When You Wear An Agbada

“To understand my relationship with this symbol of masculinity, we’ll have to start with my journey of queerness I had no idea I had embarked upon until I was turning 28, the sleeves of my buba — the tailored Agbada shirt — all rolled up to my elbows and my fingers rubbing down on the clit of a girl I had only met a couple of times prior to that moment.”

Paving the Way for Gay Rights in Kenya: One Nonprofit’s Story

“Led by youth, a steadfast belief in legal justice, and their right to exist fully and wholly in a country whose mainstream rhetoric remains staunchly anti-gay, NGLHRC refuses to shy away from its mission: to promote and protect the equality and inclusion of LGBTIQ individuals and communities in Kenya.”

Being Lesbian While Black & How Five African Women Saved My Life

There’s just something about feeling inauthentic, impossible and insignificant that really makes life a burden, and that’s where I was for years. I was sick of living and wavered between a fear of and desire for death. I’m better these years; so far so good. I’m still here, I’m Rwandese, I’m queer and these are my mentors.