The “L” Word is “Looking-Good”: Kate Moennig’s Hawt Photoshoot, Jennifer Beals’ New Trailer


Hey, guess what. Kate Moennig keeps her childhood trophies in her bathtub as evidenced by this new photoshoot by lesbian photographer Tasya Van Ree.



I spy Bette Porter tears! Check out the trailer for JBeals‘ indie film A Night For Dying Tigers, set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month. The film also co-stars One Miss Lara Perkins, Lauren Lee Smith.


Lady Gaga has officially surpassed Britney Spears as the most followed user on Twitter. To celebrate the occasion she took the time to make this weird/cute/wtf video that involves magic wand sound effects and makes me miss Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda the Good Witch.


To celebrate the release of his first solo album, Brandon Flowers (of The Killers) had a show in West Hollywood where he performed a hot cover of “Bette Davis Eyes.”

Michelle Rodriguez MacheteMICHELLE RODRIGUEZ:

Ya know how MRod is always a smokin’ hot badass, whether on a surfboard, on an island or in the boxing ring? Well, she’s ready to lose the butch mystique for her new movieMacheteLindsay Lohan co-stars, by the way.  She says:

“You know what was amazing to me? Finally not having a frickin’ cop outfit. I’m so tired of these butchy polyester outfits. It seems every time I do something I’m wearing some government outfit – it’s so annoying. With the exception of Fast And The Furious, I’m always in uniform. I’m always like, ‘Can I just get rid of this butch outfit and be hot for once?'”

Nice to know some things never change.



Maggie Gyllenhaal has signed on for a new movie called Hysteria about the invention of the vibrator. She says: “I play a firecracker whose father is a doctor who is in the business of curing hysterical women. He cures them basically by getting them off and that actually happened. I end up having a sort of unexpected love affair with this guy who works for him, and who by mistake invents the vibrator.” Should make for some fun interview questions when the film is released next year. (@variety)


Is very, very gay. Maybe too gay? I’m not sure, maybe someone should make a poll about it. Once again, comments are pure gold. “Yes, I suppose it is possible as I am still watching but using the fast-forward button more and more as the shows morphs into nothing but a gay porn fest.” Mission accomplished.  (@zap2it)

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  1. So many things to like in this post! I’m loving Brandon Flower’s new stuff (long time fan, he can’t really do wrong by me), A Night For Dying Tigers looks intruiging, and Lady Gaga is crazy/fabulous as per usual.

    Actually..I like everything in this post.

  2. In that trailer for A Night for Dying Tigers, I thought for a brief moment that Lara Perkins was propositioning Clea Duvall and got all excited and then ralized that it wasn’t a proposition and it wasn’t Clea Duvall. Can someone make THAT movie for me please?


    True Blood has become a pointless, random, convoluted what the fuck. I am so disappointed in this season. Degrassi TNG has been WAY better than that crap.

    Now, concerning the comment, its not gay enough if you ask me. They have had like 3 gay scenes in the whole season. One was a dream, one barely a kiss and the other ended in murder. So whatever. The gayness is the last thing viewers should be complaining about. How about asking ‘What the Hell’ is going on and ‘Where in the Hell is this going’?

  4. Note to Michelle: It’s not the uniforms that make you look butch, sug.

    P.S. That doesn’t mean you don’t look hot.

  5. Also I’m pretty sure that young dude in the trailer is Gene from the first season. Sheesh it’s like an L Word mini-reunion.

  6. I was just talking to my lady last night about how TB is simply not gay enough.

    The man who shouted “YOU’LL EAT THIS MUTHAF*CKING AIDS BURGER” deserves more than morning after smooches in a bathrobe.

  7. You mention Tasya Van Ree but don’t mention her extremely beautiful girlfriend Amber Heard? Huh.

    • That was actually a conscious decision. Is Amber Heard comfy with being officially outed on here?

      • She has already been outed and doesn’t seem to care one bit. She’s walking around in public holding her girlfriend’s hand and was the host of the EQCA event Saturday night. She was at the WeHo protest against Prop 8 proudly carrying a sign that says rights are for “us”. Several sites have already referred to Tasya as her girlfriend including sites that would have asked for specifics – example Tasya has posted these articles to her blog. The big thing people are wondering about is are they already married not if they are going together. Afterellen has referred to them as girlfriends multiple times already. She is more out than Kate Moenig. So that is why I was surprised.

  8. Does anyone else feel like Michelle Rodriguez is forgetting like, half of of her own movies?

  9. michaelangelo from s3 of the L word (Bette’s nemesis by the lake), Gene from s1 (Jenny’s short-lived BF) plus Lara the Soup Chef!!

    Gaga’s Magic, Michelle R. talking smack…OH MY!

  10. When Jennifer Beals cries and/or has one of those slow spreading, wide smiles.. it’s like hugging a puppy. We watched that horrendous movie Book of Eli last night and the ONLY good part about it was JBeals tears and teeth.

  11. I enjoy keeping my childhood trophies in the bathroom also, in a circle, surrounding the toilet…is that weird? Also, Autostraddle rocks my socks!

  12. I should have commented on this ages ago. Kate is just… [Drools] What if she was awful in bed, though? Man.
    Oh. Anyone else notice that she is beginning to make more appearances on “Lie to Me”? Gave me the heebeegeebee’s when I first saw her.

    • Darn. The LtM thing was referring to Beals, not Moennig.
      Got so caught up in thinking about Kate.

  13. Isn’t that dude drinking the beer who says “My family isn’t like other families…” the dude who threw bet into the lake? LOL

    I dunno if I’ll see it, but thanks for the preview.

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