Sex Scenes I Used to Click My Mouse to in My Dorm Room

I started watching porn pretty early. When I found it, it was mostly videos with heterosexual couples who were breathing heavily and screaming “Fuck Me!” while dry humping in three-walled locker rooms.

When I searched for “Gay Porn,” two blonde haired men would usually pop up on my screen and engage in conversation that would start with “Here for new tires?” or “Coach says we have to train the new guy…” While I am into gay male porn now on occasion, it wasn’t my jam in my college days.

All I wanted to do was sit in my bed, turn on the little TV that sat on my dresser and watch two women grab, bump, and kiss for at least a 72 minute run time and masturbate my queer co-ed heart out.

So I turned to YouTube for compilations of girls kissing on TV shows and pause and rewind sex scenes in movies that I read about on message boards.

These are my fave sex scenes from movies and TV, pre and post-college days, that never fail to make me want to dim the lights, light some candles, and double click away.

(I actually don’t need to dim the lights or light candles, it could be 3:28pm on a Tuesday and I’ll treat my pussy like a slip n slide if the mood hits, but it sounded nice didn’t it?)

Tess & Finley get it CRACKIN’! (The L Word: Generation Q) 2020

This scene was written with me in mind, I stand by that. Finley yanking off the god awful shirt and showing us that sports bra, Tess being gorgeous and writhing underneath her, Finley putting her finger in Tess’s mouth and then fucking her until she sweats that glittery eyeshadow off. All set to one of my favorite Sylvan Esso songs? Yes ma’am!

Rating: 6-9 Double Clicks

Megan & Graham get super sweet (But I’m A Cheerleader) 2000

This was a sweet one. This is when I was looking for romance when I had no clue that sex with another woman could be tender, fumbly, and low-key mad sweet. This scene made me worried but excited at the same time. I wasn’t out yet, I thought my family would certainly send me to a place like this if I did come out and I was scared as fuck. Still very into it to this day though.

Rating: 12-16 Double Clicks

Nomi & Amanita celebrate Pride the right way (Sense8) 2015

I have never thought the sound of a soaking wet strap hitting a hardwood floor would make my panties fly off. This scene is quick and dirty and has the ability to get me going in 2-3 rewatches. Granted, I didn’t stick with Sense8 as long as some people did but I hear there are more scenes for optimal panty droppage.

Rating: 19-22 Double Clicks

Abby & Chris ignore texts and keep boundaries (Work In Progress) 2019

Turn off the lights, make me come, and ask me to request confirmation for future fucking. I am all about this scene, it’s so real and so cute and Abby and Chris are both such hotties that just watching them make out got me hot. Add their breathing and the sounds of their laughs and moans and I was ready to plug in and vibe the hell out.

Rating: 24-31 Double Clicks

Nikki & Kat hop on the reading rainbow (After Sex) 2007

Whew just –– whew. Everything about this moment takes me there. It’s just long enough for me to watch a few times to come before class, there are fingers in mouths, there is talk of what pussy taste of (Chicken? Really Girl?) and it all takes place in a library, a place I have always wanted to bang it out in. The only thing that takes away from this scene is Mila Kunis’s god awful choice in footwear.

Rating: 35-50 Double Clicks

Ronit & Esti prove at least one of them has dental insurance (Disobedience) 2017

Spit. That’s it. If you’re someone I am currently fucking please, take note.

Rating: Unlimited Double Clicks

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Shelli Nicole

Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-raised, Chicago-based writer. Her work has appeared in Bustle, HelloGiggles & Marie Claire. She is terrified of mermaids and teenagers equally.

Shelli has written 260 articles for us.


  1. As a non-vanilla person once I discover internet porn that checked my kink boxes that was it.
    I know I did furtively watch/rewatch or just skip to sex scenes of tv shows and movies like a normal baby queer but I can’t remember it with any real clarity.

    My memory goes like:

    Bisexual sweating over Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk sex scenes or even making out in Smallville

    Guilty jilling to exploitive DVD infomercials

    Slow body raking shots of actresses and actors

    Bound somewhere in there, Lost Delirious later

    Then just porn

    BUT I know there were sex scenes from movies and tv too just can’t recall them, it’s like porn overwrote the memories.
    A big carving over a series of little carvings. There’s pock marks but no detail.

    Human memory is just so weird.

    • Well Valentine’s is next week so the answer to the first half is very likely YES.

      But you could always be getting extra horny if it’s winter if you’re like me and crave a warm body everytime you hop into bed.

  2. – The Selma Blair/Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss from Cruel Intentions (also great for spit lovers)

    – Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan

    – The first scene of Not Another Teen Movie where the main girl is masturbating with a giant and very strange dildo (that I wish existed irl if we’re being totally honest)

    – The scene in Eurotrip where the funny dude thinks he’s going to a standard brothel but it’s a dungeon? lol

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