Also.Also.Also: Watch Bisexual Badass Emma González Confront Vile NRA Spokeswoman, Good Morning

Let’s just get right to it.

Queer as in F*ck You

Trump Administration Dismantles LGBT-Friendly Policies.

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Keep Up

Here’s Emma González taking on Ice Queen Dana Loesch, who is a vile piece of shit, by the way.

This morning at CPAC, Loesch asserted, “Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back (of the room).”

Here’s the full video and transcript of last night’s town hall on CNN.

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Worst Roommate Ever. Everyone is reading this and so should you.

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  1. The next time someone asks me why we should keep arts education in schools I’m just going to show them all these articles about these self described theater kids from Florida who are literally changing the god damn world and citing the skills they learned in drama, journalism and debate to do it.

  2. What that NRA representative said (calling people with mental illnesses “crazy” and throwing a blanket statement that mass shooters are mentally ill -which surprise, thery’re not) is the reason why I hate or *strongly call BS* on people referencing mental illness in situations like this.

    But kudos to Emma González for calling BS. We neeed more Emmas in this world.

  3. It really boils me that they keep calling this guy mental ill. There is enough damn proof to show that his attack was racial motivated(trained with a KKK affiliate) and rooted antisemitism; the school is about 45% Jewish. I just want the fucking news to once admit when shooter is a white nationalist, a racist, and/or antisemitic, how hard can this fucking be?

  4. I can’t, for the life of me, understand the logic or the equation that some people uses against gun control, because let’s see what we have in the rest of the world:

    -Mental illnesses____Check.
    -Untreated mental illnesses____Check.
    -Violent video games and movies (it seems that President Dipshit is reading some very old debates from the 90’s, beware, he’s going deeper, next stop: Heavy Metal)____Check.
    -No praying in school____Check (yep, some countries take Lay Education very seriously).
    -The “disintegration of the traditional family”____Check.

    Let’s see what’s different:

    -Allowing 18 year olds to buy guns before they can even buy a fucking beer____Check
    -323,1 millions of people VS 340 millions of guns going around____Check
    -Doing mass shooting drills in scholls____Check

    Yes, I guess a lot of scientific research is necessary to see what the fuck is the problem.

    PD: I’m deeply offended. That thing Dana Loesch can’t even be called a human being, far less a woman. Even the shit I stepped on this morning has more soul than her.

  5. With everything going on lately I am going to binge watch that happy puppy video for days just so I can refill my good vibes.

    If everyone could be happy puppies for a few minutes each day this world would be a better happier place to live.

  6. Um, does Emma Gonzalez herself identify as “queer”? Like, has she specifically referred to herself that way or said that that’s what she prefers to be called? All I’ve seen is that she identifies as bi, but hopefully I’ve missed something. Because using a known slur that a huge number of people still find to refer to an individual who lives down south, where even words like “gay” and “lesbian” are weaponized by homophobes, and “queer” is still very much used as a slur, without any indication that they’re okay with it really seems like overstepping to me. I would be extremely upset if I saw some website refer to me as “queer” without checking with me, because I don’t identify that way and I very much consider it a slur that I have no personal wish to reclaim. Using it to refer to yourself is totally cool, but using to refer to a specific person who hasn’t personally said that they’re okay with being called “queer” is not okay.

    • I think your points are not unreasonable. However, I wouldn’t use the location of “down south” as a linchpin of your argument. Having grown up just a few miles from Sunrise, and having spent time in the South, the two are nothing alike. Culturally, South Florida is characterized by Haitians, Cubans, Jewish people, Jamaicans and the grandchildren of NE retirees. I have a hard time imagining “queer” being a slur there the way it is in the “down south” you’re imagining.

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