DADT Superstar Dan Choi Breaks Down as DADT Repeal Bill Runs Its Final Lap

“My breakdown was a result of a cumulative array of stressors but there is no doubt that the composite betrayals felt on Thursday, by elected leaders and gay organizations as well as many who have exploited my name for their marketing purposes have added to the result. I am certain my experience is not an isolated incident within the gay veteran community.”

Dan Choi is People

How far is our group from that fever pitch of anger and refusal to wait any longer that brings things –and people like Dan Choi — to a boil? It’s the most painful point of all. But also, potentially, the most sad and the most powerful. A look at Dan Choi’s Village Voice cover story, “Bad Lieutenant.”

DADT: Dan Choi Discharged Today Because He’s Gay

Lt. Dan Choi got the news today that he has been officially honorably discharged from the US military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Next stop? “I haven’t done a lot to hold my parents’ hands through all of this. My inclination right now is to go home.”

Gay Activists ‘Holler’, Obama Talks Back, Dan Choi Gets the Handcuffs

Obama responds to DADT protesters interrupting a recent speech, Dan Choi has chained himself to the White House fence again, and we don’t know how to feel. Plus, an Arkansas judge has overturned the law banning adoption by gay or unmarried people, two men are being held in the death of a gay professor, and gay divorce is the flipside of the gay marriage fight.

Potential Justice Elena Kagan Supports Gay Rights, Has Short Hair. Ruh Roh

Obama is eyeing Elena Kagan among others to replace Stevens on the Supreme Court and the lesbian rumors are a’flyin’. Oh look everyone is still mad at the Pope! Cyndi Lauper is helping gay youth in Harlem, Dan Choi brings gay Arabic linguist wisdom to Texas A&M, protests in LA. Also, the search for justice for the Aligarh Muslim University professor, and should gay employers be out to their employees?

Judge Rules: Miss. School Violated Lesbian’s Rights, But Won’t Force Prom

A ruling is made in the case of Constance McMillen and the heteronormative prom and Newsweek interviews Dan Choi about his new radical stance on political action. Prop 8 opponents have to give show the other side internal emails and memos, which could push back the verdict on the Prop 8 trial. Also: two Malawi men arrested for getting engaged go on trial soon, and Lambda Legal is challenging for same-sex marriage in NJ.

Queer the Census: Be Counted or Pay the Price, Homos.

Get a sticker and queer the census, or go without education and health care. Just saying, it’s up to you. Patraeus says the time has come to repeal DADT. Also; just like kids in middle school, more and more seniors are daring to come out as queer or trans. Even more legal analysis of the Prop 8 trial and what it all means! Plus, a lesbian couple was granted a marriage license in CA because of regressive gender laws, and you can get married at Mt. Everest!

DADT: Dan Choi Back on Active Duty, Lissa Young Talks to AS, Black Women Disproportionately Affected

It’s DADT News, and we’ve got good news and bad news. Dan Choi has been called back to active duty! Yes, really! Autostraddle catches up with DADT discharge Lissa Young for her reaction to last week’s hearing (“exhilarating and infuriating.”) Study shows black women disproportionately discharged under DADT (and the affects of all anti-gay laws hit the black community harder). Also; Iowans and New Jersey on gay marriage actions/reactions, Rhode Island’s gay marriage bill and more on Judge Walker.