OPEN THREAD: What Are You Listening To?

Have you ever looked flipped through your record collection/iTunes playlist/music device and sighed and shaken your head and chosen to sit in silence because there’s nothing you want to listen to and you know that if you play your favourite record/s just one more time this week then you won’t want to listen to it ever again? Have you ever done that? I have, approximately 20+ times in the past 48 hours.

I need new music. I want to listen to what you’re listening to.


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    • Believe it or not Samantha Ronson is an awesome singer/songwriter. I’ve been bootlegging her music from youtube for some time now. But she’s coming out with a whole album called “chasing the reds” in the near future…so look out.

  1. Right now I’m in love with national music. So I mostly listen venezuelan bands like Rawayana, Americania, Los Mesoneros, Viniloversus and La Vida Bohéme…

    And, english..Mmmm, Yuksek, Clare Maguire, Chester French, Bloodhound Gang, and my dearest Liverpool dudes. The Beatles

  2. Ohhhhhhhh ! Russian Red. She’s like the Spanish Feist, who sings in English, so… 1) super cute accent 2) super catchy pop ditties and yes she is also stunningly super duper cute herself! Win win win. I’d say listen to cigarettes first

  3. I’m ALL over the place!

    I’m loving the new Kittie singles (“Empires (Part 2)” I’ve rediscovered The Bird and The Bee (“Polite Dance Song” The new Evanescence single sounds promising (“What You Want” And Dan Mangan’s new single is very sweet (“Oh Fortune”

  4. My summer has consisted almost entirely of The Magnetic Fields, Sufjan Stevens, and St. Vincent (who’s dropping a new album pretty soon).

    And then on course, there’s Andrew Bird and Wilco, who just never get old to me.

    But I just started listening to a guy called Jim O’Rourke who quite talented. Really big on minimalism, if any one’s into that kind of stuff.

  5. My friends were just here for a visit and deposited a lot of new music on me so I have a lot of feelings about this right now. There are two intensely creepy and good songs by Timber Timbre:

    Bad Ritual:
    Lonesome Hunter:

    The Horrors’ new album (Skying) is pretty great, I like this song:

    “Tin Man” by Future Islands is like if Tom Waits had a baby with the Arcade Fire:

    and this thing by Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi has Jack White on vocals and I’m still sad about the White Stripes calling it quits so I’ll listen to anything with him in it. Also it’s legitimately good:

  6. Also, get on Fucked Up’s ‘David Comes To Life’ if you haven’t yet. Ughhhh so good. It’s like a half-naked, sweaty drunk hug for your ears.

  7. Late Summer Lounge Mix

    Marian – Letter (Marek Hemmann & Fabian Reichelt)
    Röyksopp – So Easy
    Summer in Paris DJ Cam (feat. Anggun) Hotel Costes
    Kronstadt Impulse – So Alive (Original Mix)
    Tosca – Rosa (Rodney Hunter Version)
    Ellen Allien – Flashy Flashy (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    Io – Jeton (Original Mix)
    The Searchers – Stay in Love (Nicolas Jaar Edit)
    The Whitest Boy Alive – High On The Heels
    The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage
    Hot Chip – The Warning

  8. Whoops, clicked too soon. What I meant to say before was at the moment, I’m listening to Danger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album’ over and over because of my dissertation, but in terms of recreational listening, diggin’ on Admiral Fallow (FFO Frightened Rabbit, Aztec Camera, etc.), AgesandAges, Dillon Francis, tUnE-yArDs like everyone else that works here and Sly and the Family Stone all the time forever and ever. Also that one Empire of the Sun single that I can’t get out of my head ever. Also, that one track where Kanye and Jay-Z sample Otis Redding. Mostly because that beat is just I can’t even.

    Also also also that version of ‘Immigrant Song’ by Karen O and Trent Reznor that’s in the U.S. ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ trailer. Surprisingly wonderful.

    • i am not going to lie to you: while writing my spanish final this past june i listened to ‘judas’ on repeat probably over twenty five times.

      so, obsessive listening to the end of getting a piece of schoolwork done? been there. i hope, however, that your dissertation is actually related to danger mouse, and that your obsessive(?) listening therein is more productive than mine.

  9. Jimmy Eat World
    Alice Gold
    The Naked and Famous
    Patrick Wolf
    Anna Calvi
    Avi Buffalo
    Best Coast
    Dave Matthews Band
    Linda Martini
    Joss Stone
    Joy Division
    Juliette Lewis and the Licks
    Kaiser Chiefs
    Katie Melua
    Lykke Li
    Friendly Fires
    Fleet Foxes
    Chemical Brothers
    Primal Scream
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Raise Against the Machine
    Sunny Day Real Estate
    The Used
    Thievery Corporation
    Violent Femmes
    Foo Fighters

    Old and New, but all good

  10. Colbie Caillat, The Corrs, the RENT soundtrack, Glee, Pink, Bon Jovi and other classic rock have been on repeat on my itunes.

    • Fuck yeah The Corrs! Wasn’t expecting to see them in any of these comments haha, my friend and I joke that if they have another tour we’ll be the only ones in the audience.

  11. I’ve been listening to mostly mellow music lately with lots of guitars/string instruments and drums (best description I have). Namely:

    Danielle Ate The Sandwich (ukulele player)
    Forest City Lovers
    Nicole Reynolds
    Chris Pureka
    Thao Nguyen


  12. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Townes VanZandt:, Jose Gonzalez:, and Sun Kil Moon:

    Some young local(ish) bands to me that I go see and/or listen to on the regular are:
    Witches(Female fronted growly postpunk from Athens GA):
    The State Of(All girl power pop duo from Miami FL):
    Towers of Hanoi(Another female fronted sexy post punk group from Gainesville FL): (listen to “I just ate my only friend” first)

    OK, I could probably go on for awhile but I’ll stop here for now. If anyone wants more underground southeastern fare just let me know!


    • Have you heard of The Moaners? They’re a female duo, kinda punk-influenced. Their music makes me imagine if Flannery O’Connor was a kickass drummer and Eudora Welty was her chainsmoking guitarist and you got drunk and high with them out on your porch one summer night.

  13. Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast/website that has tons of great music all by female artists and female fronted bands. I’ve heard of a ton of great things from this show (
    Things I’ve learned about from there or am listening to a lot lately are
    hank and cupcakes
    lykke li
    sarah jaffe
    i blame coco
    hunter valentine (omg. hot hot hot)

  14. Chris Von Sneidern. He writes/produces everything himself, and it’s absolutely amazing if you are into 60s-70s era power pop. I listen to him (and Tegan and Sara, I’ll admit) ALL THE TIME.

    • This is weird. I wanted to post this totally innocent thing about how rad Selah Sue and Peggy Lee are, and my ‘comment is awaiting moderation’? I didn’t even know that Autostraddle did that at all?

        • Yeah, it’s because of the links. There were many comments waiting for moderation – not just yours, Paloma. Sorry it took so long.

          • Sorry if I sounded annoyed up there. Didn’t mean to: I could’ve frased a bit nicer. I was just confused, I guess. Oh well. Sorry ’bout that.

            Moral is, Selah Sue and Peggy Lee are rad. Yay !

  15. **** MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS!!! **** If you haven’t heard of her you must check her out. Not only is she a hottie but down to earth. Just watch one of her interviews on youtube and you’ll be smitten. Great songs to check out are..well, all of them..but most notably: Shampaign, Oh No!, Satisfied and Hollywood

  16. Stacey Randol is a girl I went to college with, she is a blast! And an amazing person and she just put her first album out and I cannot stop listening to it! Her voice is so creamy and wonderful! I highly recommend her!!

  17. Frank Ocean:

    The Weekend:

    Pretty Lights:

    Mara Hruby:

    Beyonce: Because “I Care”. 4 makes me happy.

    Massive Attack:

    Nikki Jean:

    Gil Scott Heron + Jamie of The XX:

    All THINGS KANYE WEST, so I guess that means Watch The Throne:

    And then this just because Rihanna is…:

    Dom Kennedy:

  18. Ooh! Oooh! Has anyone said Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs?

    They are a band from a small town in Washington, and I’ve seen them live twice, in very small venues. Now, suddenly, they’re skyrocketing to fame after Mike McCready from PEARL JAM (WOOT!) decided to take them under his wing. The whole band is so impressed with Star Anna that they put them on their PJ20 (20th anniversary of Ten…yeah, I’m old, what of it) weekend celebration.

    Also, she’s slightly lesbionic if you ask me. I’m jus sayin.

  19. For the conscious hip-hop lovers out there, I’ve been listening to the Narcicyst, Omar Offendum and Lowkey nonstop.

  20. –James Blake, “The Wilhelm Scream” or any other songs of his:
    –Oh Land, “White Nights”:
    –Whitney Monge (amazing local Seattle artist!):
    –Little Dragon, “Ritual Reunion” or anything of theirs:

  21. Recently discovered The Joy Formidable out of England. They made some noise with their appearance at Lollapalooza and with good reason.

    Alt rock with a female lead.

  22. Please please please check out the band Walk the Moon. They play fun happy poppy catchy music and they need to have way more fans than they do. Check out the video for their song “Anna Sun”. Warning, you will become obsessed.

    And I’m boring, I’ve been listening to Arcade Fire, The Beatles and Oasis pretty much exclusively for the last 3 weeks. Also, the Black Eyed Peas.

    • YES WALK THE MOON!!!! They are awesome. I saw them at the Sweetlife Festival this year. I’ve gotten all of my friends obsessed with Anna Sun, but the rest of their album is just as good. They are going to be huge one day.

  23. Now, Now [Every Children] has become my new favorite band.
    Also, An Horse.
    Bon Iver’s new album is pure magic.
    Kaki King.

    Yum. <3

    • The latest Bon Iver album gave me Corinne Bailey Rae vibes. Completely different generes of music, but have you ever listened to her music? It’s beautiful, but she whispers all the way through and its lulling… The I go to sleep. I was on a mini 2-hour road trip and it was raining and was 1:30 AM and Bon Iver’s Wisconsin dream almost landed me in a ditch. Lol I couldn’t stay up! But it is magical.

      I just needed to blast some hoodrat music to keep me alert, so I put on my Latarian Milton mixtape

  24. I could honestly sit here listing bands all day however im going to narrow it down to a few:

    If you like smashing pumpkins then silversun pickups are likely to get the seal of approval too:

    The distillers, hell yes not to mention i’m a little bit in love with Brody dalle:

    Lady antebellum, for those into country pop (it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’re all friends here):

    Bloc party, all day. every day.:

    City and colour, awesome acoustic music from Dallas green of Alexisonfire:

    Less than Jake, ska-punk and featured on the digimon soundtrack which I think is reason enough in itself to give it a listen:

    Three days grace, alternative metal:

    Yellowcard, pop-punk and a song that always puts me in a good mood:

    • I’m getting into KPop too! I’m addicted to 2NE1 and f(x) in particular.

      And Amber from f(x)? Amber is gay. She’s gay. If she’d stayed in the US, she’d be calling herself Ace and wearing a wallet chain and a wife beater every day like half of the baby butches in the entire country.

    • Wow I definitely didn’t realize he went solo! Currently downloading Go on iTunes. I’ve been on an Icelandic post-rock kick lately…lots of Sigur Ros and Amiina

  25. Rainbow Arabia – Without You (
    Scout Niblett – Duke of Anxiety (
    Fan Death – Reunited (
    Sexy Sushi – Sex Appeal (
    Lovers – Boxer (

    Beach House
    Vive la Fete
    Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Melody Gardot
    The Coathangers

  26. I love just about anything, with the exception of most rap or modern country.

    -Bo Burnham (Words, Words, Words)
    -Cage the Elephant (Cage the Elephant)
    -Daft Punk (Tron: Legacy)
    -Disturbed (Asylum)
    -Flogging Molly (Speed of Darkness)
    -Frank Sinatra (Nothing But the Best)
    -Girl Talk (All Day)
    -Hammerfall (Masterpieces)
    -The High Kings (Memory Lane)
    -Lady Gaga (Born this Way)
    -Michael Grimm (Michael Grimm)
    -The Nightwatchman (One Man Revolution)(Fabled City)
    -Scatterheart (Masterplan)
    -Voltaire (Live!)

  27. Natalia Kills. She is super hot and her music is addicting. And no one in america knows who she is except me it seems.

  28. Sophie Hunger!! I’m coming out of my year-old lurk-dom just to gush about her, that’s how awesome she is! She’s a swiss artist who sings in English/French/German/Swiss German and is basically fucking amazing. Seriously. In Switzerland she’s quite popular but, as it is with stuff that comes from Switzerland, she’s not really internationally known. Should be though, because again, fucking amazing.

  29. i’ve been listening to a lot of radiohead lately, also have you ever heard of chairlift? they wrote a song called ‘bruises’ which is apparently really popular, but the rest of the album is really good too, it’s called ‘does you inspire you’ and I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE IT CRYSTAL

  30. Shiiiit, you guys have formidable music taste! I haven’t heard of more than half these bands and will have to check some of them out. I have been listening to:

    Tilly and the Wall
    The Unicorns
    Buena Vista Social Club
    Electric President
    Kid Cudi
    LCD Soundsystem
    and Skrillex.

    I know, I listen to hipster shit. But it’s so good.

  31. Eisley’s new album has been on repeat for about two days now. I’m going to see them in San Antonio next month and it is going to be SO MAGICAL.

    Also, The Gossip has been in heavy rotation at the gym along with The Sounds.

  32. Here’s a sampling of toothsome sounds from a couple different genres:

    The Gaslight Anthem
    Desmond Dekker
    The Mountain Goats
    Streetlight Manifesto
    The Tallest Man on Earth
    Motion City Soundtrack
    The Swellers

  33. Hardcore:
    Within Temptation
    Leaves’ Eyes
    Lacuna Coil

    Calling All Dawns

    Vienna Teng (City Hall will make you cry… or maybe that’s just me)
    The Weepies
    Peter Bradley Adams

    Loreena McKennitt

    I’m kind of a crazy music person (read: music major who instead of turning my nose up at non-classical music, accepts it with open arms)… and I can offer more suggestions if need be. ;)

    • ahhh…except “hardcore” just brings to mind a bunch of mindless karate-esque dance moves on the dance floor! haha…all good rock/metal bands there for sure ;) i’m really looking forward to hearing a sampling of what’s to come from lacuna coil’s new album in november.

      • Fair enough. I just get so many weird looks for talking about “symphonic metal” which would’ve been my title of choice. I am also looking forward to the new album. :)

        • Ohhh, well then yeah that totally makes sense then :)

          I really love all the directions those bands have been taking lately…except for Leaves’ Eyes – only bc I don’t know their music all that well. Another symphonic metal band that I listen to quite often is Epica…SOOOO good!

          Yay for a fellow metalhead on AS!! :D

  34. Can’t stop listening to Active Child (his new album is going to be SO good) and How to Dress Well (his orchestral EP Just Once makes me float)

    • YES I LOVE BRAIDS. i’m so happy that somebody mentioned them. i saw them a few weeks ago at bluesfest, and they were unbelievable.. can’t wait to see them perform again when they tour in october.

  35. Best queer band I know. Girlyman. They are an awesome queer, folk harmony band. My favorite song is Young James Dean.

  36. Of late:

    Sera Cahoone
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Otis Redding
    Johnny Cash
    The Thermals
    Okkervil River
    Nick Lowe
    Talking Heads
    Brandi Carlile

  37. Yael Naïm:

    Yelle: (OMIGOD, there are some NICE shots of the women in this video, btw) ;)

    Ace of Base:


    Anya Marina:


    Lykke Li:

    Regina Spektor:

    Rock Mafia (I know it’s Miley Cyrus but it’s SUCH a great song):

    Imogen Heap:

    Hope you enjoy! :D

  38. i recently listen a lot to

    The Naked And Famous
    Thao and Mirah
    The Kills

    its really great stuff!

    • I just really like that one Thao and Mirah song about love, but the rest of the album I could honestly do without. I like the stuff with the get down stay down better. But then I generally believe musician’s do the worst work when they are happy and in love so, maybe it’s just me.

    • forgot Christian Hansen and the Autistics,
      Said the Whale
      oh, oh! Foster the People! a must must must!
      The Joy Formidable
      the Stills.
      Naked and famous.
      kay, done now. i could post in this thread for the next three years at least.

    • GOOD LORD. I just posted those two top ones. Alynda Lee is my biggest crush. I met her in New Orleans during a wedding after party once. I had to pretend I didn’t know who she was.

      • Nona Marie Invie (Dark Dark Dark) is so awkward it’s irresistible. Also check out the singer for Y La Bamba! Totally crush-worthy. Jealous you got to meet Alynda Lee!

        • Yes yes, I’ve seen a few videos of Nona. She a babe for sure. Hmm, I’ll have to look up the other. You should also check out Emily Jane White and Alela Diane. They’re gorge and they’ve got that mournful female folk tone that’s oh so lovely.

          • Yes! I agree with both! I see your Alela and Emily and raise you Sharon Van Etten, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Grass Widow.

  39. Explosions in the Sky (great while reading)
    the Mountain Goats
    Childish Gambino (Troy from Community rapping!)
    Glee soundtracks

  40. William Elliott Whitmore (new album!)
    Jolie Holland (“Black Stars” gets me every time)
    Bonnie “Prince” Billy
    The Raincoats
    Roscoe Holcomb (“I am a man of constant sorrow”)
    Sleater-Kinney (Whaaaat?!? So good.)
    Ximena Sarinana (“Mediocre” is a fave)
    The Magnetic Fields

    …and basically anything and everything Kathleen Hanna.

    • MUSIC IN SPANISH IS MY FAVORITE. I like Bomba estereo especially these days. And lots of reggaeton. AND RABIOSA. SPANISH VERSION. ON REPEAT.

    • I love Nina Simone…Feelin’ Good is possibly my favorite song of all time.

      And Stars rock! They’re fantastic in concert, if you haven’t already/ever get a chance to see them.

  41. GIVERS are my number one obsession. The female vocalist, Tiffany Lamson, is not gay as far as I know, but she’s extremely crush-worthy regardless.

    Other bands that have been in heavy rotation for me this summer: Generationals, Smith Westerns, Warpaint, White Demin, The Black Keys.

  42. Brandi Carlile, Brandi Carlile, Brandi Carlile!
    Her voice is amazing and watching videos of her preforming live on youtube makes me squeal because of her passion when singing!
    She is incredibly hot with a nice smile too!

  43. The Antlers – Burst Apart
    Washed Out – Within and Without
    have been my albums of the summer

  44. Biking/Gardening albums I’ve been into:

    Rosa, I Mississippi You:

    Punch, Push Pull:

    Doomtree, self-titled album:

    Feed Me, To the Stars:

    Fiery Furnaces, Blueberry Boat:

    Max Richter, anything:

    Jenny Owen Youngs, Batten the Hatches:

    Ida Maria, Queen of the World:

  45. I get a lot of my new music via song of the day podcasts off iTunes. I recommend KEXP’s, The Current’s, & KCRW’s.

    I also do this thing where I pick up an album or band a few months/years after they are super popular. Seems to be the way I combat getting a case of POS or POA (played out song/album) because I am not saturated with the music everywhere I turn.

    My tops at the moment
    City & Colour (
    Bon Iver (
    Fences (
    Matt & Kim (
    Freelance Whales (
    The Dodos (
    Remix Artist Collective ( I especially adore the Surfer Blood remix at the moment

  46. Waka Waka – shakira
    E.T. – katy perry
    Ramalama – rosin murphy
    Night of the dancing flame – rosin murphy
    Dead inside – Skillet

  47. LOTS!

    – The Belle Brigade: current obsession, they’re siblings, Barbara toured as a drummer with Jenny Lewis and their granddad is John Williams!

    – Wye Oak: met them in Paris and they’re lovely!

    – The Naked and Famous: been listening to them non-stop since last Autumn

    – Portishead: Just saw them two weeks ago live for the first time ever, was a long time coming and was epic!

    – Bjork: Just saw her Biophilia show in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, she’s back to awesome old school Bjork!

    – Friendly Fires: Dance party awesomeness, saw them a couple of months ago and counting down the days til I see them in Nov. Love the new album!

    – Land of Talk

    – Miike Snow

    and the usuals Adele, Sia, Regina, Warpaint, Feist, Stars, BSS etc….

  48. the song An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail by Lovers is great
    in fact their entire album Darklight is really great (the linked song is not on it)
    and the song Winter Takes a Lover by Lovers has the best line: “So I lay in my room and I dream of the colours that make water move and a body discover why so many choose to lay with a lover”
    Though I’m truly in love with Athens Boys Choir.

  49. According to my ipod, I’ve had the following people on repeat:

    Linkin Park
    Lupe Fiasco
    Nas And Damian Marley
    A Perfect Circle
    Sarah McLachlan
    Wisin y Yandel
    Wiz Khalifa

    Enjoy :)

    • What Incubus record? I’ve been listening to S.C.I.E.N.C.E (Incubus) on a daily basis, it’s one of those albums that I need to stop playing or else I’ll never want to play it again.

  50. This thread is lacking in Canadian Content. Good thing that’s pretty much all I listen to:

    Mother Mother
    Tokyo Police Club
    Joel Plaskett
    Dan Mangan
    Hannah Georgas (soo cute!!!)
    Hey Ocean!
    The Dudes
    Sam Roberts Band
    The New Pornographers
    Oh, and this little band called Tegan and Sara, you may have heard of them before.

    • speaking of Canadians, right now I’m playing Our Lady Peace’s “Clumsy” and it’s hitting the spot.

    • holy shit mother mother. eureka is the best thing to happen to my ears since i stopped singing without background noise.
      additionally: interpol, hard-fi, the strokes, arcade fire.

  51. I’d recommend: simple plan (alternative rock/punk) anything by them is great as long as it doesn’t “feature” another artist. you may recognize their singles “perfect” or “welcome to my life”
    the moody blues (’60’s-’80’s rock) I only know the songs from “the best of the moody blues” album. top singles from them would be “the voice” “I’m just a singer ( in a rock n roll band)” “gemini dream”
    paramore (alternative) new single “monster” is awesome
    any disney songs or movie/musical soundtracks
    dionysos (french band) im pretty sure their music was inspired by tim burton movies. “le jour le plus froid du monde” reminds me of “edward scissor hands”
    “tais-toi mon coeur” is my favorite of theirs.
    O-Zone (romania band) “dragostea din tei” trust me you will recognize it when you hear it


    I’ve been listening to tUnE-yArDs, some Supremes, Beirut, the Civil Wars, some classic rap/hip-hop, Sleater-Kinney, Sleigh Bells (always), Eleanor Friedberger, Gossip, and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” which has been on constant repeat on my iPod since I discovered what an awesome song “Gold Dust Woman” is.

  53. the Joy Formidable. And the lead singer is gorgeous!

    Also The Kills .. with another badass female vocalist.

    • You reminded me that I have the new joy formidables album buried at the bottom of a cardboard box somewhere (moving house) and i haven’t played it yet. thank you, i will find it and listen.

  54. Not new but when you want a change from mellow alternative (Ingrid Michealson, Norah Jones, Priscilla Ahn), be a theater geek and listen to the BEST MOST HEART-WRENCHING MUSICAL EVER: LES MISERABLES. See how excited they were for the anniversary?- We should be too.

  55. I’ve been listening to Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, the original version for piano, since I’m currently in the process of arranging it for wind ensemble. If you’ve only ever heard Ravel’s orchestral version of it, it’s definitely worth a listen:

    (The uploader has all the other movements on their page, and they’re linked in the sidebar.)

  56. This thread is overwhelming, like it’s gonna take me months to listen to everything (and I want to)
    here’s my contribution:
    Dessa (she’s a part of the Doomtree collective which was mentioned above). There’s something so wonderfully queer about this song/music video:

    Umphrey’s McGee
    Their music is hard to categorize, other than awesome!

    Greensky Bluegrass (this vid’s from Halloween which is why they’re all in costumes)

    Other than that this summer I’ve been listening to a lot of the Autostraddle playlists, they helped me discover Modest Mouse and Passion Pit who are fab.

  57. I’ve gotten really into Matt and Kim all over again, that band brings back awesome memories for me! I had a friend who’s dad manages them and one night when I was at her place I got to hear a bunch of tracks from Sidewalks before they were released to the public.

  58. Dear and the Headlights
    The Tontons (I am seeing them tonight. Hooray!)
    The Hush Sound
    Janelle Monae
    The Black Ghosts

  59. Oh! So many good ones already mentioned (Wye Oak, anything Thao Nguyen-related, YACHT, basically everything else), but I have to add:

    Those Darlins and
    Samantha Crain
    Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
    Eliza Rickman
    i hate you just kidding
    Dum Dum Girls

  60. washed out-

    mr. little jeans-
    the suburbs (arcade fire cover)


    wolfy & projections-
    neeve(the time and space mix)

    happy up here
    vision one
    so easy

    peter bjorn & john-
    second chance RAC remix

    jeff buckley-

    Grand popo football club-
    men are not nice guys

    always so many more songs, but heres a few that have been playing on repeat all summer

  61. The Belle Brigade
    Fleet Foxes
    Surfer Blood
    Dr. Dog
    Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

    No gimmicks. Just good music.

  62. garbage
    no doubt my first 3 cassete tapes hehe
    new year’s day,eatmewhileimhot,paramore,tonight alive,enter shikari,hawthorne heights, and devil wears prada,underoath,renfue and acoustics and whole lot more

  63. Klimt 1918 discography = my soundtrack for tonight. Awesome indie band out of Rome, Italy.

    Ghost Of A Tape Listener –

    Nightdriver –

    Undressed Momento –

    I dig all of their releases, but their latest one “Just In Case We’ll Never Meet Again (Soundtrack for the Cassette Generation)” is quite good :)

  64. WINTER IN ALASKA. That is all. He is amazing, and quite obscure, and it is so relaxing. This music is for all of my feelings.

  65. James Blake!!!!
    Listen to “limit to your love” and “wilhelm’s scream” and then download the entire album. He is so great, and a really smart musician.

    The video for “wilhelm’s scream” (which, little known fact, is a cover of his dad’s cheesy love song from the 70s):

  66. –Wye Oak- Civilian (Live), Hot as day (Live)
    –Seeker Lover Keeper- Even though I’m a woman, Light all my lights
    –Lykke Li- Tonight (live acoustic take), I’m good I’m gone (acoustic version)
    –Duffy- Syrup and honey, Mercy, These arms of mine, warwick avenue
    — Dani Shay- What the hell, Superheroes, The ebb the flow
    — Tegan and Sara- His Love, Feel it in my bones (acoustic), Give Chase, Nineteen, I Know I Know I Know, Call it off, Dark Come soon
    –The Cliks- Nobody else will, complicated
    — Lucas Silveira- Nobody else will (solo version), Bad Romance (cover), Mercy
    –Girl in a coma- The Cell
    –City and Colour- The girl, Sometimes (I Wish), Forgive Me, Hope for now
    –Lissie- When I’m alone (original version)
    –The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow
    –Grace Potter and the nocturnals- That Phone, Medicine, Tiny Light, Low Road, Oasis
    –Hayden- The Place Where We Lived, Dilapidated Heart
    –Hunter Valentine- Typical, Break This, Staten Island Dream Tour, Judy
    –Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More, Roll Away your stone, After the storm
    –Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed

  67. My current favorite band is Germany Germany. They’ve gots some great free stuff on their bandcamp page and i highly recommend their album radiowave. (actually i think the band is just one dude…not sure) and they do awesome remixes!! check out their remix of a death cab song called New Year.

    also, love Geographer, The Head and the Heart, Joe Purdey, Darwin Deez, Pretty Lights, Kids of 88 (i love their song called San Fran), Twin Shadow, and S.carey

  68. This is a great open thread. I’m finding so much new music!

    I am currently listening to various things from the Beatles Anthology.

  69. songs to listen to:
    two by the antlers
    sea of love (cover) by cat power
    young blood by the naked and famous
    sweet caroline by emily haines (if you can find it)
    ice cream by muscles
    animal by miike snow
    juicy (cover) by emily wells (yeah this is a biggie smalls cover)
    perfect machine by big spider’s back
    lemonade by braids
    nosummr4u by OoOOo
    oh my god by cults
    daughter by yu(c)k
    good ol’ fashion nightmare by matt & kim
    azz klapz by teengirl fantasy
    boring horror by gobble gobble
    lately by memoryhouse
    368 by jamie t



  70. If I’m being absolutely honest, my friend introduced me to New Beat, which is this late eighties early nineties genre of bad bad bad dance music which is like… industrial meets 90s house. Soo, my playlist has been full of gems like this: (this is a hilarious video)

    Other than that, been playing the new Gang Gang Dance, Austra and tune-yards endlessly.


    T & The Wonder
    fantastic dream pop/baroque rock band Im just getting into.

    They recently released a new EP which is free to download and their debut (and only) album is free to download for this month… so get on this shit ASAP.

  72. Today i’m listening to a lot of green day and deftones. it’s like 1998 in here.

    Has anyone heard Theophilus London’s new album, ‘Timez Are Weird These Days’? I didn’t think I’d dig it but I kinda did, it’s a decent jam. except for track 8. also it has vocals by sara quin and holly miranda, which is nice.

  73. My summer would not be complete without a heavy rotation of Lucero. (The Southern punk-influenced rockabilly band, not the Latina actress/singer.) They just write such awesome lyrics of drunken grit and heart, like this:

    “life is short, in spite of your plans
    so tell the girls they’re pretty while you can
    ’cause one day they’re gone
    and all you got left
    some empty bottles and an old country song”


    MKRNI (

  75. Red Baraat, Funk Indian Brass Jazz

    Meg and Dia, Indie Awesomeness

    Missy Higgins- Bisexual Goddess of the piano (Check out Scar, Sound of White)

    Ke$ha- Duh she’s a total feminist, you just don’t realize it yet.

  76. I’ve been listening to a lot of Green Day’s live stuff off of their ‘Bullet in a Bible’ and ‘Awesome of F**k’ discs. They’re an fantastic live band.

    Placebo – “Pure Morning”, “The Bitter End”, “Bright Lights”

    Altan Urag – “Blue Mark”, “Ikh Mongol”

    SJ Tucker – “Firebird’s Child”, “Neptune”, “City of Marrow”

    2NE1 – “I Am the Best”, “Clap Your Hands”, “Ugly”

    f(x) – “Nu ABO”, “Lachata”, “Pinocchio (Danger)”

    Morning Musume – “Renai Revolution 21”, “Only You”, “Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~”

    Gogol Bordello – “Through the Roof ‘n’ Underground”, “Start Wearing Purple”, “Occurrence on the Border”

    E.via – “When You Have To”, “Hey!”

    T(Tasha) – “Black Happiness”, “잊었니”

    Nancy Ajram – “Ah We Noss, “Akhasmak Ah”

    Also, Bonnie McKee’s previously unreleased stuff.

  77. Dengue Fever
    The Thermals
    Nortec Collective
    The Transmissionary Six
    Gogol Bordello
    The Avett Brothers
    Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Crack Sabbath

    and thanks for the tUnE-yArDs, she’s great!

  78. I can’t really recommend any “new” music since I’m usually the last to know about any great new artists, but here’s a sampling of what I’ve been listening to lately:

    Neko Case — Prison Girls

    Imogen Heap — Speeding Cars

    Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s — Skeleton Key

    Iron & Wine — The Devil Never Sleeps

    The Softies — The Best Days

    Mika — Grace Kelly

    • The Softies!! TWEE AS FUCK.

      And in the same breath: Aisler’s Set, Go Sailor, Tiger Trap, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Marine Girls, Heavenly, Beat Happening, Halo Benders, Built To Spill, Vaselines.

  79. It appears that you all have great and interesting tastes! I cannot wait to waste all day tomorrow listening to everyone’s music.

    I’ve been listening to:
    Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
    a track from it:

    This one song by Brenton Wood (catchy piece of awesome)

    The Beatles White Album (always)

    Porgy & Bess by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    magnificent example:

  80. Can’t stop listening to Adele, 21 is SO AMAZING.
    Getting really into Lykke Li.
    Just bought Beyoncé’s new album, and all I can say is damn. Really really good.

  81. Guh. This is the best.

    I gotta second the tune-yards and sleater-kinney movements and would like to propose:

    1. The Slits
    2. Rome, the spaghetti western soundtrack Danger Mouse put out this spring
    3. and Owen Pallett’s cover of The Strokes’ “Hard to Explain” on stereogum’s Stroked tribute album

  82. Recent Favorites:
    CocoRosie, animal collective, elliott smith, karmin (youtube), phantogram, sleigh bells, courage my love, cults, nas, dead man’s bones, angus and julia stone.

  83. Radical Face
    Murder By Death (female cellist ;) )
    Builders and the Butchers (PDX boys, they have two drummers so their beats have galloping pace)
    The Dodos
    Avett Bros.
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    Swell Season
    Dresden Dolls
    Amanda Fucking Palmer
    Fleet Foxes
    Florence and the Machine
    Mumford and Sons
    Flogging Molly

  84. Here’s a few songs (Alternative Indie and Jazz)
    Some Constellation by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Ella F. & Louis Armstrong
    Dreaming In Color by Dame

  85. Murs (murs for president), eyedea and abilities (haymaker), atmosphere (lucy ford), drake (thank me later)

  86. Some pretty good bands up here. Crazy that nobody has mentioned the Jezabels, my favourite Australian band. Especially their EP Dark Storm. Hurt me is such a good song! They are really wonderful musicians, too.
    Loving Jamie Woon, Austra, Kings of Convenience (and the Whitest Boy Alive), Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Jonathan Jeremiah at the moment.
    Kaki King has become my sort of all-time favourite. Especially her instrumental songs are really great, and she has such funny song titles sometimes.
    Also, some movie soundtracks (500 days of summer, Anyway the Wind Blows (Belgian movie) and sometimes Chicken Run, but that can be annoying :) ).

  87. so many amazing picks here!

    i have been non-stop rocking old school fugees this summer, but also girl talk, tune-yards, yacht (psychic city is my jam!), sarah harmer, neon indian, and joni mitchell.

  88. Chet Baker
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Frank Sinatra
    Iron & Wine
    Jeff Buckley
    John Pizzarelli
    Joni Mitchell
    Kings of Convenience
    Mario Biondi
    Nat King Cole
    Nicola Conte
    The Radio Dept
    The Weepies
    The Whitest Boy Alive
    Yves Montand

  89. Seeker Lover Keeper
    Two Door Cinema Club
    Papa vs Pretty
    Hungry Kids of Hungary
    Matt & Kim

  90. I just have to mention the very talented singer September, a gorgeous chick with super cool icy blond hair. She’s from sweden but does most songs in english so you guys can understand :P

    She sports an alternative haircut which has become rather popular… Otherwise i would have it right now ^^

    Nice pic of her:

    Interesting futuristic/ 80s inspired video with her in a spandex / cat suit: …. ^^

    Children’s song about a teddy bear named Fredriksson: <3

  91. recommending music is possibly one of my favourite things, even if no-one likes what i suggest… they’re just not listening right haha here’s a few that i’ve been listening to lately:

    abbe may (just released a newbie… here’s a rather enjoyable video, even if her music isn’t your thing :P)

    little dragon

    the heron and the fox

    other lives (awesome chamber folk, if you’re into that kind of thing…)

    lia ices (a collab with justin vernon [bon iver] >>

    • I came here to say Abbe May, and also Gotye’s new one which has been on pretty much constant repeat in my house for the last few weeks.

  92. Band: We are Trees
    “Final Round”

    If there is some sort of formula to optimize the distribution of mellow lyrics and calm instrumentation in order to maintain the oh-so-elusive balance of loftiness in a stretch of 2 to 4 minutes, this band has found it!

  93. Los Campesinos! –

    Alex Winston


    Why? –

    Ladyhawke –

  94. Hurray for the Riff Raff []
    Alela Diane []
    Dark Dark Dark []
    I Blame Coco, SHE’s STING’s DAUGHTER! []

  95. the sounds of my summer ’11 are: ducktails, atlas sound, braids, born ruffians, fleet foxes (loving their new album), high places, akron/family, etc.

    i’ve always loved caribou’s swim but lately i’ve really been getting into andorra.

    also, my dream girl listens to as much animal collective as i do, which is probably an unhealthy amount.


    Dskotek – If You Got It ft. Rick Elliss (Breekpunt Remix)

    Kazaky – Love

    Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)

    Mastiksoul – Taking Me High (Bingo Players Remix)

    Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Crookers Remix)

    Faithless – Music Matters

    Sak Noel – Loca People

    Erika Jayne – One Hot Pleasure

    Private – My Secret Lover (Diplo Remix)

  97. My Chemical Romance
    The Rosebuds
    Bon Iver
    The Blackout

    The new Frank Turner album is excellent, and Kids In Glass Houses have a new album coming out like this week. If you like rock with a kinda metal edge, I Spy Strangers are a great new band.

  98. I’ve been getting really into the Duhks lately, also there’s this new Black Eyed Peas song that I’m totally obsessed with in a stupid way. Then there’s always the new Bon Iver and Adele CDs that have come out recently. :)

  99. I’m actually addicted 2 music and can never imagine 2 spend a second without! kind like a junkie 4 the sound. here R my current favorites:

    the whole TV On Radio record “Nine Types Of Light”

    The Good Natured, they have only EPs out. Album expected next year,
    ( “Skeleton”, “Wolves”, “Be My Animal”

    Any Color Black, “Answer” is my favorite Song (

    Deluka “We Are The Night” great record, (

    The Epilogues “Hunting Season” favorite song (

    Lovers Electric “Beating LIke A Drum”

    We Are Enfant Terrible “Filthy Love” (

    The Naked And Famous, the whole record “Passive Me Aggressive You”

    And of course my record of this year 2011: Foster The People “Torches”
    ( who wouldn’t? I will C them live in october in L.A.! I’m so excited.

    North ( I think, this is an insiders’ tip.

    can’t wait 2 put my hands on the new Shiny Toy Guns record and the new Uh Huh Her: “Nocturnes”.

  100. Angus and Julia Stone
    The XX
    The naked and famous
    Bon Savants
    Bon Iver
    of Montreal
    the big Pink
    animal collective
    the libertines
    band of horses
    james blake
    the postal service
    joe pug
    kate nash
    florence&the machine
    kings of convenience
    mumford & sons
    one night only
    the shins
    steel train
    vampire weekend
    washed out
    the drums

    …etc pp

  101. after writing this I went to itunes to look up my most played song and it said “waterfalls” by TLC ….WTF?!?!:D
    well, lets focus on the second most played: Today – Smashing Pumpkins:)

  102. Tender Forever! It’s indie pop and pretty adorable. The women who does it is also a queer lady so queer lady + awesome music = fucken rad.

    I’ve also been listening to a lot of Bratmobile and Pansy Division lately.

  103. can we get some jam band lovin’ in here?

    I’ve been on a Grateful Dead kick lately… they’re always amazeballs. I also highly recommend “Grateful Grass” which was Keller Williams, Jeff Austin from Yonder Mountain String Band, and Keith Moseley from String Cheese Incident doing bluegrass covers of Dead songs. It’s probably the most fun thing you will listen to all week.

    also also also Live Phish Volume 7 has been on repeat in rotation with their studio album Joy
    and you can’t go wrong with moe. my personal favorite song there is Mexico. though they have this new song called Paper Dragon that they played at All Good and in Lowell recently and it’s pretty sick CHECK IT OUT:


  104. If anyone likes classical music: I’m loving Emmanual Pahud lately. ;)

    Or, Gil Shaham’s Four Seasons (, with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. An oldie but a goodie, and the best recording you can find of the Four Seasons anywhere. ;)

    Also, Amazon has these awesome collections of classical music that are 99 tracks for about 6 bucks. Totally worth it, because they have some good recordings. :)

    99 Darkest Pieces (

    99 Chillout Classics (

    And then they have some which are collections of major pieces by various composers.

  105. all of you need to check out Sea of Bees. Jules is from Sacramento CA, plays dreamy tuneage and has the most dreamy voice. i’ve saw them at least 6 times over the passed 6 months. her album ‘Songs for the Ravens’ is about the girls she’s lost, loved and longed for. check out their new vid for a song called Skinnybone:

  106. My favorites for this summer are:
    Oh land, self titled album
    Washed Out album: “Within and Without”
    Ellie Goulding: song “Lights” remix by Max Gordon
    Freestylers: song “Cracks” (Flux Pavillion Remix”
    Lighthouse Family: song “Ain’t No Sunshsine” (love this cover!)

  107. I listen to whatever my mood dictates but if one is in a dark mood desiring as listen to a hot all gyrl band try Drain STH and especially the song, “I See Right Through You” on their album, “Freaks of Nature”

  108. I listen to whatever my mood dictates but if one is in a dark mood desiring a listen to a hot all gyrl band try Drain STH and especially the song, “I See Right Through You” on their album, “Freaks of Nature”

  109. I’ve been wearing out Lacuna Coil’s new album Dark Adrenaline. Cristina Scabbia has such a beautiful voice <3

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