Bisexual Lindsay Lohan “Still Likes Boys,” is Bisexual


Lilo opened up big time in a new interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, chatting about everything from the disses against her on Glee to rumors of being un-insurable, to her sexuality. She doesn’t watch the show but says she’d still allow them to use her music even though:

“…they’ve made a lot of snarky remarks about me. Which I don’t know why, they don’t need to do that. I think they’re all really talented though. And their work schedules are insane I’ve heard. It’s a lot, it’s like 7 days a week, which doesn’t sound legal.”

She states that she is single as of today and that boys “still have a chance” with her. When the female host asks if she has a chance Lilo’s response is priceless. To check out the whole interview, just let the player continue. It’s separated into smaller clips, but it’s all there.

Her statement regarding still liking boys was a huge deal in the media, which is confusing, because she’s more or less identified as bisexual, right? I feel like “bisexual” means that she likes boys and girls.

+ Single Lindsay Lohan reveals she’s still interested in men after two years

+ Lindsay Lohan on dating boys again — I’m available!

+ Lindsay Lohan hasn’t given up on men

+ Lindsay Lohan swings both ways

+ Lindsay Lohan admits she’s still into guys

+ Lindsay Lohan is still interested in men

+ Lindsay Lohan — I’m still into boys, too

Meanwhile, Fox News is really really really concerned about Lindsay’s breasts and the possibility that they are starting to sag. Because if Lindsay Lohan ages, the terrorists win.

I mean — WOW! Fox News interviewed bra EXPERTS for this. Unfortunate that it’s none of their fucking business.


Roseanne offers one of the most insightful, funny and honest takes on fame, sexism and television industry I’ve ever come across in her article “And I Should Know” for New York Magazine. On the subject of fame and Charlie Sheen, Roseanne writes:

“I do know what it’s like to be seized by bipolar thoughts that make one spout wise about Tiger Blood and brag about winning when one is actually losing.”.

She details a history of how her old show, Roseanne, per her original vision, almost never came to be — and her sense of how it could never exist today: “Viewers now prefer their comedy dumb and sexist.” The show she cites to illustrate her point? Two and a Half Men.

“…I honestly think Roseanne is even more ahead of its time today, when Americans are, to use a technical term from classical economics, screwed.”
Speaking of Roseanne, anyone watch Sara Gilbert on The Talk? Although she barely uttered a peep about her partner in the early months, she has recently been much more open about her family life, which is nice to see.


Auto-friend Kristin Chenoweth is all set to return to TV full-time in the new ABC series, Good Christian Belles co-starring Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts. Sayeth the logline:
Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), once the ultimate high school “mean girl,” is forced to return home in disgrace after her marriage ends in scandal. Amanda is nothing like the girl she was 20 years ago, but as her old classmates reacquaint themselves with the new Amanda, will her home town welcome her with open arms or seek revenge? No one in this town is a saint, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a heart. As Amanda and her teenage kids try to adjust to their new lives, the ladies from her past alternate between sympathy and scheming.

Any interest in watching this? Check out a video promo.


DVR alert! Gaga is the musical guest tomorrow night on Saturday Night Live with host Justin Timberlake. Speaking of Gaga, I’m sure we’re all aware by now that Born This Way has leaked (and is also streaming online for those in the UK).


Wanna stare at Brittany S. Pierce’s hot bod for a few hours? Heather Morris is the covergirl for the new issue of Women’s Health:

“I’m exactly like Brittany — I love to dance, I like to have fun. I’d rather have innocence than be serious all the time.”

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        • it means the straight world hears ‘bisexual’ and goes ‘oh, so she’s a lesbian’ because they have large vocabularies and understand things well.

          • I feel more like the straight world hears “female bisexual” and goes “oh, straight girl who kisses other girls lol!”…and then when they hear “male bisexual” they go “gaygaygay fencesitter who may kiss girls”

            But I guess this Lindsay Lohan hooplah disproves my theory? Although photo evidence of girl-dating probably = lesbian to the public.

          • No, I think the fact that they are treating her like she is now straight, not bi, because of this admission is evidence they never took her bisexuality seriously, they always saw her as just a “straight girl who kisses other girls for attention” thing. People see everything Lindsay does as a cry for attention, dating Sam would be no different.

            And just in general, people tend to treat bi people like they’ve won them for “Team Hetero” whenever they’re dating someone of the opposite sex – or, in the case of famous people like Lindsay, admit that they are still interested in the opposite sex.

            (Also, I don’t think there’s a stereotype of bi men so much as they just refuse to believe bi men exist. So they assume that guys who identify as bi are just using it as a stepping-stone to coming out as full-on gay.)

          • ITA. I don’t think the media ever took her bisexuality seriously. Mainly because of all the things Lindsey was and has been going through since then, I think people just contributed her relationship with Sam as yet another example of how unstable she is along with the drugs and the stealing and the mommy and daddy issues. And it’s not like Lindsey has out and out said what she identifies as. She’s made some conflicting statements in the past and the tabs are always running stories about how she is patthetically throwing herself at some actor so I can understand where their confusion comes in. Still I don’t think it would matter either way. Bisexaul to them means I kiss girls for fun, your amusement, and I have this friend who really want to have a threesome with us.

      • I swear I came all the way to this post to say this EXACT same statement; I will do so anyway since you and I are the same person right now.

        It just doesn’t have the same ring as EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL.


  1. Whoever told Lindsay about Glee’s digs against her must have been exaggerating. I’ve watched each episode an embarrassing amount of times, searching pathetically for Brittana, and I’m fairly certain that Lindsay Lohan was only mentioned once, in “The Power of Madonna”, when Emma laments a lack of female role models for the girls and notes that “Lindsay Lohan looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.” I mean, not very nice, but certainly not “a lot of snarky remarks.” Although it’s possible I missed a snarky remark or two while fast-forwarding through scenes with Will Schuester which I knew would have no Naya Rivera.

    • i think gwyneth paltrow may also have made a comment. which makes her whole “oh my god guyz bullying is mean!” tirade in later episodes hypocritical, way to go writers.

      • Oh you’re totally right. How could I forget?: “Lindsay Lohan es bien loca, no? ¿Cuantas veces ha asistido Lindsay Lohan en rehabilitación? ¡Cinco veces!” I stand corrected.

  2. if I remember correctly it’s in Gwyneth’s character spanish class something like “Lindsay Lohan es muy loca” and “how many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?”

  3. Oh Kyle, why do you have to be such a prick! When I lived in Australia he seemed to have his hand in everything. He even judged on Australian Idol without really having anything to do with music. Jackie O can be funny, but Kyle is just always a prick. Lindsay handled herself great!! Way to go!! :D

  4. Wait, that’s a fake news story, right? About Lindsay Lohan’s breasts? Because no reputable news organization would write and publish an article about someone’s undergarments or lack thereof, right?

    • Well, the main keyword in that final sentence is reputable. Fox News? Reputable?

    • Obviously since it’s an article about a woman they can talk about anything they want about her, especially her body! Bonus points if it’s objectifying. Privacy? Body independence? I DON’T UNDERSTAND THESE WORDSSS.

  5. I can make a horrid joke out of the breast article:
    Lindsay Lohan’s breast have reached an all time low, just like her career.

  6. I identify with the braless thing – for comfort reasons. Let’s make this acceptable (again)!

  7. Ok. Why is nobody talking about Heather Morris’s legs and how I want them wrapped around me?

    Women’s Health is all covering her thighs up but I want them. In my bed.

    • legs? sorry, my eyes haven’t gotten there yet. still observing the abs

    • The legs. Yes. This. A thousand times this.

      In addition, I learned a new favorite word recently and I feel like it’s appropriate to use it here: I also appreciate HeMo’s callipygian assets.

  8. I’m reading this while drunk after watching Harry Potter (DH pt. 1) and I have a lot of feelings, mostly: Lindsay’s rack is so awesome. Fox should stop judging. Fox News has no boobies at all. I hope this is not the most offensive thing of all time, but maybe it is.

  9. LOL at Lady Gaga borrowing Justin’s outfit. He’s such an asshat in the first two takes.

  10. I’ll still support Lindsay. Forever and ever and ever. When half of Hollywood STILL REMAIN wusses and are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to outing themselves, this girl openly and EPICLY declared her love for another woman day after day not giving a shit what anyone thought of her. She’s my hero and I want her to have a good life.

    • I agree 500%
      Hoping that Lindsay ends up having a come-back bigger than Robert Downey Jr’s

  11. This interview was really tragic. The poor woman looked so anxious and diffident. Crushed. And trying so hard not to offend that ghastly Kyle… :o( I can’t imagine how awful it must be to have the media in your face the whole time, judging you. It’s enough to crush anyone’s confidence and self-esteem.

  12. Nice to wake up on a Saturday morning not too hungover and curl up in the little Autostraddle ‘positive Lindsay press’ nest in the corner.
    I suppose I could take this image way too far and describe the whole Lindsay internet animal kingdom but I’ll leave it there for now.

  13. In case we needed one more example of how oppressive Fox News is? Bra-less is cool, and not just for queers/feminists/crazies, although Lilo might identify somewhere in there. Takin’ it back!

    • Bralessness is cool when the breasts in question are nonthreatening (read as: small). Big breasts, roaming free, bouncing and swinging around… Well! We just can’t have that in a polite society! It’d be indecent!

  14. I listened to that whole interview which I will forever regret. No bringing up Samantha Ronson at all makes me think this was one of those the host can ask about everything except about this, this and this interviews. The goofball host seemed to avoid any really controversial questions. Lindsay seemed defeated. As for the still liking boys too, she said the exact same thing last year to one of the British rags about being attracted to men also. Apparently the media has a short memory. Interesting song decision with “Stay”. One gets a feeling she is in one of those “please take me back Samantha” funks.

    • The liking boys response was strange because even though it sounds affirmative on the audio, if you see her face in the filmed clip of her saying it on the site, there’s almost an expression of reluctance on her face. Also, how the tone suddenly shifted from laughing about the dating boys question to a serious ‘That’s awkward’ when Jackie asked if she has a chance.
      About the song, it actually has the female pronoun ‘girl’ in the line ‘Girl, we could be so right’.
      I’m embarrassed by Kyle and Jackie O.

  15. I think there is something deeply upsetting to men, both straight and gay, about Lindsay being in love with a woman. There was a guy named Alan Carr who, last year, did the same routine Kyle did with Lindsay which seemed to imply it was a competition between men and women. If Lindsay finds love with a man, she is bisexual. If Lindsay finds love with a woman, she is bisexual. An appropriate question would be to ask if she is planning on dating again any time soon. The need to be concerned about the gender being male comes across, in this case, as being heterosexist. And again both Carr and Kyle avoided bringing up Samantha Ronson. Lindsay may have seen other people in the last 3 or so years but the only person she has definitively dated is Ronson. Either it was made clear to not go there by Lindsay or there is some sort of agenda by the hosts. Imagine having Vanessa Hudgens on a tell all interview and not asking any questions about Zac Effron.

  16. I love that lilo is a bisexual. Bisexual need more representing in the media I think.

  17. When was LiLo in Aus and HOW DID I MISS HER

    And what *was* LiLo’s reaction to Jackie O’s question on her having a chance?

    • She wasn’t in Aus. She was in L.A at Kyle’s house and he broadcasts from LA with Jackie back in the Sydney studio and Lindsay was at his house. Jackie was watching Lindsay through Skype. Her reaction…well…you really gotta see it lol. But she basically says “That’s awkward” and suddenly the tone suddenly changed. It was a total joke but Lindsay shot her down and things suddenly got a little serious.

  18. Magnificent issues altogether, you just gained a new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your post that you just made some days in the past? Any sure?

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