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This week was a week of wonder and discovery for me. First of all, did you know that Lake Michigan has tides? And waves? I did not, that’s for sure. Also these things exist. Good lord, what’s next? Lizz can probably tell you what’s next, fashion-wise, in her PLL fashioncap. Riese recapped it too. On a related note, I’m pleased to announce that she didn’t recap The Real L Word this week because it’s over, bitches! Instead, she spent some time at BlogHer giving a panel about avoiding criminal insanity on the Internet. In lala land, the calendar girls are coming at you with smoking hot Miss August and Miss August. Phwoarrr. Lots of people made food with berries in honor of the northern hemisphere’s summer (I know, Dina, I know). We’ve got news from That’s What She Said, an Asian-American web series and a recap of the Teen Choice Awards. Emily Choo came home from China and wrote about it, we asked for your thoughts on the London riots, and we’ve got a music open thread going on as we speak. Finally, don’t forget to vote for your favorite couple before August 16th! Alright Brianna, let’s hear about the Ass Group of the week.

OkCupid Survivor Group

If you use OkCupid you probably have some survivor stories to share. I’m sure being hit on by creepy straight dudes isn’t high on your list of fun things to experience, though it’s the reality of dating sites/life in general. Thankfully there’s a way around that, but you probably still have some venting to do. I suggest you join Luna’s group and get it all out. It’s gonna be okay.

On Sartalics Lets You Be Just As Witty On Twitter As In Real Life:

The Ilene Award to Sam: “When I deadpan in real life I lean to the left so everyone knows I am, in fact, deadpanning. It’s a useful strategy for those days when I forget to bring my hashtag signs that say #deadpan and #itsajokeyoumoron.”

The We’re Sensitive Souls, We Left-handers Award to Tia: “does this mean that right-handed people whose handwriting have a severe left slant will now be seen as sarcastic jerks? while left-handed people with severe right-slanted handwriting will become aggressive emphasizers? I don’t want to be aggressive, I want to be sarcastic! good thing I’m ambidextrous…
damn internet speak is taking over and seeping into the real world. we must rebel.”

On 2011 Teen Choice Awards Prove Teens Will Sometimes Choose Gays, Often Choose Bieber:

The Someone Write This Down and Mail It To Them Award to Bani: “tom and rupert would make the sweetest couple.”

On Gay Disney Characters Explored in ‘Tinker Belles and Evil Queens’:

The One Saturday Morning Award to radiogirl: “Tangentially related because it’s animated & meant for children…Spinelli from the show “Recess” anyone? I had a crush on her for real. In retrospect I’m convinced she’s gay.”

The I’m Going to Assuming You’re Being Funny (In Which Case You’ve Succeeded) Award to Fran: “Scar is not gay, he’s English. Fucking Americans.”

The Littlefootsexual Award to Roxy2: “i miss tinkerbell the dog”

On Should Bert and Ernie Get Gay Married?:

The And the Number 1 Award to min: “This post was brought to you by the letter N(o I won’t be signing this petition, I like my gays with a pulse)”

On The Terrible Side of Terrible/Awesome ’90s Fashion:

The Eek! So Wrong it’s Right Award to ataventure: “Also, is it wrong that I think Danielle Fishel is really hot here? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo6df0R0Lx1qbedse.jpg”

On Fox News’ GOP Debate Won’t Let Out Gay Candidate Fred Karger In:

The Award for Grace in Diffusing Tension to Rachel: “dad?”

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  1. Oh yay! I got an award. It’s an honor
    I’m an avid activist for lefty rights, so it’s nice to finally see my efforts appreciated. Seriously, why do righties get to be known as “regular” and the lefties as “goofy” or “southpaw”…we’re livin’ in a righty world I tell ya.

    And agreed – Spinelli from the show “Recess” was so gay…she was my first girl crush.

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