Queer Tarotscopes for Taurus Season 2022: What Are You Ready to Confront?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Rosebud Tarot and The Compendium of Constellations.

Last month we started a brand new astrological year, enjoying the fiery confidence and brilliant courage of Aries. But now we are moving into a season of fixed earth, of steady focus, of sensuality and loyalty and devotion. Welcome to Taurus season.

Our birth card for Taurus is the Hierophant, a figure of discovery and interrogation, of spiritual knowledge and community wisdom. It’s with the Hierophant that we honor the rituals that provide comfort and pleasure, as well as digging into the boundaries or restrictions that we may be starting to chafe against. Where do you feel free, empowered, excited, and where do you feel stagnant, trapped, limited? Traditions and rules are useful tools for connection, depth, and protection, but build those walls too high and we forget that there is a whole world beyond our work, our finances, our safety.

In numerology, five is the midpoint, a chance to pivot and shift, an opportunity to move away from old patterns and embrace adventure. And while the Hierophant may not seem like a figure that we would immediately associate with traveling the world or taking big risks, they are willing to ask the hard questions, to look beyond what they already know, and willingly acknowledge that some mysteries will never be solved. What does it mean to accept natural tension, inherent friction? What does it feel like to accept internal or external conflict, pushing through the hard stuff instead of trying to smooth all the ragged edges or harsh words? What could this energy offer you, if you worked with it instead of struggling against it?

Taurus is a sign that is often associated with pleasure and comfort, that gets accused of being stubborn or obsessive — and like all fixed signs, there’s an element of truth to this, a desire to stick to the plan and focus on what we know. Dependability, loyalty, and steadfastness are beautiful, powerful, important qualities. Yet when we cling to what’s comfortable, when we refuse to engage with anything that challenges or pushes or frustrates us, we stunt our own growth. The Hierophant, the number five, and Taurus invite us to consider where we might be stuck in an old pattern, where we might be clinging to the familiar instead of allowing ourselves to blossom, consider, explore. What would it look like to give ourselves a taste of something new, instead of deferring to the old? What would it mean to open up new pathways, new ideas, new connections, to make space for new possibilities?

In this season of Taurus, pay attention to the points of friction in your life, the places where you are being tested or challenged. So many of our cards ask us to consider freedom, adventure, to pay attention to when we’re curious and when we’re complacent. What does it mean to dream bigger, to look past our own limits? What happens when we challenge our own assumptions? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, art, and harmony, so if you know your Venus placement you can also include this card in your layout for a more complete picture of your Taurus season.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Taurus season!


The Lovers

As we shift out of your season and into a time of slower, more careful movement, pay attention to the ways that you allow yourself freedom to explore rather than clinging to a set path. You may be great at focusing on what you want and creating a plan to achieve it, but how often do you let yourself move without envisioning a finish line? What would it look like to take the space to wander and create, without an end goal in mind? Give yourself opportunities for playful connection and curious discovery this season, taking in your surroundings and nurturing your spirit. How can you show yourself love? And how does giving back to those you care for make you feel like your cup is overflowing?


Two of water

Happy birthday, Taurus! You may feel a sensation of heart-opening this season, as possibility and wonder intersect with sensitivity, vulnerability, and deep connection. While you may be more comfortable in the physical realm, most concerned with things that you can taste and touch and protect, give yourself opportunities for intimacy this season, chances to share pieces of yourself with those you love. Who do you let in, and what does it feel like to do so? How are your relationships evolving? Is there someone that you’ve been wanting to experience deeper closeness with? Sometimes we have to make the first move, have to invite someone in before they will extend the same generosity. What would it feel like to share your heart?


The Elder

As you move into the fixed earth of Taurus, you may find new opportunities for leadership, discipline, and organization, chances to take charge over a big project or move into a new position of responsibility. There is a real dignity to overseeing something important, to knowing that others are looking to you for control and authority — and rather than getting overwhelmed by expectation, allow yourself to pay attention to your own boundaries, your own rules. How do you protect your visions, guard your dreams, ensure your own future? What systems can you put into place to ensure that your work continues to grow at a steady, solid pace? What would it look like to step fully into your power?


Eight of air

It may feel tempting to charge ahead with a specific idea or perception this season, to hold fast to your understanding of truth and not waver in your belief about how to achieve a specific goal or intention. But sometimes we get so in our heads around a particular topic that it’s hard for us to adapt, becomes difficult to accept other viewpoints. Sweet Cancer, this season it’s important that you honor the perspectives of others, especially if you disagree with them. Truth is not always a clearly drawn line, instead often dwelling in shades of grey, so rather than backing yourself into a corner, allow your mind to wander, to listen, to consider. Where could shifting your approach reveal new possibilities?


Seven of air

This season may activate some challenges for you, Leo, as you feel a need to retreat, protect, and assess. There can be real power in looking over your own decisions, actions, and intentions, and sometimes it’s necessary to keep that work private for a time so that we can pay attention to our own intuition. However, resist the temptation to stay hidden in the shadows, to never share your insights or concerns with anyone else. Sometimes in revealing our burdens to others, we can find new solutions, see our troubles from an angle that we might’ve otherwise never considered. How can you lean on the people you trust? Where might a fresh perspective help you find your place and power again?


Curiosity of water

Known in other decks as the page of cups, this card speaks to the joy, eagerness, and awe that we can feel when embarking on a new emotional journey, building a new relationship, or embracing our sense of creativity in a new way. And while you are so often a figure of care, perfection, and cleaning up the messes of other people, give yourself opportunities for play, wonder, and deep curiosity this season. What project or vision might you explore, that would feed something deep within you? Where are you being asked to be vulnerable, open, generous? Where can you indulge your fascination with something, or someone?


Seven of fire

You’re so often the voice of reason, the peacemaker, the diplomat, particularly in situations where tempers are running high or no one can see eye to eye. But this season, you may feel the urge to strike out on your own, to stand up for a belief or vision or ideal in a way that sets you apart from others around you. This may feel uncomfortable, even worrisome, but you know what you want, and what you need — don’t doubt your instincts now. Be thoughtful about the battles you pick, but once you’ve committed to something, stand firm in your convictions. What would it feel like to fight for what you want?


The Tower

An archetype associated with chaos, destruction, and rapid change, the Tower is rarely a welcome sight. But Scorpio, you are not someone that is afraid to dig up the rot and make space for something new — transformation excites you, inspires you. Your challenge this season will be in allowing this shift to happen, even if you haven’t been the person initiating it. Sometimes in surrendering control we find new freedom, and it might be that one of the things that this season helps you break free from is the need to wield power over things that simply cannot be overpowered. How can you find the joy and magic in change? Where are you being called to loosen your grip?


Velocity of fire

Also known as the knight of wands, this figure is one of joy, vigor, determination, and excitement. This season you may find yourself eager to press forward in a pursuit that fills you with passion and purpose, setting big goals and racing towards them with open arms. Enjoy the momentum and enthusiasm that are building within you, this desire to prove yourself and gather others to your cause — but don’t get so lost in the rush of movement that you forget to follow through with the actual work. How are you making your mark on the world, and how can you ensure that you accomplish all that you’re setting out to do?


The Seeker

In this season of fixed earth, you may find yourself craving retreat, solitude, opportunities for reflection and personal development. You’re so good at setting a goal and sticking to it, at keeping your eyes on the prize and doing what it takes to achieve those big ambitions — but sometimes, especially if you find yourself getting close to a particular finish line, it’s essential to slow down, step back, and look at how far you’ve come. This isn’t just about assessing your work; it’s also about honoring the ways that you have changed and grown throughout the process, and recognizing the wisdom you have accumulated. What are you learning about yourself? How do peace and stillness help you see yourself more clearly?


Five of air

Some intellectual pursuits or assumptions may be challenged this season, forcing to evaluate what you know, what you believe, and what you are discovering. The mind can be a strange and uncertain place, so if you find yourself clinging to a particular version of truth, desperate to prove that you’re right in spite of mounting evidence towards a different conclusion, resist the urge to fight and instead make an effort to listen. You may excel at rationality and pragmatism, at looking at the world through a clinical, detached lens, but sometimes there are truths that the mind alone cannot understand. How can you let your heart, your soul, help you grasp new ideas? Where is time to expand?



Death is a natural part of life, yet for many, loss and release can be a frightening, disorienting experience. Pisces, you are better than most at slipping between worlds, at finding the magic and joy that dwell in dreams and fantasy, at understanding that what is unknown can sometimes hold the most beauty. Yet if you find yourself grieving this season, working to accept an ending that you hoped would never come, be gentle with yourself. Your heart is soft for a reason, and that is not a weakness but a strength. How can you care for yourself through challenging transitions? How might this ending create space for an important new start?

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