VIDEO: PAX East 2010 Log Part II: More Gaming Adventures!

The questionably long-awaited next installment of our adventures at PAX East 2010 is here! PAX, for the uninitiated, stands for ‘Penny Arcade Expo,’ and it’s a huge mofoing video game convention put on by the boys of hit webcomic and gamer empire Penny Arcade.

The video begins as we almost, almost arrive at PAX after ambling around the city of Boston drunkenly for a considerable period of time. Cosplayers! Dungeons & Dragons! A LAN party! 3D everything! And Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade talk queer theory and it’s really, really endearing. Also we eat clam chowder, of course.

Kelsey lived to tell the tale!

Catch up, if you missed Part I of our PAX East 2010 Technostraddle Journal.



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  1. Um, I love that guy who was like “aren’t lesbians gay too?” Why did everyone laugh? I hate it when people say “you’re not gay, you’re a lesbian” lesbian = gay woman

    What was that panel about, anyway?

    More vlogs plz.

    • yeah i was excited too! except my main would look like shit because my armor is not shiny & fantastic. actually, after the cataclysm graphics upgrade i will be SUPER excited because right now it looks kind of…disjointed? with 3D + old graphics, that is.

      also, do you have ANY idea what that pyramid head outfit was about? we were baffled.

      • right? I mean I never got super into raiding so when I stopped playing my main was dressed in an unfortunate technicolor mess of green/blue and like, one purple tier item. I dont know if cataclysm would solve that issue for me. Probably I’ll just spend way too much time running around Ironforge staring at other people and their epic armor sets.

        Pyramid Head is my recurring nightmare ever since I played SH2 :(

  2. This video was hilarious. Especially the handwriting comment.

    Bloodies does sound all kinds of wrong. :S

    I like to think our nation’s founders would’ve been very proud of you working through the hangover to go talk Queer Theory at PAX.

  3. This is full of so many classics!
    First off, I’m never gonna be able to drive around a roundabout ever again without wanting to refer to it as a’traffic circle’, trust me we have loads around my neck of the woods here in blighty, so that’l be on a daily basis! Helmet looks very gaga-esque..or a futuristic ant maybe?
    Handwriting #feelings-priceless!!
    Cheers ladies!

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