The Comment Awards Are Buying Dobby Socks


Hi there, scooby snacks! Today I present a brief list of words that my browser’s autocorrect thinks are misspelled: WordPress, autocorrect, Kickstarter, and mansplain. Get it together, Chrome! Don’t you know what kind of sites I visit?

This week, Dickens made an announcement. (Squee!)

Have you watched The Handmaid’s Tale yet? Riese has this reflection, and Dorothy Snarker has this review. (And I have this fun new situational depression.)

Sinclair wrapped up View from the Top with a look towards the future.

Priya wrote about searching for her queerness in Bollywood.

From Mey: Strong Female Protagonist is running a Kickstarter!

Koko. The. Gorilla.

And then there were your comments!

On Also.Also.Also: Making You Think of “Chasing Amy” On a Monday and Other Stories for Your Week:

The Philosopher’s Stone Award to Nina:

“Oh h*ck:” …nothingness. The void is come. Finally, we’ve succumbed to the recognition of generalized anxiety that comes from the lack of content to which we must react. The age of abstraction is come, no more room for pretense. Or we’re missing a link, idk.

The Tale As Old As Time Award to Blackmar:

“Middle Aged-to-Elderly Straight White Male Defends Self” would make a great headline for The Onion.

On Be The Change: A Community Organizer’s Glossary:

The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Award to QueSarahSera:

Trump years are like dog years, just not as cute. 100 days is a LONG TIME. Don’t forget to give yourself a break when you need it!(Or go pet a cute pupper, that helps sometimes.)

On What I Wore: Navigating the Heteronormative Patriarchy, Pt. 10:

The Lunar Cycles Award to Sally:

Craft brewery, that’s a tough challenge. I think you needed to go into all-out mansplaining deflection mode for ultimate protection. I think mansplaining deflection via aesthetics can be achieved by two, possibly intertwining, approaches: 1. Render yourself not worth being mansplained to, either via aggressively intellectual clothing or subtly telegraphing that you’re incapable of truly understanding the breadth and depth of their mantellectualism. For reasons of self-respect, I can’t recommend the latter. 2. Scare them with the sort of cisfemale biological symbolism that cishet male brains cannot process. Possibly wearing a labcoat while insisting you sample all beers in a repurposed mooncup would achieve this. Suggest leaving the labcoat unbuttoned, with a beige or pale lavender-grey turtleneck underneath, perhaps in cable-knit mohair or some other kind of fibrous fabric that will subliminally caution them against approaching, lest their movement displace a sweater-hair that floats into their precious beer.

The Dishonorable Discharge Award to Monique:

I was wearing overalls and a long sleeve crop top with moon on it when a guy at the bar last night asked me if I had any strong feelings about vaginal discharge :////////////

On How Koko the Gorilla Describes Some Words Will Ruin You:

The Warm Wishes Award to Blackmar:

I want “comfortable hole bye” on my tombstone.

The Context Award to Courtney:

seriously considering getting “comfortable hole bye” as a lower back tattoo

On No Filter: Janelle Monáe’s Raspberry Beret:

The Socks Bisexual Award to Cyclone and Carmen SanDiego:

Evan Rachel Wood is a free Elf.

And on 21 Unintentionally Gay Vintage Newspaper Clippings That I Wish Were Gay For Real:

The Old Soul Award to SurelySurly:

going to try to work “THEIR FADS ARE INEXPLAINABLE” into conversation as often as possible; will probably only succeed in sounding even older than I already am.

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  1. My phone got stolen last weekend and autocorrect the phone I’m currently using thinks “lesbians” is a word but not “lesbian”, and that “gay” is a word but not “gays”

    So apparently lesbians can’t be single, and gays can only be single. Someone feed autocorrect some great stereotypes

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