FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: “Orange Is the New Black” is Back, Drop Everything

This is a very special FOT because it’s going up at midnight. We didn’t think anyone, including us, would be able to contain their Orange is the New Black feelings for that long. I mean, did you see Tumblr when the East Coast realized the episodes don’t drop until 3am their time?

Now I know not everyone can pause everything else in their life to consume this second season as soon as it is available and if that’s the case, let us know when you will have the time. My binge watching won’t start until Friday around 9pm. I have plans to get take out with a friend and hole ourselves up in my apartment. We haven’t decided how many we’ll knock out but the next day we’ll be in a park full of queer women who will probably have done the same thing the night before. Thus we’ll definitely need to have watched enough to keep up with the conversation. Don’t go out on Saturday and embarrass yourself.


If you also have to wait a little bit to really sink your teeth in, then catch up on the many times we’ve thought critically about the show, that interview we did with Lea Delaria, that time we got a collective crush on one of the writers, that day Samira Wiley set the biggest thirst trap I’ve ever seen, or any of the moments Laverne Cox has been perfect.


The other day Carly said, “The most important lesbian show right now is Orange is the New Black on Netflix from the creator of Weeds — ten years ago that sentence made no sense.” Well now it does, and I think the first season we were all caught off guard and discovered OITNB in our own time but this season we’re prepared to process together. I don’t really know what to say about spoilers other than don’t be an asshole but if you’re hanging around on this thread, you gotta know something is bound to pop up. We won’t be deleting stuff all willy nilly so enter at your own risk and seriously, don’t be mean.


Consider this your home until you finish the season. Bookmark this page and return to it after every episode to update us all on your personal well being. I encourage you to post a photo with your snacks and/or a picture of the face you made after finishing each episode. If you have zero interest in Orange, we still want to hear about your day (but we don’t understand your life choices)! Let it all out and post a picture of you being over the rest of us.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

Brittani has written 329 articles for us.


    Just finished episode 11. Most hearbreaking were the Morello and Poussey plotlines. Creepiest character: Vee (am I hallucinating or is Lorraine Toussaint channeling Laura Prepon’s lizard eyes?) . Most unnecessary addition: the hunger striker hippy chick. Vanishing characters: Pennsatucky has faded into the background (and why did they ever take her out of psych?) and Sophia seems to have been marginalized into nothingness. I predicted this last year… once they have their “trans plotline” the trans character isn’t really given anything to do. At least they didn’t kill her off (yet).

  2. It was my brothers’ birthday this weekend, and while I’m super busy with stuff and won’t be able to watch until probly Sunday pm, I am looking forward to bundling down on my bed with cake.

    I’ve only seen two episodes. Awww, Taystee. Aww, Piper. And seriously, this isn’t the first time I’d heard about something similar to Big Boo. Had a classmate once who also became too close to her dog. Waddup.

  3. Did anyone else catch Boo’s “I’ve always wanted to put my dick in her mouth,” line? Straight off her interview on here. It makes me wonder if that was improved or written in.

  4. I’m desperately trying to stop myself from binge watching by reminding myself that there won’t be another season till 2015 and I’ll have another OITNB shaped void to fill in my heart, but I accidentally watched 10 episodes and resistance is futile.

  5. Episodes 4 and 6 Poussey!!!!! **swoon** so sweet and cute

    Also, Natasha Lyonne is KILLING it this season. Also- Crazy Eyes needs to win an Emmy for this role. DANG. I’m so proud of this show.

  6. Oh man. I’m done. What do I do noooooow?
    I’m queer, so the obvious answer is process my TV relationships.

    Current primary feelings:

    9. The only thing more boring than Larry on my screen is Larry and Polly on my screen.
    8. I’m an atheist, but damn do I love some politically active, rebellious nuns.
    7. When the hell did Healy turn into an actual person? I feel like he was doing therapy between seasons.
    6. Has it occurred to NO ONE that there will likely be a paternity test?
    5. I love Red.
    4. I want some hardcore old lady back stories.
    3. Rosa was amazing. That totally turned what I was afraid would be a cliched emotionally manipulative illness story into something rad.
    2. Where the hell was Sophia this season? In season three they damn well better give her an actual story arc that isn’t about her being trans.

    • Leigh, one of the rules about trans characters in media is… they’re only of any value so long as they are tools in a plotline to discuss trans issues. They aren’t given much complexity, certainly not any sexuality and are often so innocuous they’re easily disposed of when the trans plotline is finished. As wonderful as Laverne Cox is, this character fit that mold. :(

  7. I just finished Episode 4. Quick thoughts: Man, Vee is sowing the seeds of future terror. Poussey is breaking my heart. I’m curious what Red is up to. I’m afraid that Jenji is going to throw in a weeds reference or something. Hahaha.

  8. On episode 4. Loving Sophia’s sex ed lecture! Do disappointed when Taystee didn’t actually get the job when she won the career contest. Taystee and Poussey are in a relationship? Vee is really seductive but so manipulative! The kid with the iPhone at chemo is an asshole

  9. I think I’m in love with Poussey.

    I wish I had something more constructive to say, like how I thought the ending was freaking awesome and I ugly cried at multiple points throughout the season, and how I really enjoyed the season as a whole but now even the names Larry and Polly put me to sleep, and how I loved there were whole episodes that Piper wasn’t in (not that she isn’t all well and good, just that there are so many amazing stories that I want to hear that don’t involve her) and how Uzo Aduba is absolutely amazing and Natasha Lyonne still kicks ass and Laura Prepon is hot as hell and that is just an fantastically talented cast.

    But my thoughts and my heart are still with german-speaking-flannel-wearing-joke-making Poussey. I am definitely in love.

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