Kristin Chenoweth Stands Up for Gay Actors, Calls Out Homophobic Newsweek Article


So as you may remember, Ramin Setoodeh at Newsweek wrote this really awful article last week about how gay actors just ‘aren’t believable playing straight‘ (it’s not like it’s their job to pretend to be other people or anything!) We had a pretty Special Comment for Ramin, as did many Newsweek commenters on the website itself, who shared opinions like, “this is the most ridiculous, nonsensical, baseless, bigoted thing I’ve ever read! Anywhere!”

So! … speaking of special comments and special commenters… we were f*cking thrilled when a tipster alerted us that Kristin Chenoweth her very self, who stars with Sean Hayes on Broadway’s Promises, Promises and just did another guest spot on Glee, and is a longtime supporter of the gays, has added her (lovely) voice to the conversation at Newsweek.

Sometimes we can feel like we’re screaming into a void in our gay media bubble, so we’ve really got our fingers crossed Kristin Chenoweth’s starpower (and um, just overall total adorableness, gay-ally loveliness, talent, and ability to defy gravity) will inspire Newsweek to reconsider their publishing standards or at least issue an apology (Setoodeh is an out gay man and this is not the first time he’s written a shockingly homophobic article for Newsweek.)

Okay we’re stepping off our soapboxes now…
here’s Kristin! WE LOVE THIS WOMAN:

kristin-chenowethAs a longtime fan of Newsweek and as the actress currently starring opposite the incredibly talented (and sexy!) Sean Hayes in the Broadway revival of “Promises, Promises,” I was shocked on many levels to see Newsweek publishing Ramin Setoodeh’s horrendously homophobic “Straight Jacket,” which argues that gay actors are simply unfit to play straight. From where I stand, on stage, with Hayes, every night — I’ve observed nothing “wooden” or “weird” in his performance, nor have I noticed the seemingly unwieldy presence of a “pink elephant” in the Broadway Theater. (The Drama League, Outer Critics Circle and Tony members must have also missed that large animal when nominating Hayes’ performance for its highest honors this year.)

I’d normally keep silent on such matters and write such small-minded viewpoints off as perhaps a blip in common sense. But the offense I take to this article, and your decision to publish it, is not really even related to my profession or my work with Hayes or Jonathan Groff (also singled out in the article as too “queeny” to play “straight.”)

This article offends me because I am a human being, a woman and a Christian. For example, there was a time when Jewish actors had to change their names because anti-Semites thought no Jew could convincingly play Gentile. Setoodeh even goes so far as to justify his knee-jerk homophobic reaction to gay actors by accepting and endorsing that “as viewers, we are molded by a society obsessed with dissecting sexuality, starting with the locker room torture in junior high school.” Really? We want to maintain and proliferate the same kind of bullying that makes children cry and in some recent cases have even taken their own lives? That’s so sad, Newsweek! The examples he provides (what scientists call “selection bias”) to prove his “gays can’t play straight” hypothesis are sloppy in my opinion. Come on now!

Openly gay Groff is too “queeny” to play Lea Michelle’s boyfriend in GLEE, but is a “heartthrob” when he does it in Spring Awakening? Cynthia Nixon only “got away with it” ’cause she peaked before coming out? I don’t know if you’ve missed the giant Sex and the City movie posters, but it seems most of America is “buying it.” I could go on, but I assume these will be taken care of in your “Corrections” this week.

Similarly, thousands of people have traveled from all over the world to enjoy Hayes’ performance and don’t seem to have one single issue with his sexuality! They have no problem buying him as a love-torn heterosexual man. Audiences aren’t giving a darn about who a person is sleeping with or his personal life. Give me a break! We’re actors first, whether we’re playing prostitutes, baseball players, or the Lion King. Audiences come to theater to go on a journey. It’s a character and it’s called acting, and I’d put Hayes and his brilliance up there with some of the greatest actors period.

Lastly, as someone who’s been proudly advocating for equal rights and supporting GLBT causes for as long as I can remember, I know how much it means to young people struggling with their sexuality to see out & proud actors like Sean Hayes, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon succeeding in their work without having to keep their sexuality a secret. No one needs to see a bigoted, factually inaccurate article that tells people who deviate from heterosexual norms that they can’t be open about who they are and still achieve their dreams. I am told on good authority that Mr. Setoodeh is a gay man himself and I would hope, as the author of this article, he would at least understand that. I encourage Newsweek to embrace stories which promote acceptance, love, unity and singing and dancing for all!

–Kristin Chenoweth

Go check it out at the source and voice your support for love, singing & dancing!

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  1. My love for Kristin Chenoweth is deep, eternal and true. And we’re the same height.
    Hot damn I love her.

  2. This makes me really really happy! I’m honestly still really confused about why it was okay for newsweek to run that article in the first place, and also about why more people weren’t yelling at them. I get rage fits about it that keep me up at night.

    It makes me really happy how K-Chen is such a big vocal supporter of GLBTs. I feel like we’re getting somewhere! also now i have to listen to maybe this time from Glee again while I write emails

      • It could also be the reason why they published that article. They needed a controversy to get people to read their magazine. Unfortunately, they decided to pick on gay people.

        I saw Promises, Promises and I wasn’t a fan of Sean Hayes before, but now I am. His performance is that of a veteran theater actor that I wouldn’t have thought that Promises, Promises is actually his Broadway debut. I hope he wins a Tony so he could conk Mr. Setoodeh on the head with it. LOL By the way, he is so handsome!

  3. If I needed any more reasons to worship the ground Kristin Chenoweth walks on, this would do the trick in a heartbeat.

    What a beautifully-constructed response to such a bigoted article. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Chenoweth, for once again going above and beyond for the cause.

  4. I agree 100% with Ms. Chenoweth’s take on the bigoted and ignorant rant by a very small-minded “journalist”…

    Actors have portrayed every kind of character in the human condition. When the straight ones play gay (even badly), they are rewarded for their “courage”, etc. When gay actors play straight, they are believed without doubt UNTIL they reveal their sexuality. Only then do the small-minded begin to spew this kind of bile.

    Thank you, Kristin, for speaking out against this blatant defamation.

  5. <3 i hope kristin knows how much this means to everyone — not only the people who read her response, but also the ones who will be positively affected by those who read it. we should all try to use our voices in such a kickass way.

  6. Wow. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Kristin Chenoweth more, she does this. It brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think we could ask for a better ally, a better person, to be on our side.

  7. While Setoodeh’s ignorance and bigotry are astounding to say the least, I believe he, like anyone else has the right to freedom of speech. Kristin is a bit of a legend, has to be said.

    • yeah i’m all about freedom of speech… which is why setoodeh should start a blog! or a tumblr! for himself, and his ideas!

      i think it’s irresponsible of newsweek to promote bigotry in its respected publication. the medium is the message… the presence of this article in a “news” magazine that’s known for publishing (often to a fault) pretty middle-of-the-road politics gives the article a legitimacy that it doesn’t deserve. it’s radical, and should be framed as such.

      also honestly, as an editor of an online magazine with like 1/10,000th of the newsweek audience, his examples are really factually shoddy, he doesn’t support his thesis, i don’t know how this made it pass an editor onto the internet.

      • Perhaps i’m just numb to the bigotry and homophobia that exists in the papers over here in the UK and Ireland – you can basically say anything short of incitement of hatred. I don’t know how papers are operated over here in America but this article would not have been regarded as that much of a controversy. I have no issue with it to be honest, he’s just expressing his flawed opinion, I just have an issue with his stupidity.

      • “. . . his examples are really factually shoddy, he doesn’t support his thesis, i don’t know how this made it pass an editor onto the internet.”

        Fact-checking inhibits propagandizing.

  8. “We’re actors first, whether we’re playing prostitutes, baseball players, or the Lion King.”

    I don’t get why Setoodeh didn’t write this article about the Lion King. I found it completely impossible to buy that any of those actors were actually jungle animals. That guy who played the giraffe? What a joke.

    • Rachel,
      That was great I was laughing so hard by the time I finished reading your comment.

      On another note, Kudos to Ms. Chenoweth for speaking her mind! It’s nice to see someone using their voice for something other than spewing nonsense and hatred. I fully believe there is to much of it in the world already, time to embrace people for who and what they are.

  9. The first ammendment guarantees free speech, not free written word in the printed press. We have laws to protect this. When a personal op ed piece is “disguised” as an objective news piece, that is not okay. The writer can shout his opinion from the roof tops but not in mainstream print without the back up of facts and his story has little to no factual basis.

  10. I love Kristin for this!!! She is so amazing. Thanks, Autostraddle! I have never read your website, and it was sent to me through my business (I work in the entertainment industry) but I will surely be returning back here for your informative, frank, and fantastic writing!
    Thanks for posting this!

  11. Thank you Kristin for speaking your mind against closed minded people! I just can’t believe how absurd some people can be! It is so amazing that someone stands up not only for gay actors but people in general! Once again, thank you Kristin you are amazing!!! :)

  12. This is again ONE of millions of reasons why I effing love this woman! And just ps….so straights ARE qualified to play gays then? But no one would say anything about it….hmmm

  13. Go Kristen! I agree 100%. Don’t forget David Hyde Pierce who played Niles on Frasier for years and was very believable.

  14. Kristin is amazing! BTW, I had no idea that Groff was gay and think he has fantastic chemistry with Lea Michelle, so, respectfully, cram it, Mr. Setoodeh. Go be a self-hating gay man somewhere else.

  15. Yay Kristen. There does seem something truly odd about Setoodeh’s whole thesis. As Kristen said, “we’re actors first.” Isn’t it all about being somebody you’re not? To follow this logic, a man could never play a woman, or vice versa,even in animation! A person could never play an animal, and a brunette could never play a blonde. It presupposes that all gay people act the same, and not only that, that straight leading men only behave one way, which is unplayable by a gay man. It’s so ridiculous I’m spluttering.

  16. The author must be so incredibly homophobic he doth protest too much. Sounds like he’s afraid of his own shadow…and his own sexuality. Thanks Kristin.

  17. She is just one of those people who is perfect in everthing she does. This was a wonderfully, beautifully, passionately written piece. :)

  18. What a voice!! And I don’t just mean a singing voice. I love it when talented, courageous and authentic people get in our corner. I think Kristin Chenoweth is all of these! It makes me feel like the world is a better place.

    Susan Gabriel
    author of Seeking Sara Summers
    (a novel about falling in love with your best friend)

  19. Epic Win, that is all.
    Thank you Kristin, hope someone will hear you at newsweek.

  20. I love her so much. I’m not religious, but she is, in my opinion, the perfect Christian. She is loving and accepting and that’s what Jesus was all about. I wish there were more like her! Plus she’s freaking adorable and amazingly talented. I’m going to New York soon and I will definitely be seeing “Promises, Promises.” Last show I saw her in was “The Apple Tree” and she was great in it.

  21. A homophobic gay man? Is that a misprint? Why is every opinion on gays homophobic? do you have to be scared of something or someone to think about it/them? He doesn’t think gays play straight very well that is his opinion which is what he makes money for presenting. Gay or straight he should be able to have his opinion and voice it, God Bless America

    • his article isn’t written in the first person. he uses the universal “we” and states his opinion as facts. go read it. there are no “I”s in his article, only “we”s.

    • Someone above said it very well…”freedom of speech also means freedom to receive criticism”. Having your opinion and voicing it also means other people are free to rebut and express their reactions. And many, many gay and straight people (including La Chenoweth) are voicing their outrage at his CHOICE of self-expression.

      He doesn’t think “gays play straight very well”? Gee, that’s not a sweeping generalization at all. And as for the article’s alleged homophobia…I think a lot of gay people feel even more hurt and betrayed that one of their own is turning on them and issuing these kind of blanket statements, especially when his supporting arguments are pretty weak. It’s one thing to say “This specific actor doesn’t do a good job of playing straight.” That’s a subjective opinion, to which he is entitled. But turning one or two subjective examples into a generalization about all gays is pretty ridiculous. (Also, for the record, I found out J. Groff was gay AFTER watching his first ep on Glee, and I almost gnawed my arm off during his and Lea Michele’s “Hello” duet. HAWT is the word. I believed him. ;))

      I’m all for free expression–censorship, after all, breeds martyrdom, and all this guy needs is a persecution complex to do even more harm. However, the blurring of the news and op-ed categories are of definite concern here. And when he presents his opinion as fact, especially in such a hurtful way, he deserves all the raking over the coals he gets. Hopefully Newsweek will feel enough heat from the backlash to show better judgement next time.


      (who considers herself “straight but not narrow”).

  22. Also, he shouldn’t be able to have his opinion and print it as a NEWS article. that is what blogs and op-ed pieces are for.

    Thanks, Autostraddle, and thank you, Kristin!

    • Although I’m not a regular reader of Newsweek, I do know they publish all kinds of articles, including opinions (what do you think the op in op-ed means?), news, sports and others. Limiting a publication to only certain kinds of stories (news magazines can only publish news?) is narrow minded.

      • No one is saying Newsweek can’t write editorials. But it would be helpful to have some sort of label like “editorial” or “analysis” on the story, as most news publications do. Also, it would’ve been nice for Ramin to use “I” pronouns instead of speaking in generalities that read as fact based on his sentence structure.

        • I haven’t seen it but I’d be willing to bet the article in the print edition does clearly have ‘opinion’ at the top of the page. I’ve read Newsweek, Time and US NEWS enough to know that’s standard.

          I’ve also read enough critics and commentators, political and otherwise, to know the style Mr Satoodeh used is also common practice. A critic normally acts as a stand-in for the audience. Something else I’d be willing to bet is, if you agreed with him, his pronoun selection would be applauded. As it is, you object to being included by the empirical ‘we’. So be it. That doesn’t negate his point, which I’ve suggested is worthy of debate.

          • Well, it’s not worth splitting hairs over site design or pronouns. Although, I’m aware of the rhetorical devices used in editorials, and I think this format would’ve been much more effective if he was citing some empirical data, instead of just personal observation.

            Anyhow, my real issue with the article is that he doesn’t back up his arguments properly. I think there IS a larger point to be made here, but in my opinion, it reflects more about society than the abilities of gay actors. I think Setoodeh is getting confused about causality here. A bit of post hoc ergo propter hoc arguing, if you ask me.

          • I don’t see it but you have a valid point.

            May I suggest this is the kind of response Mr Setoodeh was looking for?

  23. IT’S AN OPINION That is what he gets paid for. You never hear any of these people say things in wishy washy form. Nobody said you can’t disagree with him but it’s his opinion and others share it, hence the we. Nothing in here makes him seem homophobic at all. Homophobic is a widely over used word that has phobic in it which means a FEAR how can you have sex with people you are that scared of??? He doesn’t like gay guys playing straight guys and he has the RIGHT to feel that way and voice his opinion. People have the right to disagree or dislike anybody or any group of people for any number of reasons or no reason at all. What you don’t have the right to do is obviously mislabel someone and slander them incorrectly. HE ISN’T HOMOPHOBIC he is a HOMO

    • “He doesn’t like gay guys playing straight guys and he has the RIGHT to feel that way and voice his opinion.”
      Of course. Just like people who don’t like black people living on their street. Or people who don’t like Jews wearing jeans. Or men who don’t like women who vote. Right? ;)

      Also: Being homosexual doesn’t mean you can’t be homophobic.

    • Mark, you are someone else who clearly missed the point. The point is that the article was an opinion piece that was allowed to be published as fact in a news magazine. He didn’t say ‘this is what I think and feel’ on a person blog, he used one or two shakey examples to say ‘this is what we know’ in a news magazine, and that’s insulting and wrong. I’m sick and tired of people trying to pass off their bigotry as fact. And I’ve even more sick and tired of the people who just blindly believe it all.

      • No. His opinion was publish as an opinion. Just because the name of the magazine has ‘news’ in it, doesn’t mean every published in it is factual. I read both ‘Straight Jacket’, which was presented as nothing more than opinion, and the actual review of the musical. The review was straight forward and factual. Ms Chenoweth took issue with that, as well. I haven’t seen the play. Perhaps the reviewer caught them on an off night.

    • Oh, you can DEFINITELY be both homophobic and a homo. Self-hatred is a powerful force. Look no further than this post from yesterday about conservative anti-gay leaders who had secret homo tendencies. There’s a surprisingly large number of them. Or maybe that’s not so surprising.

      And yes, he has every right to voice his opinion. The royal we seems a bit presumptuous without any polls or even anecdotal evidence pointing out others who share his views. But still, as people have pointed out, the blurring of the line between news and op-ed is concerning.

    • you can be homophobic and a homo, here’s a several for ‘ya.

      Anyhow, let me explain to you how to write an opinion piece, Mark!

      below I have pasted a paragraph from the article, as it was printed. I will then edit it for you to show you how it should’ve been edited for an opinion piece.

      “As viewers, we are molded by a society obsessed with dissecting sexuality, starting with the locker-room torture in junior high school. Which is why it’s a little hard to know what to make of the latest fabulous player to join Glee: Jonathan Groff, the openly gay Broadway star. In Spring Awakening, he showed us that he was a knockout singer and a heartthrob. But on TV, as the shifty glee captain from another school who steals Rachel’s heart, there’s something about his performance that feels off. In half his scenes, he scowls—is that a substitute for being straight? When he smiles or giggles, he seems more like your average theater queen, a better romantic match for Kurt than Rachel.”

      here’s how to edit that paragraph into an OPINION piece expressing one person’s personal opinion: (I have put edits in italics, and notes in bold):

      “My viewing experience has been molded by a society obsessed with dissecting sexuality, starting with the locker-room torture in junior high school. Which is why it was a little hard for me to know what to make of the latest [this needs to go, it’s used as an anti-gay derogatory term here –>fabulous] player to join Glee: Jonathan Groff, the openly gay Broadway star. [“In Spring Awakening, he showed us that he was a knockout singer and a heartthrob.” –> this whole sentence needs to go, it doesn’t make sense b/c Groff played a straight character in SA, and Setoodeh doesn’t back up his statement with examples or evidence of why it worked in SA but not in Glee] On TV, as the shifty glee captain from another school who steals Rachel’s heart, I felt something off about his performance. In half his scenes, he scowls—it made me wonder if that was his substitute for being straight? [again- he needs to back this statement up, why does “scowling” seem like a ‘straight’ thing to do? evidence please! examples!] When he smiles or giggles, he reminded me of a [what does this even mean?–>average theater queen]. I would’ve cast him as a romantic match for Kurt, rather than Rachel.”


  24. I had NO clue until reading the original article in newsweek that Groff was gay. I loved Kristin before but I adore her now. Very well said. I’m just ashamed that Americans in 2010 still can’t think outside the box. Times are changing people but human hearts still beat the same..we all need to respect that.

  25. HOMOPHOBIC DOESN’T MEAN HATRED. It means fear and gay tendencies don’t make you gay. This is only a big deal because this person is gay and everybody wants to be trendy and jump on board to seem like they are so liberal and “open-minded” HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Do YOU even know if he does do a good job? My guess is no. So shut your mouth. Before you jump down my throat I have not seen it either and that is not the point because I am not saying whether or not he does do a good job I am saying this is just another gay issue (pun intended). If I were to say it is obvious that Edward Norton wasn’t an athlete by his performance in American History X when he was supposed to be a basketball player your female GODDESS up there wouldn’t bat an eye because it isn’t the issue of the day. Think something through and maybe not all of you clones would have the exact same opinion as every other wanna be liberal.

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  27. I’ve loved Kristin for years because of her incredible talent and charisma, and now she gives me another reason to embrace her. I’m a straight middle aged woman who has watched another fantastic singer, Adam Lambert, get constantly referred to as “that gay singer” when in fact he’s a SINGER and his sexuality has NOTHING AT ALL to do with his entertaining us!!! It’s about entertainment, folks, come on.
    Thank you for being the voice of reason against stereotypical bigotry and intolerance, Kristin! You go girl!!

  28. with mom’s day tomorrow. I think when the author of this ridiculous op ed goes home for dinner, his mom gets a free smack to the back of his head.
    and to whatever editor at Newsweek decided their was enough responsible journalism in that drivel to publish it… he gets a smack on the back of his head as well.
    I subscribed to this weekly publication for years, about 5 years ago I stopped. Right about the time they stopped triple checking their facts. Can we please, for the love of clean laundry, go back to the time where truth in jounalisum meant something? Sheesh already.
    On a side note, I have tickets to wicked next week end and where I know I will enjoy, I will miss you! LOL

    • Thank you for putting into words just what I couldn’t quite nail down in my post…I wanted to defend freedom of expression, because as I said, censorship breeds martyrdom. I was afraid that if Newsweek had refused to publish this ridiculous article, they might leave themselves open to accusations of censorship. But by bringing up the phrase “responsible journalism”, you’ve reminded me that part of Newsweek’s JOB is to evaluate articles on their merits before publication, and not publish just anything out of fear of censorship. I’m still not putting it into words as well as I’d like, but I”m getting closer.

      He has the right to express his opinion. He doesn’t automatically have the right to have his opinion published in a major media outlet, especially if the article’s execution is journalistically flawed (which I believe Kristin C., and the majority of posters on this board, would agree is the case).

      P.S. You’re going to LOVE “Wicked”. I hope you get to see Donna Vivino as Elphaba…she blew my socks off last year in Seattle. That woman can SING.

  29. Um, wow. I love the Cheno. You can’t tell me she hasn’t had a big fat affair with Idina during Wicked..

  30. Kristin is a class-act. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her adorable little body and her sweetness radiates in her words.

  31. Another thing I thought that could be added to the argument is that there are a lot of actors out there who are still in the closet, and they are obviously doing their job flawlessly if there isn’t any suspicion in their direction.

    And as a student studying acting myself, I just wanted to say that the sex of your scene partner has no relevance in creating the chemistry and believability of a scene- a straight woman could be playing opposite a man she finds absolutely repulsive and that requires just as much, if not more “acting.” I had to kiss a boy in a scene from Uncle Vanya who I wasn’t attracted to in real life but in the heat of the moment and in the context of the scene I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

    When you’re in a scene, as long as you stay connected with your partner and also take from your own life to personalize the scene, it doesn’t matter if it’s a heterosexual or homosexual pairing. Not in the slightest.

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  35. She is NOT a Christian. If she was a Christian, she would be standing up for CHRISTIANS and not for Homosexuality.

    • Fact: Christians are taught to stand up for injustice and inequality and to love everyone as a child of God. That means EVERYONE.
      Source: Jesus.

      • and by taught, I mean they are supposed to be taught. a lot of things have been lost in translation.

    • Haha, Emily. i’m pretty sure you just said Ms. Chenoweth wasn’t Christian because she is defending the rights of the GLBT members of our society. I may not be personally religious, but I was raised that way and it seems like a very Christian thing to do. Here, I know some people feel the need to tear apart others that are different, so guess what: I am an atheist. Go ahead, rip me up for that one. Condemn me. Say what you want. I may not follow religion, but I will do what I can for my fellow humans. That includes those that are GLBT. Oh, I’m straight… Does that make me a traitor to religion AND straight people. Guess I’m going to hell, if I believed it existed that is.


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  41. Gay isn’t about who u sleep with! Lets get this correct l! Gay is so much more than sex, it’s about whom u love and spend your life with.

    I get really annoyed when especially celebrities make such comment like “who cares who u sleep with” because it’s puts it out there that gays just have some extra-curricular activity on the side that we do for fun, and then we go back to “the norm” by living heteosexually.

    Kristen needs to know it’s not about whom u sleep with but who you love -or for those of you: who you are attracted to.

  42. Great that K-Chen made a public reply. I find it funny that the original article calls out Johnathan Groff… I had no idea, while watching this season of Glee (the first time I’ve seen the actor), that Groff was gay.

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  44. I watch Glee, and I didn’t know that Jonathan was gay prior to this. I guess he fooled me. And those scences in Spring Awakening, they make this straight women, point made. It is called acting.

  45. He would also have to explain how actors from the past, Rock Hudson being a prime example, played VERY convincing straight men in romantic leads for decades. Nobody in the general population had a clue he was gay, why? Because was hired to play a believable straight guy, which he did. He is just one example of many.

    If he is saying certain members of the population won’t accept a gay man in a hetero lead because they know he isn’t really straight, then of course he can find someone who thinks that. He can also find another patron who can’t watch a male actor who is married in real life act in a single male role because they can’t get over that he is really married. He can also find another viewer who can’t get used to a ‘nice’ actor playing a bad person in a role.

    I think, in the end, what the Newsweek author is confessing to is that HE can’t get over it. It’s just too bad he can’t just say that.

  46. AWESOME! Thank you Kristin! Obviously that guy is a sufferer of “self-hate is a disease”!

  47. “I’m not gay but I’m not narrow”! Sean Hayes is a phenomenal actor and shouldn’t have his skill clouded by this homophobic crap. It’s incredibly unfair.

    Sean, you are an amazing actor. Ignore this crap and know that you have millions of fans that love you and consider you an amazing actor, one of the greatest.

  48. Kristin-
    Thank you for speaking out! Everyone of us who grew up with you, gay or straight, are so proud of your accomplishments and your integrity-

    R. Scott Jeppesen

  49. Honestly I didn`t know who Kristin Chenoweth was until I saw her in pushing Daisies. Since then I LOVE HER!!! and this makes me love you more…. You are a respectable woman and an actrees who proved to be good in everything you do. Thank you for being there, for putting yourself out like that for us, gays. Thank you

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  51. Thank you, thank you, Kristen and autostraddle for doing what you do! blerg – this type of poop – newsweek poop – keeps me up at night too. riese, want to dance in the kitchen tonight with our cookies and anger?

  52. Ms Chenoweth should also encourage Newsweek to not only “embrace stories which promote acceptance, love, unity and singing and dancing for all” but also acceptance of differing opinions. I read the ‘offensive’ article and found it thoughtful and worth further discussion, not condemnation and calls for censure.

    The problem with free speech, as most intelligent people understand, is you’ll sometimes read/hear things you don’t like.

  53. As a 59ish year old late bloomer myself and Mother of three,may I say,kuto’s to you for standing up for our community. Long has there been way too much “gay” profiling in this world. Those who feel the need to state such foolishness must feel very poorly about themselves as a person. Most who brandish prejudice verbage,have very poor self images,so they must belittle others to boost themselves. To the psychiatrist couch for him so he may research the foundation of his poor self image.

  54. I love it when the liberals get all upset about stereotypes of homosexuals, but are so silent about the endless stereotypes of hetrosexual males. The TV and film industry is nothing, but one endless run of stereotyping of hetrosexual males including hetrophobic shows like Will and Grace. It’s sad to see Kristin cave into political correctness. You better decided which side you are on.

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  57. How do the comment about a Jew playing a Gentile comes into play with a Gay playing a Straight Person? That shows a lack of common sense.
    It’s like saying that you are a christian and you are offended by the article!
    I love Ms. Chenoweth, but she may have not read the part of the bible that talks about this, Romans ch. 2.

  58. Kristen is truly amazing (and hot!). Just googled her after seeing Glee and I am so incredibly impressed by her standing up for what she believes in!


    Some of us have to do it to survive. Though you forgot that – likely because we do it so well.


  60. “Newsweekに4月26日に掲載されたラミン・セトゥーダの記事「Straight Jacket」 ・”


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    Calls Out Homophobic Newsweek Article” ended up being definitely
    worth writing a comment here! Simply desired to mention you
    did a superb work. Thanks for your effort ,Lasonya

  62. I tend to agree with every little thing that was put into writing in “Autostraddle – Kristin Chenoweth
    Stands Up for Gay Actors, Calls Out Homophobic Newsweek Article”.

    Many thanks for all the actual tips.Thanks for the post,Lon

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