FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello Autostraddle readers!!! How are you doing? How’s summer? How’s Cancer season? Anybody out there with summertime SAD working through some shit? Because I am! And I see you!!!

My week’s been banana for a variety of reasons, and I’ve been feeling very raw. But, I’ve gotten out of bed each day, I’ve read something cool each day, I’ve been drinking water…so it’s not all bad. It’s never all bad, you know? Anyway, when I’m feeling blue, my favorite thing is going down a rabbit hole of Youtube videos, specifically, a bunch of different musical theatre performances? I figured this week, we could all talk about our weird internet obsessions: what do you get into when you need a break from real life? Are you secretly obsessed with videos from the University of Michigan musical theatre department from 2004-2008? Do you read fan fiction that’s not about fictional characters? Do you start by looking up a random person on Wikipedia and then end up learning about particle physics somehow? Do you spend an hour watching the same video of a song Marceline sang on Adventure Time that made you cry? What rabbit holes are your favorite? Do you remember StumbleUpon??? Tell me all your secrets.

And because I can’t ask you to share all your secrets without sharing a few of my own, I’m gonna share my top five Youtube videos from this week. I would be lying if I said that I watched any of these videos fewer than ten times this week. And to be honest, I probably watch them ten times a day. Familiarity is comforting okay?!

  • Bon Appétit “Kids Try” videos: hilarious children trying new foods? Braver than all the troops.

  • Eleven year old videos of musical theatre majors from a school I didn’t go to? Sign me tf up!

  • This twenty minute video of songs Marceline from Adventure Time has sung

  • This Youtube series where musical theatre performer Natalie Weiss breaks down riffing for all us regulars.

  • Finally, this video of 2018 Tony Award Winner Lindsay Mendez belting her face off. I have watched this video at least twice a day since the beginning of July.

Okay cornhusks, have a slamming weekend. I can’t wait to read about all the weird stuff you do on the internet! I also can’t wait to hear about your weeks, your pets, your plants, your trials and tribulations, your joys, and your life in general! You’re all so stinking cool and weird and interesting and honestly, I’m dying to know more. See you in the comments!

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