Queer Tarotscopes for Aries Season 2022: Which Dreams Are You Going to Protect?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Moon BB Magick Tarot and The Astrol-OG Deck.

Welcome to Aries season, friends! Falling on the spring equinox and beginning a new astrological year, Aries is cardinal fire: independent, passionate, visionary, with big dreams and the energy to achieve them. After the intellectual and analytical air of Aquarius, after the dreamy, intuitive exploration of Pisces, Aries season brings heat, magic, and structure to our boldest and brightest ambitions. This is an opportunity to build, to achieve, to conquer. Where do we want to go, and how do we plan to get there? If you’ve felt determination, motivation, anticipation building up within you, what do you plan to do with it?

Of course, the last few years have been incredibly difficult, and you may not feel brimming with fire and passion, ready to take on the world, eager to chase after your goals with abandon and make your mark in a lasting, powerful way. And that is absolutely okay. Not every season, every moon cycle, every shift has to be for every person, and if all you want to do in this time of Aries is crawl into bed, I salute you. But if you find yourself becoming a bit more energetic, craving focus, longing for a change, then Aries season might be just the thing to lean all the way into. Where have you felt stagnant, and what could you do to shake things up? What desire has been building within you, that you’re ready to pursue with everything you have?

In many ways, Aries season can set the tone for the entire year, helping us to clarify what we want out of this next astrological cycle. What have you learned about yourself, your cravings, your ambitions, over the last year? How have you changed since March 2021? What have you left behind, and what have you embraced? Consider the ways that you spend your time, share your resources, care for your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves. Where do you want to put your energy now? Who do you dream of becoming, and what would it take to get there?

Associated with the major arcana archetype of the Emperor, Aries brings intense clarity, alongside a willingness to stand up and go after the future that we want. After taking time to engage with all that dwells beneath the surface of our subconscious, Aries wants to drag those dreams out into the light, to put in the work to achieve them, to take charge of our lives and make sure that those dreams come true. And in the same way, the Emperor looks at the longings of the Fool, the possibilities offered by the Magician, the choices made by the Priestess, and the raw abundance generated by the Empress, and gets it organized, focused, protected. The Emperor is an archetype that helps us create limits and systems for ourselves, making a long-term plan for how we will achieve our many goals.

Think of Aries season as an opportunity to get your shit together, if that’s what you’re itching for. What have you started, that you want to protect? What are you planning to begin, that needs more definition? The Emperor wants us to bring activation energy to our work, play, dreams, and objectives, bringing fire and focus instead of passively drifting through our days. But just because this is the beginning of a new cycle, that doesn’t mean that we have to start a project that’s brand new to us. We can bring Aries and Emperor energy to whatever we’re working on, whatever we care about, whatever we hope to accomplish.

Many of our cards for this season are in the suit of lasers (wands/fire in this deck), and we have a number of fives, sixes, and sevens, cards that fall in the middle of their cycles. These cards are urging us to pour fire and intention into our work, to devote ourselves fully to something that matters to us. Where can you embrace fresh perspectives, a renewed purpose, a clarified vision, to something you’re already working through? How are you devoting yourself to your desires, protecting your efforts, keeping your movement steady? How can you define success in your own way?Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and pursuit, so if you know your Mars placement you can also include that in your reading for a more complete picture of your Aries season.

A spread for Aries season: To the center left goes the moon card: “I feel,

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Aries season!


The queen of lasers is a statue of a woman saint with a black cat walking in front of her with the earth above. This is collaged in front of yellow background. Next to it is the Aries card: The competitor

Queen of lasers

Happy birthday, Aries! You’re rarely afraid of taking action, going after what you want, or breaking a few rules to get where you need to be — and this season, your natural fire and dynamic magnetism may feel extra intense, giving you all the courage that you need to pursue your deepest, most authentic desires with fervor, confidence, and power. What have you been building, that you’re ready to share with the world? Who are you becoming, that you’re excited to let others see? You have the ability to lead and inspire with ease, and this season may bring opportunities to invite others into your work, to collaborate and build towards a future that brings joy, creativity, and freedom to the many rather than just the few. What brightens your shine, and how can you let your sparks light fires all around you? How are you balancing structure with originality?


Page of Lasers Sanguine is a pink card with a collage of skulls hanging off of a tree, next to it is a card that says Taurus is the connoisseur

Page of lasers

A new idea may capture your fancy this season, and while you’re not generally one to go rushing forward without a clear plan, Aries season is inviting you to take a few chances, to step outside of your familiar patterns and comfort zones to pursue something that may expand your understanding of who you are. What if you believed that your biggest dream could come true? What if you allowed yourself to take charge of a passion project, instead of talking yourself out of it based solely on the risks you’d need to take? Harness this child of fire’s optimism, inspiration, and creativity, and allow yourself to thoroughly consider what you want to pursue. Where are you ready to chase after something new? How can you integrate all that you’ve learned into an imaginative, authentic cycle of growth?


Seven of Lasers Fortitude is a red card with a collage of a full moon and a bonfire, the next card says Gemini is the Investigator

Seven of lasers

You rarely run out of new ideas, clever Gemini, but it’s not always easy for you to stay dedicated to a project, to remain committed even as fresh ambitions work their way into your mind and heart. Yet this season, you may find yourself in a position of fighting for something that really matters to you, putting everything that you have into completing an ongoing, long-term dream. There’s magic in seeing something through to the end, in resisting the lure of a bright new beginning in order to make sure that an old objective actually comes to fruition — but this is something important, something worth struggling for. Even if it feels like no one understands what you’re working towards, even if it seems like nobody gets the vision of your project, hold fast to your sense of self, and remind yourself of the power of your ambition. How can you continue to invest in your own work? What do you need in order to making progress?


Six of Lasers Adulation is an orange cad with a collage of the moon and purple flowers, the card next to it is Cancer is the Caretaker

Six of lasers

Something that you’ve been working towards may click into a higher gear this season, as you feel momentum building and old obstacles falling to the side. Take some time to celebrate your achievements, to feel pride in how far you’ve come, to recognize the ways that you’ve learned and evolved and grown as a person, a creator, a leader. How can you bring fresh energy to an existing project, and where might a new collaborator, perspective, or resource help take things to the next level? You bring so much depth and tenacity to your work, but don’t forget to tend to yourself too, balancing this season’s blazing fire with your own cooling, soothing waters. How does your work reflect the things that you care about the most deeply, and where might you be ready to put more of yourself into this project? How are your biggest ambitions helping you connect with other people, letting you be seen in new and even more authentic ways?


The purple card says Queen of Caves Remother with a collage a moon in eclipse and a statue of a curvaceous woman, next to it is a card that says Leo is The Showstopper

Queen of caves

So much of what you do, say, and create is tied to audiences and communities, a quality that makes you intensely generous in the ways that you share, collaborate, and give of yourself — but this season, make a dedicated effort to extend some of that generosity inwards. How do you care for yourself? Which internal wounds are you aware of, and how are you healing them? What gives you true, uncomplicated pleasure? You let your fire burn so brightly, warming and inspiring everyone around you, but it’s okay (and sometimes deeply necessary) to occasionally step back from the spotlight and show patience, devotion, and gentleness to your physical self and your daily practices. Which rituals make you feel whole, safe, joyful? Where can you simplify, and how might that allow you to devote your energy to the things that matter most?


The Six of Waves Expression is a purple card with a moon in eclipse and hot mug with white flowers all around it, next to it is a card that says Virgo is The Perfectionist

Six of waves

New cycles, and Aries season in particular, are so often about looking forward: what do we want for our future? What are we ready to work towards? How can we name our desires and make a plan to achieve them? But this season, you may find yourself turning your gaze backwards, reflecting on where you’ve come from, your past and your history and your personal roots. Whether this feels like a gentle way to care for your inner child or an invigorating practice that reminds you of old dreams that you’re ready to reactivate, give yourself plenty of intentional, protected space for meditation, reflection, and introspection. You may be a deeply service-oriented person, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to have big dreams of your own. How do you identify your needs, and how often do you express them? Where could you put yourself first, in a way that still aligns with your values and ethics?


The King of Caves is a blue and purple card with a moon and a castle, the next card says Libra is The Mediator

King of caves

Your cardinal air may feel particularly invigorated as we move into Aries season, as you find yourself excited and eager to put your many ideas into action. This season, the cards want you to dream big, even as you work to ground your plans in tangible resources, to think carefully about how you can chase after desires that line up with your personal beliefs, ideals, and values. It can be easy to get swept up into grind culture, to put your energy and efforts into goals that other people believe are important — but as you organize and expand your own ambitions, take time to listen to your own instincts, to sort out what matters to you. How are you balancing what you crave with the needs of the community you live within? Where are you willing to make lasting, powerful change, and how can you do so in a thoughtful, intentional way that doesn’t destabilize what you have already built?


The Wheel of Fortune Journey card is orange with a moon in half eclipse and a star in from of orange clouds, next to it is a card that says Scorpio is The Enigma

Wheel of Fortune

As we move into this new season and another astrological cycle, you may feel a sensation of things clicking into place, falling into line, perhaps even of forces beyond your control urging you in a surprising direction. Rather than trying to assert your own power or strategize for ways that you can take full advantage of the situation, give yourself the freedom to see where this season takes you, enjoying any strokes of luck or unexpected connections for what they are: part of the journey. What are you being invited to activate, and where might you be ready to leave something old behind? Which patterns feel good to sink into, and which no longer make sense for you? After last season’s intense creative exploration, this may be an opportunity for new movement, sudden shifts, or joyful growth, so stay alert, and don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. Where is the wind taking you?


Hermit Wise One is a card with a blue sky, a dark moon, and a bright green tree with a black cat, next to it is a card that says Sagittarius is The Explorer


So much of your life is about knowledge, wisdom, gathering information, and experiencing new things. And as you move into fiery, determined Aries season, don’t be afraid to turn that curious gaze inward, to investigate the vast worlds that live within you, to carry that healing, care-oriented energy of Pisces forward into this new cycle. What have you learned about yourself over the last year, and which questions do you still have about what you want, what you fear, what you hope the world can be? What new truths might you find if you prioritize self-discovery rather than focusing on schools of thought or external philosophies? You’re so generous with insights and perspectives, often willing to share what you know with those around you, but you may find some magic within yourself that you want to keep quiet for a time, to play with in private before unleashing it on the world. Who are you learning you can be?


The Three of Lasers Art Spell card is bright red with a dark moon and a bright light fixture, next to it is a card that says Capricorn is The CEO

Three of lasers

Even as your ambitions and goals start to make measurable, noticeable progress, you may still find that your gaze is fixed to the horizon this season, waiting for something more to happen, even feeling impatient with the pace that your efforts are taking. Your natural sense of drive, focus, and persistence are legendary, but don’t get so absorbed with your expectations for the future that you miss out on all of the joy, satisfaction, and pleasure that’s already in your present. What are you generating, and how is your natural creativity adding layers of magic to your work? How might new perspectives or collaborative efforts shift your work in an exciting new direction? As you move into the competitive drive and focused fire of Aries season, don’t lose yourself in obsessive work patterns or downplay the achievements that you’ve already made. How can you enjoy every stage of the process, instead of focusing only on the finish line?


The Five of Waves Grieve is a lavender card with a bright moon and a collage of a orange star, next to it is a card that says Aquarius is The Diplomat

Five of waves

You’re often described as detached or analytical, able to remove emotions from your work in a way that can seem cold to those that don’t understand your process — but as you move into passionate Aries season, it may feel like feelings are bubbling up, slowing down your progress and forcing you to turn your sharp gaze inward. Grief can be a heavy thing, but ignoring those more challenging emotions won’t make them go away. Instead, make an effort to show yourself true compassion this season, taking all of the time and space that you need to reflect, heal, and perhaps even let others offer you a shoulder to cry on. Vulnerability is not a weakness, and in allowing yourself feel your feelings and be present with any hidden pain, you can actually work through sorrow or feelings of loss instead of just suffering in silence. How can you show yourself grace? What do you need in order to recover, move forward, and thrive?


Strength Mettle is a card with a bright blue sky and a pitch black moon, and in a collage an illustration of a tiger floats on a cloud, next to it is a card that says Pisces is The Dreamer


As we move out of your season of healing and connection and into a period of activation and rapid, focused motion, you may find yourself carrying that steady patience forward, refusing to let others rush you or tell you how to meet your goals. There’s a real wisdom in knowing what we do and do not want, in being able to listen before acting, in believing that we are capable of making decisions that work best for us. And this is a season to keep trusting your intuition and your natural fortitude, to let yourself take pride in your natural sense of experience, understanding, and courage. What do you love about yourself, and how can you let that love take up more space in your life? Who are you growing into, and how does your leadership, ambition, and sense of pride contribute to your personal success? What does courage look like for you?

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