On Fox News a Fox News Anchor Slams a Fox News Doctor For Anti-Trans Chaz Haterade

So, this week has been crazy. Ex-Vice president Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne FINALLY (they have a gay daughter) endorsed same-sex marriage, and clearly they did this on The View. SheWired says that the Jersey Shore girls are “queer.” Michelle Bachmann told the world that Gardisil makes you “mentally retarded” (in other words, shit just got real). Also, America’s Next Top Model: All Stars premiered, and the words I could use to properly describe that hour of television haven’t even been invented yet. Also, I’m going to Las Vegas today.

Anyhow, Dr. Keith Ablow has been saying really terrible things about Chaz Bono’s upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars on the Fox News website.  So he went on FoxNews, where FoxNews anchor Megyn Kelly tore him a new asshole. That’s good, because Dr. Ablow is probably gay, and could use a back-up asshole.*

I don’t know what’s going to happen next in the world. Hold on to your horses!

I bet you had no idea you were going to spend so much time thinking about Chaz Bono this year, didja?

* I’d like to take this back — we don’t want him.

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  1. Do you think I may turn straight from watching all those programs full of straight people? When i was a child i already knew that i was different and not a single straight person on TV turned me straight. All this is just stupidity and holding up to an old world(only populated by straight people) that is no more.

  2. Megyn Kelly is actually supportive of gay rights, from what I can tell. I don’t watch Fox News much (for obvious reasons) but she has made it clear for several years she feels the GOP is wrong in taking an anti-gay stance on marriage and adoption.

    As for Chaz Bono, I really haven’t followed what’s been happening and nor do I care. I think part of it is obviously and definitely transphobia. But also, Dancing With The Stars and TV in general usually has fit, attractive contestants. The winners and people who last on the show seem to always fall into this category. I think that only adds to people’s visercal reactions and their unwillingness to accept. I’ve never seen Chaz in anything, so I don’t know whether he’s a likable guy or not — a good personality can help, but not as much as good looks on American TV.

  3. awww yeahhh, get it MEGYN!!! i love her look at the end, basically shouting HE IS WRONG, YOU IDIOTS, I HOPE YOU ALL GET THAT!!!!

    I appreciate the well-placed Y in your name, Megyn Kelly. Kudos.

  4. oh my god, i just really enjoyed watching a segment on fox news. is this one of the days of a predicted apocalypse? this has to be a sign of the end times. seriously though, i appreciate the way megyn kelly handled this, especially since this doctor is such a major douchenozzle and these folks with their transphobia are such a danger to society. i appreciate this so much more because the folks who watch fox news are the ones who need to hear this the most. i primarily love when she says that there is too much hate in the world already, especially toward lgbt folks.

  5. Someone care to explain some of this to me? I do not watch Fox News and I am not very familiar with Megyn Kelly. However, I do hear everything about Fox News and it seems to me that Megyn’s viewpoint here is not in line with other things the station says….? Anyone have any insight on that? She seemed pretty supportive to me. :)

    As far as DWTS casting goes, Chaz is similar to Bristol Palin: both were famous because of their mothers, both were rationalized to be celebrities because of activism, both had controversial back stories.

    Personally, I would be a lot more concerned about the influence Bristol Palin had on children: she shimmied around in beautiful sparkly costumes with a “hunky” male dancer… It was totally a little girl’s fantasy! And what did Bristol Palin do to get “lifted up to heroic proportions,” or whatever that douchetastic “expert” said? She became an unwed single teenage mother right out of high school. I would say that is much more of an issue and is much more likely to be emulated by young teens!! But where were all the concerned experts then? (And don’t even get me started on shows like 16 and Pregnant or whatever… yikes. Priorities, people!!!)

    I think the chances of young tomboys (or whatever he said) watching Chaz and being inspired by that alone to transition is probably pretty effing slim to none.

    • Megyn Kelly and Shepherd Smith, who are the network’s actual news anchor generally are hard on hate groups. I still think they’re journalistic perspective is decidedly right-wing and pro-GOP, but they will be hard on someone spreading hate. When interviewing Westboro Baptist Church (editorial decision that may deserve further scrunity), the digital coming from Fox at WBC was hugely apparent. But along the same lines, you look and is Fox News actually promoting Keith Ablow? I’m not at my computer to check but there may be a relationship. You have to go one step further and say, even though she’s against him, does it matter? Is all publicity good publicity? Should Fox promote his book at all? (forgive any typos – I’m traveling and using my phone!)

  6. So let me see if I have this right: Dr. Ablow wants to protect our children not from watching trans/queer people on tv and maybe becoming trans/queer, but from watching trans/queer people on tv and finding out that there are people who are different from them, or even better, that there are people like them. Oh, yes, God forbid a transgendered child watch Dancing With the Stars and find out that there is a name for how they feel, that there are other people like them, and that maybe, someday, they can live their life as the gender they are? Yeah, that’s not exactly a tragedy, Dr. Albow.
    Also, this may be the first time I’ve ever watched a fox news clip and been rooting for the anchor. I think I need to know more about this Megyn Kelly.

  7. I just watched a TV clip of FoxNews and it had somebody not being an asshole and, after seeing that, I realized that maybe I’M not an asshole, too!

  8. rule #673 on how not to confuse people: figure out what you’re trying to say, e.g. don’t call someone brother and not a man in the same sentence.

    • Thought the exact same thing. That was the perfect moment for her to say, “Let’s leave it at that.” blammo.

  9. “FoxNews anchor Megyn Kelly tore him a new asshole. That’s good, because Dr. Ablow is probably gay, and could use a back-up asshole.”

    Whoa, Riese. …

    • I have to say I disagree here. He now has an extra asshole, but let the straights keep him. They keep trying to give us all the dickwads of the world: Hitler, the Westboro Baptist Church crew, this douchebag, etc. I say they can keep em.

    • on the airplane yesterday i remembered that i’d written that and hadn’t yet checked to see if anyone found it offensive

      • Offended? Nah, just won’t accept bigoted assholes as one of my own. It’s way harder to offend me than that.

  10. I love how people who don’t have any way of defending the outlandish statements that they make always site “data” that supports them but never actually say what this supposed “data” is.

    It is with this in mind that I have started to try out a new pick-up line “Hey girl did you know that the “data” supports that if you come home with me tonight you will be 10 times richer in the morning?”… I’ll let you know how it goes

  11. When I lived at home and my father had Fox News playing all the time, I always kind of liked Megyn Kelly. I thought it was just because she was hot, but now I feel validated.

  12. Can I whine a little bit? Ever since Chaz transitioned, people have been talking about it like he went from Chastity to Chaz. Not so! Chaz has been known as “Chaz” for…pretty much ever? Which is completely reasonable, seeing as “Chastity” is basically the worst name ever.

  13. Megyn Kelly is NOT an especially noble journalist: while she may not be as hateful about this issue she fails as a voice of reason on most other topics. Her usual exaggerated sense of indignation and hysterical tone tend to lend nothing reasonable to media discourse.
    Jon Stewart had a memorable piece recently about Kelly self righteously defending her right to maternity leave after having previously condemned parents who took it.
    She refers to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a far left organization. She has certainly never challenged Palin or Bachmann or any of their ilk on any of their bigoted views. She contributes to and rarely challenges typical Fox talking points regarding Obama’s birth certificate, ‘death panels’, public health care as socialism, glorification of the tea party, islamophobic tirades and promotion of the wars etc. It’s ironic that she would take someone else to task over their volatile rhetoric when she is usually just as bad.

    • I think it’s surprising that she’s challenging Ablow at all, but the way she did it was still ridiculous, offensive and indicative of that volatile rhetoric. So.

  14. Well, that was the first Fox interview where I haven’t wanted to throw my laptop across the room after viewing it. Maybe Megyn’s unapologetic support for gay marriage will help Fox zealots re-examine their opinions…

  15. This interview makes me so mad! God forbid that the LGBT community be portrayed in a positive light in the media! Every time we make one step forward b/c something happens to get more information, respect and tolerance across, a bunch of “experts” pop up saying we are wrong, and bad. Bad little freaks who just wanna live their lives! How dare we?!

    I am a proud member of the LGBT community, and it makes me so angry, but even more, sad that there isn’t more acceptance in the world. Why is it ok for the ‘normal’ people to shit on us just because we are different then them? What if that was their son, their daughter, sister, brother, mother? I would like to think that then they would be more accepting of us. But I know better. And still, somehow it’s ok to pass judgement on us because we are deemed ‘different’.

    Who are they though to tell us that we are different? Why are we even called different? What is ‘different’ and wrong to them, is our normalcy. Our reality.

    Is it just that the world isn’t as accepting of LGBT as they would have us think? Us in the lgbt community already know that. We see it every day when we are judged, mocked and discriminated against.

    But there are those who do truly support us and our cause. Those people that realize that shedding some light on the problems will help, maybe make it less hard for some.

    Has any of these ‘experts’ stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, if seeing Chaz Bono helps one confused child, then they should shut the hell up? How many kids hurt themselves, kill themselves because they feel alone in their sexuality, their confusion? Like they have no where to turn? I was one of those confused angry kids who hurt myself b/c I didn’t have any support. I made it, but how many kids will not?

    What if it was one of their kids? did they stop to think of that?

  16. What the hell kind of psychiatrist doesn’t know the difference between gender and sexuality? Fucking idiot.

  17. Um. She’s kind of hot.

    I tuned out all the maddening hatespew but she sure looks cute when she stands up for the A Team.

  18. “Had some plastic surgery and takes male hormones and now lives her life as a man.”

    Ew. Really? I ragequit that video at the 1:41 mark because it’s beyond jacked.

  19. hey – can someone provide a transcript of the video please and thanks? I think what she says could vastly improve my day. x

  20. Watching Bewitched turned me into an advertising executive, a witch, and a mother-in-law. And watching I dream of Jeannie turned me into a Genii. Go figure!

  21. Yep, just like Same Sex Marriage and allowing adoption will cause those children to grow up gay, because bringing children up in a Male/Female Heterosexual marriage has not caused anyone to grow up gay, that is why we have no gay people now (note sarcasm intended).

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