Potential Justice Elena Kagan Supports Gay Rights, Has Short Hair. Ruh Roh

On Friday we told you about some of the possible candidates for retiring Supreme Court Justice Stevens’ spot, one of whom is present Solicitor General (Obama appointee) Elena Kagan. There are now a few posts up speculating about Kagan’s sexual orientation – we are not sure whether to be excited that a potential lesbian feminist might be nominated for a Supreme Court position, or annoyed that 3.5 seconds after a woman might maybe attain political power someone starts getting into her personal life and/or declares her a huge dyke.

Oh also, Elena Kagan is Jewish, which seems to really upset some people/Nazis. That’s not all; she was raised in New York City. Sarah Palin will have a field day with this one ’cause like there’s actually not even a Main Street in New York City. But there is a Gay Street. Just saying.

Anyhow, here’s the thing: if Elena Kagan really does get nominated, chances are there is going to be a serious stakeout to uncover Kagan’s sexuality and because she is Jewish, as aforementioned, Kagan can’t hide from the political-paps in the Scientology Castle. But chances are the whole debacle will remind us why so many politicians stay closeted.

Anyhow. Elena Kagan was confirmed as the first Solicitor General of the US in March of 2009 and formerly was a superstar dean of Harvard Law School and Charles Hamilton Houston Professor of Law at Harvard University. She also served as Associate White House Counsel with Bill Clinton. It was actually speculated that Kagan might take the spot that went to Sonya Sotomayor last year, but she wasn’t, so now is her time to bring that pro gay-marriage and anti-DADT spirit right on up there yeah?

In the latest installment of the Pope Benedict Being Pretty Okay With Child Abuse saga, Gawker finds that the Pope slash the Church apparently does have the power to dismiss clerics almost immediately, and just never felt like it was that important in the case of confessed pedophiles. In 2006, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia was excommunicated in an incredible 48 hours after ordaining four priests who were already married. In contrast, Revered Steven Kiesle of California plead no contest to tying up and molesting two young boys in 1978, but he wasn’t removed from his office until 1987, even though he himself asked to be in 1981. Really classy, Ratzinger. (@gawker)

In related news, famous British atheist Richard Dawkins has announced that he hopes to have the Pope arrested on human rights charges the next time he visits England, employing the same tactics used to arrest the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1998. (@joemygod)

The tragic death of Aligarh Muslim University professor S. R. Siras isn’t being ignored by his students, colleagues or other LGBT Indians. “A statement by a coalition of NGOs working for gay rights and others said: “We, as concerned citizens — and for many of us, as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Indians ourselves — express our shock, outrage and deep sadness at the loss of a teacher, a loyal member of the AMU community, a gay man, and a kind, gentle soul”. They have demanded an impartial investigation into his mysterious death – Siras was found dead alone in his home with blood coming from his mouth, and at the time it was ruled a suicide. (@hindustantimes)

Add this to the nearly infinite list of Problems Facing Gay Small Business Owners: should you be out to your employees? If so, when? “It might just be easier for people to mention that they’re gay instead of waiting for someone to quit if that’s going to be a real problem for them.” (@thebilericoproject)

Our boy Dan Choi (that rhymed!) gave a really inspiring talk at Texas A&M, and also looked really good. He spoke, of course, about DADT and compared his experience as a closeted gay man in the military to the oppressed and unsafe existence of Shia Muslims in Iraq: “See, they were discriminated against throughout their entire existence. They were called heretics. They were called less than, and worse than infidels. They were going to go to hell because of who they are and what they believe about themselves. It was so rampant, that discrimination, that some of the Shia leaders, these Ayatollahs and these tribal leaders, informed and trained their people. They say, ‘I know you’re Shia and we’re proud of who we are but if its ever a condition where you are threatened with your life or you might lose your job, or for the sake of political expediency, when it is comfortable for you, you can lie about who you are… So while we were here preaching about democracy, transparency, equal rights for all groups in Iraq, whether you’re Shia or Sunni, I couldn’t help but feel like such a hypocrite because I was hiding something deep down inside myself. I could talk about democracy and transparency and being proud of who you are, but I was hiding.” He took some questions at the end! Here’s a video! (@pamshouseblend)

Just after the launch of her Give A Damn campaign (you may remember it as the time Anna Paquin came out), Cyndi Lauper is also opening a center for LGBT youth in Harlem. (@huffpo)

Protestors chanting slogans and carrying signs marched in Hollywood to demand equal Social Security benefits for same-sex couples” (@mercurynews)

In an interview with the Arizona Star on DADT, McCain gives a confusing soundbyte about “not talking” to gays and lesbians. It’s being quoted as his opinion that GLBTs don’t need to be consulted about DADT, but the way he phrases it I feel like it could also just mean he, um, doesn’t want to talk to us. Thoughts? “…I visit with the troops all the time. I go to Iraq, I go to Afghanistan, I run into them everywhere. And of course, I don’t seek out someone who is gay. Why would I? These are all men and women who are serving. Why should I, that would be nuts. I go up to men and women and say thanks for serving. I say thank you for serving, you are great Americans, God bless you.” (@theadvocate)

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  1. While on things political, it’s election time in the UK at the moment (I doubt the rest of the world will have noticed as it’s shaping up to be the dullest ever) and there’s a site which shows each party’s voting record on all things gay:

    Perhaps not the most surprising results in the world, but nice pretty pie charts, yes?

    • I’ve noticed and I found the response to the tape of the shadow gov’t guy saying B&Bs should be allowed to turn away gay couples really interesting. I couldn’t help but wonder if a Republican making a similar statement would bring about any backlash or just a shrug of “Yeah, Republicans.”

      Thanks for the link!

      • Torys are trying to appeal to phobes with out seeming phibic themself. They are after all unable to take a stand on something in case some voters dont like it.

      • uh, um, hey, how are we supposed to recognize that rachel was here when you have a completely new avatar???


        • I felt like I needed to shed my wool cap since it’s been all spring like here lately. Hopefully my charmingly babble-filled comments will alert others to my presence until you are all accustomed to my new warm weather avatar. ;)

          • I am loving the seasonal avatar change concept! It reminds me of my headmaster from school who used to only ever wear two suits: a dark one in winter, and a light one in summer. Once those linen threads came out it was like a signal: SUMMER IS HERE.

            I would follow suit and change also, but it was enough of a struggle finding even one photo where I don’t look totally inebriated.

  2. It sounds like McCain is talking about men and women currently serving, in which case it would make sense not to seek out LGBT because it would be violating the first two letters of DADT. I mean, I still think McCain’s an asshole, but I’m not sure this quote is amongst his worst.

    • That’s pretty much how I read it too, like he was intending to say that it doesn’t matter if they’re gay or straight, they’re all serving the country equally…but then it went through the republican speech filter in his brain and ended up sounding odd.

      • Because Republicans benefit from the relative lack of craziness from their left-wing opponents who are too sane/embarrassed to create such movements?

        Anyway, I like any mention of Panama because it always puts me in mind of my favourite palindrome.

        • Also, because it was in the Panama Canal Zone he would have citizenship. It’s kind of unique situation, but anyone born in the US controlled zone there during a certain period would have citizenship.

  3. Short hair, trimmed fingernails, collared shirt, drinking a diet Pepsi. She might as well be licking Hillary Clinton’s inner thigh. Everybody knows straight girls never drink diet drinks.

    • ha, I actually considered that a strike against her. Straight girls exclusively consume diet drinks. Well, but then again, me and Alex are the only people I know who drink regular Coke instead of Diet.

      • Diet drinks are naaaasty! No liquid should make someone more thirsty. Unless it’s salt water.

        • Ughhh diet drinks are gross.

          So! If Coke Zero is the “response” to the straight woman/gay man image of Diet Coke, what does that mean for the gay ladies? (ps are they actually different?)

  4. Also, I just have to say how much that situation with the priest in California upset me. The man was CONVICTED and his Bishop asked for him to be defrocked… WTF took 6 years to do it? During which time he was left in contact with children? Really, WHAT THE FUCK?! A priest ordains a married man and is immediately defrocked and it takes 6 years to fire a child molester? There’s just no excuse and the Vatican doesn’t even seem to REALLY acknowledge that.

    I’m legitimately concerned that I might just involuntarily vomit when I come across the Vatican in Rome in a few weeks. This just makes me so sick.

      • ’tis indeed. I’m glad I could bring some humor into this. :)

        I almost wrote laicized but I wasn’t certain if I was trying to Frenchify things and make up a word that isn’t really English? Sometimes I’m afraid I’ve spent too much time listening to my students. :s

    • Just wait until you get to the 3 hour queue for the museum where they proudly display all the artwork they stole and subsequently disfigured to hide the naughty bits.

      • Rawr, I don’t even wanna talk about that! You have to give them money to see like 75% of the good art in Rome, which is really saying something. It makes me so angry. The Sistine Chapel is one thing, seeing as how they paid for it, but all the Greek statuary! Ah!

        • I’ve actually already been (my favorite picture is my BFF throwing the shocker in front of the guards who wouldn’t let her take a picture with them because she was too old? bastards.). But I’ve promised to lead my cousin there and find her when she’s done.

          You totally don’t need to go though. I mean, yeah they’ve got some impressive shit but you can fill months with all the other great art/architecture in Rome. I’ve had the ridiculous good fortune to spend a semester in Rome studying art and architecture and the 4 hours we spent at the Vatican were mostly just annoying because of the crowds. I was much more impressed with the Louvre’s collection anyway, so if you’re really looking to get your art geek on without as many moral crises go to Paris.

          And as though I didn’t have enough issues with the church, I checked out the price of rosaries in the gift shop and it hurt. Maybe I’ll send sticky notes to leave on the displays:

          Vatican Museum Entry – 19E
          Gold and jewel rosary- 4,000E
          Supporting child molesters- FUCK YOU.

  5. I think the media should all make a pact not to publicize Britain’s desire to arrest the Pope. And then everyone should ask him to make a trip there. BAM. Seriously, he disgusts me.

      • You should get that Swiss woman with the red hoodie to tackle him. Apparently she’s well-practiced and his bodyguards will never expect a three-peat.

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  7. Popey McEvil did find the time today to forgive the Beatles finally for the time they said they were better than jebus and for their “excesses involving drugs and blasphemy…” No I swear, this is an actual true story! I suppose he figures that it’s one for one, so if he forgives the Beatles it’s only fair if we forgive him for all he’s done wrong, he’s right, we’re cool now Ratz, never mind! Fuck sake!

    • I reckon this is a ploy because he wants to get Ringo’s autograph now that he’s said he won’t do them any more, and the Popemeister is trying to get into his good books.

    • Sure. It’s inaccurate to call every antisemite a nazi (it was hyperbolic anyway), so you may or may not be a nazi. You are, however, a paranoid racist fuckwit, so you have little reason to congratulate yourself.

  8. Okay… so I normally really like what Dan Choi has to say but I have an issue with the fact that he stated that gays are still at the “slavery” stage of our civil rights movement. I really don’t think that our situation can really be compared to the sexually/physically violent, exploitative, and truly evil construction that was American slavery. When LGBT people make comparisons like that, it also really upsets many African-Americans, whose ancestors actually did experience slavery. I realize that Dan was speaking metaphorically, but he really broached a sensitive subject in a pretty insensitive way such that it could really alienate/upset potential allies.

  9. Nobody needs to be a “nazi” to be annoyed at the Kagan nomination. Jews are only 2 percent of the population, yet the Supreme Court 30 percent Jewish with Christians badly under represented in a nation founded by Christians. Given the fact that Jews push extreme agendas in our media, government, schools — etc., no sane Gentile, or anybody of Christian heritage, could be happy about this nomination. “Nazis” were not the only ones in history who disliked Jewish tribal agendas. There are really, already, too many Jews on the Supreme Court, imo.

    • The reason there are so many jews in law is it’s a cultural tradition. It’s not discriminatory or a sign of some inherent jewish skill set. It’s like african americans being good ball players because they played ball their whole lives and so did their family. You sound mostly dumb, of which racism is a symptom.

  10. On the “priest” thing, the fact is: The overwhelming majority of those cases was male-on-male, i.e., these were homosexual incidents indeed. Something like 90-95 percent of them. Keep in mind, too, that the rate of sex-abuse of adults-against-minors is 100 times higher in the public schools than in the Catholic Church.

    • Did someone break the wackjob-filter on Autostraddle? It seemed to be working so well just a few weeks ago!

    • It’s “male-male” molestation, not a “homosexual incident.” There is nothing “homosexual” about a man abusing a young boy. Pedophiles and/or child molesters are sexually attracted to youth, not to a particular sex. There is a huge distinction.

      The way I see it, these men abuse boys because they’re more accessible. Men are more likely to mentor male children, yes?


      We can all pull statistics out of our ass, Julian Lee. For example, 90-95% of the time Tracie Thoms is onscreen she’s planning how to sweep me off my feet so we can go live in Tahiti. Yet the rate of me wishing for this is 100 times higher than it happening.

      You see how fabricated statistics make everyone sad.


    Go online and do some elementary research on the remaining archaelogical aspects of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and see for yourselves, a glassy nuked-over plain where even science tells us that a nuclear-type holocaust [no pun intended for this monied Jewess, who is to be your handler] occured to the occupants of those cities, who were given to an unusual fondness for each other’s – of the same sexes – genitalia.

    Freaks of creation they were and are.

    When the day arrives that two sodomite [ the word GAY means “HAPPY”] Girafes, Elephants, Rhinos, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Fish, you name it, start walking, sliding, whatever the means of transport they utilize in the creation, in queered unison, is the day I say “LET THERE BE A QUEER FREAK, WHO HAPPENS TO BE BOTH A JEW AND A LAWYER, RULE THE LAW..”

    The very notion that a queer, which means UNUSUAL/FREAKISH, can be an arbitrater of the laws affecting all the entire world, and the creation itself, is in itself a DAMNED DISGUSTING SHAME!

    Now, let’s see if this little broad, who thinks she is a man, has the balls to leave this posting up..


    A real man, who knows and believes that when God made man, he made ADAM and EVE, and not ADAM and STEVE..

    • you make me so happy, since the day you mentioned has already arrived!!

      there are so many animals, penguins or storks for example, who are gay, sry: sodomites, and live together as “couples”.
      and I bet some of them are jews, too.

    • Technically god is a bit of a queer. You know, with being father, son and holy spirit at the same time and all.

      It also doesn’t really make sense to go bible crazy on a bunch of gay women as the passages in the bible homophobes love to recite only really talk about men. (They’re also not about love between two males but about power play, an entirely different notion.)

      • Plus, god said we shouldn’t lie with a male as we lie with a female as it is an abomination. Happy to oblige. :)

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