No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Takes a Dreamy, Potentially Romantic Desert Vacation

Welcome back to No Filter, Autostraddle’s most beloved weekly review of queer celebrity Instagram. This week, tongues are wagging about our dear Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko and who she may or may not be dating. Is it you?

It’s been a while. Just been busy. Doing this

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Hayley Kiyoko, everybody’s favorite FunBoy, on a pool toy just like a model.

She just said I’m bae I hit the thizzle dance

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I love when Brittani Nichols’ insta feed is just cute couples pictures in great outfits.

Gaby Dunn’s dog Beans who doubles as a pretentious male novelist is also her child by birth.

What do I have to do?

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If you judge fame by how often my mom has called me this week and told me to finish watching Nanette (I had to do it in increments, I’m sure you understand), I would say Hannah Gadsby is very, very famous.

Janelle Monáe, meeting fans. Me, sobbing gently.


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Amandla Stenberg is having a very involved romantic relationship with this pillow and nothing you tell me will convince me otherwise.

CHAMPIONS AREN’T BORN, THEY ARE MADE.#fadeawayjumpshot #slamdunk

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OK listen, I missed this the first time around but had to come back because ANNIE CLARK PLAYING BABY BASKETBALL.

#EvanAndZane @evanandzane @evanrachelwood @zanecarney ????#BLUE

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I rewear the same 5 bathing suits over and over again if you haven’t noticed..

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Wow Demi Lovato, how could you?

DREAMS COME TRUE @melissafumero and I are gonna be on @odaatnetflix season 3!

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I am imagining these two being introduced exactly this way, as Lydia announces their presence with great ceremony, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Join us next week; I assume Demi Lovato will still be wearing the same bathing suit. I’ll still be coping with it.

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