Am I Bisexual? Is That The Word?

I will never again cultivate a romantic relationship with a cis person on purpose, not in this life. I have been hurt too badly, too often, by too many people. T4T only. Inscrutable genders from outer space to the front, those that can be best described as “smell of campfire” && “a great pink shape.” && those best described as “a single chandelier earring dragging across your chest while we fuck.”

New Me, New Wardrobe: A Transformative Makeover

“My wardrobe was previously built around my dysphoria with my chest, and I’d love an affordable way of starting my wardrobe off to celebrate my wonderfully trans, queer, and Latinx body.” Building a wardrobe can be a daunting, but fashion consultant Doreen Pierre was ready to help Dante Bravo express who they.

Trans Love in Pandemic Times

Love without a blueprint leaves room for unknown possibilities. I spoke to seven trans people about how the pandemic has changed their relationships and how trans love has changed their lives.