It’s Completely Legal To Think Nia Long and Idina Menzel Are A Couple In This Trailer for Lifetime’s “Beaches” Remake

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In this trailer for Lifetime’s remake of the movie Beaches – a movie I’ve never seen and don’t know the plot to and please don’t tell me anything about it because if I’m being honest I’m probably never going to watch it and that’s just my prerogative – Nia Long and Idina Menzel play a couple, and it’s not illegal, yet, to think that.

It’s completely legal to assume from this minute and half long teaser that seems to intentionally toe the line in obscuring the nature of their relationship that these two beautiful, talented actors depict two women whose lifelong friendship turns into a love affair. How lucky that I’m perfectly within my right as a citizen to disregard the original plot of a movie that’s been out for 28 years and choose to instead interpret their connection as romantic and not platonic. What a just world we live in, that I can go on thinking for the rest of my life that Lifetime put out a movie where a woman whose face I enjoyed staring at in Friday and a woman who is forever immortalized by John Travolta spend 50 blissful years together as a committed same-sex pair that raises a child together. What a testament to the human spirit and quite frankly our judicial system that I’m able to blow past accepted social norms between friends and assert my truth that in this trailer when Nia Long and Idina Menzel lie in each other’s beds, catch each other’s eyes from across the room, kiss on the cheek, hug, and cradle each other on the floor, it’s because they are gay girlfriends.

If this kind of freedom inspires you, too, join me on January 21th, 2017, 8/7c, when Lifetime airs for the very first time this story of two women in love.

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  1. I am so glad I’m not the only person who thought this. Can’t week to live tweet the heck outta this beautiful gay love story.

  2. I just watched the trailer without sound, and from that perspective, it is so sapphic. I have no idea what the narration is, but I feel it won’t change much. I’m very glad Idina is going back to her queer roots (Maureen in Rent 21 years ago).

  3. SHE IS THE WIND BENEATH THE OTHER ONE’S WINGS and really what is gayer than flight when it comes down to it, really.

  4. Wow, I haven’t seen a TV love this pure since Kayla pointed out that the women in the Payless’s BOGO commercials were a couple. So glad AS is on the frontline of this reporting!

  5. its a film about two women who meet as children and become life long friends. And then one gets cancer and dies. The end.
    It sucks the life out of you and makes you cry.

    • Listen Erin said very early in this post that she did not want to know the plot of this film and you just went ahead and did that and that’s messed up

    • So in other words combine these facts with Erin’s interpretation, and this is the sequel to Eat Love Pray.

    • Okay but as long as we’re ruining dreams here, she actually gets viral cardiomyopathy and dies. (SorrysorrysorryErin)

      You really $#@&!up that one for us, and made it no longer even necessary to watch the movie for any surprises!!
      Once again,thank you Danielle …you’re a real KILLJOY! ☹️🤬

  6. Trust me, you don’t want to think these 2 are a couple because then it just perpetrates a certain trope that took center stage in 2016.

    I haven’t seen the original movie all the way through, only bits and pieces here and there through the years but I have to wonder was there really a need to remake this? I guess Lifetime needed some way to counterbalance their Unauthorized biopics of 90210 and Saved By the Bell with an actual movie.

    And I hate to say this because I love Idina Menzel but she’s just not a good actress for the screen. I think she tries too hard, some might call that overacting which on stage you need but not on screen. I get it you need to be bigger, louder, everything on stage so people in the bad seats can see you but on screen she just hasn’t learned to tone it down.
    Not to mention and again I hate to say this, she’s doesn’t pick the right projects to ride the wave of success from the project before, after Frozen she went back to Broadway which is fine but she didn’t take advantage of the Frozen success to jump start her music career. Just last year finally her album came out, does anyone even know it or a song from it? And she picks projects like this which isn’t bad but it’s not going to make her career.

  7. …..I had just seen the trailer making it’s way around the internet and I actually completely thought it was about them as a queer couple. And I was super excited about it. So. Yeah. Glad that dream was crushed early.


  9. idk if anyone else noticed but the young idina menzel is played by gabriella pizollo who played small alison in fun home! so yeah this movie should be rather gay :)

  10. The trailer makes it look it’s beat for beat a copy of the original. Go see the Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey version. It’s a classic, for a good reason. It’s just not the gay you were looking for.

  11. We could just watch the whole movie with no sound (or Carol at Waterloo playing in the background) to make our gay dreams come true.

    Also, true story: my old roommate (who I didn’t realize I had a huge crush on #latebloomer) loved Beaches, so I play fought watching it with her for months, and then did to make her happy. At the end, as she’s bawling through Wind Beneath My Wings and the accompanying scene, I am laughing my head off, because all I can picture is Lorelai Gilmore and my sister singing “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” at super in appropriate times.

    This did not go over well.

  12. The original Beaches is definitely good femslash material – like a lot of (most?) women-centric movies from the late 80s and through the 90s.

    Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey have waaaaaay more chemistry with each other than with any of the men they’re supposedly involved with.

  13. Why would anyone even THINK of touching Beaches?! The original movie is perfection! Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey have amazing on-screen chemistry, and also Bette Midler sings a song about tit slings vs. brassieres, which one simply cannot beat.

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