The Comment Awards Will Never Stop Fighting for You


So, it’s Friday! Comment Award day. Inauguration Day. What a time to be alive.

While I don’t know how we crawl out of the alternate universe we’ve found ourselves in, I do know this: I’ve never been more grateful for the Autostraddle community. You all are my light. You’re brave, and resilient, and funny despite everything. I’m so glad we’re here together. Let’s get through this day.

This week, Casey distracted us with some BDSM novels she thought we might like. Just a hunch she had.

KaeLyn had some suggestions for those of us who aren’t sure about going down on our partners, and when the New York Times Style Section went full rainbow, Erin was there to tell us all about it.

Molly did some processing, Carolyn asked us how we felt about ghosting, and the team shared their stories about the Affordable Care Act.

Vita refused to apologize for her sensuality.

Carmen shared 10 smart ways to resist, on Inauguration Day and beyond.

And then there were your comments!

On It’s Completely Legal To Think Nia Long and Idina Menzel Are A Couple In This Trailer for Lifetime’s “Beaches” Remake:

The Sequel Award to amidola and Chandra:

On Steal Her Look: Eleanor Roosevelt Monocles:

The Rachel Leigh Cooking Award to Kate:

On Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mullet:

The Laziest Femme Award to Linnea:

On NSFW Sunday Endorses Ghosting:

The Holtzmann Hall of Science Award to Nadia:

On Also.Also.Also: Pregnant Dancing Lesbian and Other Stories for Your Week:

The Sliders Award to Cinnamon:

On 10 Foods From Past Presidential Inauguration Meals That Donald Trump Should Definitely Eat On Friday:

The Relativity Award to Moogsley:

On The New York Times Wants You To Come Out To Your Parents I Guess?

The End of the Rainbow Award to Chandra:

On The Autostraddle Team’s Ten Most Influential Teen Albums:

The Funky Trunk Award to Chandra:

And on Also.Also.Also: A Queer Dance Protest in Mike Pence’s Front Lawn and Other Stories from the Resistance:

The Same Love Award to Carmen SanDiego:

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  1. OMG!!! This is literally the only thing that could brighten today :D THANKS QUEER GIRL AND OMG YOU HAVE A NEW PROF PIC!!!

  2. Not worthy!

    Queer girl, since you are now writing the comment awards and are thus no longer eligible to win them yourself (unless Heather Hogan tells you to), I would like to present to you, on behalf of the Autostraddle Commentariat, this Lifetime Achievement Award for Humour, Insight, and All-Around Excellence in Commentary.

  3. Don’t know if anyone else is having the same issue, but for some reason I always have the first line of text for any comment awards post showing down the side of the picture at the top. For example, today “So, it’s Friday! Comment A” is showing vertically down the side of the picture, while the rest of the text appears underneath in its usual format. It’s been happening pretty consistently for a while now and doesn’t seem to impact any other posts, but I thought I should mention it. I’m using Internet Explorer 11 if that makes any difference. Doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the comment awards though, which is always one of the highlights of Autostraddle!

    • I also have this issue! I think it occurred after some recent updates. I’m assuming its either our browsers or monitor size?

    • Hi Katie! I get that issue too, except when my browser window is smaller than the whole of my screen. I’m not sure how to fix it on my end but maybe the amazing wizards and witches who work here can! :-D

      • I’m getting it when my window is full-size as well! It certainly doesn’t detract from my love of the comment awards though

    • So, I figured it was intentional ’cause it’s always looked like that for me? I never once thought of seeing if using a different window size changed anything. I am clearly the BEST computer enginneer, and deserve a massive raise.

  4. My first comment award! Thanks Queer Girl! I’d like to take this time to thank my friends, family, and of course Donald Trump and his ever-shrinking hands, and…*Oscars instrumental starts to play* whelp, looks like I’m out of time folks, gotta go clear a spot on the mantle!

  5. Queer girl! Now you’ve LITERALLY taken over the comment awards!

    P.S.I would like to explicitly not thank the academy who so harshly failed to credit the above mentioned Film with its due honors.
    P.P.S.: Still waiting for that sequel!

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