GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles: The Liveblog!

Hello you pretty young things! There is good news and bad news today. Bad news: no Sunday Funday, which means Lindsay Lohan could potentially have worn a slightly gay slouchy knit hat and you could be missing out. Good news: Today is the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, and a ton of really f*cking awesome people are going! For instance, Kristin Chenoweth is going to accept her GLAAD Vanguard Award for a lot of things including her response to Ramin Setoodeh’s anti-gay Newsweek article. Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, and former head of Showtime, will also be honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award.

And in recognition of Riese’s consulation with her now-famous letter, Riese and bcw/Marni are going to the GLAAD Awards Kristin’s guests! That means Riese is technically off press duty tonight.

And therefore also in attendance will be Alex and sexy calendar lady Kelli to interview celebs on the red carpet along with Miss April, light of all of our lives. The whole event will be hosted by Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler, which, uh, great?! Basically there is no reason for you to do anything else but refresh this page over and over forever, or at least until later tonight. ARE YOU READY YET LET’S GO!

10:26 PM: I think we might be done. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that when someone holds up a can of lube (???) and a swimsuit calendar (???) in the dressing room/supply closet (???) the night is over. Riese says via text: “We’re done, everyone lost their passes and then we couldn’t find the car and then we got lost in the hotel maze and now we’re standing on a bridge and Marni is smoking and I’m putting on lip gloss.” Well! There you have it. Good night kittens, smoking is bad for you. Dream of Kristin Chenoweth and pie.


9:47 PM: Riese via text: You’re all too young to get it, but Robert Reed (Mr. Brady) just got a shoutout from Greenblatt. Greenblatt left Showtime this year which makes me really worried about the future of the second season of The Real L Word. Also, unrelated, me and Alex had brunch with Nikki and Jill from The Real L Word yesterday and it was really great, I like them a lot. Tell the children that.” YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. (You’re the children fyi.)

9:40 PM: Alex: Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC entertainment honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award just now. The presentation that introduced him included a LOT of L Word clips, so go Robert! (Obvs Dolly Parton presented his award.) Riese concurs: “There were a lot of L Word clips in the Robert Greenblatt montage, a lot of Tasha and Alice.”

9:35 PM: Riese via text: Marni is hyperventilating over Dolly Parton

9:31 PM: You guys Dolly Parton was totally the special surprise guest

9:25 PM: Oops I accidentally forgot the part where Amber Heard happened

9:20 PM: There’s a tie for Outstanding Comedy Series! Modern Family and Glee, obvs. Joel McHale presented the award and we’re in love with him. Mike O’Malley and Chris Colfer accepted the award.

9:00 PM: Alex: Kristin just gave an amazing acceptance speech! We recorded it on film. So exciting.

8:37 PM: Riese via text: “This is super cute, she’s crying and hasn’t even started talking yet, Sean Hayes is still talking.”

8:33 PM: My roommate has suggested that we institute a “GLAAD/glad” pun contest, and I agree with this idea. Best pun in the comments wins an award from Emily Choo. Ready set go. Also, everyone is glad about Chaz Bono’s speech.

8:31 PM: They’re presenting Kristin’s award! Riese says that Sean Hayes just said “On Ambien, she flies higher than any rocket I know.” #Iloveeverything

8:29 PM: Riese via text: “Amy and Rashida just said there’s gonna be an amazing special guest everyone should wait for and I feel like it’s gonna be Dolly Parton. What if Dolly Parton comes out.” Riese also wants everyone to know she’s sober b/c she’s afraid of dying now. I hope her mom is reading this.

8:26 PM: Ok this makes more sense

8:22 PM: Stop the presses. Riese says “Someone is doing crazy shit with their limbs.” WELL THANK YOU FEARLESS LEADER.

8:18 PM: What if Kristin Chenoweth made a pie for everyone at the GLAAD Media Awards and hid it under their seats? I mean, she didn’t, but what if?

8:07 PM: Oh wait, I think that Janice Langbehn is talking about how her family was completely violated by the Florida hospital that her wife died in and also by the general level of completely insane bone-crushing day-in-and-day-out oppression that gay people all over America live with. So everyone is just crying I guess. Carry on.

8:05 PM: What if California finally did fall into the ocean/the Big One finally came

7:56 PM: God it would be just super if there were pictures of any of the celebrities attending this event uploaded to the internet by media outlets by this point in the evening, wouldn’t it?

7:41 PM: Riese, via text: “In some obtuse way, being here for this makes me feel like we are part of a really special time in American history w/r/t gay rights, there’s so much happening and changing.” I’m assuming she’s talking about Dolly Parton

7:38 PM: Project Runway just won Outstanding Reality Show. Apparently The Real L Word wasn’t nominated. I know, I’m just as shocked as you.

7:32 PM: Said photo montage, it’s making Alex Vega cry which I mean is that not the cutest fucking thing

7:28 PM: Everyone knows the best montages are training montages, but this one sounds ok too

7:23 PM: Riese also says that Dolly Parton is going to be the surprise special guest, but I can’t tell if she’s for real or just fucking with me because she knows that I want Dolly Parton to be the surprise special guest at everything, including “Tuesday” and “breakfast.” #9to5forever #jolene

7:18 PM: Oh man I wish this part were being broadcast, it sounds super awesome and cute! Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are in menswear and Rashida is wearing cute glasses, aka is the perfect woman. Also she just said “Lady Gaga has done as much for gay people as she has for lazy people trying to think of Halloween costumes.” I think she should run for President.

7:15 PM: Croce is calling this “three bois one mirror.” There was also something about a peeing contest that I’m not going to repeat here because I’m a fucking lady. (Although I do feel it’s important to note that Vega won.)

7:04 PM: If you were wondering what it feels like to be a gay or gay-friendly celeb in the greater LA area tonight, it’s this:

6:41 PM: Um stop everything, Riese says that they are auctioning off a puppy for $3,000. As a vegan, I am not sure how to feel about this, but as a person who wants a puppy, I feel like I want that puppy. Is the puppy gay? Has it eaten a diamond ring or something? I have many questions.

6:36 PM: Riese via text: “There are two animals on my plate, and our ad in the program looks really hot! Also, we were in the bathroom with Kirsten Dunst and she’s just like us!” I assume that means that Kirsten Dunst made faces at herself in the mirror and asked aloud why she looked so terrible and whether too much of her shoulders were showing. Kirsten Dunst, I salute you.

6:30 PM: “Alex, with legitimate fear in her voice: ‘How do you interview a deaf person?!”

6:22 PM: Ok we are back with some EXECUTIVE ALEX VEGA REALNESS:

6:13 PM: Riese & Marni are at the fancy dinner thing and Kristin Chenoweth just told Marni she looks cute. I think a lot of important things are happening according to Alex but I don’t have any pictures or anything of them, so stand by for just a few minutes guys!

6:02 PM: Um, Sister Wives

6:00 PM: Riese via text: “We’re at dinner, there’s a thing on a piece of lettuce and I’m gonna eat it”

5:51 PM: You guys, Press Team is so cute. I wish there was a kitten graphic for interviewing Tori Spelling. There isn’t, but also that just means that you get to look at Sarah Croce actually doing it, which, I mean, awesome.

5:44 PM: I am fairly certain that this is Lisa Vanderkamp, a Real Housewife of somewhere in this cold cruel world. Apparently the GLAAD Media Awards are the place to be!



5:31 PM: See what I mean about Shay Mitchell?

5:26 PM: Riese via text: “All the Pretty Little Liars are here, maybe we will finally find out who A is. Also there are like 10,000 dudes here, in 5 years it has to be 50/50. Autostraddle will make this happen.”

5:21 PM: Tori Spelling is here! I don’t know who she is.

5:15 PM: Riese, via text: “Melissa Etheridge is wearing ripped up corduroys and shades indoors and looks badass.” UGH I am going to go listen to “Yes I Am” and scowl

5:05 PM: And back in the real world: HOARDERS IS ON! Sister Wives is next. I am ALL THE FUCK SET.

5:00 PM: Riese and Marni have finally made it, and have visual confirmation re: Alex Vega and The Press Team. That sounds like a band I would listen to. Someone start making the tshirts stat.

4:56 PM: WHAAAAAAAT Alex Vega says that Melissa Etheridge just walked by, but isn’t doing any interviews. Doesn’t she know that I would have come to her window ANY TIME between the ages of, oh, fourteen and now? Including the part when she was undergoing chemo?

4:50 PM: Team Press has made it to the red carpet! The red carpet just got kind of sexy, no? I hope they yell “FRONT OF THE DRESS” a lot. That’s probably why I’m not on Team Press though, and am instead sitting home alone wearing a tea-stained wifebeater and jeans that don’t fit. Life lessons.

4:45 PM: Oh I think Janice Langbehn is here also, she’s the one whose partner tragically fell ill and died while they were on a cruise vacation with their kids and was prevented from seeing her as she died in her hospital room by the Florida hospital staff. Sorry to be a downer, but I am glad she’s here! It’s pretty great that there’s an awards ceremony for, like, real people who deserve to have good things happen to them? And not just famous people with shiny hair and glossy lips?

4:38 PM: There is some photographer dude whose thing is yelling “The front of the dress! The front of the dress!” every time someone walks by that he wants to take pictures of, and he kind of needs to slow his roll but other than that everything seems really fun and perfect and stuff, Kristin’s looking-back-over-shoulder-sexy-baby-kitten-angel face is really incomparable

4:32 PM: KRISTIN CHENOWETH IS HERE ohmigod she is so small and cute and perfect, I love everything forever

4:30 PM: OH SHIT WAIT Shay Mitchell actually is here and is wearing this thing that is like if Lady Gaga had sex with Jackie O and their baby became a television high school lesbian with a creepy dead friend!

4:28 PM: Riese, via text: We’re stuck in traffic, I wonder if Collin Farrell is stuck in traffic too

4:18 PM: Holy shit, Nikki Peet is here! She’s getting a Special Recognition Award? Do you guys even remember who she is, no you don’t you’re just here for NSFW Sunday and PLL recaps. Nikki Peet is a high school senior who mobilized like the entire state of Texas because her school (illegally) refused to let her start a GSA, she is a fucking badass. This is awesome. ALL OF THE GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS FOR YOU, NIKKI PEET

4:15 PM: I wish RuPaul was going to this

4:08 PM: Look how cute Riese and bcw/Marni are. I think Marni may have taken those sunglasses from my ten-year-old cousin but I don’t even blame her, that’s how cute they look

4:05 PM: Someone named Shareen Mitchell is here, which sounds deceptively like Shay Mitchell. She has a very pretty red dress on!

3:59 PM: The nominees from Nurse Jackie are here! This is really exciting for me, I had somehow forgotten that this meant all the gay or gayish characters from every TV show ever would be in the same place at the same time, it’s like a fantasy television world utopia!

3:51 PM: Someone named Ariel is here instead, she has long hair and is very pretty. I wish I knew who she was. Is this also about Pretty Little Liars? Will everyone in the world now know i don’t actually watch it?

3:50 PM: Twitter is very concerned about whether Darren Criss is coming. No one has any idea. The tension is killing me. What if he stays home to sing Katy Perry songs instead?


3:36 PM: Alex, via email: Team Press is ready! These ladies are ready to ask the tough questions, get real. Prepare to find out Adam Lambert’s stance on Libya.

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  1. Um, I really want the jacket Croce is wearing

    Also, are the GLAAD awards being aired on any channel?

    • It was streamed live online but now the red carpet part is over and I don’t think the actual awards ceremony is being broadcast. Sorry! I guess you’ll just have to KEEP READING THE LIVEBLOG FOREVER

  2. Hoarders / Sister Wives = yesss! I feel like it’s the best / natural chaser for the Snapped episodes that were on oxygen earlier.

  3. Omg I love Kristin Chenoweth!
    I’m sad ’cause she said on Twitter a little while ago that she’s lonely. I wish for the perfect man for her!
    And more April Rhodes.
    ~awaiting her next TV show~
    ~Cheno fan for life~

  4. I am commenting so please do not stick your head in a pot of tea unless you really want some tea then do the fuck out of it.

        • i feel like there may be four different teas that go best with sister wives…but you’ll love them each in your own special way.

      • Yes, please!

        I usually put some honey in my tea, but I won’t need to if your head’s been in the pot.

        See what I did there? It’s funny because I’m saying that you’re like honey. And honey is a term of endearment. And I’m in love with you. Also, honey isn’t vegan, so sorry.

  5. wooooah. i did a google image search of lisa vanderkamp just to double check (bc i didn’t know her last name & i haven’t seen the shows in a while) and a bunch of alyssa milano pictures came up. google kept asking me if i REALLY meant “lisa vanderpump” and i thought to myself, “noooo – surely that’s a jokester making up her last name.” but no…that’s it.

    anyway yeah, she’s from the beverly hills deal & if i ever met her, she’s one of few housewives i’d kick in the shins. basically b/c of her accent & her sunday roast looks amaaaaaazing. and because of gigolo, that adorable pom in the pic.


  6. Dear Alex, that is a legit fear. But fear not! Her interpreter guy is probs there. I was watching Celebrity Apprentice yesterday and the Donald was like, “Marlee, make this tough decision.” And then Star Jones leans over and whispers something in her ear and Marlee signed, “Um, Star..I’m deaf…so…I can’t hear you!” and then laughed.

    moral: she’s got a sense of humor :)

    • I always think: What would Bette do?

      In this case it might not be appropriate for such a public arena.

      • Bette is so hot!!!!!! I would love to be in jail with her for doing naughty things in public. :)

    • Thank you for confirming that that was Marlee Matlin! I couldn’t figure out why she would be there (I still can’t, but I guess who doesn’t want to go to the GLAAD media awards?). Anyway. I was just watching her West Wing episodes, so I adore her.

  7. DARREN CRISS will not be attending i don’t think because he’s at digitour with Team Starkid this weekend, or at least he was

  8. Maybe the puppy will get you into all the proms and all the hospitals, regardless of your homogay status.

    • That is the exact thing I just said to myself.
      That, and “how creepy would I be if I made a poster out if the Team Press on the Red Carpet picture to hang over my bed”…
      Too much?

  9. Oh my god I love Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec and just everything to do with either of them.

      • “Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are in menswear and Rashida is wearing cute glasses, aka is the perfect woman”

        Tears of happiness literally welled in my eyes as I read that. Pics. I NEED PICS.

        • They should just air all the parts with Amy Pohler and Rashida Jones in menswear as scenes in Parks and Rec, or just make it an entire episode, perhaps even season – Leslie and Anne go to Hollywood and get gay married.

          • That is the only acceptable reason for any footage of Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones in menswear to be withheld (albeit temporarily) from the public. Otherwise, it should be a criminal offense.

  10. Autostraddle liveblogs are my favorite!

    And I would definitely rock an Alex Vega and The Press Team tshirt lol

  11. Rachel – I seriously fucking LOVE Dolly Parton. Have you ever seen Rhinestone? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO DOLLYWOOD?? I wish we could’ve talked more about Dolly at Dinah. Because nobody ever wants to talk Dolly in Arizona. #lame.


      you guys she busted out into 9 to 5 right there at the podium.

      • Whaaaaaaaat??? Okay – so I’m not typically one to really envy others..but in this case, you are definitely the exception to this rule. DOLLYWOOD + 9 to 5 LIVE??! That is some serious business. I’d like to get to Dollywood sometime within the next five years. /lifeplan

      • AAAAHHH what really?!?!?!

        I mean, any kind of Dolly Parton is the right kind of Dolly Parton, but SURPRISE Dolly Parton singing 9 to 5? I would’ve screamed, then fainted, then cried, then fainted again. I can hardly even explain why I have such strong feelings about this but I basically just feel like she is about the most charming human in the world.

        • no i totally understand. i mean that’s basically how i reacted. she just can’t do any wrong, that lady.

          at dollywood, the rides are all staffed by charming old folks who are happy to be there and are totally into it, as opposed to surly teenagers who wish they were drinking tornado through a straw in a city park somewhere. and there’s funnel cake.

          • i can’t imagine the dollywood staff being anything BUT charming & happy. i mean, just saying the name “dolly parton” induces an automatic smile.

            but also – funnel cake is totally the icing on the dollywood cake.


  12. Have you heard Dolly’s covers of “You Drive Me Crazy” and “Tracks of My Tears”? They’re sort of disconcerting and oddly compelling at the same time.

      • No offense to TN queers, but TN is one of the states I try to avoid. In general I try to avoid states in which playing the game “One of these things is not like the others” has a disproportionate likelihood of me being bashed or arrested.

        • I don’t live there anymore (#uhualrealness), but… the air! the trees! the sense of being smaller than the mountains! Nature is so much more forgiving than the nurturing of the small-minded dwellers of the south.

          • (I wish spell check would be more forgiving in hashtag situations, but that’s neither here nor there.)

  13. Actually I just received an award, Gay with the Shitty Apartment. What clinched it is I thought my phone was vibrating, but it was my downstairs neighbor snoring.

  14. SERIOUSLY. Why is it that I am always working when there are award show liveblogs. Need to catch up now.

  15. “I’m assuming she’s talking about Dolly Parton”

    You just made my night a little bit brighter.

  16. So I mean – hypothetically speaking, a conversation between Dolly Parton & Kristin Chenoweth could happen tonight??


  17. My name is Joleen (presumably after the Dolly Parton song but my Dad cannot spell). Does this automatically make me awesome?

    • yes you are awesome. And If you’re bi, your gf can yell this at you if this situation would happen:

      Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
      Im begging of you please don’t take my man
      Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
      Please don’t take him just because you can

      My name is not Joleen, so,

      With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
      Your smile is like a breath of spring
      Your voice is soft like summer rain
      And I cannot compete with you, jolene

  18. I have been trying to get off of this page for a few hours now to get some sleep for class… Not happening apperently.

    Damn you and your addictive updates!

  19. I wish I could watch. Mostly I wish I could watch the Press Team and Shay Mitchell. You know if you just wanted to alternate pictures of Shay and Sarah Croce for all the updates you don’t have pics for, that’d be great.

  20. My 12 year old sister looked at me when I mentioned I was watching the GLAAD awards and asked “isn’t that the awards thingy where they award the lesbian with the best justin bieber haircut” I don’t know if it was funny or sad….but I laughed!

    • maybe she’s confused with the vma’s? and then kanye can come out and be all “Imma let you finish….”

      actually i think that should be every award show ever. justin beiber hair, not kanye. and then they give us their number/tumblr url

  21. If anyone truly embraced the AS motto of “You Do You” before it existed – it’s Dolly Parton. #lovehersosomuch

  22. I just read the whole thing backwards WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING. What is my life. What is my brain. Someone save me.

  23. would like to hear more about the brunch with nikki and jill please :)

    ps. thanks Rachel for the always entertaining live-blogging.
    pps. i second jess’ comment that you were born to liveblog :)

  24. THANK YOU for the added pics! I think my heart stopped a little at Rashida Jones in her glasses.

  25. Um you guys…Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are both finger-banging their own hands in that picture. So – yeah. Perfection.


  27. Dear Riese and bcw,
    You two are so adorable. Also, I’m pretty sure you looked wayy better in that shirt than the boy did.

    Rachel, my favourite days are the ones when you liveblog. You're the best.

    Finally: I didn't think it was possible for me to have more love or respect for Kristen. She just makes me feel proud to be a human, because she's so exceptional.

  28. I have heard a rumour around the tracks for years that Dolly is a homogay (with a beard husband) anyone else hear this rumour or did I invent it in my teen gay dreams? <3 Dolly

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