Trailer Debuts Modern Warfare 2’s New DLC Maps

On March 3o, Modern Warfare 2 junkies will see five maps worth of new multiplayer content and now you can preview the additional areas in a brand new trailer! And just when I’d just figured out which corners to hide in with my tactical knife at the ready… sigh.

The expansion, hyped as a “stimulus package” (har-har), will hopefully live up to its name for Infinity Ward, a company that’s  feeling the heat of sharing their target market with a pretty-much-exactly-direct competitor.

While the Modern Warfare 2 maps will cost you a pretty penny at $14.99, never fear- DICE announced plans to ALSO release new content on March 30, but their additions to the Bad Company 2 multiplayer experience will be free. And, you know, their game’s been out for less than a month. Just sayin’. It makes a lot of sense to withhold a little bit of your game at launch and release it as strategically timed DLC. Sneaky!

What do you guys think? That ‘Bailout’ map sure looks topical, eh? I mean, I sure as hell want to run around in a brokedown virtual real-estate wasteland while taking out my frustrations about flailing interest rates with a SCAR-H (in the least sociopathic way possible- I promise!).  But ‘Storm’ looks a lot like Underpass to me…and come to think of it a lot of these new maps resemble current maps quite a bit. Though revisited Call of Duty classics ‘Crash’ and ‘Overgrown’ are sure to please CoD diehards.

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    • what’s your bad company 2 to modern warfare 2 ratio like these days, my dear sir?

  1. Sam

    BC2 > MW2. Although I will probably get the ‘package’ I think something about double XP points that weekend as well?

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