause trans people are JUST LIKE gay people, right? There’s not a difference, is there?!

    Fun fact, plenty of gay guys are into vaginas, especially if they belong to other men.

    Another fun fact, i am “biologically wired” to vomit when reading Seth MacFarlane’s fucking transphobic bullshit.


    • Yeah, so ridiculous. That episode was horribly offensive and I’m not the type to get easily offended. Also, I’m a total mo and do not barf and the sight or mention of vagina’s. What Seth doesn’t understand here is that the gay guy saying “eww vagina” is more to provoke a reaction rather than be actual truth. Then again, this isn’t the first time a joke like that has been told (Brian vomiting for an extended period of time), so it wasn’t even funny. Hello? Anyone remember when Ace Ventura slept with the transsexual or drag queen or whatever that female cop/football player was suppose to be.

      I’m biologically wired to pull of Seth MacFarlane’s head and barf down his throat.

  2. It’s kind of sad that you can hear that Cher can’t move her face when she talks before she is on camera. But I love Christina Aguilera and Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci. And movies about singing and dancing and dreams and underdogs.

  3. Did Kristin get botox? Her face looks a bit different than normal.. But anyway I saw that video yesterday and I love it. Awesome how Seth Rudetsky is there too. He’s fab.

    I really hope her show turns out well. Because I think one musical show on TV is enough. I don’t know. We’ll see.

    Also, I love JBeals. Not my kind of show but I’m happy for her!

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