The Comment Awards Are in San Junipero with Janelle Monáe


Hi, loves! I hope you’ve been able to take good care of yourself this week. Take a deep breath! We did it!


Did you see Black Panther yet? Carmen’s got a gorgeous, nuanced review for us.

Blessed image! What to Say to Someone Who Met a Lesbian. By, you guessed it, Erin.

Riese and Heather watched Everything Sucks!, which you need to watch immediately, and the pilot of the Heathers reboot, which you should probably avoid at all costs.

Read this.

Aisha spoke with Her Body and Other Parties author Carmen Maria Machado!

How to Have a Lesbian Threesome. Bless you, Carolyn.

And then there were your comments!

On Monday Roundtable: Our Favorite Outfits:

The Thirst Trap: Set Award to KaeLyn:

It worked on me, too, Stef.

On How To Have A Lesbian Threesome:

The Unicorn Union Award to Amanda ling:

Okay, fun story, someone asked me once if I’d had any threesomes as a pretty unsubtle, I dunno, Unicorn Job interview question? And I really didn’t have time to tell her that I just wasn’t that into her boyfriend so I said “I don’t even know what the third girl would do, ya know?

And the Bunkmates Award to

I don’t know if I’d ever figure it out but three of my cabinmates at A-Camp certainly did

On No Filter: Janelle Monáe Is Trying To Break Your Heart:

The Palling Around Award to Blackmar:

There is no middle ground with these tabloids, is there? They used to ignore all of the 1000 obvious signs that female celebrities were dating, but now hand-holding is “serious PDA

On What to Say to Someone Who Met a Lesbian:

The High Art Award to Faustine:

I met a lesbian (or bisexual or pansexual – how does one really know) once, and to date it is one of my favourite moments from that dark period in my life. I was a 17 year old metalhead, visiting a goth synthpop club that rarely carded anyone with my emotionally and sexually abusive boyfriend of over a year. I had barely made my way through the crowd by the entrance, when my crush from junior high came bouncing up to me for a drunken and over-enthusiastic hug. She was wearing the tightest PVC skirt and her nipples, barely covered by black electric tape, were definitely not contained in any way by her fishnet top. It was a confusing moment for me, which became even more confusing as my boyfriend pulled me over to the bar so that he could talk to a friend of his. The friend introduced my boyfriend to a magnificent “high goth

On Also.Also.Also: Watch Queer Badass Emma González Confront Vile NRA Spokeswoman, Good Morning:

The Children Are Our Future Award to Alex:

The next time someone asks me why we should keep arts education in schools I’m just going to show them all these articles about these self described theater kids from Florida who are literally changing the god damn world and citing the skills they learned in drama, journalism and debate to do it.

And on MUSIC VIDEO: Tessa Thompson Makes Janelle Monáe (and Us) Feel Pretty F*cking Queer Today:

The Bi Scream Award to Sam, Triple O, and cleo:

*screams in bi* *screams in queer* *screams in Janelle & Tessa shipper* **just screams (internally because I am watching this at a coffee shop)**

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  1. Definitely Faustine line for that High Art award – what do you say though to someone who’s won an award for meeting a lesbian once?

    • The same thing you say to anyone who’s ever met a lesbian, I think: “Congratulations!” ?

      Sarcasm is optional.

  2. OMG! I’ve been internally screaming since I read the tag line of this article! Woo hoo. I want to put this in my LinkedIn profile.

    Seriously. That whole thread was so much fun and I had so much fun riffing off Sam’s screaming.

    Thank you QG for all that you do. I was having a crappy, too paralyzed to move forward type of morning, but hell, I won the comments awards! I can do anything.

  3. Oh wow. Winning the comment award definitely feels amazing lol. I love Janelle Monae an unhealthy amount so ghjhfdyjjjjj lol

    • Yeah, probs gonna keep using it, TBH, the girl and/or girl and/or guy who calls me on it is probably my type anyhow

  4. was juuuuuust about to get started working, but then opened a tab for AS and saw “COMMENT AWARDS” !!!! and had to come here to shout scream like and participate. LOVE YOU ALLLLL AND I HOPE YOU GO GET YOURSELF SOME BI-SCREAM Today.

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