The L Word: Generation Q Season 3 Trailer, Chaotically Annotated

Today is one of the best days of the year in Autostraddle Slack! The L Word: Generation Q trailer has dropped, and it is full of absolute sexy, sexy lesbian chaos! The kind that makes us yell at our screens! And so, as usual, our TV Team has broken it down, frame-by-frame. And if this leaves you itching for more, don’t worry: Riese is keeping a running list of everything we know about the upcoming season. Fair warning: This might look like a trailer you’ve seen before, decades ago, but keep scrolling. It’s new drama, with a side of similarity.

The L Word: Generation Q Season 3 Trailer, Chaotically Annotated

Tina looks concerned

Drew:  “You don’t want to buy a painting?”
Natalie: What begins in chaos, ends in chaos…and, apparently, begins in chaos again.
Kayla: No
Heather: This has got real “Bette. Turn around.” vibes from the The L Word season five, which means BOTH OF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.

Bette looks sad/devastated/guilty

Valerie: This outfit is very cult leader chic, and I’d join that cult.
Riese: Love a white powersuit.
Natalie: Sign me up for that cult, Valerie.
Kayla: Yes.
Heather: Why, what could she have done, being what she is? / Was there another Troy for her to burn?

Tess and Shane running in the dark

Riese: Tess wants to show Shane the world.
Riese: Shining Shimmering Splendid
Heather: Over, sideways and under / On a magic carpet ride. (If you know what I mean and I think you do.)
Carmen: Ok great, I’m glad someone else made the Disney princess joke, so I didn’t have to.
Natalie: Am I the only one that watches happy scenes with Shane and thinks, “oh this is going to end badly?”

Neck biting

Kayla: I love vampires
Natalie: uta, is that you?
Heather: UTA! Hahaha! What wast that lady’s class called? Vampireology: Demon Desire?

Finely and Sophie smiling and kissing

Natalie: I am not sure about how I feel about this hair color on Sophie but happiness looks good on them.

Dani in a cat costume for Halloween

Riese: Excited for The L Word to celebrate Halloween, its first ever acknowledgment of the existence of holidays
Drew: Please tell me Dani’s Halloween costume is more inventive than “cat”
Riese: It could be worse, her costume could be a sleeveless white t-shirt and white face paint.
Valerie: It’s like that one Mean Girls quote. “The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.”
Kayla: I am prepared to be let down by a Halloween episode of The L Word. Gays are good at Halloween and I have a feeling these gays are going to NOT BE GOOD AT HALLOWEEN
Natalie: the potential of a “L Word” Halloween episode is limitless and look at them…squandering it!
Heather: PERFECT opportunity to give us JENNY SCHECTER’S GHOST

Angie in a t-shirt that says SISTERHOOD IS POWERFUL

Drew: I know she’s a child but I feel like Angie is too cool and gen z for a “sisterhood is powerful” t-shirt.
Riese: She could be wearing a t-shirt from the Autostraddle store
Drew: Exactly that would be much better.
Natalie: I do love the braids.
Carmen: Huge same.
Natalie: I hope Angie can avoid repeating the sins of her mother and make one black friend at college.
Carmen: Huge same.

Jose standing behind a podium

Natalie: Wait….is this José? is José back to throw a wrench in Micah’s relationship with Maribel?
Carmen: I genuinely do not know who this human is, I just want their shirt.

Angie in a suit and tie

Valerie: This outfit is SHARP.
Kayla: Someone is borrowing from Mama B’s old closet it SEEMS (as she should!!!!!!!)
Natalie: As someone who relishes what Angie represents, I’m over here like, “YAS GURL” to this hoe phase. But as someone who has watched this character grow up…i’m like, “Oh absolutely the fuck not!”
Heather: Big reputation.
Carmen: I. Do NOT. Want. Angie’s Hoe Phase.
Carmen: I remember her as a baby.
Carmen: I am not equipped.


Natalie: It’s giving:


Natalie: Is this a midseason haircut from Sophie? If so, I approve.


Riese: Excited for Amy to fist Alice.
Drew: And the next one and the next one and then cheat and then be cheated on and then another one.
Drew: Also wait am I out of the loop what happened to Donald Faison?
Riese: Busy doing T-Mobile commercials, maybe
Natalie: T-Mobile internet will not sell itself!

Dani lying on a pillow

Natalie: I’m so surprised it took this long into the trailer for Dani and Gigi to show up.

Gigi in bed with Dani

Riese: You know when celebs post social media pics without makeup and it’s like “this is the real me no makeup!!!” to promote body-positivity and you’re like actually this just makes me feel worse that you look that good even with no makeup on
Riese: Anyhow, love this everyone is hot.
Valerie: “It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn’t it though.”
Kayla: Hi

Nat smiles

Riese: No
Natalie: Nat, you’re supposed to be busy hooking up with Hannah on Reboot. You don’t have time for this!
Heather: Good thing Hannah saved her one ask.
Heather: Two people are caught up on this week’s queer TV, and it is me and Natalie.

Kayla: Hi
Natalie: When Gen Q started, I thought Sophie and Dani would be the new Bette and Tina, but clearly I was mistaken.
Carmen: (ok but no — Kayla’s running bit of saying Hi whenever Gigi shows up. Is no one going to talk about it?)

Kayla: Love the art of gay sitting.

Kayla: Wait is that a giant like Costco size box of Saltines?
Valerie: I was also distracted by that. And now I want soup.
Riese: That’s like for the most massive hangover of all time. That’s what you give an elephant for a hangover
Natalie: That feels like morning sickness saltines to me.
Heather: You’d get like four of those bundled together at Costco though.

Riese: Ahem.
Natalie: 😳
Carmen: I know nothing, and yet here I am, already having sold my soul.

Kayla: Some queers’ sleeves really just have a life of their own.
Riese: Everyone is on their own journey.
Natalie: I thought we’d get fun Finley back after rehab but apparently not?
Heather: Finley looks like when my Stardew Valley farmer busted her energy bar the day before.

Valerie: I still just feel 😍 whenever I see Jamie Clayton.
Natalie: Better that than this:

Carmen: Is it?

Drew: Me preparing for another season of this show.
Riese: This is gonna look great on Blink.
Heather: So I showed up at your party…


Drew: Me preparing for another season of this show, part deux.
Valerie: Yeah this is a big mood.
Natalie: This is the song that doesn’t end
Yes, it goes on and on, my friends
Some people shipping it not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue shipping it forever just because

Valerie: I keep thinking these screenshots of Finley are of a teen boy before I click them 😭
Valerie: I’m like “Cole Sprouse, is that you?”
Natalie: All that’s missing is the slouching beanie.
Heather: Three Lucky Lunches and three coffees, please, Gus; I’m going to Skull Cavern today.

Natalie: Is Shane starting a new business? Are we renovating? What’s going on here?
Carmen: I am so excited for Shane’s arms in this scene. I am but a simple girl with simple needs.

Valerie: This is also a Mood™️
Natalie: It’s my mood, actually…when thinking about this season.
Carmen: But this ring placement? Sublime queer culture.

Valerie: This better be post-time-jump is all I’m saying.
Drew: I feel a little like pregnancy is a storyline given to characters when the writers don’t know what else to do but I’ll keep an open mind!
Natalie: It absolutely is what writers do when they don’t have any good ideas, Drew….and let me tell you: DO NOT WANT.
Riese: I do I want it give it to meeeeee

Riese: Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.
Riese: (me)
Kayla: At first I was like ARE THEY PLAYING A SPORT
Kayla: But no, looks like woodworking.
Kayla: False alarm.
Riese: Yeah, looks like Flashdance woodworking
Natalie: I hope they are woodworking…because when I saw it, I thought they were dancing and was embarrassed for them.

Valerie: ‘Cause you gotta cut loose
Valerie: This is also very Zac Efron in “Bet on It”

Riese: Charades?
Kayla: I hope this is at-home karaoke.
Riese: Sophie and Finley giving out free cars.
Valerie: Once again thought this was Jughead from afar.
Natalie: In all seriousness, I really hope they’re able to recapture some of the Season One magic between these two.

Kayla: I love the ALOCE show.
Natalie: I have so many questions.
Carmen: For example, is Dani throwing a rock at someone?!?

Valerie: Is THIS a sport?
Riese: It’s the sport Jenny played outside Marina’s apartment
Heather: Solid form tbh.
Drew: Lots of throwing this season.

Riese: I love this Finley/Carrie friendship thing that is maybe happening.
Riese: To be earnest for a sec.
Kayla: I feel like earnestness is welcome and warranted when Carrie is involved.
Natalie: I agree, Riese. I love this for both of them.
Heather: “… anyway that’s how I turned Madonna gay.”
Natalie: Heather!


Riese: Stunning.
Natalie: Dana’s!

Natalie: I do not like this look.
Carmen: The most beautiful face in television, I don’t care.

Riese: Is this Alice or Finley?
Kayla: I thought it was Alice.
Valerie: This better be a friendship snuggle.
Natalie: A post-breakup/post-heartbreak big spoon/little spoon moment between friends?
Whatever it is I think I love it.
Heather: Is the name on that jersey WIGGLE??

Valerie: I’m a sucker for the classic hand on a foggy car window.
Natalie: WHO IS THAT?!
Heather: Valerie if you saw this in real life though, you would absolutely think someone was getting murdered.
Valerie: That is very true, Heather.

Riese: Squirting is 4 everyone
Kayla: asdkjaskld
Natalie: Better to have a drink tossed in your face than to have someone burn down your entire establishment, amirite Shane?

Kayla: Truly I know I’m bout to be so let down by this Halloween episode
Natalie: Wait if it’s the Halloween episode, who is Shane supposed to be?
Natalie: Also, this person in the background watching is cracking me up.
Carmen: Shane would obviously go to a Halloween party dressed as Shane. That’s the most realistic thing to ever happen in this show, 9 seasons and counting.

Valerie: Truer words have never been spoken. Fletcher LOVES sapphic chaos and I love this guest casting.
Natalie: Type casting, ftw!

Riese: Bette wondering if she remembered to lock her car and going back to check and make sure five times.
Riese: Maybe I am projecting
Heather: She’s fr about to YOU’RE A WANKER NUMBER NINE for Tina.

Riese: All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.
Heather: New Gen Q quiz idea: Which Museum That Bette Cheated In Are You?
Natalie: lol
Natalie: I’m really glad they did this whole spin-off so we could return to focusing…* checks notes*…on exactly the same characters in the original series.

Riese: All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.
Valerie: Are any of these paintings by Serious Artist Laurel Holloman?
Heather: Girl, are you a Monet? Because you’re making an impression on me.

Riese: This isn’t Gigi.
Natalie: What is going on here?!
Natalie: Why can’t we have nice things?

Carmen: hands
Carmen: HANDS

Riese: Devastated that Alice might get a cat and not a dog
Valerie: She could have gotten a chihuahua named Carol, it was right there.
Riese: Thank you, Valerie.
Natalie: If she doesn’t call it some take on Mr. Piddles, I give up.

Riese: Alice’s suit game continues to triumph.
Heather: I had that same suit in middle school. I got it at the Dick Tracy store at Disney World.

Riese: Finding Amy.
Carmen: Joey Lauren Adams and Alice Pieszecki? I am so ready for this.
Natalie: This feels like a perfect match, tbh.

Drew: Disappointed that the whole trailer wasn’t just Kehlani.
Carmen: Are you sure there were other parts of this trailer that weren’t Kehlani?
Natalie: Personally, I appreciate that they saved their Big Joker for the end. *swoon*

Carmen: On one hand, so many images of Bette Porter running.
Carmen: But on the other hand, Jennifer Beals running.
Heather: Oh man, what if this is one of those Taco Bell commercials.

Heather: They are 100% cheering Bette chasing down Tina, aren’t they?
Natalie: 100%
Natalie: Personally, I’d hoped it was carpool karoake but alas…
Heather: You know it’s bad when you wish it was Carpool Karaoke instead. 😂
Riese: I love this for all of themmmm

Natalie: This is peak Jughead, Valerie!
Heather: When you’re in the Stardew mines and you look up and realize it’s 1:40 and you’re out of pepper poppers.

Natalie: OH NO! DON’T!
Carmen: The scream that I screamt.

Riese: lol this was a cute little ending situation
Valerie: It was perfect because i went “ahh!” but then they also went “ahh!” so it made me feel better.
Natalie: I really wonder where the heck they are because…what is going on in the background?
Carmen: Some kind of retreat obviously because, “Too high! I’m too high!”
Riese: Yeah someone is about to have a spiritual awakening!!!

Carmen: I love this title card, might be my favorite title card. Is no one going to ask why Finley’s about to kiss Dani?
Carmen: Just me?
Riese: I think it might be like that TLW original Season 6 poster where everybody is licking each other’s necks
Riese: Or else ….
Valerie: !!!!!
Valerie: NOVEMBER 18th, let’s goooo!

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  1. The chaos! The running! I also got you’re a wanker number nine vibes.

    Yes plz – Nat can just stay on Reboot forever. Thanks very much.

    Also, Drew, thank you for starting us off with the “You don’t want to buy a painting?” screencap. That is perfect, and I hope Serious Artist Laurel Holloman gets a painting featured.

  2. Hear me out, what if, and I know this is crazy, but what IF Tina and Bette simply Do Not Date?

    Has anyone considered that?

    Also thank God that Alice/Shane kiss ended like that. Truly a brotp for the ages.

  3. oh I’m so excited for carrie and finley. imo finley’s hair is giving stardew shane

    And it looks like people are making new friends and discussing polyamory more extensively! gigi should date as many of her admirers as she has time for and process them all

  4. Thank you, Autostraddle team, for a delightful romp through an L Word-sized degree of sapphic chaos! I am here for Angie, longtime friends big/little spooning, and a burgeoning friendship between Finley and Carrie. Everything else … trying to withhold judgement based on a strobe of 1-second clips (with the exception of Bette and Tina… Pippa, I already miss you, but I’m also glad you got out while you could).

    Inquiring minds wants to know: is there some kind of eternal balance that must be kept in the universe, and it was necessary for Sophie dye her hair now that Finley has gone (back to being) brunette?

    More importantly, does the existence of a (sure-to-be-underwhelming) Halloween episode mean that the season finale will be a Riese Bernard-penned Christmas extravaganza??

    • And finally: to make a connection to my new bff of a lesbian show, League of Their Own, I was interested & keen to learn that Em Weinstein, who was a staff writer for League, directed 4 of the Gen Q S3 episodes. And is it too much to hope that Katrelle Kindred will be back as a director in S3? Hers were some of the best (karaoke! Sinley!) and she also directed on League.

  5. It has been a hundred years, How long are we going to keep doing this with Bette and Tina? I AM TIRED. This is why I wanted a show focused on the new blood exclusively because these old ladies need to stop playing with us like this.

    I hate that they keep introducing Bette to exceptional women that she barely musters up lukewarm interest in because she’s still thinking about that lady! Just self-sabotage and for what.

    I stan Dani and Happiness only but I know I’m never going to get it.

    I hope Sophie and Finley grow the fuck up this season but I know that’s never gonna happen either.

    Who the fuck is Fletcher? No, seriously. Who the fuck? Are we all supposed to know who that is? Such a niche white LA lesbian “celebrity.” At least Kehlani has had some hits.

    Shane cheating again? That train is NEVER late.

  6. Bette and Tina again and again that’s the couple we’ve loved to see. All the episode with them are more successful than the others in season 1 and 2 of generation Q. And the season 3 will be more successful because Laurel is back with Jennifer and that’s what fans love. The iconic couple is a hope for all of us gay or not. And this couple make the audience wider. The production has observed that so….we are so happy to see Laurel and Jennifer back, and hope it will be forever and ever….they belong together that’s so true….

  7. Well, I’ll be damned! As hard as I ship Sinley, I’m already shipping that person caressing Sophie in the club!

    I am here rooting for Gigi’s happiness as always!

    Pls stop sidetracking Micah and Mirabel!

    If TB is what it takes to make all of the above happens, I guess I’ll sit through it again. I guesssssss!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

    Make Kehlani a regular!

    Last but not least, let the chaos ensue! Heck, make Finley and Dani a thing, dammit!

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