Most Underrated Posts of 2012: The Best In Non-Required Reading

Sometimes we do something really amazing and feel like you didn’t really notice? Or maybe you noticed, but even more of you should have noticed? The team knocked their heads together and came up with some of the posts from this year that we thought deserved more attention than they actually received.

 25 Awesome Posts You May Have Missed

25 posts whose page views and/or comment numbers do not reflect the posts amazingness

1. Everything Happens Elsewhere: Northern Ireland in the ’90s
by Nine

March 28, 2012

“A few years later, spending my weekends waiting around amusement arcades for older boys to finish playing pool so they’d go and buy cider for me, I thought of this again. I was still waiting and sometimes I felt as if I could burst.”


This was just so beautiful. It was written by a guest writer, Nine, and it has lots of comments but actually deserves even more than 36 comments. I just want to crawl around in the hills with her words.

2. Idol Worship: Ten(ish) Questions With Eileen Myles, by Carmen

November 27, 2012

“Coffee as a religion. Tea is maintenance.”


I feel like people somehow missed that we INTERVIEWED EILEEN MYLES.

3. Herstory Live: The Lesbian Avengers School You On Their Ass-Kicking Roots, by Kelly

October 12, 2012

“When we were all there, the sixty of us marched down Metropolitan Avenue to the elementary school, P.S. 87, singing at the top of our lungs, “Oh when the dykes, oh when the dykes, oh when the dykes come marching in.” We revised a few other Dixieland standards, and proclaimed, “We are family. I’ve got all my sisters with me.” One banner read, “Teach About Lesbian Lives” and another “The Lesbian Avengers.””

So this is actually one of the coolest things we’ve ever published.

4. Sally Kohn, Badass Extraordinaire, Gays Up Fox News And Believes In You, by Laura

November 7, 2012

“One of the things that really upsets me is when people on either side get in each other’s faces and are just mean and nasty and dismissive. …I understand that people have really strong opinions and deeply-held passions, and this stuff matters, right? Lives are at stake, and the future of our country. But I just feel… like we should be able to find our common humanity and aspire toward a higher level of engagement with each other, as opposed to always just rolling down in the mud.”

Sally Kohn headshot-studio lighting.

Sally Kohn is a liberal lesbian who writes for FOX NEWS. Fox News you guys.

5. All the Cunning Stunts Queer It Up At Street Level, by Krista (Effing Dykes)

February 24, 2012

“There’s this bit in the music video where Perry picks up a cat and strokes it in her lap. I’m all for double triple bypass innuendo but at the same time I want to stand in front of YouTube and shout like a person with pride, ‘No, k8ty perry! Thou shan’t put a cat where my pussy is!’”


Remember when Effing Dykes wrote about these kickass queer ladies? Probably not. You should look into that.

6. Ladies Who Rap: The Playlist and Guided Herstory Tour, by Gabby, Carmen, Katrina & Rachel

July 17, 2012

“We’re about to explore female rap from the roots right up to the turn-of-the-century. We’re about to take an ambitious journey with women wearing tank tops, leather, athletic gear, and combinations of all of those things. We’re about to learn something and we’re about to have feelings about the world we live in. You’re gonna wanna be a part of this.”


I’m pretty sure this took about 50,000 hours to complete and is pretty rad, therefore deserving ~50,000 comments.

7. Bonnaroo 2012: Travel Diary & Feelings Atrium, by Laneia

October 10, 2012

“I don’t think I have to tell you that I didn’t go on the Big Ass Waterslide or get my boobs painted. I mean, right? We’re all friends here.”


This post is just super-fun and has loads of awesome photographs in it, too.

8. Jewelle Gomez, Lesbian Trailblazer: The Autostraddle Interview, by Fonseca

August 22, 2012

“Activism needs art as much as it needs anything else. And if you can understand where you are within the context of social change, your writing will be strong. Whether you are writing directly about social change or not, you will present a face of change that will be valuable, and inspiring.”



Jewell Gomez is a big deal and has words of wisdom for y’all.

9. Queer Your Wedding Wardrobe: Last-Minute Grooms, Center of Center, Boi-Girls & Classy Cocktail Dresses, by Ali, Whitney, Alex & Croce

September 7, 2012

Anna may wong

Anna may wong

“Wedding-wear tips for queers” has always been one of our number one requests and so we put together an amazing multi-part series on queering your wedding wardrobe, of which this is but one installment. There’s also DapperQ’s East Coast Wedding post kickoff, solutions for dressing in the heat, picking shoes, queering dresses, finding MOC wedding-style, dressing in dresses under variant circumstances, butch bridesmaids and short people.

10. Girl-On-World: Coffee and Cakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Anita Dolce Vita

August 21, 2012

“It was so amazing to be united with a bunch of queers screaming the lyrics to “I’M GONNA MARRY THE NIGHT!” on the dance floor.”

Queer life in Bosnia and Herzegovina: something you probably don’t know very much about, but totally could, if you wanted to. Anita opens it with a helpful FAQ (sample “Q” –  Is there, like, shooting on the street? Like, is it all war-torn?) , talks about the environment for LGBTs in the area, and then takes us on travels through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (did you know they’re filming Game of Thrones there? I did not) and Montenegro. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about that area of the world being basically a non-stop warzone of intolerance and that’s not the case at all.

11. Writing Dirty With Rachel Kramer-Bussel, by Carolyn

February 12, 2012

“When people can [write about bondage] really well, it speaks to people who are into bondage, but it also speaks to a wider meaning, because it taps into so much more than just our sexual side — it taps into ideas about power and giving up power and who you’re willing to do that for and why.”


In celebration of NSFW Sunday’s Bondage Month, Carolyn interviewed the extraordinarily prolific editor & writer Rachel Kramer Bussel.

12. Julie & Brandy Do The Olympics: Gymnastics, Bikini Volleyball & Synchronized Slapfights, by Julie & Brandy

August 14, 2012

“April Ross is one of the most feared servers in the world. When I was a waiter that’s what they said about me, too.”


Now that The Olympics are Over, this piece is less relevant, but it’s still funny and honestly, Intern Geneva’s graphics are 4Ever.

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  1. I’m still thinking about “Snow is a Gender-Neutral Pronoun”. While reading it the first time, I had all these, “Wow, that is a beautiful and amazingly true insight” moments. I don’t think I commented then, I can’t really remember. So, thanks again for the first time Malaika.

  2. So the following parts of this article made me think:
    “but actually deserves even more than 36 comments”
    “is pretty rad, therefore deserving ~50,000 comments”

    So often I read an article and have thoughts and/or feelings about it, but don’t comment. My reasons for not saying anything usually fall into one of five categories.

    1) I don’t have much knowledge of the subject being discussed.
    2) It’s too late to say something by the time I read the article.
    3) There’s already so many intelligent/interesting comments that I feel I have nothing to add.
    4) I have nothing better to say than “OMG this is so cool!”
    5) I’m afraid I’ll sound stupid.

    But this article is making me realize that commenting when I have something to say (even if I feel like it’s stupid) is one of the most important ways of giving back to this community. And that an article with lots of comments isn’t a burden to the author of the article, but rather a way of starting a dialogue with her. Like if everyone says what they think/feel then our whole community can grow.

    So my new New Year’s resolution is to comment on Autostraddle more :P

    • Ha, I am pretty erratic about commenting on articles I like, for pretty much the reasons you outline here. But I just got a new comment today on my article here, and the comment made me glow all over again – as did inclusion in this list. So, thanks Autostraddle and thanks lovely readers! You folks have a great community here, and now I have a whole bunch of reading material that I missed first time round, too.

      • Read your article the first time and loved it, but had to go back today and read it all over again. Seriously SO good

  3. Alright, alright… you snagged me with the adorable wedding wear. To the archives! *capeflutter*

  4. I missed half of these articles, so this reminds me to browse the archive more often.

    PS. The link to “25. Prairie Homo Companion: Snow is a Gender-Neutral Pronoun, by Malaika” does not seem to work?

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