Also.Also.Also: It’s True, Your Finger Length Points To Your Homosexuality Says Alleged Science

Hello and good day to you! It’s Spirit Day and also the day I’m having these dumbass wisdom teeth removed from my head (which I cannot and will not stop talking about), so really just a lot going on for all of us am I right.

I hope you’re wearing purple and that you’re ready to talk about the mental health, physical safety and emotional wellbeing of LGBTQ youth to everyone who’ll listen! Because that’s your job today. My job is to not say say or do anything embarrassing from the time it takes me to come out of anesthesia and get into our car. I wish us all the best of luck in our endeavors today and always and may the universe lift us and keep us!

Lord have mercy this is a very full link roundup! Also please just tell me your fave soft foods ok bye love u.

Queer as in F*ck You

Hello speaking of Spirit Day!!!! Protecting LGBTQ+ Kids from the Trauma of Conversion Therapy.

Finger Length Could Provide Clue to Person’s Sexuality, Researchers Suggest. Um yeah duh we like already know this: Our Hands, Ourselves: A Deeply Unscientific Investigation of Identity. COME ON.

Time’s Up Co-Founder Robbie Kaplan Will Represent Moira Donegan.

For LGBTQ People Under Trump, the Levers of Power Are Blocked.

Cowbirds by Kristen Arnett.

And Then I Cursed This Motherfucker by A.E. Osworth.

Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman Dreamed of Writing the Second Chapter in the #MeToo Story and Gabrielle Hamilton, April Bloomfield, and the Problem With Leaving Women to Clean Up the Mess. Both pieces are worth your time.

Beyond the Narrow Expectations of Gender.

Why Breaking Up and Being Single is Actually the Best. One Autostraddle writer is on record saying, “feels way too rude of me to tweet this but i will just leave it right here”, and who are we to argue.

Theater Review: On Being Queer and Black in America, in Fireflies.

Janelle Monae Details ‘Dirty Computer’ Writing Process, Thoughts on Political Art.

I just— ok listen, I couldn’t not share this title and link with you. I’m sorry. Lionel Messi’s Ibiza Hotel Hosting 4-Day Lesbian Orgy. You are welcome.

How Grace Bonney Spends a Perfect Night In. THIS IS SWEET AND COMFORTING this will save you today.

Maybe this will also save you: The Girl’s Guide to Changing Your Gender.

We All Love Drag Queens – But What About Drag Kings?

KaeLyn Rich is on this episode of Queer Kid Stuff!

There’s Going to Be a ‘Pride Flight’ Party From London to New York With Tituss Burgess.

Heyooooo time to talk about Practical Magic! The internet has noticed that it’s been 20 years since it was released and so people have written things on purpose to ride that wave, and listen, I am here as fuck to read those things, as Practical Magic is a thing that I love. Here’s “Practical Magic” Is 20 Years Old And Just As Relevant As Ever and The Real Curse in ‘Practical Magic’ Is Heterosexuality.

Saw This, Thought of You

Rest in peace, Mar Ibarra. This is so fucked up and horrific. Mar Ibarra, Mexican Women’s Soccer Pioneer, Found Beaten To Death.

How Carrie Mae Weems Rewrote the Rules of Image-Making.

Here’s How Avatar: The Last Airbender Can Acknowledge Its Inuit Roots.

Mmmmkay read this: Blumhouse Has Never Produced a Theatrically Released Horror Movie Directed by a Woman — But Hopes To, then read Carly Usdin’s thoughts on Twitter and just, you know, have a great time!

The Millennial 100.

Britney Spears smokes a cigarette and stares into the middle distance, lips pursed.

One Thousand Cranes.

Terra Flamma: The Destructive Beauty of Wildfire.

A Mysterious Polio-Like Illness in Children Has the CDC Baffled.

Loretta Lynn’s New Album, and the Trail She Blazed in Country Music, just if you wanted to have some conflicting feelings today.

Excavating Trauma and the Healing Power of Haunted-Home Films.

Planned Parenthood has a series of videos to help you talk to your children about bodies, consent, gender, and so forth. Here’s one!

Survey Finds Widespread ‘Moral Distress’ Among Veterinarians. Y’all! This is sad.

Ok look, I needed this and maybe you do, too: A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Perfect Red Lipstick.

Caroll Spinney, the Actor Behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Is Retiring.

Why I Hate “Free Bird”.

Not a Follower, Not Yet a Leaderwomen: Cult Leaders Hold an Insidious, Misunderstood Power.

Political Snacks

Brazil’s Bitter Presidential Race Leads to Scores of Assaults.

Massachusetts Is an Unlikely Battleground for the Future of Trans Rights, But Here We Are.

How the Gutting of the Voting Rights Act Led to Hundreds of Closed Polls.

Florida Counties Ravaged by Hurricane Michael Scramble to Give Voters a Chance to Cast Ballots in Elections.

Marijuana in the 2018 Midterms: A State-by-State Guide.

The FBI of the National Park Service.

Millennials Need to Start Voting Before the Gerontocracy Kills Us All. Chill thoughts.

Does Religious Freedom Extend to Child Endangerment? It’s Not as Simple as It Seems.

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  1. Fave soft food: chickpea bacon purée soup. Actually filling & delicious.

    Wisdom teeth removal pro-tip: ICE YOUR FACE 24/7!! Even longer than you think you need to. The swelling will go down so much faster and you’ll thank yourself for it.

    True story, the day after my wisdom teeth surgery in college, I felt good enough to go to a bbq/party. I did medicate with alcohol that night instead of (very important – instead of, not in addition to) using medicine, and I also flirted with a dude entirely in order to get him to cut up a hot dog for me. May you have a similarly speedy recovery and also be able to eat a hot dog, not just soft foods, through underhanded trickery very soon!

  2. There’s a theater and dance festival on Pernambuco, Brazil, called “Festival Cena Cumplicidades”, taking place now and going around until November 5th.

    Well, a piece from Ezequiel Barrios, called “Puto”, and two others, had to be cancelled because the organizers couldn’t guaranteed the safety of the interpreters. All the pieces cancelled had LGBT content.

    Here’s the trailer of PUTO


    As a queer introvert with pretty new type 1 diabetes and newer singleness I DID NOT REALLY REALIZE I COULD HAVE A WIFE AND A PERFECT NIGHT IN WITH SAID WIFE and now I have a hope and love is not a lie and how DARE YOU on this the day of our Spirit, a Thursday, give me these notions.

  4. @aeosworth I loved that! I thought it was nonfiction right until the end and then I was like “ok now I have no idea if this was a slightly fictionalized account of a real thing or total fiction”, but either your kid is fucking awesome and you’re a great parent or you write fucking awesome kid & parent characters. Take whichever compliment fits. :)

    Recent conversation with my own (nonfictional) awesome kid:
    Her: Today at school J. said he was going to pull my earrings right out of my ears.
    Me: Wow. That is a super-not-ok thing to tell someone! What did you do?
    Her: I said “NO!!!” and gave him the Eyebrow of Doom!!!!! [demonstrating single raised Eyebrow of Doom]
    Me: [cackling] Oh wow that was perfect! What did he do then?
    Her: Like this [frozen intimidated face] and then he ran away!

    Then she went over in front of her closet, which has mirror doors, and made a few more Eyebrow of Doom faces at herself. (You can only do so many before you can’t keep from giggling.)

    I don’t like that the interaction happened, but damn am I gleeful at her thorough owning of it. When I got bullied at her age I was much more likely to withdraw and blame myself for not being nice enough to convince the bully I didn’t deserve their nastiness.

  5. I have to admit I’ve always been nervous about the whole length of your finger thing because on both my hands my index finger is longer than my ring finger. It’s dumb really how I get over this but I shouldn’t be because I’m definitely not straight!

    • Eh, the finger length ratio thing might be true at the population level (for people with European ancestry), but you couldn’t actually use it to predict someone’s sexual orientation from their finger lengths. I checked out the plots in figure 5, and even if the mean is different, the spread of ratios is almost completely overlapping for straight vs. non-straight women. Any of those points could come from either population. Also, the study says the ratio is closer to the male ratio for these women, which doesn’t necessarily mean the ring finger is actually longer than the index, just that it’s longer than it would be for the straight twin. So having a longer index finger definitely wouldn’t mean you’re straight.

      Also also while they did do twins in this study to avoid genetic factors, ethnicity is still a huge factor – 23andMe used to have a graph that showed what percentage of South Asians had one ratio vs the other but apparently now they’ve replaced it with a less quantitative graphic that shows that my genetics are like 90% predictive of my digit ratio. But I’ve looked up other research suggesting in South Asian populations, there’s much less difference in the ratios between men and women.

  6. The Vice op-ed on breakups was exactly what I needed right now. Three weeks in and after some time devoted to meeting my own needs am in a weird place: starting to feel emotionally stable and yet still vulnerable enough to think ‘maybe it wasn’t so bad really?’ But IT REALLY WAS and I need to get the fuck over it.


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