The Comment Awards Have a Pocket Full of Punshine

Hello! Queer Girl here, back to tell you that homemade chicken soup is an excellent antidote to the world being on fire. Don’t think you have to follow one of those recipes you have to read through 100 SEO keywords to get to, just make the soup you want to eat in the world! You’re a powerful creature! If you want to dump two entire jars of tomatillo salsa into that chicken soup, do it! The world is your stockpot!

This week, Jay wrote the loveliest thing about food and friends and family.

Vanessa interviewed Mary Lambert about her new book of poetry!

Alyssa brought us a 101 guide to accessible sex.

Rachel reviewed The Haunting Of Hill House, the new Netflix series that looks amazing but is way too scary for me! Thank God for good write-ups.

Reneice made some very healing banana bread.

The new Charmed is out, and gayer than ever! Carmen loved it!

And there were your comments.

On “Donut County” Is a Perfect Game For People Who Need a Break From Their Rage:

The Pocket Full of Punshine Award to Morgan le Gay:

I want to play this game a hole lot. The world seems cruller than usual and I donut want to think about it (sorry).

On Monday Roundtable: Since You’ve Been Gone:

The Next Level Award to Gilbert:

LOST: My A-Level certificates, last seen in a pub in 2010, whilst celebrating my results. Woops

On Also.Also.Also: It’s True, Your Finger Length Points To Your Homosexuality Says Alleged Science:

The Great Expectations Award to Dani Z:

I WAS NOT ADEQUATELY PREPARED FOR THE GRACE BONNEY NIGHT IN. As a queer introvert with pretty new type 1 diabetes and newer singleness I DID NOT REALLY REALIZE I COULD HAVE A WIFE AND A PERFECT NIGHT IN WITH SAID WIFE and now I have a hope and love is not a lie and how DARE YOU on this the day of our Spirit, a Thursday, give me these notions.

And, OF COURSE, on Straight People Watch: Fall 2018:

The Junderpants Award to meg and Em:

Meg: “jean panties

The Last Holiday Award to Kris:

The Bible hates Girls Trip (2017)

The Satanic Panic Award to madmorris, Sonja L, Larisa, ClariceStarling, and Blackmar:

madmorris: And the gender is...FIRE! (boom, crash, explosions). / Sonja L: Fire by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown starts playing. / Larisa: Ah yes, the three genders: male, female, and uncontrollable wildfire. / ClariceStarling: A black goat appears and says: “Wouldst thou like to know the gender?

And the Really Putting the Men in Mensa Award to thatottergirl:

Dear “Sarah

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  1. Please can no one tell my mum, she is under the misguided impression that I have my life together!

    Also thank you. *blushes*

    • such a jolly image, i am imagining both you and your certificate being carried around on people’s shoulders joyously and accidentally getting separated when the certificate gets crowd-surfed away from you

  2. I love this column so, so much. I’m the type that feels like a party’s not complete unless I get to dissect it with my best friends afterwards. And that’s what the comments awards is. Every Friday I know my AS buddies will show up and we can all marvel over how smart and funny we all were and somehow the week seems more bearable.

  3. i am always so delighted by the brilliant comments on AS so i was not at ALL prepared to see one of my own in this lovely roundup ? happy friday, friends!

  4. Thanks, QG! It’s truly an honor.

    Also, mad props to Morgan Le Gay on both the screen name and punny comment! I had missed that one, and it was great!

  5. Thank you to madmorris, Sonja L, Larisa, and ClariceStarling for giving me the opportunity to ride your coattails to my undeserved comment award!

  6. QG you are always great with the Awards Names but this week you really took it to the next level. Truly superb. Brava!

  7. Yaaay thank you! This was my proudest achievement of the week, and I will get started on my fanfic/”50 ways to leave your loser” how-to for the Sarah & Janes of the world.

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