Real L Word Baby Update: Cori & Kacy Are Pregnant, Nikki & Jill Find Sperm

Cori & Kacy:

You know this just gets Ilene Chaiken’s goat. Filming Cori & Kacy for 3 months through their journey into the land of sperm, hoping for a perfectly timed announcement in the finale. No such payoff, IFC! However, six months after they filmed The Real L Word, we are excited to report that the couple has just posted a blog officially announcing Cori’s pregnancy!

The Morning After
The other morning Cori and I woke up to our usual routine. We scooped up Jonesy cat, lying on top of us, and gave him some morning love. I fed him breakfast while Cori brushed her teeth. I snuck a peek at her in the shower – because I still get excited when I look at her. She got dressed to my despair, we kissed, held each other, and we drove to work.

The day was very typical – we were waiting for 2 weeks to be up. We were marking time on the walls of our minds, wondering what it would feel like to see that test result, looking longingly upon the faces of other people’s children – yearning to see Cori’s eyes, a gesture, a familiarity. When would it be our turn? What would it feel like?

Cori and I went to sleep that night, like any other night. We kissed, spooned and closed our eyes. What I didn’t know was that that night, that last lingering look upon my world, would be the last night of that life.

“Baby, wake up!” Cori jumped onto the bed, half on top of me, and rolled me over. Her Hazel eyes were shinning, bright and open. “Baby – look.” She handed me a long white stick, and as my tired eyes focused, I saw not one, but two distinct lines forming on the test. Cori turned her head, looking at me half-telling me, half searching for reassurance: “We’re pregnant.”

I have only ever been conscious of my heart beating one other time in my life – it was the first time Cori kissed me. I held that test in my hand, glancing back and forth between that test and my wife’s eyes… and we both began to cry. I took her in my arms and we embraced this new day. “You did it,” I said to her quietly. She pulled back from the hug, held my face in her hands, and touched her forehead to mine. “No baby, we did it”.

One year from today, I will have a 3-month-old baby. Two weeks from today, I will see a heartbeat on a sonogram – I will see my kid’s heart beating. And for the rest of my life, I will feel this immense amount of love for my family: my incredible wife Cori, who I will love until the day my own heart stops beating, and even after that. And my baby, who is already adored, prayed for, loved, loved, loved, as he or she or they grow inside my wife’s womb.

I am so happy to share this moment with you all. I am so happy to confirm that all of our shared wishes, hopes, and dreams have come true. In most films, gays and lesbians meet terrible ends. We die; we are lost, left, or forgotten. Not in this story. We have a happy ending, or rather; we have a happy beginning of a new chapter. Our love is real love – we are stories of our own – and we are all listening.

Thank you for all of your love and support – it has cushioned the fall of our angel from heaven and into our arms.
And keep sharing your stories with us, and we will keep praying and sending love in hopes that it will be the light that guides your angel down to you.

Love always,
Kacy, Cori, Jonesy, and our future Bambino

Nikki & Jill:

In related Real L Word baby making news, Nikki & Jill posted an emotional video in their Flip Friday series several weeks ago letting fans know they have chosen the sperm donor for their impending Weiss-Goldstein zygote. In the clip you can watch Nikki & Jill call their respective moms to share the happy news about their growing family. Jill will carry what will obviously be the best dressed child in Beverly Hills. Does Gucci make baby clothes?

Mazel Tov to everyone!

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  1. That blog post has me sitting here, crying. I don’t know why, but after watching the two of them this season go through so many struggles and heartbreaks… this just made my day.

  2. I don’t care that people said Nikki and Jill/Cory and Kacy were boring sometimes on the Real L Word. They are still the people from both seasons that I’d most like to be like.

    I love how positive and caring and loving their relationships are. What they have is what I believe gay rights is really fighting for; the right to just be happy and love who you love.

    I’m so happy for both couples!!!

    • So true! And if the show focused on these types of people instead of sleazy, young attention seekers it could serve as a much better example of what our lives are like. Sure it isn’t always exciting, but it’s real.

  3. Today I learned, in a few paragraphs, more about the dynamics of Cori and Kacey, than in an entire season of a television show. :_)

    So happy for both couples.

    Chandeliers all around.

  4. I’ll start by saying I’m glad I’m not the only one crying over this! Secondly, Kacy is an elegant writer and one of the cutest wives on earth. I absolutely love their dynamic and it reminds me of my own relationship. Thirdly, how freaking exciting for them!!!!! I only watched that trainwreck That was season 2 to find out what happened with them and I’m stoaked IFC didn’t get this moment to contort and disfigure for the sake of shitty television.
    Hooray for both couples, I hope I get to experience this firsthand someday!

  5. Jill and the other one – i dont want to know about those boring bitches BECAUSE I AM TOO BUSY EATING PUDDING ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAPIOCA IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

  6. I know this is all about babies and sperm but I need to point out one very important detail:
    Jill and Nikki’s perfectly manicured yet loong nails. They scare me. I know know, gloves and cotton balls but still. Now they scare me even more.

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