Tegan & Sara, Anyone But Me & Kate Moennig’s Puppy Prepare for Winter

ANYONE BUT ME: That cute lesbian web-series with those cute girls in it is returning to your computer screen this winter, and there will defo be lesbian kissing, probs also heavy petting.  Anyone But Me‘s second season will DEBUT IN YOUR FACE on December 15, 2009. Also, in related news; what are you doing this Thursday night because Anyone But Me star Nicole Pacent Wants to See You at “Relief Through Rock.”

Look for the release of exciting new promos in November which feature some of today’s hottest actors all gaga for ABM!

TEGAN AND SARA: Tegan & Sara’s new American tour dates!

SKINS: Check out Crystal’s LOLy second installment of Skins’ third season lesbian storyline between Naomi and Emily! (@autostraddle)

katemoennig_redshirtMUCH ADO ABOUT SHANE: In a new interview, Kate Moennig discusses her oft-talked about wig on Three Rivers, missing Shane, her tramp-stamp and her favorite make-out partner on The L Word. Obvs she also takes a moment to distance herself from the Artistic Atrocity that was Episode 608: “I think it was a surprising way to end the show, definitely. . . . There was a reason behind it — I’m not too sure what that reason was, but I’m told there was one. If my favorite show ended that way I’d be like, ‘What?'” In other news, she got a new puppy. (@latimes)

HOLLYWOOD IN THE CLOSET: An extensive interview with a publicist who guides Male Homosexual Stars in coming out publiclyHe’s currently working with a famous musician who’s still closeted from the public, but who will come out next year. And the manager of one major movie star approached Bragman a year ago and asked about his client’s possibly going public, but the actor still refuses to pull the trigger. (@laweekly)

TWITTER: Celebrities keep quitting twitter, like Miley Cyrus and Courtney Love. Ellen Page even polled her Twitter followers on whether she should delete her’s. I’m surprised they went on there in the first place, it was one of the biggest surprises of the decade in pop culture — who would have anticipated that at some point we’d be granted free uncensored access to the mind of almost every major celeb out there? We don’t even need to sit through advertisements!

BoundSEX: Cinema Sutra – Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon teach you how to touch a woman. (@nerve)

KIM STOLZ: This is the first time MTV Cribs The New York Times Real Estate has done a piece on an apartment we’ve actually been inside: Kim Soltz’s “hand-me-down apartment” on the Upper East Side. (@nytimes)

SARA GILBERT: Sara Gilbert (Darlene from Roseanne) and her partner, writer/producer Allison Adler go pumpkin picking with their cute kids. (@celebritybabyscoop)

PRESIDENT GAGA: Towelroad interviewed Lady Gaga right after she delivered her speech at the National Equality March.

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  1. Where’s the T&S!?
    When Miley quit twitter, did she take the annoying tweens with her? If I never have to see a Jonas Bros trending topic again, it will be too soon…
    Any guesses on who that guy was talking about re: the gay musician and the actor who refuses to come out? I was also annoyed that he referred to Chaz Bono with female pronouns. Just because he is pre-op doesn’t mean he is a girl.
    Sara and Ali often post better/cuter pics of their kids on twitter (@THEsaragilbert and @aliadler) and Levi has his own twitter account (@levigilad)

    • OOPS! FIXED! It’s funny that I somehow didn’t notice that the t&s part was accidentally deleted, probs in some tragic wordpress accident. Now all is well in the world.

  2. Um, so Tegan and Sara aren’t performing in the Oregon/Washington area and it kind of makes me want to sit in a corner and cry.

    • Whata drag. I was being cranky about having to drive 2 hours to see them. Perhaps I should be more thankful. Southwest has some pretty good deals on flights these days…

    • Dude I’m so sad that Tegan and Sara aren’t coming to Seattle. I guess I understand not coming to Washington since it’s kind of out-of-the-way but no Portland? Say whaaaaaat?
      Homie don’t play that…

      • That’s what I’m saying! I guess this is a sign that I finally need to get a new id and a passport. Party in Vancouver!

  3. Words can not express my feelings for TnS. I have never anticipated a concert like this. I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR THE TEGAN & SARA AMERICAN TOUR, I MAY BURST! I told all my friends who could care less. I might go to two shows! OMG! They are going to bankrupt me before its all said and done.

    About the twitter. Twitter is fine just don;t post personal stuff. It is not a place for the celebs and their friends its open for the world. If they don;t know that then they do need to leave twitter.

    • waaargh I got my tickets to see Tegan & Sara in November on sunday, so excited! probs need to start relistening furiously to a lot of songs, as well as sainthood obvs.

      • Very cool. Where are you from?
        This will be my first band concert, my first rock/alternative/indie experience and I am going alone. I am so excited and kinda nervous..

        • A Tegan and Sara concert is such a good first concert experience. I saw them for my first band concert two years ago (besides a Bruce Springsteen concert i went to with my dad when i was 9, but that totally doesn’t count). That concert totally made me fall in love with live music and now I’m addicted.

          Also… you should find people to go with. I dragged two straight friends who had never heard of T&S with me and they had a blast.

          • Yeah I have been to the huge productions, ie. Janet, Beyonce etc. But I have never been to a small intimate venue so I think it will be cool.

            I would love to take someone but I really have no one. The one person I have, which I only discovered yesterday by him replying to my excited facebook status, is 3 hours away. SO I am going on my own. I am determined to see them. So,If anyone is in Dallas and you see a tall lonely black girl say hi! lol

          • I’m from Edinburgh. I didn’t even realise they were playing here till now and its really lucky as most bands just bypass here and play in Glasgow instead.
            Yeah its been a wee while since I was at that kind of gig aswell; super excited!Don’t worry about going on your own though – I went to see Beyonce by myself when I was on hol in d.c this summer and it was amazing! Plus at small(ish) gigs you always make friends.

          • I’m in the same boat but I’m determined to make it to my first T&S concert in Atlanta, which is 2 hours away. I actually went ahead and already took time off from work. I’m going to buy my ticket tomorrow morning and hopefully I can find someone to drag along as well. So yeah, I really don’t know how many guys go to their concerts but I guess I’ll find out. :)

            Does anybody read The Onion? I think this might be of some interest: http://www.theonion.com/content/opinion/if_god_had_wanted_me_to_be

  4. There is some sort of Romeo & Juliet-ish drama going down in Lilo/SamRo land.

    lindsaylohan @samantharonson doesn’t respond 2me b/c her family will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love&im incapable of making Any sort of difference. I’m in love with her, as she is in love with me….but her loved ones-hate her brilliance&resent her happiness

    • yeah i saw that earlier, so much drama! really want to know what is going on. its pretty eloquent for 140 characters.

      • It is rather eloquent, yes. I follow them both because I’m addicted to the drama, though I feel really creepy because I know so much about their personal lives. But if Sam won’t respond to her, I guess I see why Lindsay puts that much info out in a public forum.

  5. Got my tickets for T&S Canadian Tour date ~ in JANUARY! What a friggin’ tease… I love you long time, but that’s so FAR!

    I really didn’t think much of Three Rivers but I didn’t mind Kate M’s wig. S’okay – I mean, have you ever gone and tried out wigs at a store? First, they only let you try on one or two (unless you PROMISE to buy one) and most of them make you look like you have HUMONGOUSLY big head.

    Her head looked pretty normal. So, I’m giving it 4 out of 5 headbands. (and only because I prefer strawberry blondes.)

  6. Going to see Tegan and Sara in Toronto in January holla!!
    I didn’t know Darlene was gay! how did I not know Darlene was gay!! I definitely crushed on Darlene when I was just a little pre-teen lesbian. perhaps an early form of gaydar? I think so.

  7. omg first autostraddle comment ever!

    I am going to see Tegan and Sara twice on this tour. Probably going to explode with gay happiness.

    Confession time: I am working my way through every season of Roseanne right now… but I had no idea that Sara Gilbert is gay irl. This makes me feel a lot less cheated by her non-gayness in the show.

  8. I am going to my first ever Tegan and Sara concert with “intern jen” in 2010!!!!! and I guess you can tell I am excited!!!!!

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