L Word Generation Q Season 3 Filming Has Begun and Tina Is Having a Nice Time

We are all very excited for the upcoming debut of The L Word Generation Q Season 3. Here’s everything we know about the show so far!

L Word Generation Q Season 3 Production Has Begun!

Season 3 of The L Word Generation Q began production the week of June 9th, and everybody’s having a great time taking fun pics from set!

Look at Kate Moennig and Jordan Hull in suits and shiny shoes!!??!

Look at these ladies heading out on a road trip?!?!

On June 10th, we got new set pics from Jamie Clayton, Kate Moennig and Leo Sheng:

L Word Generation 3 Season 3 filming: Kate Moennig and Jamie Clayton, Leo Sheng and Jillian Mercado, Kate Moennig and her makeup artist

On June 6th, Leo Sheng uploaded an “obligatory boomerang on day one of s3 for @ShoTheLWord.” On June 8th, Leisha Hailey posted a photo from set starring herself, hair/makeup artist Christy Tagatac, actor/screenwriter Chris Renfro and makeup artist Angel Radefeld-Wright:

Laurel Holloman also posted photos from set.

Laurel Holloman instagram post from the set of The L Word Generation Q

L Word Generation Q Season 3 Assembles Its Writers Room

Marja Lewis-Ryan has posted an instagram photo of the writer’s room for The L Word Generation Q Season 3 and once again it appears that I am somehow not in it. However, many others are!

L Word Generation Q’s Season Three Writing Team Is:

Nova Cypress Black: Non-binary writer, arts educator and poet, 2021 Outfest Screenwritng Lab Fellow, 2021 Hillman Grad Mentee, Damn Write Originals Screenwriter. Nova posted some pics of their move to LA on Instagram, including a shot next to their nameplate as Staff at The L Word Generation Q, and Lena Waithe commented “proud.” SO!

Melody Derloshon: Producer of The L Word Generation Q since Season One, has previously been credited with writing one episode each season, previous projects include Cougar Town and Telenovela.

Allie Romano: Writer and story editor on The L Word Generation Q since Season One. Previously worked as a Staff Writer on The Upshaws and a writer’s assistant on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence. Associate Producer on Marja Lewis-Ryan’s film 6 Balloons (2018).

Marie Tomisato: Screenwriter/Director. Formerly a Production Assistant on the horror film Scare Us. Is producing a short called Internal.

Nina Kim: Comedy writer. Formerly a Writer’s Production Assistant on Nancy Drew and Shondaland’s Sunshine Scouts and a showrunner’s assistant on Netflix’s Dead to Me. Formerly selected for Viacom’s Writers Mentoring Program. Semifinalist at the 2020 Austin Film Festival. (Also went to the University of Michigan, just like me and also Leo Sheng and also Jacqueline Toboni!)

Alison Levering Wong: Comedy Writer and Actor. Formerly a Staff Writer for One Day at a Time and Paramount’s Rise of the Pink Ladies. Also worked as a producer at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures and as a staff writer for Disney Television Animation and has performed her comedy all over the place!

María Renée Prudencio: Bolivian writer and actress known for The Last Call (2013), The Eternal Feminine (2017) and Club Sandwich (2013).

The last two are Courtney Nicole and Leah Couvelier, and I can’t find much information on either of them, besides that Leah was in a movie called Realm of Shadows in 2022.

The Cast Attends 33rd Annual GLAAD Awards

Everybody looked amazing!!!

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 02: (L-R) Katherine Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Rosanny Zayas and Jacqueline Toboni attend the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 02, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 02: (L-R) Leo Sheng and Jordan Hull attend The 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton on April 02, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for GLAAD)

L Word Generation Q Season 3 Premiere Date Is Late 2022

In February, Showtime announced that they had renewed the series for a third season that would debut later this year. There will be ten episodes, and Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig, Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Rosanny Zayas, Jacqueline Toboni, Sepideh Moafi, Jamie Clayton, Jennifer Beals and Jordan Hull are all presumably returning to the show.

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  1. Absolutely amazing beautiful woman ☺️ I love the show you enlightened my journey through out everything else that is going on in our chaotic world 🌎 positive energy vibes
    Thank you 💖😊💖😊💖

  2. Mon commentaire à moi est que je suis en Amour avec cette émission, les actrices sont très jolies et formidables dans chacune de leurs rôles. Ces histoires de chaque Femme montre bien notre réalité. J’espère qu’elle serons tous de retour. Bravo de penser à nous en continuant cette merveilleuse série.

    • Why do you even have to comment negatively at all? This is for people who love the show and appreciate all the characters in all their beautiful parts. It makes it richer, more meaningful and adds to the reality of our lives. I happen to have friends that are Trans, so I find what you said to be offensive.

    • This really reminds me of those studies where people watching crowd scenes in movies perceived the percentage of women in the crowd as much larger than it actually was (can’t find the specific study but this article discusses the same phenomenon across other types of media) https://health.howstuffworks.com/mental-health/human-nature/perception/how-17-equals-496-the-amazing-multiplying-women.htm

      It also calls to mind the common refrain among conservative viewers that “gays are taking over tv;”“every show thinks it has to have a gay character now;” “unnecessary, not everyone wants to see that;” “ridiculously overrepresented;” “sick of these shows pushing the gay agenda on us;” etc. I often wonder what the ideal amount of gay representation would look like to those viewers. Would they find it more pleasant to return to the tv landscape of the 80s or 90s? (Maybe not; idk who else remembers the 90s lol but I remember similar comments back then about how gay ppl were taking over media with movies like The Birdcage or Ellen’s sitcom after she came out — those little crumbs we had at the time must have seemed very excessive to them after decades of gays on screen being so rare!) Seeing these sentiments applied to trans characters or actors on tv today is kind of hilarious to me given how few trans ppl are actually on tv, but not surprising — when any minority begins to get more screen time than the crumbs they had before, it’s almost always perceived by the majority (particularly conservatives) as extreme/excessive. For those unhappy with the current amount or trans or nonbinary representation on screen, what would the preferable amount be? I want to guess zero? But that’s just a guess, I can’t speak from that POV since I would prefer to see more diverse characters as we move forward, not fewer; and I’m hopeful that is what will unfold as more people come out as trans, gay, lesbian, bi, queer, intersex, asexual, questioning, all those identities that exist irl but are still relatively rare onscreen. I mean, Hallmark just put out their first movie with a lesbian in a co-starring role(!) and poster features this femme, blonde, gender conforming lesbian standing with a man so it initially looks like she’s part of a straight romance until you read the fine print. Like, that marketing team clearly strove to present the character as non-threatening as possible — and there are still SO many negative comments complaining about how “everything has to be gay now.” So fun how many people wish they never had to see us lol. In conclusion, I can’t wait til Hallmark includes their first trans character in 2062 and it would also be pretty rad to see the L word I incorporate a second trans storyline, or at least give a fourth trans actor a cool part to play. For a group that’s apparently so overrepresented, trans actors actually don’t get a ton of work, and there are some really talented artists out there! Would love to see Alexandra Billings pop up!

    • Unfortunately we got word Vanessa Estelle Williams will not be returning. So I don’t give a damn about this show anymore. They treatment of black characters is so disappointing and disrespectful.

  3. I Absolutely cannot wait for the next season to make its appearance, L WORD is the best series EVER,please never stop producing it, and if possible try to get the seasons out faster for us folk that hate to have to wait a year for the next binge!! Thank you for an awesome series!!

  4. Could season three be worse than season two? Let’s see, but impossible to get different results with a showrunner who gave disastrous interviews when the second season was finished. We deserve better stories (at least make sense of them), better writing, better dialogue. Despite the the diacritical marks that mark our identity (me as a biracial girl, afrolatina, queer), it is sad and embarrassing to see the way we are represented on this show.

  5. The problem with this show is that we can’t feel emotionally connected with these characters and, consequently, with this couples. Objectively, what stories were we told on season two? I don’t know. Season two was a non-story, a non-narrative. Everything seemed so soulless, lifeless that it’s hard for anyone watching to hold on to it. Stories don’t make sense, they don’t happen. More than seeing my color (I’m a black trans), my body, I would like to feel through these characters, to be moved by them and for them. I feel nothing. Worse thing is watching something that you created a lot of anticipation because they sold the premise that this show was made for us and not feeling anything about it.

    • This is how I feel too— just can’t connect emotionally. (Though I didn’t with the original show either tbh.) I’m not sure how to pinpoint what it is about the show that I find inaccessible? I connected so much more deeply to Work in Progress, even though the Gen Q characters are way closer to my demographic.

  6. Here’s a “stunning”concept. Not ” all” or some stories will match or coincide with our lives. Having s preconceived perception of ” what ” should” …problem solved..solved. you watch to disagree or complain….don’t watch.

    • When people say they can’t connect emotionally, they’re not demanding that these stories be exactly like our lives or our experiences. I think they’re referring to the power of storytelling to move us and engage us with characters. We are not asking for biographies, but more human stories that captivate us. If we LGBTQ+ can’t talk about our opinions (positive or negative) about a show, why do a show about us? Can’t we demand better stories? There are currently better shows about lgbtq+ people precisely because in the past lgbtq people dared to talk about what they don’t like in representations about the community. PP have to listen, learn and always improve. We deserve it.

  7. Ummmmmm I fear that trolls have found the online forums. We hate seeing ourselves rep’ed bc it’s ‘not deep enough’ like yeesh it’s better than nothing. And it’s not bad this q version! I was a bit harshy mccarsherson back in the day but I think we were critical and our critiques were answered in many ways. I look forward to many more seasons. Ps let Tibette finally end. Amen.

  8. Ummmmmm I fear that trolls have found the online forums. We hate seeing ourselves rep’ed bc it’s ‘not deep enough’ like yeesh it’s better than nothing. And it’s not bad this q version! I was a bit harshy mccarsherson back in the day but I think we were critical and our critiques were answered in many ways. I look forward to many more seasons. Ps let Tibette finally end. Amen.

  9. I’d love to see more age diversity in the Writer’s Room. I feel like one of the problems Gen Q faces stems from not including voices of OWLS. And while this doesn’t at all mean that the current Writers Room is lacking in experience and knowledge, I maintain that it could benefit from a wider age range.

  10. All I wish for the new season is not to have Bette and Tina get back together. I’m just like… so done with their will they / won’t they deal. And I’m probably in the minority here but I want more Rosie O’Donnell?? I didn’t love how depressing her character ended up but I love her acting/presence and getting some more masc vibes and chubby representation on the show. The celesbian guest stars were such a fun part of the original show and I wanna see like Tig Notaro, Roberta Colindrez, Tessa Thompson, Lea Delaria, Alexandra Billings, a return of Holland Taylor maybe with Sarah Paulson this time?? I like when couples play couples haha

  11. When someone else uses the username you went by elsewhere- ugh!

    …but anyway, Tibette as a relationship- super unhealthy. Though as fiction- I can’t help but want to watch them. Laurel herself kind of annoyed me with what she said about not creating memes with her artwork. I thought she was taking herself way too seriously, but whatever.

    I liked Carrie- I know she wasn’t a huge hit around here. I’ve been reading the recaps since back in the day & will continue doing so. Super fun! Onward…

  12. I’m sorry, I just, Rosanny Zayas in that GLAAD photo !! 😯 I’m used to her character, who primarily wears what I think of as like… grown up toddler chic? but woah

  13. The only thing I ask for this season is for Bette and Tina to understand that they are great as co-parents, but are ultimately happier with other people… AMEN!
    I want to see Bette with someone else so baaaad…

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