Come Play Gay World of Warcraft With Us! Auto + WoW = Win!

Hey Autostraddlers! Do you play WoW like it’s your job? Have you heard of WoW but you felt like a total weirdo runnin’ around as an elf all by your lonesome? Well, your moment has come. Seriously, it has. I finally, finally got around to making us a guild! We’re Alliance-side for now, though we can make a Horde guild later too, cause everyone knows lady orcs are the dykiest things ever. Here’s the skinny:

What: The Autostraddle WoW Guild!

Who: Casual players, Non-gamers, People With Elf fantasies, Hardcore l33t Raiders, People Who Need to Sublimate Their Anger

When: Add/whisper me any time- I’ll try to be around pretty frequently. If you don’t know what that means, respond to this thread and we can walk ya through it! Noobs are welcome!

Where: US- Proudmoore, Alliance. Proudmoore is home to a bajillion other gay guilds, so I figured we’d have less a chance of getting hate-crimed there. People have been super nice so far!

Why: Because sometimes you just want to relax with a beer, pretend you’re an elf and f*ck around in Azeroth with your gaymo pals from Auto!

How: We’re <Flannel Confederacy> on Proudmoore. Whisper me at Sionnach/Tunkuruchu. Or look in the comments on this post and pst another guildie- everyone can invite! If you’re havin’ mad problems you can always tweet @technostraddle!

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  1. Um, would any respectful lesbros be allowed to join in the fun? My roommates are totally down with LGBT rights and though they are straight XY men, they would be proud to rock the guild tag.

  2. I think World of Gaycraft needs to be a game in its own right…

    Would totally join this if wasn’t already sucked into a different MMO!

      • Final Fantasy XI. A friend persuaded me to try it after learning of my general final fantasy fangirlism and now he owes me like 200 days of my life back or something.

        • uhoh. i haven’t ever touched it. though ffxiv will probably take over my life, esp since ffxiii is lettin me down

          • I’m on the alpha test for FFXIV, though yet to play it because they’re late with it already, and only making it available for a few hours a week! I have high hopes for it though, as all the tinkering they did with XI generally had good results, and I hope they’ll have learned a lot.

            I think they gave out some codes to apply for beta with XIII? All the gay people I know from XI that applied for XIV alpha/beta got in, so I’m thinking they have homo computers running it. I’m totally reporting a bug if they don’t have same-sex marriage this time round.

          • nice! let me know if you come across a spare alpha opt-in thinger. i’m a fangirl as well

  3. Because sometimes you just want to relax with a beer, pretend you’re an elf and f*ck around

    reading this was like coming home.

  4. I’m totally in! I’m gonna make a dwarf – they’re husky and rugged and can have lots of stamina. (just in case there are A LOT of Elves)

    • Yay dwarven high five! There’s currently a lot of Death Knights, but you and me can be short and squat and die lots together!

  5. I’m a complete noob. Never done online gaming before, but would love to as this sounds so much I’ve just done a quick 101 on the WoW website to see what I need to play(and obvs so as not to appear too stupid-but alas that did not go to plan!))…so I have to admit I have no idea what an ATI Radeon X1600/9600/7200 is and let alone if my laptop has one and I don’t have a sound card either and I only have mobile broadband (can only get GPRS too-downside to living in the countryside)….so I take it that even if I bought the game/subscription/sound card, I probs still won’t be able to play it? :(

    • You can get a ten day free trial account from Blizzards site, to give it a go and see if it plays ok. The ATI Radeon is referring to the graphics card, and my beaten up ~4yr old Dell used to play WoW no probs, so chances are yours will too. The game isn’t super graphics intense.

      Sorry if that makes no sense, I’m ever so tired. (Blame WoW)

      • Ah thankyou TSwizzle! That does make sense, I should be tired too as its oh, 2am here, blimey, I think trying to decipher all that info on WoW site has got me wired!! So I’ll sort out the graphics and sound cards and take it from there. Thanks again!
        p.s your gravatar so cute!

  6. “Have you heard of WoW but you felt like a total weirdo runnin’ around as an elf all by your lonesome?”
    [raises hand] I was a blood elf Priestess and she was so pretty but I had no clue what I was doing…!

  7. World of warcraft gold really plays such an important role in World of Warcraft. WGT is a famous online games gold facilitator,which provides wow gold and wow power leveling at ease

    • Why thank you for your offer of WoW gold, Miley!

      Seriously though, don’t buy gold… it could be mine, since my account was hacked recently :P

  8. I don’t understand any of what you guys are saying(even though I watch The Guild) but I’m considering this…

  9. Oh man. I’ve been clean + sober for nearly 2 years now but this might push me off the wagon. I think my install disks are buried in the backyard brb

  10. Okay dudes I totally made a character on Proudmore, but I live in Australia so I probably won’t actually be online as the same time as anyone! :P So if anyone with invite privileges (besides Taylor) sees me on (Babymiley, lol) pleaaaase invite me! ^_^

    • I’m Australian! Hi! I’m having my usual character creation anxiety though so this could take me a few hours to a day. I swear If I ever have a child it’s going to hit puberty before I decide on a name. :(

    • I’m Australian and I want to play too! I have no real idea what WoW is or how to play, but as soon as I get a spare hour I’m gonna to sign up and figure it out.

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  12. Was so excited to hear this. Since being sucked into EVE online by a coworker I have abandoned WOW but now have a good reason to play again. Yay.

    • Yay! Also, I’ve never spoken to another human who’s ever played EVE. I tried, but no one I know has ever even heard of it, so I failed from lack of support.

      • EVE is insanely addicting. I just joined a corporation on there which makes it a lot easier to navigate.

      • I played the trial, but I could tell that it would take waaaay more time than I had to really get anything out of it!

  13. taylor i barely even know what online games are but if i ever played them it would be with you. because i would want my first time to be special.

  14. Oh my, this is very tempting. I’ve always wanted to try wow, but I’m such a console/FPS gamer. >.< My console (360) friends may be jealous/disown me/think I'm a weirdo… Why can't we just get along? Free trial here I come!

  15. I made a night elf named Tekne! Because I am a cliche. And also because I remembered I can’t live without wisp form.

  16. I am going to join as soon as i have sorted some blizzard realated issues, I´ll meet them on the field of honour iwth pistols at dawn.

    Or a giant ash cloud could fuck up my day a bit, you know block out the sun and shit. But it´s not bad to see what the apocalypse would look like.

  17. okay friends! i will be on WoW tonight so we can get all your pretty little toons in our guild! <3<3


  18. Turns out I can’t whisper anyone on a trial account unless I’m on their friends list. My username is CapitalB and I’ll probably have to leave a lot. I keep exiting by accident and then can’t get back in. /noob

  19. Okay tomorrow night another newbie needs to join me so that I can feel better about my gaming “skills”

    I literally toggled out of the game’s screen like 15 times and couldn’t get back in, and that was all before Taylor found me(then I did it again.) Damn windows button.

    • Right after Taylor found me, WoW/the computer/the interwebs had a spaz and kicked me off and I couldn’t get back on. It was sad.

      • It was happening to me too. I think its b/c it’s a Full server. I got that message when I chose it telling me “are you sure you want this server b/c its full and sometimes you’ll have to wait to play yada yada yada”

        • It shouldn’t kick you – the most problematic thing that should happen is a queue when you log in and mayyyybe a bit of laggy lag lag. If you just sit and wait in the queue, you’ll get on eventually.

          • No-one will be able to get on for the next few hours, they always do realm maintenance this time of the week.

  20. Ahhhh I’m so tempted to reactivate my account, dump the Llane server, and transfer my toons over! I always wanted to play on a GLBT friendly server like Proudmoore. I hope you guys are still going when Cataclysm comes out, I was probably going to reinstate my account then, woot for Worgen!

  21. O:
    I just made an alt on Proudmoore not too long ago. Add me to your guild please!
    Elania. Level 10 mage. Wah wah wah. My main is on another server. But I have been tempted to transfer to Proudmoore, so we’ll see what happens. C:

  22. I totally wanna be in on this. I mainly play on Cairne now, but I could be persuaded to come to Proudmoore. I think I might actually have a toon there, but maybe I’ll start another one. I’ve never been a hunter, or a dwarf. Hmmm

    • Me again, so apparently I already have a level 28 pally on Proudmoore. She’s spec’d as a healer, but we’ll see how that goes. Nobody’s on right now that I know to msg, so my char’s name is Janesaw if you see me. :)

  23. Add your friendly neighborhood lesbro to you friend list, I transferred my original 2004 character: “wolfwoodluna”.

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