Also.Also.Also: Making You Think of “Chasing Amy” On a Monday and Other Stories for Your Week

Ummm I made these Saturday night and I’m just saying, if you’re ever like, “….wish I could eat a thing from Taco Bell without going to Taco Bell…or actually eating a thing from Taco Bell….” well, I’ve made it very easy for you to do just that. Go ahead and bookmark it.

Happy Monday, you big, bright explosion of everything good in this universe!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Looking Back At The Sexual Politics Of Chasing Amy 20 Years Later. *clears throat*

+ Queer Christian Activist Vicky Beeching Has A Message For Her Trolls.

+ In Our Gender Diverse Era, Parents Should Practice Humility With Their Kids.

+ OutFront: LGBTQ Advocate Creates Empowering Space for Queer Muslims.

+ Over Half of LGBTQ Teen Girls Have Experienced Sexual Assault or Violence.

+ Middle Aged-to-Elderly Straight White Male Defends Self, I don’t know.

+ French Police Officer Killed in Champs Élysées Attack Fought for LGBT Rights.

+ Polar bear dies after SeaWorld separates her from same-sex partner of 20 years. ?

Doll Parts

+ Rape Victims Who Go to the Emergency Room Forced to Pay About $1,000 in Bills.

+ Why Is the DNC Embracing an Aggressively Anti-Choice Democrat?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Meet the Man Who’s Preserving Your Childhood TV Memories. Thanks, man.

+ Oh h*ck: Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love for the Puppers.

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  1. “Oh h*ck:” …nothingness. The void is come. Finally, we’ve succumbed to the recognition of generalized anxiety that comes from the lack of content to which we must react. The age of abstraction is come, no more room for pretense.

    Or we’re missing a link, idk.

  2. That Chasing Amy article is hilarious. Kevin Smith is all over the place. He calls it a “woke” film, talks about how he feels like a lesbian because he’s attracted to women and is an ‘enlightened’ dude who was raised by a single mom. He also recounts that when he wrote the film, he basically knew one lesbian, and had a crush on her. (Guinivere Turner).

    Because that movie (unlike the ones Erin has been reviewing) was bought by Miramax, had a budget of some sort and actors we’d heard of, it happened to be the first movie I think I saw that had queer women (well, woman) in it. Sometimes when I think back on the late nineties, I’m like, “no wonder I was confused. Pop CULTURE was confused.” When you’re young and the only depiction of queer women that you’ve seen was conceived and written by Kevin Fucking Smith, shit gets confusing. It’s a world where queer women are straight for Ben Affleck (or are bisexual without ever mentioning the concept, and continue to identify as lesbian), or at the very least don’t know what the hell they want when presented with a man who won’t fucking give up when he thinks he’s been friend zoned. Maybe it’s a film about someone who’s just so fucking tired of living in the nineties, so battered and run down by the bro culture of Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob universe that, for a moment, she gives in to one of it’s assholes.

    All I know is that this film is only important because of how bad it was, and how bad it is, and how confusing it was to be a babygay circa 1998.

    • Also though I just got much happier because I remembered that actually, I rented But I’m A Cheerleader to watch at a sleepover in eighth grade, and afterwards I was like “that was great!” and my friend was like “that was weird.” So my first gay movie was actually AMAZING. I should’ve quit while I was ahead :-D

      • My first gay cinematic experience was Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love). Saw it at the cinema with my school. Sat across the room from my Big Same-Sex Crush™. It verified all my fears about being gay. I was super relieved to have an other-sex crush the following year.

        The first time I saw a same-sex romance in a positive way was a few years later when Kissing Jessica Stein came out (having rewatched it a few months ago—ugh). It was sooo hot. It was the sexiest thing ever and it awoke weird tingly feelings in me my long-term sexually abusive cheater boyfriend (sorry for the details, but just calling him my boyfriend always seems so unfair to men in relationships and their partners everywhere) never had come close to. Saw Chasing Amy soon after, with similar results (ugh). No wonder we had screwed up ideas about our own “queerness”! No wonder we took forever to figure ourselves out! Sheesh!

  3. TV Guide had a list ranking the deaths on the 100. The picture to accompany the article and title was Lexa and since Lexa’s death was MAJOR obviously she would be #1. Well, I went through the list and most of the people I didn’t know (I only watched the Clexa parts of the show) then I get to Lexa who is #2 on the list. #2?! Like what the Fuck. The paragraph/caption/epitaph talked about the profound effect her death left in the 100 world and the real world. It brought up how her death shed light on the Bury You Gays trope, how JR wrote an apologetic letter to fans and even mentioned ClexaCon.
    So who was #1 you ask…Lincoln (?!) Yeah I know WTF!

    • Lincoln’s actor was harassed for months (years?) by the racist showrunner and his character’s death was because of Rothenberg’s behind the scenes bullying.

      The 100 made a lot of headlines because of Lexa, but it’s also infamous for its many, many issues with its handling of race.

      • Lincoln’s death made even less sense than Lexa’s. They had the excuse of Alycia Debnam Carey having a limited number of episodes/lack of certainty about whether or not she could eventually return at all, while Lincoln’s death came out of nowhere and had nothing to do with the actor no longer being available. They were super bummed to lose ADC but drove Lincoln’s actor away.

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