Your Completely Queer Guide To Horoscope Hookups

Illustration of a person representing the aquarius zodiac sign with a water bearer symbol in the bottom corner. she is white with brown short hair and is wearing a striped t-shirt.

PISCES (February 18 – March 20) As a Pisces, you’re a 24/7 feelings party. Incredibly empathetic, you tend to carry everyone else’s burdens for them, in addition to your own, whether you are dating them or not. You’re always trying to find yourself, and you might often find yourself in someone else’s arms because when you crush, you crush hard and frequently. You have a tendency to see the best in people and get caught up in the fantastical version of reality, which means a shit relationship for you might still look like sunshine and daisies. Because of all your feelings, you’re a super caring partner whose loving nature is always attractive.

Pisces Lesbian Horoscope Compatibility:

U-Haul Material – Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces

Explosive Fingerblasting Chemistry – Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn

Beware of Trainwreck – Libra

Best Lesbros Forever – Aries, Gemini

PISCES and ARIES You know those two queers who started out fucking but are now the best of friends? That’s Aries and Pisces. They probably hooked up a few times and it was totally fantastic, but there’s no way they could do a real relationship. The connection between them is life-changing and deep, and as friends they are bosom buddies. Pisces is the compassionate sidekick to Aries’ rough rider ways, and they balance each other perfectly when they’re out on the town trying to pick up girls. As lovers? Not really. Pisces idealizes Aries, and Aries will walk all over Pisces without realizing it. Aries won’t respect Pisces as a longterm partner, but they will respect Pisces as a friend. This is one of those things where you know you need to keep the person in your life, but not necessarily in your privates.

PISCES and TAURUS Opposites attract, and dreamy Pisces will probably see a total hunk in the strong and quiet Taurus. Pisces lives in a sensual world already, and Taurus has no problem taking them to another level of passion with their earthy love of worshiping the body. Of course, Pisces has a tendency to idealize, and Taurus’ quiet nature will make it easy for Pisces to fill in the gaps, sometimes incorrectly. There’s a deep tantric connection here, but if they want to make it in the big leagues, they’ll need to tone down the fantasies that drive their relationship.

PISCES and GEMINI Gemini loves to understand new things, and Pisces intuitively understands their peers. They’re both open-minded and interested in new ways of thinking and living, and when their minds get together, super dreamy Pisces has way too much fun with the elevated brain of Gemini. While there isn’t a lot of spark or chemistry here, there is a quiet understanding of each other that allows them to do just about anything together and be perfectly content. Painting each other’s nails and talking about abstract theory is everything these two want in a bestie.

PISCES and CANCER There’s an immediate sense of intimacy when Cancer and Pisces cross paths. Cancer can’t help but fall hard for Pisces’ sympathetic nature, and Pisces loves that Cancer has a soulful side. The bond between them is ridiculously strong, and with two water signs suddenly embracing, it’s the kind of sex that you sob tears of joy over. Cancer is ready to settle down, though, and Pisces is still always on that journey towards themselves, always living in a dreamscape just out of reach, so there is a bit of tension in their goals for each other. If it turns to a lifelong love, it’ll be all the stronger, but it might be that their differences are just enough to make them appreciate the glorious sex on its own.

PISCES and LEO Leo is crazy about Pisces from the first time they meet. Pisces are always dreamy, and Leo can’t help but fall head over heels for the dreamiest babe at the zine festival. Leo is in love with love itself, and Pisces brings out their romantic side, with Leo pulling out all the big stops to get Pisces on their level. Of course, Pisces’ dreaminess is not shallow, and their natural intuition makes them find and adore all the parts of Leo that Leo’s prone to keeping to themselves, a little gesture that Leo and their ego find irresistible. Fire and water mean the chemistry is crazy good, and the bedroom is a place for mutual admiration as much as sexual Olympics. Pisces tones down Leo’s larger than life side and keeps them from overdoing themselves, and Leo gets Pisces out from the inner journey and gets them excited about the world around them. They’re sweethearts from the start, and it doesn’t look to end any time soon.

PISCES and VIRGO These two have a deep and consuming love for one another. They are on very similar emotional levels, and there might be a few tears of joys following their sex lives. Pisces has an intense sympathy and emotional intuition that lets them tap into all of sensitive Virgo’s needs. And since Pisces is prone to forgetting to take care of themselves in order to do the same for someone else, Virgo’s impulse to nurture means that Pisces is always taken care of. It’s the perfect balance for two people who live to find love.

PISCES and LIBRA It’s hot between these two from the first, with Libra wanting to explore all of Pisces’ inner fantasies, and Pisces positively swooning over the professional charmer. There is an innate fascination with one another that comes from a mutual love for beauty and a keen sense of aesthetic. They’ll immediately want to figure each other’s nuances and points of pleasure, and it will make for some sexy situations. At the same time, they have to be careful of their differences; Libra’s rigid sense of right and wrong doesn’t blend well with Pisces’ tendency to see the love in everyone, and fights will be devastating for sensitive Pisces, who feels much deeper than Libra’s ability to turn the emotions off when needed. Tread carefully but love hard.

PISCES and SCORPIO These two innately understand each other from the first. Both are deep and intense people, though in very different ways. Pisces lives in the world of possibility while also feeling things intensely. Scorpio is obsessed with the here and now and approaches the present with everything they have. The bond between them will be equally heavy, and both are forgiving of their tendency to withdraw into themselves, as Pisces does like to live in dreams, and Scorpio is always retreating into their secrets. They feel intense love for one another because they don’t know how to feel anything but intensity, so even if this intensity overcomes them, it was a romance for the ages.

PISCES and SAGITTARIUS Dreamy Pisces and philosophical Sagittarius may end up in their headspace a lot, but it’s pretty sexy up there. They’re content to have brunch in bed and think about deep fantastical thoughts together, or meet up at a museum and make out under some Greek art. Pisces is more than okay with Sagittarius’ somewhat aloof side, and Sagittarius keeps coming back for more of Pisces’ alluring depths. Since Sagittarius isn’t one to sit in their feelings, Pisces’ extrasensitivity may be just what the archer ordered when it comes to addressing their usually ignored needs. They’re big on traveling and seeking out new and interesting things, which means this is the couple whose suitcase you should be stowing away in stat.

PISCES and CAPRICORN Their friends think this might be the worst idea ever, with Capricorn obsessed with their detailed calendar and getting a promotion, and Pisces wandering from one job to the next, head seemingly in the clouds, but somehow this works in the bedroom in ways no one had expected. Pisces wants to show Capricorn that exploring new things can be extra fun, and Capricorn finds that the best way to ground Pisces in the present is to give them a physical experience that won’t let them do anything but live in the moment. It might take work to make this last, especially because their lives are on such different levels and while Pisces might be able to idealize their way into feelings for Capricorn, Capricorn isn’t terribly respectful of Pisces’ feelings. Be careful, but let yourselves feel it out.

PISCES and AQUARIUS These minds are much more similar than they think, and they’re immediately drawn to each other. Aquarius loves Pisces’ idealistic nature, which perfectly complements their creative side. Pisces can’t see anything about Aquarius they don’t like, and it shows. The two are innately bonded, and whatever love grows between them, whether it’s based in friendship or romance, is true as ever. Aquarius loves to create new things, and Pisces loves to observe them and aid as much as they can. Pisces is the emotional heart to Aquarius’ intellectual flair, and it allows them to be each other’s muses in many ways, with both inspiring a new level of understanding. This is a very spiritual friendship with intense results.

PISCES and PISCES The most easy-going pairing in the zodiac is a pair of Pisces. Their intuition means that there’s little they can’t already understand about their partner, and their dreamy natures translate to a laid-back relationship that rarely sees conflict or excitement. Excitement, of course, isn’t always the goal of the Pisces, and in this case it’s the easiest thing in the world for them to spend a lot of time staring each other’s eyes, or having lofty fantastical thoughts while embracing on the couch. They might need to be careful of a tendency towards lethargy because they’re just that comfortable around each other, but there’s something lovely about two people who are content to stay in bed all day and be dreamy.

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  1. i can’t say i’ve ever really been one to put stock into horoscopes, though my scorpio girlfriend is fanatic about them. but i have to admit, this is pretty spot-on. this capricorn is impressed!

  2. You are a witch.

    The Cancer one is my bio and also contains the bio of my relationship.

    Get outta my head.

    -fellow science-knower who bows to the crazypants accuracy of horoscoopes


    I am very fascinated by Astrology and if there were a school or a college that would give me a degree in Astrology, I would really want to get one. I love Tarot cards and horoscopes and I take zodiac sign compatibility seriously!

    Also, everything written about Pisces is so true!

    “you’re a 24/7 feelings party.”
    “when you crush, you crush hard and frequently.”
    “a shit relationship for you might still look like sunshine and daisies.”

    This is my favorite Autostraddle article to date.

    That is all.

  4. I’m all about reality and fact, but astrology is always oddly spot on — so, fuck it, this is rad! And, as a Cancer having been with a Pisces, yeah, that is so very accurate.

  5. I find it mind-boggling that anyone would make dating choices based on when someone was born, particularly when there is no legitimate, scientifically-verified reason why the position of the planets at birth should affect personality. Luckily, finding out someone believed in horoscopes would turn me off them immediately, so we wouldn’t even need to worry about being compatible sun signs. ;)

    Horoscopes are one of the best examples of confirmation bias – the phenomenon where people give more weight to things that they believe and overlook things that they don’t.

    • I used to post astrological personality and compatibility predictions for people at another queer forum. These descriptions were totally made up and I often added a couple of contradictory statements. It amazed me how seriously people took this total bullshit. I used to make them flattering and positive, which probably helped… Trolling with a conscience or something.

      • All in good fun is a tough one for me to swallow. I understand that it IS all in good fun for you folks here commenting, but that’s not the case overall. My mom is really into homeopathy, which a lot of people also like to say ‘doesn’t hurt’, but she’s into homeopathy to the point that she doesn’t go to the hospital if she(or one of her kids) is actually deathly ill.

        Anyway, astrology CAN have very negative impacts, like in the case of women in India who insist on risky early cesareans so that their children can be born on a particularly auspicious day, or like when my mom who lost her job and has no money spends $75 buying an astrological chart online for me because she thinks I need that information to make choices for some reason.

        • Thanks for the What’s The Harm link – what a great source of ZOMG material!

          Sorry to hear that your mum is afflicted by irrational belief in astrology. That must be tough. :\

    • I’m assuming it’s like the disclaimer they put on ‘psychic’ commercials: For entertainment purposes only. Or perhaps as a friend once suggested to me, “People find it comforting to believe that the universe isn’t a giant, indifferent mass of inevitably increasing entropy.”

      As for experiments, there was a demonstration done by The Amazing Randi (I think…it might have Penn & Teller?), where a class of students were each given a printed horoscope and asked to rate it as to how accurate they thought it was. Many people in the demonstration thought that their ‘personalized’ horoscope was very accurate, but the fun part was that everyone got the exact same horoscope.

      Ah, anyway, The Onion has funny horoscopes. And Weird Al had some great (and accurate!) ones: “The stars predict tomorrow you’ll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep.

    • I hear you. I have absolutely no belief in astrology, perhaps because I really like astronomy and I’m aware of how incredibly impossible and contradictory astrology is. I always want to not care about everyone else in the entire WORLD liking it so much, but my mom believes in stuff like this to a genuinely dangerous extent, and it’s just reached a point for me where I really just find it disappointing that so many otherwise cool people waste their time on such complete bullshit. Also, I’ve never been asked my sign by any group of people as much as I have been by queer girls, even girls who are otherwise very rational/skeptical, and I just don’t get WHY this is viewed as the exception to skeptical though.

    • I mean, to clarify, I have absolutely no belief in astrology and wouldn’t make dating choices based on it. But I still think it’s good for a lol or two.

      Like, my last relationship was with a Leo and it turned out to be the exact opposite of this description. We’re totally compatible as people, but no explosive sex. Because he was a dude (I’m bi, for all two of you who don’t know already) and he turned out to be gay. Haha.

  6. Seriously, what is it with dykes and this stuff? I’m a pretty hard-core science-type, but I’ve dated more than one girl who was really in to horoscopes and whatnot. I don’t even want to talk about the weird shit that the last girl I dated was into. (Though I’m a Cancer and she’s a Leo, so I think we all know what was going on in that relationship…)

    • IKR

      I feel like my girlfriend and I are the only two queers we know who are not into this stuff at all. And it’s not like we hang out in hippie-filled circles, at all! I find it innocuous on the internet, but in real life these conversations tend to go on forever and ever while we just stand there giving each other little glances.

      • Yeah, it’s fun to joke around about it, but I tend to think oddly of people who take astrology or other superstitious stuff really seriously. Like someone who would ACTUALLY choose to date or not date someone based on their sign, as opposed to just joking “omg we totes go together because we’re both fire signs!” or whatever.

    • I’m going to mention how much we know in comparison with how much we do not. Especially concerning the mysteries of our universe and of the human condition. We live on a beautiful blue sphere in the middle of eternal others. How can anyone discount knowledge of any kind based on anything other than blind skepticism. If you don’t believe in the relevance of the zodiac, then don’t bother going to any astrology related sites…or commenting for that matter…geeeez

  7. I’m usually a textbook case for Scorpio because I’m intense, passionate, and lezbehonest, pretty horny, but none of these pairings made sense because I’m not brooding or emotionally hidden or introverted… So I sniff my nose haughtily at the Scorpio-Aquarius disaster predicted.

    • I hear ya paperofflowers. I was hoping scorpio aquarius had more going on than that too. I’m an aquarian n I think I can make it with anyone who is willing but my predictions as an Aquarian are always on point. Except I have to avoid capricorn like the plaque. I always attract them but it’s always a situation I can’t run away fast enough. But they say here that me n caps are beautiful together n I feel like a prisoner with any cap.

  8. I’m always interested in astrology and this is truly spot on.
    This is the first time I see such a horoscope hookup for the queers and I love it.
    I recognize myself in the descriptions, I’m stubborn but I have a heart of gold.
    I kinda left a trail of broken hearts behind me because I love giving attention, I love to get attention and I love to love people.
    I’m a Leo and I’ve been always proud of that :D

  9. I love this very much! Thank you!
    I was actually waiting for something like this for a long time =)
    I always feel that the person writing about this knows me way too much for someone that I have never met before =P
    Aries =)

      • As a Gemini I get a little offended by these too. Hey, who are you calling fickle? You don’t even know me!
        … But really I’m more like a Taurus/Gemini which makes it weird because the descriptions of the two are pretty much the opposite of each other.

        • I just think that the Cancer description highlights all my worst qualities: moody, needy, never wants to leave the house. A lot of the other signs sound like me, too, only a more flattering picture!

      • I tend to do the opposite. Every time I read a negative aspect of my sign, I’m like “Oh yeah definitely, I’m totally selfish and self-centered and egotistical and childish.” But then all the positive aspects like “quick to forgive” and “straight-forward about feelings” make me feel terrible about myself, because I’m totally not. I try to blame it on having Libra as a rising sign, but as much as I love astrology I’m still a skeptic at heart, so at the end of the day it’s just more stuff to talk to my therapist about.

    • I always have to laugh at these because I think I am probably the most introverted, least popular person that I know, but it is a nice little boost for the self-confidence.

  10. I totally had an astrology phase in middle school, but now, while I still think they’re kind of funny, I kind of wonder about people who take it seriously. Like, some girl on OkCupid rejected me because I was an Aries and she was like “I’ll never date an Aries again.”

    and I was thinking, wow, never knew the date of my birth was so important…

    But I like stuff that takes it not-terribly-seriously, like this.

    • i’ve gotten that before too! we aries’ get a bad rap. i don’t identify 100% with the aries description (sometimes the bios make us look like assholes) but i was astounded by how accurately it described my relationships… weirdddd!

      • I never actually noticed before that the descriptions of Aries makes us seem like assholes. Maybe because I’m a quintessential competitive Aries, but my reaction is always “So this means I win everything, right? Clearly I’m awesome.”

      • Yeah, I kind of prefer the sidereal (sp?) Zodiac because I feel like I’m more of a Pisces than an Aries. I mean, I have a little bit of that Aries/Fire sign feistiness and competitiveness that Pisces doesn’t have, but overall, I fit the fish’s description much better.

        And I mean, since I’m on the Aries/Taurus cusp now, I’d be on the Pisces/Aries cusp in the sidereal Zodiac so that would make sense. (Whereas, I’m not a Taurus AT. ALL.)

    • What was her sun sign ?! Was she a Libra, Cancer , Pisces ??! She may be a Libra I know some Libras are too much into astrology thing and do take it a little seriously 😅😅 sorry for you

  11. ;)

    1. successful, long-term gemini + cancer relationship here – but the difficulties were spot-on. it does take work!
    2. weekly/monthly queeroscopes would be quite welcome!!

    • Good luck. I tried using being an Aries as an excuse for everything (“Of course I got mad during Cranium. I’m an Aries. We’re competitive people.” “Of course I made that decision without thinking. I’m an Aries. We’re impulsive.”) Didn’t work out too well.

  12. Never believed in these until I read a personal profile on my sign and I am text book Libra and too diplomatic and indecisive for my own good.
    Always wondered though about premature kids though- my girlfriend is a Leo by birthday but a Scorpio by predicted due date and she fits a Scorpio profile better? Veryyy confusing.

  13. I just want someone to laugh at all my jokes and banter with me using hilarious grammar puns and esoteric pop culture references. And to rewatch The Craft with me. #gemini4lyfe

  14. Thank you. Just thank you. I’m so tired of reading heteronormative horoscopes.

    If anyone ever wonders why I’m so emotional I really just want to say “I’m a cancer”. Unfortunately, my everyone accepts this answer :)

  15. I love this post so much! Thanks for it I love reading about horoscopes but it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t sound like it’s on the back of the average magazine.

  16. I’m a leo and these things are never true for me. I’m fairly chill and reserved and have absolutely no desire to be the center or attention. I’m not quite on the cusp with Virgo, but a few days before (august 15) so most of the time I read the Virgo stuff too and that tends to be a little more accurate

  17. TBH the only reason I never “believed” in horoscopes is that I’m smack dab in the middle of Sagittarius and have never ever idenified with that description at.all. so it was always ruined for me. Now tarot cards, on the other hand…

    basically I see the ~esoteric~ as various ways of understanding more about oneself because of how one interprets the results (very meta !) but horoscopes never did it for me for a very basic reason.

    HOWever. I was over 2 weeks late and was supposed to be born in the middle of Scorpio so…maybe that’s it? :D

    • Ah, tarot cards. I had a tarot card reader once tell me that my true love was ‘tall, light-haired, and the son of a craftsman.’ She more or less blew it with that prediction. ^_^

  18. Every time I want to toss the horoscopes to the side I come back to my ‘sign’ (Virgo here) and it reads scarily accurate. So yeah, the nurturing component but then I’m also something of a free spirit so then my skepticism pipes up. Round and round it goes …

  19. As a sag who’s relationship with a taurus recently ended, the horoscope compatibility explains everything!

    I love that this is the first woman/woman compatibility horoscopes I’ve ever found.

  20. I’m loving this post. With a recent bad break-up, I’ve really started looking into astrology because every issue Caps and Sags could have, my ex and I had in our relationship. This post just adds to my new obsession.

  21. in allegedly typical selfish Aries fashion I’m only fluent in the signs I’ve dated and my own. And to be honest, I won’t learn the others till I’m given reason to. Aries and Scorpio are a homicide waiting to happen. I love Geminis but they tend to find me ‘meh.’ Taurus turned beautiful friend, check. Pretty funny, and even if by coincidence, accurate.

  22. ‘“What’s your sign?” is a totally valid pick-up line, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.’

    I reeeeeeeeally disagree. I’d expect to be greeted by a blank stare and a “what, did a time machine take me back to the seventies when I wasn’t looking”?

    People’s interest in horoscopes doesn’t change my opinion of them, but I am a little surprised that you’re willing to say that horoscopes and star charts can actually help people when you haven’t offered any evidence to back that up.

  23. I never feel right in these! the personality is all on- decision making fail, justice obsessed, flirtatious, but I never feel like I’m as much of an aesthete as I’m supposed to be. Libra here, Sag rising, moon in Scorpio.

    My two longest relationships, including my current, have been wih Aquarius though, so that’s creepy.

  24. It’s nice to see this on AS. Astrology gets a bad rap because people are fixated on Sun signs and they don’t understand how to connect the dots. They see this one dot (Sun sign) and think, “What? What does this dot have to do with me? This makes no sense. I don’t believe in this stuff because I got this one dot that I can’t make sense of, therefore I’m going to ignore what I don’t understand because I’m too lazy to really look into it on my own.”

    The irony of this all is that people believe in many things that don’t make sense, but because it’s “astrology” they close their mind without a second thought and look at it from the wrong angle, at least in my opinion. If you’re looking at astrology through the veil of belief and or truth, then you’re doing it wrong. What you’re doing is taking it too literal, when you should take it in a more metaphorical, symbolic and abstract way. I’ll elaborate…

    Astrology is a lot more in-depth (as stated) and if you really start digging, you’ll actually find some pretty interesting things that tie other stuff together. For me personally, astrology is not about belief, it’s about connecting the dots, making connections and utilizing those connections to my advantage and understanding human behavior in general, through those connections. What are one of those dots and or connections you may ask? Well, take for example the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) co-developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs. For those who are not aware, MBTI is used in career assessment in places like universities and it’s also used in the workplace environment, when employers are trying to understand different personalities and how they intermingle, etc. What does MBTI have to do with astrology you might ask? MBTI and the people who developed it, borrowed and were inspired by the psychologist Carl Jung, who was inspired by astrology (among other things) and wrote a very important book with regards to personalities called, “Psychological Types.” In that book, he coins the term “cognitive functions,” whereby he explains that there are 8 specific cognitive functions and or attitudes of how the brain perceives information, how it registers and interprets that information, etc. To make a long story short, personality psychology ( and personality type theories wouldn’t have evolved as much as they have, if it wasn’t for astrology. You could say that astrology was the beginning and or first “primitive” personality system and it has been built upon that through various personality systems such as MBTI, cognitive functions, The Big 5, DISC, Enneagram, Socionics and so forth.

    In a nutshell, I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior, specifically various personalities and once you understand these systems, you’re able to predict a lot of people’s behavior to some degree. Essentially, it’s like a map and or guide to understanding people in general and the relationships you have with them, whether it’s platonic or romantic (if you value that at all). You just have to learn to decipher that map, learn to observe and connect the dots because those dots start coming together and once they come together, they create the bigger picture.

    Anyways, Kate explained some of this stuff vaguely, but it’s really hard to get that in-depth about astrology without writing huge essays (like I just did), especially when your audience is more laymen, so to speak. Hence, the upcoming AS astrology installments, where Kate will talk about the other signs and what that all entails.

    P.S. – Your Sun Sign is only one aspect of your personality, but do you know that you have a Moon Sign, Venus Sign, Mercury Sign, Mars Sign (and other signs) and that they all represent different aspects of who you are (as Kate stated)? They are merely symbols, an abstraction that tries to explain certain phenomena. Your Sun sign represents your Ego and or “the self.” Your Mercury sign represents how you communicate, your Moon sign represents your emotions, the mother, the unconscious self and so on and so forth. Then you have other stuff (such as houses) that gets more complex. This would explain why people don’t quite relate to the description of their horoscopes/Sun sign because they are only looking at one jigsaw puzzle piece when there are 2432532 more to look at.

    That’s my .02 cents into this discussion, for whatever it’s worth. *shrugs*

    • “The irony of this all is that people believe in many things that don’t make sense, but because it’s “astrology” they close their mind without a second thought”

      There are at least 100 comments on this page that contradict this statement.

      “the psychologist Carl Jung, who was inspired by astrology”
      “personality psychology and personality type theories wouldn’t have evolved […] if it wasn’t for astrology”

      So? In Renaissance times, astronomy and astrology were almost inseparable, and Johannes Kepler, who proposed that the planets have elliptical orbits around the sun, worked as court astrology to a succession of German emperors. You could say that our knowledge about the structure of the solar system and the motion of the planets comes from astrology, but that does not give any validation to beliefs in astrology.

      I can’t believe in astrology because there is no rational explanation why the position of the planets should affect personality. If there is no explanation, and you are required to believe without questioning, astrology becomes like a religion minus the prayers. Astrology doesn’t give you any deep understanding of yourself or other people; essentially you’re selectively reading a list of personality traits (most of which are generic enough to apply to anyone) and thinking you’ve got an insight into someone else’s personality when you cherry-pick the statements you agree with. Astrology is great for demonstrating confirmation bias, propensity for irrational beliefs, and the “who’d make this shit up?” phenomenon, whereby the more complicated the system is, the more likely people are to believe it (e.g. the signs for the moon and the planets influencing different aspects of the personality; also known as the Barnum or Forer effect).

      I know it’s “all a bit of fun,” but if I want fun that involves suspension of disbelief and abandoning common sense, I’d sooner read a book or watch “Lost Girl.” :)

    • MBTI has been heavily criticised for its lack of methodological rigor. It’s a fun way to look at things, but maybe not the best example for you to use of the applications of astrology.

      • I’m actually quite aware of all of this and I’m on the same fence you both are as far as the viewpoints you have stated (that is, if we were to argue and or talk about belief). The thing is, if you had read what I said you would have noticed that I’m not talking about belief in astrology at all. You are both looking at it through belief and because of that, you fail to understand my point. My point? You can still learn something from astrology, MBTI, other personality systems and make interesting connections and those connections, whether they are epiphanies or some other thing, do not require belief. Usually the things I discover are interesting coincidences that can sometimes explain who I am more thoroughly, at a particular moment, so in that sense it gives more insight in the vein of “knowing thy self.” They also give insight into other people as well and really that’s all these things do for me. It’s a way to look at human behavior and their personalities and gain some insightful information. Some of that information is not always insightful or useful, but sometimes it is and you can use what is useful to broaden your perspective on things in general. Hopefully, my point is a little clearer, but if it is not, then I guess we can chalk it up to a failure in communication, or a “lost connection.” Heh. :)

        • No, I just disagree with you. Pretty much everything requires belief. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I understand you to be saying is that MBTI or tarot or astrology can be thought provokers, the symbols in them triggering new patterns or ideas in your mind which you find a useful way to look at life. I don’t actually disagree with you there, but I think it’s for the reasons girlwithglasses outlines – confirmation bias, cherry-picking, etc.

          I’m actually cool if people want to practice astrology in that knowledge and they want to disclose to others that that is what is going on. But too often, as in the original post, there is no mention of that and people believe or let others assume that the alignment of celestial bodies actually does drives personality and destiny.

          I also still think that requires belief, belief that the symbols in those systems have meaning, that they are a useful way to organise your thoughts, that certain archetypes can tell us certain things about the human condition, etc.

          • Actually, no, everything does not require belief and that is the main thing I keep trying to point out, specifically with astrology. I don’t know how else to explain myself better, so I give you this: If it’s too much reading, skip to the subtitles of, “Examples of Non-Beliefs” and “Differences between beliefs and thinking without beliefs,” as that is what I’m trying to convey to you.

            You can utilize astrology without believing in it, just like you can utilize the MBTI without believing in it. Once belief enters the picture, then it’s over because belief limits thinking and when thinking has been stifled, there is no room for growth. The key is to stop looking at things through belief, stop looking at astrology through belief because that’s what gets people in trouble. Astrology shouldn’t be looked at through concrete thinking, it should be looked at through abstract thinking because it’s an abstract system, not a concrete system and the same thing goes with many personality systems, they are abstractions/abstract systems. Many humans (once they reach a certain age) have the ability to think in the abstract (unless there’s some type of medical abnormality within the brain, etc).

            Abstract thinking/thinkers = Dot connecting, multiple dots
            Concrete thinking/thinkers = one dot, but does not know what to do with that dot, can’t connect dots.
            Abstract thinking = the ability to expand and see multiple perspectives and the underlying relationships underneath the surface.
            Concrete thinking = the ability to see one thing, it’s literal, it’s concrete, it’s myopic, it’s the surface.

            Abstract thinking and concrete thinking –

            Abstraction –

            Of course, there are other ways of thinking, but in this particular context, the concept of abstract and concrete thinking seems to illustrate the difference as to the nature of how belief can be viewed, or not.

          • “Actually, no, everything does not require belief”

            Is that a fact? :P

            Look, I’ve read that website now, and I just disagree with it. My reaction is basically ‘I understand what you are trying to convey to me, and I think you are wrong’. You might feel the same way about what I am saying. But I don’t think we’re going to come to an agreement, so maybe it’s more productive to end this discussion – I don’t want that to come across as aggressive, I’ve enjoyed talking to you, but I don’t know how much further we’re going to get.

          • Fair enough. I’m not into conversations where the end goal is about “right and wrong” because conversations with that end goal never get anywhere. I’m interested in trying to understand and the mental stimulation that comes with that. Unfortunately, those discussions seem to be a needle in a haystack. Likewise, I have enjoyed conversing with you, even if we couldn’t come to an understanding. There’s always next time, right? LOL. :P

        • Sorry, it wasn’t very clear from your initial post what your stance was on astrology. If you don’t believe in astrology, I am not clear what one would gain from it that one couldn’t get from (say) reading a list of personality traits or looking up psychological processes on Wikipedia. If the aim is to increase knowledge about oneself, why would you use a source that lacks any credibility?

          • It’s fine. Reading a list of personality traits or looking up psychological processes comes partly from astrology, as I stated it’s a more “primitive” personality system or language system. In a way, astrology serves as a history to modern day personality systems. By understanding that history and the symbolism and or abstraction of astrology, you’re able to make connections, or bridge gaps. By bridging these gaps, you get a better in-depth understanding of the self and or the nature of others.

            I got interested in personality systems a few years back. First it was MBTI, then it was the culmination of Enneagram, The Big 5 and so on and so forth. Toward the latter half, I really started focusing on Jung’s cognitive functions and trying to understand that. Understanding cognitive functions is really fascinating and very interesting because it attempts to explain the cognitive processes within the brain, however the way in which it attempts to explain these processes is highly symbolic and abstract, meaning that in the context of the “real world” these processes don’t actually exist per se. You might ask, so what is the point then or why do you care about this? The reason and or the point is that there is an explanation and or a symbol that exists, but it doesn’t have a “connector.” I spoke about the analogy of dots and being able to connect the dots. Astrology, personality systems and cognitive functions are dots, some of them connect, some do not and some of these dots are left in the abstract or in their symbolism because there is no “real world” way to explain it more precisely, more concretely and or more thoroughly. Language is a form of symbolism. Symbolism is just another language, mathematics is another language, astrology is another language, cognitive functions is another language… you see where I’m going with this? Not everyone understands languages and or symbolism as thoroughly as others. Carl Jung further advanced the concept of archetypes. What are archetypes? Archetypes (according to the very first line of wikipedia) is a universally understood symbol, term, statement, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. You ask that if my aim is to increase knowledge of oneself, why would I use a source that lacks credibility? Quite simply, astrology is not a source for credibility, nor is it a source for belief, which I keep reiterating. Astrology is a source for languages and symbols (for me personally), so it’s not a matter of credibility. I don’t “believe” in these symbols, these symbols are just information that can be utilized to understand other symbols throughout the world. I try to understand these symbols, I don’t believe in them. I try to understand the language, I don’t believe in the language and this is exactly what I meant when I said that not everything requires belief. You can still utilize something without believing in it, you can still learn or take something away from it, without believing in it. Ideas don’t require beliefs, but beliefs require ideas. Ideas are open, beliefs are closed. Does that clear things up? I hope so, because my head is about to explode, LOL.

    • The simplification of personality types for efficient study is fine, but the arbitrary designation of these personalities because of when you were born is what most people find absurd about astrology. I’m the only person that I know that actually fits their Astrological Description, but even then, not 100%. It’s an interesting coincidence that I attribute to the fact that most of my personality traits lend to one another. Passionate? That can some across to people as being intense and focused and successful. These traits don’t express themselves in isolation, so hey look – they’re all pooled together in Scorpio! But that shouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I’m born at the beginning of November.

      • Weirdly, I found myself thinking season as an influence on birth made the most sense – in terms of possible environmental influences on embryonic development. Prolly moreso in past times.

        Like, mother’s nutritional patterns, movement patterns, ambient temperature, amount of daylight etc.

    • Yep I’ve always said taurus woman and virgo woman are too much alike the virgo will just end up annoying the taurus girl or they’ll be bored of each other. This is only works when its taurus man and virgo woman

    • Actually now that I think about it the virgo will bore the taurus and you’re right September Virgo women are very selfish. You have to push them to do anything selfless or else it will never happen. My moms a virgo I know all about them.

      Best match ever for a Taurus woman is a Libra woman that’s a match made in heaven. And then I would think another Taurus or maybe Capricorn. Aries and Gemini are great for friends I don’t know about romantic relationship though

  25. One time I got my zodiac sign tattooed on my wrist and I’ve regretted it ever since. Luckily, most people think it’s the Roman numeral two or the pi sign. So I guess that works too, or not.

  26. Capricorn on the cusp with Sagittarius here. I dated four, count ’em, four Taurii (sp?) almost nearly right in a row. Three of them had birthdays within two days of each other. In fact, two of them had the same birthday.

    I’m going to be reading this all more. :) I had my chart done and when I read it over I can’t decide if I’m a very balanced person, or a ridiculously impossible mix of contradictions.

    • Very lucky Taurus sun signs to be with you. I am not a Taurus but sun, venus, juipter and mercury are in Scorpio. my moon is in aquarius. You are a beautiful woman on every level. hopefully the possessive nature of the Taurus is safe for you. I have a lot of aquarius in my chart. Freedom is needed in relationships. Good luck beautiful

      Artemis Hannah

  27. i agree with the comments about aries getting bad raps. and also to remember your other signs. i’m aries sun, taurus moon, aquarius rising– and i have no idea what that adds up to other than, well, me.

  28. I generally don’t put too much stock in horoscopes. To answer the OKC question: it’s fun to think about. But, I must say, the Gemini description is startlingly accurate.

    Will I now go around asking random women their signs? No.
    When I’m dumped will I now justify it as being zodiacally incompatible? Yes. (I dub thee zoDumped).

  29. You know, I don’t put much stock in horoscopes. But when I was 16 and my mom offered to buy me my first tattoo, I got a scorpion right on my lower back. Yeaaaaaaah. Sorta regret the placement, but I still like it

  30. Another “it’s fun to think about” zodiac girl here, but I love reading about signs and charts because I’m a Scorpio (and fit the usual descriptions to a T… though I must have some gentler signs in my other houses because I lean extroverted and am not naturally hyper-jealous or posessive), so I’m always being called a sex god.

    And can I say, regardless of anyone’s belief in astrology, how well this article was put together?! Detailed, hilarious information and beautiful artwork. Just excellent article altogether. Thank you!

  31. Capricorn here, have done the long term with another Capricorn, can we say Procrastination to the max, both of us really… but ugh! My other uhaul choices, are more in the friend spectrum, never really successful in the love spectrum, though I tried. I actually have some close friends to this day that are Tauruses, the one i tried to date… um no, lots of drama, lots of need for her to be in control, and not in the good way ;-).
    Also was with many Scorpios, they are stubborn, they think they are all that in bed, yawn…not really. But such intelligence and passion nonetheless.
    The one Virgo, was for a long term relationship too, lovely woman, but the jealousy was too much, in the long run. But hey live and learn, and break the rules.
    Now I am with a Gemini, going on 2 years… and yes, opposites attract, she calls me on my bullshit, she fills my heart with joy,we compliment each other very wonderfully. I love how positive she is, and our sex life awesome! Great article, brought back a lot of memories.

  32. Sun and rising sign in Taurus here, and I love this stuff. I’m still not 100% sure I buy into all of it, but damn it if it hasn’t proved so true in my life. I am a Taurus through and through. My absolute best friends in the world are Leo and Aries, and my most successful romance was with a Pisces. Haven’t managed to date a Capricorn yet, unfortch. Sign compatibility is not my #1 criteria in dating, obviously, but it’s interesting to look back and see patterns.

  33. YES! I LOVE this so much! I am a full believer in astrology in terms of birth charts (not so much daily horoscopes)

    Im a libra with sagittarius rising sign and a capricorn moon so other can get a little confused once they really get to know me and see my inner capricorn control freak that I try desperately to ignore. But my libra sun and sagittarius rising sign blend pretty well.
    I have not yet been in a relationship but I agree as far as friends go with everything you said. I have had a lot of tumultuous friendships with aquarius sun signs though but that may be in part because of my capricorn moon. Also even though I am a libra, I am not the life of the party and dont like too much attention.
    anyways, im rambling. basically I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this article and I will keep your suggestions in the back of my head :)

  34. Astrology is interesting, but being a scorpio, I get a little frustrated with how we’re read. We’re always supposedly super sex driven and people seem to end there. I don’t think I have an above average sex drive, and I’m not really into kink. The passion is there in intellectual/activist pursuits, but I ultimately want a monogamous long-term relationship and I think of myself as quite level headed.

  35. I really can’t believe in these things because I could pick out traits from each sign that match me instead of just my supposed sign (Pisces). I was in a relationship with a Virgo before. We’re supposed to be giving to each other love and help and whatnot but I gave and the other person did not. Towards the end I stopped and that person never did. BUST!
    Anyway, I do sometimes like to read these things and this was a slightly different, yet interesting, take on astrology. Would have been better if I had seen that picture…

  36. When I worked at an old bookstore one summer, I was given the metaphysical section to stock and curate. Let’s just say the skepticism I expressed to the people I worked with didn’t have a leg to stand on after the fifth time I got caught crouched down beneath the shelves reading horoscope compatibility books. This is so cool and so well put-together!

  37. I usually feel that my horoscope is spot on, but I don’t know about this version of Aquarius. A lot of it was really accurate, but I would not consider myself a social butterfly, and I absolutely hate going out to clubs. I would definitely rather stay in with my Cancer best friend and love watch Doctor Who rather than hate watch the L anything. But maybe that’s just me. ^^

  38. Okay, I’m waaayy too much of a physics girl to buy into this stuff (ok, I did read it tho), but as a Taurus and a former Texan I have to know… is the Taurus girl in the pic wearing a pink UT-Austin Hook’em horns shirt?? Cause that would be kinda cool…

  39. love it. I’m a scorpio and I’ve always been amazed at how well i get on with other scorpios, even though i’m not much of a ‘believer’. Ive been told scorpios are the most compatible with each other in comparison to any other ~same star sign~ people. true/false/thoughts?

  40. It’s so weird telling people that I’m the more or less the epitome of Scorpio: “Why hello, we just met but I’m very passionate, secretive, and possessive. Poly relationship? Rawr.”

    Also, the Libra Lesbro thing is so relevant to my life right now!

  41. I just thought of some bad pick-up lines based on me being a fire sign, for the other types of signs.

    Like to a water sign: “You make me melt” or to an air sign “You fan the flames of my desire!”

    Help me guys I don’t know what I’m doing

  42. So…I’m a knucklehead Cancer/Leo cusp. I dated an Aquarius…it was an experience. Good, maddening though :P I dont feel like i’m that emotional, maybe that’s the Leo though? I get confused with this cuspness.

  43. Sag with a Leo rising, a moon in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius
    I am amazed I even remembered it all.
    and the description isnt me at all, but we shall blame Aspergers for that, and not the hard science that is astrology, which would place blame on the Venus in Aquarius :D

    however as far as past relationship partners go, its kinda accurate.

    also I may tend to be cautious when mercury is in retrograde.

  44. I am an Aries.

    Thus far the following has proven to be true.

    “You’re not known for settling into longterm gigs”

    As I get older, I hope this doesn’t continue to hold truth because I’d eventually like to settle down.

  45. Some love for a Taurus here? :( I totally agree on the romantic part for a Taurus man. I am a hopeless romantic. Totally agree on being comfortable too. Who doesn’t want life with less lesbian drama! Being comfortable isn’t necessary big thing right? :)

    Besides, I don’t think we’re ALL that big of a control freak too. :p Give us Tauruses a chance yeah.

  46. Yo I am completely perplexed as to why some people are getting angry about this…astrology is all in good fun, even if its “uncanny accuracy” is essentially just confirmation bias as someone mentioned above. I put little to no weight in any of these predictions, but it was still fun to read — and exciting that apparently my Pisces/Virgo relationship is destined to be U-Haul material. :P Plus, as others have said, it’s refreshing to read a horoscope that is not painfully heteronormative (oh hai Seventeen, thanks for convincing teenage me that I was a total weirdo for being queer!)

  47. I feel a little let down because astrological descriptions for Aries all tend to describe someone as hot-headed, competitive and aggressive… which I am not AT ALL. In fact, Pieces and Taurus better describe my personality. If someone were to try to hook up with me based on my birthday (April 3), I think they’d be sorely disappointed!

    …then again, no one’s ever tried to use a pick up line on me (ever) so there’s that.

  48. On my 25th birthday, some friends threw me a party at our local gay bar. A girl who’d actively pursued me for some time with no interest from me came up and said, “Oh, you’re a Gemini. No wonder you won’t go out with me.” I guess that made her feel better than the real reason. Regardless, since then whenever someone brings the Zodiac into a conversation, I think of that, her, and am pretty much turned off. Sorry, it’s just not my thing.

  49. This is AWESOME! I don’t make dating/relationship decisions based on someone’s astrological sign, but the descriptions above were kinda spot-on. Sooo, in the spirit of good fun, this Taurus girl is setting out to find her perfect Capricorn, ..or Virgo, ..or Cancer….LOL! ☺

  50. SPOT ON, BANG TIDY & SERIOUSLY GENIUS.. Loving your work :o) Feels like this was written with humour, empathy and the perfect balance between providing enough relevant info to be useful without going OTT..
    I’m a Gemini and am enjoying probably the most gorgeous relationship of my life so far with a Taurean lady. On paper it should be a train wreck, but in fact it’s just beautiful. Am just enjoying every day as it comes and not questioning or analysing it. I love astrology and think there’s a lot of helpful insight to be gained from it, equally I’m so happy to be in a relationship that’s an exception to the mystic rule book..

  51. Ha — it’s always been kind of hard to put stock in horoscopes when I’m a leo, and while I can be egotistical, I’m also the shy, socially awkward, anxious type. I still think they’re fun, though.

    • aha, yea same, sometimes i always wonder if im even a leo or if the astrology chart is wrong, because most times when you look up, “intresting facts about leos”, one of them will always say that a leo is super confident, I mean yes I can be very confident and out going, but not necessarily with, love, friends, and other things.But ya know, im a teen and ive never dated a girl before, but i already know i like women, because ya know, ya just know.But uh, yea, i found this pretty helpful. Also i just like commenting yeeeee

  52. I agree with the Pisces and cancer match, and the scorpio one also! But Scorpios always seem to want one thing hahaha. Remember these are only sun signs!, peoples different planets matter also.

  53. Anassa Kata!! Greetings from Israel. I just joined autostraddle. I am known as OldLadyKlainer on tumblr. I graduated from BMC in ’75
    with a major in Hist.of Religion. I have 3 grown children: my ‘baby’
    is a combat soldier in the IDF and a TaeKwonDo champion. My older daughter lives in NYC and is LGBT. She goes to college. I am a Sagittarius who may be a ‘late in life’ LGBT woman (like Meredith
    Baxter). I am a retired chef and English teacher; currently I do clothing alterations at home. I crochet, knit, quilt, cook and read
    ferociously. I look forward to reading your columns in the future.
    So nice to meet you. mamahufflepuff

  54. I’m a Pisces who dated a Virgo and let me say…
    No. Just no.

    I can’t help but harbour a die-hard crush with some Virgos, but is it a death trap of a relationship, at least in my experience.

  55. I’ve always loved astrology so this was fun to read :p I’m a Capricorn and my girlfriend is a Gemini and we’re more similar to each other than to anyone else. Been dating almost a year and have yet to really argue. I totally agree with my description, but I guess she’s a rare seed with hers because I think she should really be a Taurus xD Super fun article :3

  56. OHMYGOD you guys. Try looking at these with you & your partner’s Venus signs. Taken in combination with your sun signs, you may find that the parts you disagree with are right on the money with the Venus signs.

    I’m a Sagittarius sun and Scorpio Venus. My girlfriends are Capricorn/Capricorn and Aquarius/Pisces. My newest interest is a Taurus/Gemini, and while I would never make a relationship decision based exclusively on someone’s astrological indications, there’s nothing wrong with noticing patterns. My best friends, my lovers that were great, and the ones that weren’t, and the people I can’t stand – mostly fit the pattern (with a few outliers).

  57. yeah. i’m used to Cancer assessments being deadddd wrong for me. sucks because i’m super into astrology/metaphysical stuff!

    i’m basically the exact opposite of needy and/or emotional in relationships. i’ve almost exclusively been in friends-with-benefits situations (with one possible exception, and that ended BECAUSE i wasn’t aware that we were “official” until they brought it up casually & i bolted), and i don’t have plans to change that in future.

    the potential of commitment by either me or the other party freaks me out, i don’t like monogamy, i never get emotionally invested or have butterflies / general mushy feelings, & i’m all-around aromantic… how far from Cancer can you get?!

    but i still like to cuddle!

    the Aquarius description isn’t far off, which is interesting since that’s my moon sign. maybe that’s my dominant personality since Cancers are ruled by the moon! see, i want it to work!

  58. So I thought “this is a fun article” and I pop over to the Scorpio page and start reading through and everything hits the mark except for one really clashing part… the bit where I’m meant to be introverted.

    And then I see the apparent reaction between Scorpio and Leo and I’m thinking, “this Leo sounds more like me”.

    So I go over to the Leo page and read the first bit and everything agrees with me… but then it doesn’t mention some of the things that really clicked on the Scorpio page. The only way I can figure it is that personality-wise I must be some kind of mad combination of the two. It is true that I need my personal space but I also crave so much my very active social life and have past experience of being absolutely miserable without it.

    The horoscope here indicates the combination of personality types as a tempestuous ‘one to avoid’ between two people. Somehow combined within one person, I can only give a sardonic recognition giggle and come to the same conclusion. Lol.

    My gorgeous Pisces girlfriend of 2-years-and-counting however indeed seems a perfect fit for either, and is absolutely a perfect fit for me! :) <3

  59. haha this is amazing, nice work!! Fellow Leo here…. “. “What’s your sign?” is a totally valid pick-up line, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. THANK U haha! ;)

  60. Just the other day I was lamenting that all the astrology sites catered to heterosexuals, whereas I’m a dorky homo who realizes how silly it is to look at her horoscope for relationship advice but does it anyway. Thanks for not making me stoop so low as to take advice aimed at straight men.

  61. OK so as a Scorpio sun and rising I believe that I totally relate to my sign in every aspect, but I do not fit with the zodiac match ups. I am generally attracted to Aries, Aquarius and Leo and not at all Gemini, Virgo or cancer. So I checked out my moon and I’m a cancer of which I don’t think I relate to at all . Anyway awesome post , thuroughly enjoyed reading through !

  62. Ok, I totally agree with this on a surface level. Strictly going by sun signs. And yet, as a scorpio who is in a serious long term relationship with a leo, and totally head over heals in love with her I might add, I have to remind the masses that there’s more to astrology than sun signs. Your whole chart should be taken into consideration. My partner and I have more in common under the surface than our sun signs would have you believe. Thus, I would caution anyone who takes astrology to heart to dig deeper into a person’s chart rather than writing them off because of first glances at their birthdate. To be fair both times I’ve dated an Aries it was a total train wreck. The trains collided, exploded into flames, and then they re-materialized and did it a few more times just to emphasize how wrong I was in thinking that could have ever worked.

  63. Hi I am Harper,a Libra and 18 in a wonderful relationship with my 19 year old Aries friend Anrina. This post is true in some cases but honestly, both of us love being with each other and all. She is bossy and rude sometimes (ok, most of the times) and I am always arguing.We met when I was 13 in school. She is amazing and the “opposites attract mantra” still works. There’s rarely any frustrated tears and all. Infact she’s right beside me now laughing…

  64. I wonder if instead of using sun signs it makes more sense to focus on Venus, cause that’s the planet of love and sex? I find that my Venus in Scorpio is so more important in my own chart regrading relationships, whereas my Sun (ego) in Libra is more applicable to my work and other projects.

  65. I’m dating a Capricorn and I’m a Gemini. So far, it has been a communication challenge because us Gems are more mental, so we seek that stimulation and communication is key. My Cap seems to appreciate life at this point in life so we enjoy each others presence as Gems like to be child-like at times. We’ve had a disagreement so far which me being a Gem, I pushed away automatically. She was able to calm me and help me look through the situation. Gems need that because we will push away if we don’t feel loved or appreciated enough. She stays on me as far as task, and I stay on her as far as goals and making sure she holds up to what she says she will do.

  66. I’m a Pisces woman dating a Gemini woman and we’ve had a very magnetic relationship in the beginning had some ups and downs since then and we’ve managed to smooth out all of the rough spots simply by communicating with each other. I don’t smother her with too much affection and she’s not too detached to where I don’t feel the love like most Pisces-Gemini relationships. We also put in a lot of effort and compromise into making our relationship work which is most important aspect aside from communication. Any sun sign combo can work with these two things.

  67. Taurus here!

    Been with my Scorpio girlfriend for almost five years now and we’ve never been happier or more in love!
    What you said about our pairing is pretty damn spot on, too!

  68. Good read. Compatibility differs when it comes to friendship, sex and relationship. Over the years, I’ve compiled my own empirical truths on who gives the best bang for the buck, who one can hang around with and who should be your life partner. Some are spot on in your analysis here but if one is truly honest and have had lived expansively, one will agree that to each his own and that everyone is very different. Upbringing and life experiences matters a lot and can change one’s horoscopic stereotypes externally. However, truth be told, every sign retains ONE of their true CORE essence internally. It’s up to you or your partner to discover which one defines either one.

    I’m a Piscean with Sagi rising and brought up in a very challenging warrior lifestyle. I’m supposed to get along well with Cancerians and Scorpions but I pretty much loathe them for all the right and wrong reasons. I’m way too aggressive and honest frank for them to find comfort and solace and I never back down or lose from a fight I’m cornered into. I’ve told my closest friends and family-I never fight 99.9% of the time, but if I’m forced to, I won’t fight, I will make sure I KILL you! That is why I genuinely fear my own darkness :) Some may recoil at this revelation but the root is that if that loser is unlucky to unleash my pandora’s box of pent up abuse over my lifetime, he/she earned it-no regrets! Otherwise, boringly, I’m compassionate, protective, extremely old fashioned loyal, but will not tolerate nor sympathises with hypocrites, traitors and deliberate losers. Sex wise, I consistently find a few tried and tested signs that can seriously quench my hunger for immense satisfying pleasures; and some, I would never ever touch with a mile long pole even if they looked like a Greek god-dess! Good attitude is key. Sexiness with mutual respect is seductive and addictive. Surprisingly, when I shared some of these observations, many concurred, which could mean some signs are universally sh*t, and some are must grab! LOL.

    Using horoscopes to filter hookups-frens-partners may limit the sampling size, but I rather be sane, grounded, harmonious and alive than dragging closeted mental case residuals and debris along. Yes indeed there are exceptions to the rule in anything but sadly, way too far and in between for me to take the chance again and again. Trust your own instincts when connecting with someone new or those who have yet to earn your trust. Observe, take notes, remember common patterns and always ask for their star signs. They may find you “strange or creepy” but turn it around and entice them into submitting by disclosing that you know which signs are always a great lay and which are jerks. Trust me, they will be enamoured to know for themselves. Everyone’s a narcissist deep down. It’s then up to u to dispense wisdom while you choose how to sample them, ala carte.
    The library’s open. Good Reading y’all !!

  69. Pisces & Taurus – when there are other balanced Astro makeups in the charts…WOW is it such an out of this world match.

    Holy crap sensual excellence!!! Less talk more action. So good.
    Very few times do “arguments” happen and then they do, there is always a realization that we’re going somewhere and elevating the relationship to a new level.
    But DANG is the physical part good. So good.
    Spiritual and physical bliss. When it’s right it is very right. A Taurus with some water in their chart is a good choice.

  70. I feel so seen.
    In reference to believing, rejecting, or just thinking astrology is fun, has it occurred to anyone else that astrology and tarot are kind of a language of trauma and trauma recovery? Both can kind of be a religion for folks cast out by a bigoted church. They can both provide a grounded sense of what to see as a pattern in yourself if development of one was disrupted by childhood trauma or if disassociation makes it hard to love all of your parts. Both offer insight- a salve to the tired minds of folks inclined to overthink everything. Compatibility ‘scopes can make it feel more predictable and thus safe to try again at a relationship for someone who has experienced a traumatizing relationship.
    And like guess who is most likely to experience hate violence, sexual assault, bullying, poverty? And that’s without breaking it down by sex or gender identity or race or immigration status or age or where you live.
    Like, I have could list out so many examples to support my thought and then network the shit out of supportive treatment options, non-profits, city council hopefuls, legislative protections until I die if I just date a Virgo or ask them and an Aquarius to help me run for office lol

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