Trailer Transcendence: BioShock Infinite and Metroid: Other M

The BioShock franchise boasts a fanbase too vast to even cram into a massive expanse of underwater of dystopic biodomes, so obviously you’re excited for the newest installment, BioShock Infinite. But how crazy does this game look? A BioShock seemingly about ominous hyper-nationalism and it’s in the sky? Ayn Rand, your days were numbered anyhow.+

And if that isn’t enough to get ya revved up, the newest Metroid game, Metroid: Other M, is right around the corner, on August 31st. Check out the sweet new trailer in which Samus is clearly a fox, which may come as a surprise if you haven’t seen what’s under that helmet.

+You may have to wait until 2012 for this starred and striped BioShock madness, but you can get your paws on Metroid: Other M in a week.

Lots of great games are around on the horizon, which is some solace for the end of summer, right? Assuming you made a little progress on your epic gaming backlog, that is. What are you ever-so eagerly anticipating?

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  1. I can’t wait for KH: Birth by Sleep! I saw the trailer the other day and, although I had no idea what was going on, I liked it.

  2. Civ V!

    I am making no progress on my backlog of games, which is now so epic it has spawned its own non-linear exploratory rpg around my living room just to find them all.

    However, all will be put on hold for Civ V, which looks really really great and hopefully will make amends for Civ IV where it was far too hard to grind your enemies to dust, which is how I like my empires to roll.

  3. Dragon Age 2! As much as we whine about the avatars, lol. Doesn’t seem related to the first but I have it set in my mind that this game will be just. amazing.

    Also DCU Online! Omg I need this to be the awesome superhero mmorpg that I’ve always wanted. It looks pretty kickass so far.

    Definitely looking forward to anything in the Kingdom Hearts franchise as well. There is so much good stuff coming up. So little time to play.

    • Yes! I LOVED the dragon age 2 trailer. maybe it was just the cartoonist in me, but the art and animation was AMAZING! i was spellbound.

  4. There will never be a time in my life that is described as “having too much BioShock.” Infinite, I can’t wait for you and your big skyful of wonders. Sigh.

  5. Oh, Autostraddle. “Samus is a fox”? Such old news from an expected source of hard-hitting up-to-the-minute journalism! But I’ll forgive it, because as my girlfriend put it, “but Samus!”.

    In MMO news, I’m waiting for a peek at the new World of Warcraft expansion, can’t wait to try out DC Universe Online, and am intrigued by Final Fantasy XIV (largely for using the same character designer as the Ivalice games – yeah, shallow, though they did promise improvement over their last MMO outing). I’ve got a ton of other Historically Important Video Games to catch up on though, anyway. The most Metroid game I’ve played is Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

    • nah, we’ve known she’s been foxy ever since we first saw under that visor. this is just a friendly foxiness reminder

  6. I have never played Bioshock since the stink of Ayn rand kept me away but i´m defiantly gonna check this one out.

  7. BioShock…. in the sky? …What? I love games, but I am an easily frightened/creeped out person, so I will admit that I haven’t played the BioShock games much. But I have played parts of both the first two (while in rooms with at least five other people and my girlfriend to hold me), and now I’m just confused about the sky part. Maybe if it’s brighter, I can play it?

    I currently have my girlfriend’s PS3, as she’s out of town, and I have been catching up a bit on InFamous (aka, playing it over again! And looking for that one damn blast shard out of 350 I can’t find). That will forever be one of my favorite games. Also played a little bit of FFX. And I restarted my Pokemon Yellow version on the Gameboy Color from my childhood while playing Super Smash Brothers on my Nintendo 64. As fantastic as the new games are, you can’t totally turn your back on those fantastic originals! :)

  8. This looks a truly awesome game – I love how the trailer initially leads you to believe you are returning to Rapture and then, BAM, you are sent 180 degrees in the other direction up into the clouds.

    The graphics so far look great as well as what I have read about the game – 2012 is a long way off yet though!

    Await the demo with baited breath.

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