It’s Time For Hey! Did You See That Comment? Friday

Hello thrill-seekers. Welcome to another week of comment awards. Today I went on a long walk in the woods WHILST WEARING A SWEATER. It was a thoroughly pleasurable experience. Since autumn (or spring if you live upside down) is on its merry way, we’ve got a fall television guide and the winners of the summer book club.The Lady Killer Tour just might be coming to a town near you soon, but even if they’re not you can keep up with them via their touring video diary. Tully loves women with guitars in general, and told you all about it. If you’re headed off to school, we’ve got you covered. You can now handle homophobic roommates, anger, and juicing, which is not necessarily school-related but definitely can be. For those of you who are members of the labor market, Rachel has ideas for your lunchbox and Riese created a kit especially for all you servers out there. Bless your souls. Lizz likes silky scarves, Rachel’s got notes on being an anarchist housewife, and Meghan visited Istanbul. Jess interviewed Kelsey from The Real L Word and your latest Unicorn Plan-it teaser featuring MobileOm is out.
Ohhh! Canada

Every time I come home from Canada I find myself doing some ridiculous research. How would I apply for a work permit? What is Canada’s naturalization process like? What kind of moron names coins “loonies” and “toonies”? I bet this is you and that you’ve already joined Ohhh! Canada. Maybe you even spent 10 minutes today looking at pictures of Tim Hortons donuts. No shame.

On Listen to Dirty Rock & Roll Throwbacks:

The Bringing S&M to a Whole New Level is… Award to idotry and Concerned Lesbian:

On Autostraddle’s Fall Television Guide: All The New Girls:

The Circuit City! Award to prolittering: “Grace, I wasn’t sure what you wanted our wedding registry to be for, so I just put down Radio Shack.”

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday is Naked:

The No Comment Award to Jhonez and terracottatoes:

On Anarchist Housewife: The Kit:

The Avatar Award to Whiskeyiloveyou

On Real L Word Baby Update: Cori & Kacy Are Pregnant, Nikki & Jill Find Sperm:

The Even Foreign Languages Hate Her Award to lia: “saw a truck yesterday that said: IFC Müllentsorgung (waste management)
that made my day!”

On Lizz’s Latest: Silk Bandana Scarves:

The Also: Layering Award to elizabeth: “in the venn diagram of “things i have loved since forever” and “things i never realised were homo until i realised i was homo”, scarves worn in this style are in the intersection.”

On A Thursday Post About Cats:

The Or “The Internet Circa Forever” Award to L: “This post could go in a museum showcasing the Internet circa 2010-11.”

On Dear Catastrophe Waitress: The Kit:

The True Life: I’m a Waitress Award to kaitlan: “LOVE this! Servers are so under appreciated it’s not even funny. Living off of the generosity of total strangers is scary as hell, but it I did enjoy it. It was like acting most of the time. Acting like I’ve tried everything on the menu and am therefore and expert on each dish. Acting like I don’t mind when you ask for one thing each time I return to the table. Acting like I think you’re children aren’t obnoxious little monsters. Acting like I don’t notice when you literally lick your plate clean. Acting like I’m sober. Acting like I’m listening to you when really I’m thinking about how cute the girl that just walked in would look in my new autostraddle t-shirt holding a bunch of kittens..yeah,,I was a bad server.”

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  1. you can tell school is back in session, i spend moar time on AS making smartass comments instead of actually being real
    life productive..

    at any rate, thanks laura! :)

  2. Also, (not so) interesting fact – the gold part used to pop out of the first toonies in circulation. People used to sit on the subway and try to pop the gold part out of their toonies….

  3. I wish I would not have been in the car with my grandparents…the looked weird at me when I suddenly laughed for no apparent reason.
    Or I should have just said “so there is this gay tv producer Ilene chain , she did this gay show the l word, L like lesbian for example, which I loved but also hated.well, she sucks.and there is this awesome gay page AS and they love to make fun of gay Ilene doesn’t like them very much and gay AS doesn’t like ilene very much…so well they call her IFC you know like ilene fucking chalking , get it? so look at that truck saying IFC waste management funny isn’t it?! oh and also, I’m GAY!”

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