A Thursday Post About Cats

Laneia’s Team Pick

Do you think cats are so much better than people? If people were big cats, would you like that?

Do you think art is better with cats? If all art had big cats, would you like that?

Do you think stuffed animals are cuter with cats? If your stuffed animal had a cat, would you like that?

will via animals with stuffed animals

Have you ever seen CATS? I haven’t. Do the cats in CATS remind you of Dom Deluise? They always reminded me of Dom Deluise. What if Dom Deluise had a cat? I don’t have a picture of that. But look, he was the voice of Tiger, the vegetarian cat from An American Tail.


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  1. I enjoy having conversations with cats, even though I don’t speak cat.

    Also, my little sister’s cat is named Thunder, so I always run up to her (the cat, not my sister) and go “HOOOOO” and nobody I live with understands why (except Thunder, because she’s awesome.)

  2. My cat just forced me to eat 2/3 of a carton of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. True story.

    I usually eat it straight out of the carton, just nibbling along for a few days until it’s gone. Today I popped in a Carnivale DVD and sat down with my ice cream, when my cat Evey comes up to sniff at the carton lid and SNEEZES A BIG, WET, SNOTTY SNEEZE ALL OVER IT. Naturally, my only choice was to eat all the ice cream in one sitting.

    Also: If the Musical “Cats!” Was More Accurate.

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