Kate Moennig Returns to the Screen, Uh Huh Her Returns to Your Ears & Eyes


Are we all aware that she has a supporting role in the new film The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe and Marisa Tomei? Based on the Michael Connolly novel, the film is a crime drama about ‘a lawyer who conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.” It opens this Friday so no word yet on Kate’s character and if she hits on any chicks in this one (a la Dexter). She did, however, show up to the premiere this week looking very Shane today:


It appears Leisha Hailey & Camila Grey have released an EP called Black & Blue, featuring 6 tracks from their upcoming second UHH album. You can download those hot mp3s and get them on your iPod this very second by visiting their online store. They’ve also extended their upcoming tour to a bunch of new east coast cities including NYC, Toronto, Philly, Boston and Atlanta (among others). This photo is from their show last night in Arizona but check out the full list of dates and on sale info at their fan site.


JB was on Regis & Kelly this morning to promote The Chicago Code and the shit-eating grin on her face when Regis brings up Flashdance is pretty hilarious. They also chat about St. Patty’s Day in Chicago, giving birth without drugs and running a triathlon. Who’s watching the new show?


Naya Rivera talks about the evolution of Brittana and all things lesbian with Vanity Fair:

“I think it was because the writers and Ryan [Murphy] were getting such a strong craving from the fans — from the Brittany and Santana fans — for them to be together. And we sort of took it lightly at first. But then we thought it was something people really wanted us to do, that it was something we should tackle. And so, one day, [head writer] Brad Falchuk came up to me and said, “We’ve decided that we’re going to explore this storyline,” and I was totally for it, and knew people would appreciate it.”

In a separate interview, Darren Criss had this to say about Blaine’s dipping his toe in drunken bisexuality with Rachel Berry:

“A lot of my gay friends were so upset, they were like, ‘No he can’t be bi or straight!’ At first you think it almost undermines everything we’ve set up, but on the contrary I think it was really, really awesome that they embodied that conflict, because, if you are different in any way shape or form — whether it be mentally, spiritually, your sexual orientation, whatever — if there is ever a glimmer of a chance that you might be like everybody else or the status quo, you hang on to that as long as you can because maybe all your problems would dissolve. And that is a really interesting idea.”

Also, did you see Kurt & Blaine have their first kiss last night?!


Lesbian filmmaker, Nisha Ganatra‘s new film, Beholder, premiered online and is set in a future where homosexuality is illegal. The story begins when the perfect wife and mother-to-be discovers that her fetus carries the gay gene and must decide between staying faithful to the love of her life or risking everything. The film stars Jessica Pare (aka the girl who broke Piper Perabo‘s heart in Lost & Delirious).


Weekly musical comedy show, Key of Awesome, filmed a parody of the Born This Way video, addressing many of our criticisms in a hilariously biting way.

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  1. Nice to see Kate in something again. I hope it is longer than her Dexter scene. Any pictures of Kate and her girlfriend Holly from the premiere?

  2. I was rushing to my next class when I saw an Uh Huh Her poster in the library advertising their appearance at a local club… skidded to a halt and stared at the poster for a long time, sadly lamenting the fact that I’m not old enough to get into the club.

    • I’m not “recommending” a fake, but you know, it’ll come in handy. I really like UhHuhHer’s new stuff. Has a bit of a house/dubstep vibe to it.

      On a completely unrelated note, did you know there’s a smiley face above the comment policy? I thought it was dirt on my screen. Sat there rubbing at it for a good minute before I decided it had to be something else.

  3. Oh wow, that short film was uber creepy. What else was that nurse in, she looks really familiar?

    • that’s jessica pare. I thought it was actually pretty cool, an interesting view of what the future could very well look like.

      • annnd I meant the main character, Jessica Pare. The nurse is in The Parent Trap (she’s the stepmother) and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

  4. Beholder was so good, I love dystopias. It totally has to become a feature-length movie. How do we make that happen?

  5. Ahahahahaha “Don’t be a rainbow, be a flag!” The Key of Awesome video is hilarious.

  6. “Lesbian filmmaker, Nisha Ganatra‘s new film, Beholder, premiered online and is set in a future where homosexuality is illegal.”

    What do you mean, “future”?


    • Also, do you put the question mark inside the quotes there? I never know that. For instance, do you say:

      Have you read “Macbeth”?


      Have you read “Macbeth?”

      I think it is the first one, since the name of the play is not “Macbeth?”, but it looks weird.

      Or should that be:

      I think it is the first one, since the name of the play is not “Macbeth?,” but it looks weird.

      It would be funny if that play was named “Macbeth?”

      • Depends on if you’re in the US or in the UK/Australia/most other English speaking countries. (US, inside the quotes. Elsewhere, outside.)

        • Being in the US, I’d always been told that only commas go inside quotes. I would do ‘”Macbeth”?’

          • Diver,

            Your initial assumption was correct: the correctly punctuated sentence is “Have you read ‘Macbeth’?” This is because the question mark is not part of the play title. In the United States, the comma and the period should be placed inside the end quote, though the semicolon and colon are not. Question and exclamation marks fall inside the end quote only if they are part of the information being enclosed in the quotes.

  7. That parody video was funny (especially the “don’t be a rainbow just be a flag” line haha) but I’m partial to the original. Nothing sexier than watching Gaga dancing around half naked ;)

  8. I actually just got back from checking out uh uh her live.
    They were amazing as always, and the bonus is like a full room of lesbians. It’s pretty much like heaven :)

  9. Oh my god.. I really love the key of awesome..
    They also have a really cool song about kittens!

  10. i just realized kate moennig was that one ridiculously attractive tattoo artist hitting on debra in that episode of dexter. now my inexplicable, fierce crush on her suddenly makes sense. i feel enlightened and slightly gayer than i was five minutes ago.

  11. UHH is coming to my town…I don’t listen to them, but feel compelled to go just for the possibility of overwhelming gayness/possible flirting with cute girls.
    Is this an acceptable choice? (Does it make me an opportunist?)

    Please respond Y/N

    • Y!! You should never miss a change of flirting with cute girls.
      Why is this even a question? ;) GOOOOO!!!

  12. the chicago code – im watching it!!!! it’s good – total cop show but doesnt feel quite like your avg procedural drama. and i really like jb’s character (and the accent is even growing on me…).

  13. Kate’s part in the movie really sucked…she had only two scenes. Very few lines, and her character was necessary, but still minor. she plays a prostitute who is in jail because some guy paid her in cocaine and she got caught with it. No awesome lesbian moments at all. Buuuut at least her name was in the opening credits! Plus the movie was just plain awesome anyway.

    • good to know, now I don’t have to try and talk myself into seeing a McConaughey movie (I can’t stand him and generally don’t like lawyer movies).

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