The Comment Awards Are Lying Naked on the Floor


Hi, pals! It’s Friday the 13th. Let’s do something festive, like hexing the President!

This week, Reneice made tahini-swirled brownies.

Christy shared this amazing piece from her journey to parenthood.

Vanessa wrote this amazing ode to Natalie Imbruglia. (Just kidding, it’s even better than that.)

Over in the Steven Universe…universe, RUBY AND SAPPHIRE GOT MARRIED!

GLOW is back – this time with more lesbian content!

This research is relevant to your interests: What Does It Mean to Be a “Bottom” or “Submissive” in Lesbian Sex?

Love safer sex, but frustrated by dental dams? These undies are for you!

And then there were your comments.

On Like Rabbits:

The Somewhere Out There Award to Monique:

This was so incredible and deeply moving. Thank you for sharing this window into your lives with us. Funny enough, while you were penning these comics I was 17-18 years old living in Orange County and coming to terms with my sexuality and feeling so alone. I had no idea a story like this was unfolding right in my own backyard. Really broadens your perspective and makes the lonely journey, in retrospect, somehow feel a little less lonely.

On “Steven Universe” Makes History, Mends Hearts in a Perfect Lesbian Wedding Episode:

The D’Awwww Award to birobot:

When I got married, we had Ruby and Sapphire as our cake topper, so this episode was always going to mean a lot to me. What I didn’t expect, as a slightly masculine person who had to explain over and over again why I wanted to wear a dress at my wedding, were the FEELINGS I’d have seeing Ruby in a dress, too. My heart has melted and I feel so seen.

On What Does It Mean to Be a “Bottom” or “Submissive” in Lesbian Sex?

The Public Good Award to shamblebot:

I’ve been an Autostraddle reader for years now and always just lurked without making an account. Today I finally created an account just so I could leave a comment on this piece. As a person who works in public health, I am so happy to see Autostraddle do this kind of sociological research. It’s important for our community to understand ourselves and I’m thrilled to see the thought and effort that went into crafting the survey. Thank you for making this queer data nerd’s day!

And the Sticky Things Award to Deli Twotone:

I loved filling out the survey and I’m so there for the keen analysis of the results, Riese ! This is going to seriously educate and entertain for weeks to come, so yay ! Also : “what happens when they actually get into bed, remove their clothing, and begin rolling around naked while sticking things inside each other

On No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Takes a Dreamy, Potentially Romantic Desert Vacation:

The Nanettesecond Award to carmenc:

I also could only finish Nanette in increments. I feel so seen.

On Pop Culture Fix: Stephanie Beatriz Will Play Elena’s Gay Aunt on “One Day at a Time”:

The I’m In A Dream Award to Stef:

FAN THEORY: tessa thompson only came out bc she was being controlled by evan rachel wood bye

On 10 Floors I’ve Lied On, Ranked:

The Triple Threat Award to Snaelle:

Yes and who’s lain on the floor, realizing they were lied to as they were laid there?

And on The Dental Dam Is Overdue for an Update, and Lorals Is Offering a Sexy Alternative:

The Veneer of Respectability Award to Amanda ling:

Amanda Ling: FINALLY! Underwear that’s *supposed* to give you a wedgie / Wait! Has anyone done the obligatory “resting on our Lorals

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  1. And thank you for making my lifelong ambition of being a triple threat come true qg!!!

    Just goes to show what you can achieve if you trois hard enough…

    (yes I have no shame)

  2. I really am very excited about disposable barrier underwear, I was just EVEN MORE excited about how many jokes we’re gonna make about them

    • Gosh I really missed an opportunity there, didn’t I ? And considering I went to catholic boarding school for years, I’m a bit embarrassed…

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