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Four For You, GLAAD Media Awards, It’s Sunday Funday!

People that you care about won awards for things! It’s Queen Latifah’s birthday and also the birthday of 17 Great Dane puppies, like actually for real! And there was a lady on the cover of WIRED Magazine, and also baby elephants, and also straight America is coming around to marriage equality, and hey have we told you yet today that WE LOVE YOU.

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Let Us Now Praise Effeminate Men

Alan Cumming’s latest blog post sums up the week perfectly, and addresses perhaps Newsweekgate’s most underasked question: “What is wrong with being effeminate, anyway?” It’s Friday, y’all. Let us praise ye wise men who know “queeny” isn’t even a word, give you some wisdom and share some of our favorite videos; Kurt’s Turn in Glee, Adam Lambert goes crazy, Alan Cumming emcees, Rickie finds World Happiness and Peter Paige finds Emmet’s truth.

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GLAAD Asks Newsweek for Apology (Though This Isn’t Its First Anti-Gay Offense)

GLAAD asks Newsweek for apology over Seetodeh’s gays-can’t-play-straight piece! Why do we still care? Because, believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst thing he’s written about gay people for Newsweek, just look at the victim-blaming hate-crime cover story! Anti-DADT empirical research is on YouTube and they’re dancing, Happiness without perfection, what your server is thinking about your date, and a Catholic university isn’t hiring a lesbian.

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Glee Creator Calls for Newsweek Boycott & Newsweek’s Response to Gay Backlash Fails All Over Again

GLEE Creator Ryan Murphy backs up Kristin Chenoweth and calls for a boycott of Newsweek until Setoodeh apologizes — and invites him to come on set. Also, Ramin Setoodeh has responded to the “internet backlash” and Kristin Chenoweth’s response to his homophobic article “Straight Jacket” in Newsweek and unsurprisingly, all he really does is dig himself even deeper. We break it all down for you. Lots of feelings on this one.