Game Log: Final Fantasy XIII, Disc 1

Time to check back in with Final Fantasy XIII (and model through it), after a hiatus of epic proportion. I’m at about hour 10 and Lightning’s still sassy, but I did spot an alt-lifestyle haircut. Onward and upward! Or downward. I think Pulse is down.

Sex + Relationships

8 Nerdy Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart

Need some (healthy) summertime escapism? Did you get dumped, get distance or are you just pining for your crush on that massive open thread still? Kim’s got 8 cures for heartache and heartbreak, none of which involve the bottom of a bottle. Mostly they involve the Discovery Channel, Buffy and some retro games, of course.


My Top 8 Retro Nintendo Games for Android: Geekender Edition!

I’m still reeling, drunk on the freedom of Google’s Android OS. If you’re a gamer and you’ve got an Android device (or you’re considering one!), take heed of these 8 reasons to ditch the iPhone. Snesoid and Nesoid on the Android Market open up a whole world of retro-gaming, a world which I thoroughly explored this weekend for, er, research purposes. And because the Geekender is ostensibly for things I do on the weekend.


Taylor’s Team Pick: Gamespot’s Guide For New Gamers

Gamespot, my go-to source for straightforward, unbiased and super in-depth gaming information offers a great beginner’s guide to the three major consoles: the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii. It’s an amazing user-friendly guide all around, so if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into gaming, it’s really the perfect starting place.