Autostraddle Senior Editors Answer Your Invasive Personal Questions!

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A long time ago, in a land far away, we invited Autostraddle readers to ask invasive personal questions to our senior editorial team — and boy, did y'all ever oblige! We intended to answer these questions in our first podcast, and we did! Alas, however, that particular podcast recording has now been lost to the dark cold abyss of WetLaptopLandia and thus the first episode of the A+ podcast included no such answers. But we didn't want your pressing questions to go unanswered, so we thought we'd answer them right here, right now, in writing. Is this more than you want to know about us, or just enough? You be the judge! (But not like judgmental; we're too insecure.)

Do you believe in life after love?
Riese: I believe that life and love can happen SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Rachel: You mean do I believe that this is one of the top five karaoke songs of all time? Uh, yes.

Laneia: I don't like this question. Do you know how hard it was to try to be a cool...

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