The Week Tampax Sponsored Our Gayest Moment & Hilary Duff Wore Many Hats

Greetings squirrel friends! Well it has been quite a week, what with all the gay marching and TV weddings and pseudoephedrine overdoses and coming out and all. In news, ABC gave full-season pickups to Flash Forward, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and The Middle (3 of those are awesome, you can guess which!). In Dollhouse news, ratings are getting better because of DVRs! And check out this cool article from Geek Buffet about how intellectually engaging Dollhouse really is.

As always, don’t forget to read my Glee recap for episode 106, Vitamin D! And this just in: Fox is thinking about having a Glee tour next spring!

And now…

The Carlytron Television Awards for the Week Ending 10/11/09!


himym_503-robin-barney-kiss1The Adorable Award – How I Met Your Mother

Episode 503 – Robin 101

This episode was really cute. Barney, afraid of losing Robin, takes lessons from Ted about Robin. It’s creepy, sure, but mostly cute. She thinks he’s cheating on her but they work it out in the end. Overall I’m happy with how HIMYM is handling their relationship, making it fit into the group dynamic, etc. Long live RoBarney! Also, this is very true and the quote of the week (Lily is a little bit Liz Lemon, I think):

“Robin Scherbatsky is many things: friend; confidant; occasional guest star in some confusing dreams that remind me a woman’s sexuality is a moving target, but she is no crazy, jealous stalker-bitch.” – Lily

Everyone is adorable in this episode, especially Marshall, who has to get rid of an old barrel so he puts it outside in the Bermuda Triangle, a spot on the sidewalk outside Ted’s apartment from which things just vanish. I had a similar experience living in Orlando once, I put an entire dining room set outside and it was somehow gone almost instantly.


The Awesome Family Model Award – Modern Family

Episode 103 – Come Fly With Me

I really love Modern Family because it is able to capture real family dynamics in a funny and heartwarming way. In this episode Al Bundy finally accepted his son-in-laws and little kid Alex continued to prove herself to be me at a young age. Excellent.

Special Comment: Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 604 – Tainted Obligation

Merger craziness continues, as Cristina freaks out on the Chief and Callie freaks out on Arizona and then gets her job back. Arizons puts Callie in her place, calls her her “girlfriend” a lot, and greys-anatomy_604-callie-arizona-benchthey share a cute moment on a bench (but OF COURSE it’s during lunch, the least sexy meal EVER). Yawn. Overall this episode was good, Sandra Oh’s acting was awesome, Meredith didn’t annoy me, and I found myself somewhat moved by the Thatcher plotline. Can’t wait to see who’s getting laid off next week!

And if some lesbians don’t start making out soon, I’m gonna get back to shouting!

dollhouse_203-victor-dancing2The Dollhouse Award for Dollhouse

Episode 203 – Belle Chose

Hey, Dollhouse, this was a vast improvement over last week, so bravo! Echo’s initial assignment is totally lame but gets awesome when she stabs the professor in the neck! Things get even more awesome when Victor accidentally gets imprinted to be a female college coed and dances his little ass off at the club. It’s super gay, and he nearly gets gaybashed, so that’s great.

Also this gives me hope for the future.

The Dumb Episode Award – Gossip Girl

Episode 304 – Dan De Fleurette

gossip-girl_304-blair-hippies“By the way, sandals are not shoes.” – Blair

This week we learned that Blair hates hippies as much as I do, Tory Burch can’t act, somehow Anna Wintour knows Serena, Dan is still an idiot, Vanessa’s hair is still a disaster, and this episode was mostly very, very dumb. For an amazing rundown of the stupidity read Jacob’s recap over at Television Without Pity. All I can say is that next week will be better because Georgina is going to DESTROY the Rufus/Lily nuptials (hi Lily! So glad you’re back!). Also Tyra Banks chewed scenery like there was no tomorrow. And for more on our other special guest star, please see the Hot Girl of the Week, below.


The FINALLY Award – The Office

Episode 604 – Niagara

This episode of The Office was an hour long because OMG JIM AND PAM FINALLY GOT MARRIED AHHHH! It was super adorable and though some moments made me cringe, by the end of the episode everything was excellent. Can’t wait to see what happens when Pam realizes that Michael hooked up with her mom! There was also this:


The Most Improved Show of the Year Award – Parks and Recreation

Episode 204 – Practice Date

This episode was a close runner-up for Gay Moment of the Week, as Leslie went on a fake date with Ann to prepare with her actual date with that cop guy. Amy Poehler should submit this episode for her Best Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy consideration because she was amazing in it. Also, I am totally loving April’s character. She’s amazing. And Duke Silver!? Are you kidding me?! This show has totally turned it around this season and I’m really loving it. Rashida Jones is a genius.

The SNL Sketch of the Week

Drew Barrymore hosted this week (yay!) and SNL finally made a funny digital short this season!

Unfortunately the show wasn’t really that great, and by that I mean that there were no sketches about Ellen Page, lesbianism, or roller derby. Lame. The opening monologue was great though, I couldn’t stop laughing!

A chance to make fun of “A Doll’s House?” I am so totally there.

The Hot Girl of the Week Award

robin-iconI wasn’t sure who to give this to this week, so I asked Robin for some ideas:

Carly: who should hot girl of the week be?
Robin: Well, Carly, I think since Hilary Duff was on Gossip Girl this week, she should be hot girl of the week, and i’ll tell you why
Carly: … Her?
Robin: As a star of both screens and as a pop music sensation, she’s both multi-talented and adorable. Plus gays love her.
Carly: I said “hot” not “bad-acting.”
Robin: Oh c’mon, she’s so cute.
Carly: Hmm.
Robin: I like her hair.
Carly: She kept wearing hats during the episode of Gossip Girl. What was with the hats?
Robin: Yeah the hats are sort of Blossom. Very mid-90s.
Carly: Yeah.
Robin: I like that song “So Yesterday.” Don’t tell anybody.
Carly: So you like that song and Miley’s “Party in the USA,” how old are you again?
Robin: 12.
Carly: Ew, my girlfriend is 12!? Uhhh… I gotta go.
Robin: I’m a mature 12. It’s actually probably legal in some states…
Carly: I don’t think that’s correct.
Robin: More states than gay marriage is legal, probs. Ok listen, I’m not actually 12, Carly. Let’s get back to Hilary Duff, stay on topic. Hilary Duff is super cute in person!
Carly: Have you met her?
Robin: I photographed her at the GLAAD Awards one year, seriously, she is hot! I’m telling you.
Carly: Hmm, interesting.
Robin: Do I need to send you photos?
Carly: Yes. I need proof.


Carly: I love that you sent me a bikini pic of Hilary Duff.
Robin: She’s cute!
Carly: Ok fine, Hilary Duff can be the Hot Girl of the Week. YOU WIN.
Robin: YAY!!! I hope others agree. Ok coming back to the other room now.


The Gay Moment of the Week

Uh, I dare anyone to show me anything gayer that happened than this:


Honorable Mention

Heroes: I give up. DNR.
Flash Forward: Was silly this week, but I’m still hooked!
Cougar Town: Totally deserves its full-season pickup, this show is really funny.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Intervention episode! Obvs a Tinkerbell shoutout. I love this show.

Don’t forget to watch the season premieres of 30 Rock and Ugly Betty on Thursday and Friday, respectively, later this week! ‘Tron out!

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  1. -Very nice recap.
    -Hilary Duff, meh. But I cannot think of any other alternative so.. carry on..
    -Also Nip.Tuck is premiering Wednesday. I can;t wait to see what they pull out of there ass for this season. The show is so crazy/ridiculous its good!
    -Thank GD for DVR ratings. Smallville was looking shaky for a second, but I had faith, its a good show and everyone on there is really pretty! I don;t watch Dollhouse but good for them too, Friday is a hard spot. Glad both shows are getting recognition.

  2. Can someone tell me what the Gay Moment of the Week was? I can’t see it because Hulu discriminates against Canadians.

    • yes i can! si se puede!
      there are these two ridiculous ladies playing pool wearing things like appliqued vests and button-down shirts with red suspenders and gay gay gay hair. the highlight of the clip, in my opinion, was when the commentator said the game was brought to you by tampax: “helping you relax when mother nature attacks your slacks.”

      • I’m not a fan of this Canada discrimination from Hulu.
        Thankfully I saw this on Saturday. I was almost in tears when he just keeps going with the tampax slogans.

        And what was the digital short? I dont know if I saw that…

        • ack! sorry everyone, forgot that hulu discriminates. was everyone able to see it somehow? are there any video sites that don’t geo-block clips?

  3. I agree with Robin on Hilary’s serious in person hotness, think the award is well deserved. Think her performance / character in gossip girl is maybe a little too sweet though.

    I also wish Hulu would let me watch the Gay Moment of the Week.

    • Aww you guys! Thats so sad about Hulu. ok, let me help you about here: the gay moment of the week is the SNL skit where Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig are two billiard competitors. The best thing are the two commentator dudes who have to plug the sponsor, Tampax (“helping you relax when mother nature attacks your slacks… Tampax.”)

  4. I REALLY HOPE we see more Whisky/Echo. I squealed, out loud, on my morning commute on a train full of stuffy business people all glaring at their blackberries, when I saw that twitter post from Eliza. OMG! EEEEE!

  5. I was really nervous during The Office that it was going to be sort of stupid all the way through, ’cause a lot of the jokes in the start were tired, which actually made me nervous for the show in general, cuz if the critics start complaining that they aren’t funny anymore (remember when Friends stopped being funny cuz like, the joke only works for so long?) I’ll be upset, ’cause it’s still funnier than everything else on TV, but then at the end when the dance started I laughed and cried both so much at the same time that I forgot what happened before that somehow seemed not enough. THAT IS ALL

    • i was worried too, trust. it took me a little self-reflection time to realize that this episode was really amazing.

  6. My leg was in this Gossip Girl episode, in the crowd when Tyra gets outta the limo. Well at least i think it is my leg. Then I left and hung out with Hilary Duff’s boyfriend because he looked bored and alone because everyone else was running towards Hilary and that made me feel bad for him. His name is Mike- He’s very nice hahah

    I really hope 30 Rock is good this season, like what if Parks and Rec and 30 rock had role reversal and they can’t both be funny at the same time? I’m scared

    • Ahh yes Mike! Mike Comrie would be one of our lovely Canadian hockey players. Hilary Duff is definitely super hot in person, I’m only lucky to know this as Comrie plays for the Oilers and Hilary loves to come and party in Edmonton with him! Mmm Hilary…

    • 30 rock will be good cause it has to be cause otherwise down would be up and i’d cry. does your leg have a SAG card? IMDB page? it should!

    • NBC’s Thursday comedy block is awesome, but I really hope Community isn’t seriously wounded by moving to 8 o’clock. I’m so rooting for this show to make it.

  7. ok quick thoughts run down… Greys Anat: need some making outage. Drew Barrymore on SNL: too cute. Jim/Pam nuptials: so cute. Tyra: not cute. I think I missed that day of Lesbian 101 because I’m just not a fan. I know lots of the lady friendages that heart her, but I don’t. Yea I said it. Also, loved the TAMPAX skit because really.. when nature attacks your slacks… what really works better than Tampax.. am I right? I am. Ok, moving on…Hillary D as hot girl of the week? Dont get it. Carly/Robin close proximity chat talking about hot girl of the week? Totally get it. Also.. I don’t know how to use punctuation and I can’t wait for 30 Rock! Yeahz!

    • i love tyra in that hilarious trainwreck sorta way and that’s about as far as it goes. and yes thank you for noticing that we had that hot girl chat from adjacent rooms.

  8. I give up on Heroes too :(

    I think Hilary Duff is cute, but not hot. But I’ll go with it because I too like “So Yesterday” and also that movie A Cinderella Story.

    I’ve only seen the pilot to “The Middle” and I thought it was pretty funny. No? I guess I’ll watch the other episodes too.

    Yay for the return of 30 Rock!

    • i haven’t seen “the middle” and do not plan to start watching anytime soon. i haven’t watched the new “Heroes” yet with the lesbo ratings stunt and am sorta dreading it.

  9. Hilary Duff is totally hot, good going.

    Park and Recreation just keeps getting better and better! Such a good episode

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