Audiostraddle BiWeekly: Adam Lambert Does Acapella, Ke$ha Doesn’t Care

There was so much music in yesterday’s scheduled A&E Daily Fix that we thought we’d just throw the rule book out the window / at Ke$ha cowboy-style and churn out an Audiostraddle fix for the second time this week.


Yet another opportunity for you to spend ten minutes with Adam Lambert, our boyfriend, on a British talk show. Topics discussed include how coming out of the closet to his family helped him overcome overeating, the AMAs obvs, kissing Tommy and going back to Idol to be a guest tutor.

“I’m not a babysitter, I’m a singer!”
-Adam Lambert


An X-Tina fan has made a serious video about Christina Aguilera vs. Lady Gaga, claiming that X-Tina has had really crazy hairdos too. (@mtv)


Kelis, En Vogue, Martha Davis & The Motels, and Kelly Rowland will all be performing on the 2010 LA PRIDE Main Stage June 12 and 13 for the 40th LA PRIDE celebration in West Hollywood, CA. They are totes loving the gays these days… besides En Vogue, all of those performers also did Dinah Shore this year!


In China, the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” has replaced the “Oh my God” (omg) as a way to express “shock, hilarity or emphasize a point.” We’ve been doing this for a while now but it’s never caught the National fever pandemic rates currently experienced in China. Hurrah!

In other Gaga-related news, she recently spoke to Extra about her next video, “Alejandro.”


What does Chely Wright’s changing musical style say about the state of country music? (@newsweek)


Janelle is calling the shots even with P Diddy on her team:“He’s an endorser of our campaign, mission and message. Further more, I’m his boss [laughs]. This is not the story of man meets artist…he respects me for who I am. And he respects our ideas. He’s been very supportive of what’s going on; he wants to help us expose our message to the mainland.”

Sidenote: I got my hands on an advanced copy of Janelle’s upcoming album, The ArchAndroid, and it’s going to blow your mind.


Hey guess what? Ke$ha doesn’t care that you think she $ucks. In response to some of the harsh reviews she received for her Saturday Night Live performance and really just everything she’s ever done, Ke$ha told MTV News that she’s just keepin’ it real. With aliens. “If you don’t like dancing astronauts, laser beams that play music, me talking about aliens, glow-in the dark things, vocoders and a hot chick, I don’t know what to tell you. …  a lot of people are finding [she’s] not being up to par to, like, the standard that other people have set, but I’m just being real. And I think what I’m doing is good.” So I think that’s settled, then.


Katy Perry is streaming “California Gurls”, the first single of her upcoming album ft. Snoop. She annoys me and the spelling and lyrics annoy me but know what? I really really dig its groove. What do you think?


According to the New York Times, there’s a new trend in Hip Hop marketing. An increasing number of rappers are representing themselves as independent artists even after inking deals with major labels. “Recent examples of rappers who have secretly signed to labels while continuing to market themselves suggest that the trend’s truly taking hold among those still trying to make their break. The idea is simple: Artists market themselves gradually, via social networks and blogs, avoiding oversaturation. They make their music using low-budget production techniques. And then, once their “indie” success wins notice in the mainstream, their label backers come out from behind the curtains.”


Did you hear Britney could have been on the other end of the “Telephone”? Yes we mean Gaga’s telephone. The track was originally offered to Brit but for reasons unknown, she passed up the opportunity to include the track on Circus or participate in the music video. It’s not the first time Britney’s trash has become someone else’s treasure – she apparently passed singing on Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” as well.


Rapper Young Jeezy surprised many by using a Malcolm X inspired cover for his latest album, Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary. Jeezy explained, “One thing I respected about Malcolm X is that he believed in what he believed in. He died believing in it. That’s how I feel like I am…” (hiphopwired)


The Magnetic Fields documentary has scored a nation-wide release. The film, Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields, follows the career of this intensely private band over the course of a decade. It opens Oct 27 at New York Film Forum and then right across the USA and Canada. (pitchfork)

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    • More power to the Glambert dykes, I say.

      I have this fantasy about Adam Lambert… We meet, I drag him into a church to exchange our vows and then we drive off into the sunset in a car with a huge “In your face, Ratzinger. Gay marriage ftw!” banner.

    • He’s totally on my very short exceptions list. But to be fair, he’s there in part because I’m not on his, and I am therefore safe from actually having to have sex with a dude.

  1. Tra$HA needs to kill herself. Shes horrible and I cant believe she think shes “KEEPING IT REAL”. What a joke she is. LOL

  2. Re: Telephone having been written for Brit-Brit, didn’t Gaga write a bunch of her songs? I doubt there was anything special about that pass; most artists have more material for a given album than they need. Maybe she didn’t think it fit in with the rest of Circus.

    I read recently that one theory on the Telephone video (and how it has nothing to do with the song) is that, having written it for Britney, Gaga doesn’t find much personal resonance in it, so when she had to do a video for it she decided to just do this grand idea she had and have the song be secondary to the visual/narrative point. Makes sense to me, anyway.

  3. Performance Art has become a fad for people who don’t even understand what it means nor have the pipes to back it all up; Ke$ha, Rihanna, Katy Perry.

    Grace Jones is eccentric, always has been. Bitch pulls anything off effortlessly. Madonna has brains. Gaga, Pink, Glambert….these younger artists have enough talent/brains/creativity to pull it all off, they know what they want to do.

    Kesha just reminds me of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift on crack. Keeping it real? Keeping WHAT real, exactly?

  4. oh leave Ke$ha alone. poor girl is picked on like the high school girl who is new on the block and “different” then the other girls. she dances to the beat of her own drum. she has fun during her performances. she is playful, has a really good voice and is going to make an extraordinary mark amongst music and other artists. you go Ke$ha! I’m an Adam fan and I know why he “gets” you.

  5. You arent serious? RE: Kesha? Since when is it accepted to make a mochery of music and get away with it cuz your just playing and having fun? Artists work their butts off to make it and this bimbo comes along trashing the whole concept of singing and performing and its ok? Because she has money? Wow! I have yet to see any performance of hers that has been fun, its just all been a messy show! She has as much talent as my pet lizzard!

  6. Oh really, Kesha, your keeping it real? Hmm, the Glitter and aliens and lazers were all you being real? First of all the first time I heard an artist talking about Glitter was when your friend Adam Lambert talked about it, next thing you know, your sporting it,then his bro called him Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce when he was little so he got nicknamed that by his fans and now thats you keeping it real? then he goes on idol and does a performance ( AN amazing one I might add that everyone here is still tlking about) and uses lazers talking about how excited he was about using them to Seacrest and the next thing you know Kesha is using them on SNL? Keeping it real? Oh and Im pretty sure I seen Rhianna sporting that leapord outfit first! Oh, and One more thing, Adam wore feathers at Fantasy Springs concert and next thing you know Kesha is on idol weaing (what else?) feathers! Hmm, ya, girl, you keep it real! Seems to me I can remember yur first “Real” as wearing cutoffs and sloppy t-shirts! So which is it grl, which is your “real”?

  7. Oh my God, there is a Save the Children banner on your website! That is so exciting for me you have no idea! I love STC and I love you! I didn’t know where to say this, I just wanted to.
    Oh and Adam’s voice is really pretty (I thought I should say something related to this post).

  8. Adam. <3

    Ugh, Kesha.

    Janelle Monae seems seriously awesome, as does her music. I need to check her out.

  9. I’ve never wanted a boyfriend until Adam came along…he’s so girlie and then he’s so manly and he’s so freakin’ sexy…I got all confused! I really only like grls but he is the ONE exception in the whole universe. I cld do him but we know it’ll never happen ‘cos he is such a gay boy.

  10. JANELLE MONAEEEEEE!!! I’m so jealous, I’m in love with this girl and I can’t wait to listen to her full album…

  11. Not much chance of seeing that Mag Fields film over here in sunny old England, is there? :(

  12. LADY GAGA:

    In China, the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” has replaced the “Oh my God” (omg) as a way to express “shock, hilarity or emphasize a point.” We’ve been doing this for a while now but it’s never caught the National fever pandemic rates currently experienced in China. Hurrah!

    HAHAHA OMG! Is there a source for this? I need to see it!

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