FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: “Orange Is the New Black” is Back, Drop Everything

This is a very special FOT because it’s going up at midnight. We didn’t think anyone, including us, would be able to contain their Orange is the New Black feelings for that long. I mean, did you see Tumblr when the East Coast realized the episodes don’t drop until 3am their time?

Now I know not everyone can pause everything else in their life to consume this second season as soon as it is available and if that’s the case, let us know when you will have the time. My binge watching won’t start until Friday around 9pm. I have plans to get take out with a friend and hole ourselves up in my apartment. We haven’t decided how many we’ll knock out but the next day we’ll be in a park full of queer women who will probably have done the same thing the night before. Thus we’ll definitely need to have watched enough to keep up with the conversation. Don’t go out on Saturday and embarrass yourself.


If you also have to wait a little bit to really sink your teeth in, then catch up on the many times we’ve thought critically about the show, that interview we did with Lea Delaria, that time we got a collective crush on one of the writers, that day Samira Wiley set the biggest thirst trap I’ve ever seen, or any of the moments Laverne Cox has been perfect.


The other day Carly said, “The most important lesbian show right now is Orange is the New Black on Netflix from the creator of Weeds — ten years ago that sentence made no sense.” Well now it does, and I think the first season we were all caught off guard and discovered OITNB in our own time but this season we’re prepared to process together. I don’t really know what to say about spoilers other than don’t be an asshole but if you’re hanging around on this thread, you gotta know something is bound to pop up. We won’t be deleting stuff all willy nilly so enter at your own risk and seriously, don’t be mean.


Consider this your home until you finish the season. Bookmark this page and return to it after every episode to update us all on your personal well being. I encourage you to post a photo with your snacks and/or a picture of the face you made after finishing each episode. If you have zero interest in Orange, we still want to hear about your day (but we don’t understand your life choices)! Let it all out and post a picture of you being over the rest of us.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

Brittani has written 328 articles for us.


  1. I already informed my friends I will not be attending happy hour tonight. No, sirs. I will be ordering Thai food and sitting on my couch until I’m finished or I fall asleep.

    … I wonder how early I can leave work tomorrow. My boss is at a conference…

  2. I have plans to bingewatch Sunday with friends because we all have awful work schedules … but I don’t want to wait! Should I secret watch just a few before then? Could I contain myself if I did?!

    • Ya my friends are not happy I skipped out on phase 1 fun to stay at home and enjoy pride watching OITNB …but least I don’t have a hangover !

  3. The only positive thing about losing my job this week… I’m going to watch OITNB all fucking day tomorrow and I don’t have to wait! Oh yeah! I’m so ready to escape into this show again

  4. I saw this headline on my Facebook feed and thought it was up, and sadly was disappointed….

    Waking up very early for work to watch at least one!

  5. I’m so ready and not ready at the same time. I cleaned my entire house so that I my space can survive any and all meltdowns, bouts of excitement and fits of rage. Cannot waiiiit

  6. Welll it is summer, I don’t work on Fridays, and I don’t have plans until 2pm tomorrow. That is why I am currently on the most uncomfortable couch in the house trying to stay awake.

    I have stomach cramps from all the chocolate covered espresso beans. Now I’m eating salami, the only suitable replacement I could get my hands on.

  7. I squawked when I realized it wouldn’t be up to 3 my time. Therefore, I shall wake up four hours ahead of my normal time. No probs.

  8. I’m so glad we’re in this together.

    I promised my friend no spoilers but I’m planning on sending her vague freakouts and emojis after every episode and she wakes up really early to go to work and she’s already so mad at meeeee

  9. You guys I have an exam in 31 hours, I cannot spend 13 of those hours watching oitnb…. WHY LIFE WHY!!! *sob*
    This page is bookmarked, in 33 hours I will be back!

  10. I considered staying up to watch it, but ultimately decided that I should rest up so that I can focus for as long as possible tomorrow. So I’m gonna wake up while it’s still morning time, drop off a few job applications, and then glue myself and my laptop to my bed for the next 13 hours. I’ve got some carnation instant breakfast drinks to sustain me during my marathon.

  11. Milwaukee Pridefest is this weekend so I’ll have to try and get as many episodes in tomorrow when I get up. One of the benefits of being a freelancer at least I don’t have to go into an office tomorrow so I can OITNB binge for a few hours

  12. My life decided that I should be social this weekend, so I got myself one of those “note a date” date things Saturday afternoon and then will hit up Weho Saturday night for Pride weekend, so I won’t get to watch til Sunday. But I’m fucking glad and cannot wait that I’ll have Season 2 waiting for me to watch in it’s glorious entirety.

  13. Ahhhhh! I’m in a South Asian country without Netflix! Does anyone know of an alternative place to watch this online? I could try my local bootleg video store but they don’t have much beyond action movies … PLZ HALP

    • Same here. I think that with something like Hola you can have Netflix wherever you are.. or just wait a few more hours (I’m dying) and it will be uploaded somewhere else for sure! (if you’re okay with ehm *not so legal* ehm means)

        • It works!! My internet connection is really slow so it looks like it’ll take me about half an hour to load up each episodes, but IT WORKS!! Praise sweet lesbian Jesus!

  14. ….as someone who doesn’t watch the show, i’ll just be over here in my own corner? with too-strong instant coffee that i dumped too much sugar into in an attempt to make it palatable (whine whine), while wondering where a really pretty moth went to in my room & hoping it’s not eating my clothes right now.


    • Do you think moths have clothing preferences? They always seem to find my coziest shirts.

      • oh no :(( i… actually don’t know if moths have ever nibbled on any of my clothes? this one is just sitting on my wall for the time being; when it was flying around like a spazz earlier i was asking it to please not eat my clothes.

        is there any way you could safeguard your shirts? because that sounds so sucky :c

  15. Bra’s check list of OITNB fun-fun time:
    -Thai food
    -feelings from season 1

  16. I am watching as much as possible before I fall asleep, then watching the rest later on. That probably means I’ll only see 3-5 episodes tonight since I don’t want to go to sleep later than 8am.

  17. Missus and I were about to finish season 1 last night when our Internet went down, with 20 minutes to go on the last episode…here’s hoping it’s functioning tonight when she gets in so we can get back to it and then run straight on into 2.

  18. I won’t be able to watch season 2 until at least Sunday, maybe even Monday night and it makes me feel sad. I got up at 3.30am to meet up friends in Paris and attend a music festival which is great! But at the same time I really want to just sit on a sofa and watch oitnb for 13 hours. All the excitement on twitter and basically everywhere else is not helping me.

  19. I have non-24 hour sleep wake syndrome, and I’m currently expecting to be up ALLL night ;).

  20. Who else is forgoing finals studying for a little while because Orange is the New Black?

  21. Since I don’t have work tomorrow (today?) I decided to stay up until 3 and at least watch the first episode. I feel like this may turn into an accidental binge but it will be worth it. 30 minutes left!

  22. I’m watching the clock like a hawk, 35 minutes to go!! I have work tomorrow, but I don’t care! SO EXCITED!!!

  23. Naturally, I have to go to a hetero bridal shower tomorrow. Wish my girlf and I good luck finishing the series with y’all? (YEP, GET MARRIED ALL YOU WANT, HETS)

  24. I can’t wait, I just want to do a happy dance.

    I spent the past hour and half reading material on gender, which lead to transphobic material and the like. I already was misgendered pretty heavily last weekend after telling the people I was hanging with my preferred pronoun is they/ze, but they kept forgetting. All of this has me scared to transition, and all I want to do is cry(which I have a few times this week).

    On another note, I was having a positive convo with a nice lady on Wing Ma’am to only be one of like 50 people who are having messaging issues(it was also happening on her end also). They said they had get on to my account and fix it, which will take like only 5 minutes, but that was like 10 hours ago, and no fix still. :-\

  25. Update…internet and tv are down, repeat down… technician is en route…estimated to be fixed by 4pm….its currently 8:20am GMT. Think my lady might ream the cable company if it’s not done by then. Pray to lesbian jesus for us.

    • Ok it’s back now I have to wait for missus to get home from work… *begins pacing and doing random chores to pass the time*

  26. Does it make me a bad girlfriend if I watch without her? Haha

    I’m off work all weekend with no can I be expected to wait until Tuesday at the earliest??

    • I had a similar dilemma. I told her she was asking too much but I’d happily start right back over with her when she was ready.

    • There were no promises made. No discussions even. I’m no Larry! I just feel guilty. But…I can always watch the whole thing a second time.

  27. Up to ep 3, so stoked about where all these arcs could go

    Taystee’s backstory is breakin my heart
    And her friendship with Poussey is all <3__<3 for me

    I love the way a smile grows on Samira Wiley's face

  28. being from europe with no access to netflix i do feel really sorry for myself right now.

    even though in theory this gives me the chance to go outside and be productive and stuff, but let’s face it: i’m probably just going to spend the day on the internet looking for possibilities of seeing them episodes anyway.

    • How I understand you. It’s not fair. Netflix should be available in all europe. I would appreciate it ahaha

    • You should definitely consider investing in a VPN. Don’t know what I would have done without it while I was in Europe for 6 months.

    • Noooooooo! How could you do this to us? What does it mean? Was she a veterinarian? A veterinarian’s assistant? Was she or did she work for an OB/GYN? So many possibilities and no answers until after work for me. Why would you do this?

      • I don’t really care *why* she said it, I’m just really happy *that* she said it. Oh, Samira Wiley/Poussey…. <3

    • All I have to say about that episode is that poor little Poussey was breaking my heart.

  29. I’m supposed to start OITNB tonight but it’s with a ~girl who I just started ~dating and between all the eye-gazing and deep confessional conversations about our emotional processes I am not going to be able to focus on a television narrative, not one little bit.


    • Officially starting this y’all. I’m wearing my favorite oversized jumpsuit orange polo because solidarity is the new black.
      Look at me in orange with an orange

      And I have an orange and I also have a water bottle filled with caffeine. So ready for this.

      • Ah! You’re so cute in your jumpsuit.
        I felt equally explosive and got into a FB convo. instead of here. Seriously thought I would burst!

  31. I’m in Atlantic City on vacation. The wifi wasn’t working in my room last night so I called the front desk AND the IT technician to get that fixed. I wanted to watch it as SOON as it was released.
    But then, I fell asleep. Too much day drinking. I’m going to watch it later tonight. :(

  32. Myself and 9 of my lesbian friends have been planning our OITNB viewing party since we first found out when it was being released. Tonight at 7 babiiiiies. Girls lesbianin’ together, pjs and snacks… My kinda party ;)

  33. OITNB brings friends back together! A buddy from way back when I lived in Scotland is live tweeting as she watches the series for DIVA magazine and I would never have found her and got back in touch without them tweeting that she was doing that.

  34. Whoa. I just finished episode 5 and I’m glad I did because it’s 6am. I’ve been up all night. I had plans of only watching 2 or 3 episodes. You know, pace myself but this show is like, NOPE YOU MUST WATCH ALL YOU CAN’T BEFORE YOUR BRAIN SHUTS OFF.


    *Clears throat* Uh, sorry for yelling. It’s just that this show gets me really excited. I’m gonna go back to watching it before I pass out from exhaustion.

  35. Fell asleep before the premiere!! Trying to squeeze a few episodes in before work!

  36. I know this is an OITNB thread but I have an issue that maybe someone here could help me with. I’m a lesbian but still living with my Jehovah’s Witness mom until I can afford to move out. Of course, I would like to meet more queer people, so I have looked into LGBT community centers in my area. It turns out there is one a 5 minute walk from where I work. I went there a couple of days ago and had an awkward 15-minute conversation with the man and woman who work there. They take drop-ins all day for their free library and computers.

    However, the center is affiliated with a church that they both hold leadership roles in. I’m an atheist but didn’t tell them that, just I was raised in a homophobic JW household and that I was struggling with coming out in that environment, etc. They were understanding of my fears of being outed and having to listen to anti-gay comments from family, which was definitely cool. Also I’m black and so are they so it was exciting to find people like me. But it still felt really awkward because I was being social with non-Jehovah’s Witness people for the first time since high school and I’ve never really talked to other gay people IRL before. The religion I was raised in pretty much bans you from being social with those who are not JWs, so just being social with the people at the center was a big step for me.

    The conversation ended with them saying I was free to come back and check out some books or use the computer if I wanted and that it the center is meant to be a safe space. They gave me some Pride flyers, the woman gave me her business card and said I could email her, and the man gave me a hug and praised me for taking the step of coming in and engaging. They also told me about Sunday Bible study at their church. I have zero interest in religion.

    I planned on returning today to thank them for talking to me earlier this week, but I saw a small crowd of sketchy looking guys loitering on the corner by the center. The center is located in an inner-city neighborhood. I decided not to go in out of fear of being accosted by them. They have rainbow flags and whatnot out front so everyone knows what the building is.

    So instead I emailed the woman thanking her for talking to me and I said I was going to come by but got too nervous. She responded with some words about being patient with myself and coming out in small ways over time. She also said she understood my nervousness.
    So does it seem like it is worth going back? She didn’t say anything about me coming back in her email, and the center is affiliated with a church. I would like to meet some people IRL prior to moving out if possible to have some rudimentary social support and to practice my social skills. Being raised in a high-control religion pretty much destroys your ability to make friends with people.

    At the same time, I don’t really know what I would say to them if I went back due to my atheism, extreme shyness (no really, I’ve had several people tell me I seem autistic), and residual JW conditioning to not socialize with “worldly” ones. I don’t want them to think I’m a weird needy loser if I went back next week and had another awkward conversation and didn’t know what to say.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?

    • Hey there! I just wanted to say that you sound awesome and brave and I wish you the best. I also grew up in a very religious household and pretty socially isolated (not JW though), so I can sympathize with that experience of trying to figure out how to interact with people in the wider world.

      From the way that you described it, the center sounds pretty cool except for 1) the possibility that the people there might get pushy with religious stuff and 2) the concern about the safety of the neighborhood. Those are both legit concerns, for sure. But as for 1), it doesn’t seem like they’ve been too pushy yet, so maybe it would be worthwhile to go visit a couple more times as a “trial period.” As for 2), I wonder if it would be possible for you to arrange to go there with somebody else, just so you don’t have to walk up to the place by yourself. Would it be possible to ask the people you know there if there’s somebody who might be interested in some kind of buddy system? Or maybe if you can get there one or two more times, you could find a buddy without asking them (so you can make sure it’s somebody you feel comfortable with).

      I don’t know if these thoughts will be helpful, but again, I just want you to know that I’m wishing you all the best!

      • Thanks so much! The woman I talked to grew up Pentecostal according to her TED talk so let’s hope she has since learned about being liberal and pluralistic from her upbringing.

        Also I’m not out at work and I mostly work with older straight guys so the buddy system is out of the question. I’ll probably go back at a different time when hopefully less people are out.

    • Hi Katie! I was also raised JW, so I feel your feels here. I don’t know how much I can really help you because I still struggle with these same problems – the awkwardness/extreme shyness/difficulty with making new friends. So I don’t necessarily have answers, but sending you hugs :).

      I can understand why you feel hesitant about going to the center since it is religiously affiliated. I’m agnostic and after my experiences so far I am extremely hesitant to have anything to do with any kind of religious organization. But it sounds like these people are maybe not the pushy/judgy type of religious people. If you talk to them again (you could even e-mail again if you don’t feel comfortable going to the center), let them know that you are not looking for a church, just to meet other LGBT people. They might have programs/events that aren’t religious, and they might at least be able to direct you to other resources/groups in your community.

        • I’m glad you were able to find the space. I don’t think you should be too concerned about the runners being religious, especially if they back off once you make it clear you are not interested in attending any church activities. And just hanging out in the library could be a relaxing introverted experience and allow you to see enough people regularly enough that you feel more comfortable talking to them. Also, they may offer non-talk focused activities such as movie nights. The LGBTQ center here is ran by someone who is a pastor. Perhaps part of it is that some churches have more funds to support/subsidize a center? And I think some religious people may be initially over-eager in inviting church attendance because they worry that LGBTQ people may still be theists but in need of an affirming space, which is certainly a concern for some.

    • Hey there! It sounds like it’s not only worth going back but imperative that you do. You absolutely need a support network and it seems like this is your best option. You are incredibly brave. Good luck.

    • the fact that you’re making the effort to go and be in a safe space is probably good enough, to be honest. I’m pretty sure they’re understanding of your shyness. I say just keep going and/or emailing them whenever you need…

      as for the church invites… I’d say “just go to humor them”, but there’s no sense in doing that if you’re an atheist. definitely seek out another safe place that isn’t religiously tied too, but stick with this one until you find that, because I think you definitely need that more than anything else. hang in there. <3

    • You sound really amazingly brave! I’m also terribly awkward, and bad at small talk, and am very impressed by your courage and determination. If you decide you do want to go back and be friendly with them, I’ve found that a useful line is ‘Do you have any plans for the weekend?’ or ‘What did you do last weekend?’ Obvs not that applicable to people who work weekends, but it’s a good phrase because it doesn’t need any introduction, and can go right after ‘Hello, how are you?’ or later in a conversation without being weird. It will often give you information that can be brought up the next time you see someone–you can ask them how the concert was, or how their presentation went, and then that starts another conversation, and also makes you seem like a nice person who pays attention to what people say. And it may give you a point of connection with someone if you discover you have similar interests.

      Could you bring something to do with you, some work, or a craft project, or sit and write some lists or plans for moving out, something that wouldn’t be totally absorbing like reading, but that wouldn’t require you to talk constantly for a long time? Sounds like they let people use their computers, maybe they’d be okay with you using a table and being in the same room with them without having a full-on conversation the whole time.

      Good luck, with moving out, and with the project of learning how to socialize (I sympathize)–its hard but definitely can be done.

  37. Is it horrible I told my girlfriend goodnight and started binge watching at one thirty this morning?

  38. Woke up at 4:30am and squeezed in some episodes before work. When I realized it was time to go and I’d JUST started Sue’s backstory episode I seriously considered calling in sick. I didn’t. WHERE IS MY MEDAL, I ASK YOU?

    Now I just KNOW I’m not the only one wondering how the hell Samira Wiley got even cuter over the season break, right?? How is that even a thing?

  39. Poussey’s backstory, can’t handle it. Poussey naked, can’t handle it. Poussey saying romantic shit in German, can’t. Fucking. Handle. It.

  40. I’ve already informed my best friend that if she still plans on coming around tonight, she’s gonna have to sit through it with me. Maybe I should show her the first season?? I’ve been a bit troubled lately, though. Someone in our lovely community has told me that as a newly-out trans man, I should promptly get the heck off of autostraddle. This day is a bittersweet one.

    • report that butt-face to the admins here, POST-HASTE. you belong here just as much as I do, and I’m straight. :P (I do absolutely identify as an ally for gay/trans/queer etc. rights, just to be clear.)

    • LIKE that you have your priorities in order re: OITNB

      DISLIKE mean people on the internet. please know that whoever said that doesn’t speak for the whole community!

    • Whoever told you that is ridiculous. I’m a nonbinary trans man and I’ve been apart of this community for years. I identified as lesbian when I found the site but not for much longer after that. This community is open and accepting, please don’t listen to them.

  41. “you don’t think that she squatted and pooped in a bag do you?”

  42. <>
    My roommate came home from a movie late last night and brought me a movie poster. I was already asleep, but he just briefly woke me up and told me he’d gotten me a little present that I could look at tomorrow. My sleepy guesses about the poster’s contents went as follows:
    “Ghost Cat?”
    “Ellen Page?”

    *disappointed snores*

  43. I haven’t started yet, but my friends are coming over in an hour and we’re gonna binge-watch I’m so excited! I’m trying to be a good friend and not watch any of it without them but the sTRUGGLE IS REAL

    (hope everyone’s having a great friday!)

  44. Huh?! I gave S1 a single episode when it first came out and thought ‘naaa, this is rubbish’. Might be time to restart the Netflix subscription and figure out what I’ve been missing…

    • Definitely give it another try. The first episode sucks. I try never to judge a show on the first episode because so many things can change so quickly. So many of my favorite shows start off boring or bad and then grow into themselves. I think episode three was where I really fell for OITNB and then it kept getting better and better as it went on.

    • I suggest giving it another try. I didn’t really like it until episode 3 or 4. I watched the last 10 episodes in a shorter span of time than it took me to watch the first three.

  45. I may, I repeat, MAY have signed up for Netflix purely to watch OITNB. Which makes me feel like a lesbian salmon, because it’s just my INSTINCT. It’s in my BLOOD. Whether my fiancee will agree with this sentiment when the first payment goes out….well, I’ll keep you posted.

    • Don’t know if this is the problem, but my picture lagged behind the sound and I had to refresh every 5 seconds.

      To fix it I just clicked the little HD button and turned HD off.

      No more lagging!

  46. Guys they said the B word on the show! (bisexual. Well, they said bi. With a lot of hesitation. But they said it!)

    Baby steps.

  47. I just got home from a very long day at work, made myself some harsh browns and green tea. Totally ready to binge watch this season!!!!


    My Outsider heart is so happy. Like SO happy right now. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW

  49. I will just have to watch it on sunday since I’m going out tonight and Mexico is playing their place match before the World Cup starts

  50. my wife and i do festival journalism for but this weekend, i couldn’t go to wakarusa because of my summer classes. in exchange for her seeing some of my favorite bands without me, i am going to watch basically all of orange is the new black before she gets home. i’m actually not sure who’s missing out more.

  51. Ive only made it halfway through episode 5 and I have a theory. Hear me out.


    1) She’s super hott #hottcabin
    2) She’s with a super attractive woman in a really gay way
    3) She gets sexbocked by the authority
    4) Sleeveless denim vest, HELLO
    5) Super sweet but also weird and nerdy
    6) Likes to read
    7) Is probably a really good planker and could plank any of our laps any day #outsidersplanking

    There are more but I have no evidence to back them up. BUT THAT VEST YO.


  52. This is a picture of me not being able to handle my emotions after that Poussey episode OMG OMG OMG OMG my heart!!!!

    • Now I am wearing my mango mochi as a tiny hat and watching Episode 2. This truly is the life!

      • Only 2 episodes in an it’s already time to bring out the big guns…spicy beer:

        Taystee is my favorite character and I’m glad to know her backstory.

  53. How the fuck did this show get queerer from last season. Trying to be spoilery because I accidentally spoiled some things for myself on tumblr, but damn.

    also Poussey was kind of just there for me last season but I just plastered my tumblr with pictures of Samira Wiley. AND HER CHARACTER SPEAKING GERMAN? MY HEART.

  54. Also really appreciating how the entire lesbian internet seems to have gotten to the Poussey episode within an hour of each other.

  55. “Fork on the left, knife on the right. Little fork on the outer left.” Could Suzanne be any more perfect? I love her.

  56. I haven’t gotten to watch OITNB yet because I don’t want to start paying for Netflix again, but I will soon!

    BUT! I did spend my Friday night watching a ton of queers marry each other in Wisconsin!!!! It was amazing to stand near the capital building on a beautiful evening after work and watch everything happen around me. Woo equality!

  57. MY FAVORITE THINGS SO FAR(I’m on epi 5):

    -Poussé broke my heart when Taystee didn’t save a seat for her. And when she was being little spoon. HER FACE. MY HEART.
    -When Niki and Boo are starting their “bang off,” and Piper asks if they have to come.
    Boo: With me, they ALWAYS come.
    Niki: Only once? So sad.

    GIRL U NO. You been tearin’ it up, you little cheerleader you.

    Also young Suzanne breaks my heart and Taystee is smart as hell. And I want Poussé to be my wife.

    There were other things too but I’m too excited to keep watching MORE LATER

  58. I made fried rice with sliced almonds in a coconut sauce and blanched asparagus with Old Bay, plus brussel sprouts. We had sweet tea, grapefruit and pineapple juice, and plenty of Angry Orchard and Bud Light Lime. I know, Bud Light Lime? It was not my executive decision to make, I promise!

    I had like 15 people in my living room straight up FREAKING over Poussey and Tastee’s uhhhhhhhh
    and now I have a cleanup like no other. It’s okay though, because my friends are golden and this show just keeps getting better!!!!

  59. I succeeded in finishing it. I am now able to safely return to the internet without fear of spoilers.

  60. I get up at 5 (2 am pacific, haha) on fridays to figure skate and I can inform you all the nannies at the ice rink, and a lot of the moms, were just sitting there watching orange with their laptops and headphones. It was pretty priceless.

  61. Having two small children is really hindering my ability to marathon this show. I got 3 episodes in last night and hopefully will get 3 more in tonight. Then tomorrow is the Tony Awards, which also screws with my marathoning. At this rate I will hopefully have it done by Tues or Wed.

  62. I’m nowhere near starting. I’ve been working every night, which is okay because the lead in the show is a super queer super hottie, plus writing and producing and all the things. Plus, TONY AWARDS tomorrow. And I started going to the gym in my attempt to do 100healthydays (although I’m not Facebooking every day). One day, I will binge watch the whole season. Until then, productivity wins. Womp womp.

  63. Anyone else bummed Lori Petty didn’t have a bigger role so far ? I’m on episode 5

  64. Friday morning I begged all of my friend’s with Netflix accounts to give me their passwords and once someone gave me it I did not get out of bed. My roommate found me 6 hours later in the same position on my bed and asked if I was okay. I hadn’t eaten, I hadn’t moved. I took a short walk outside, got some popcorn and went right back to watching until I had finished the season at 3 am. It is the pride festival in my small town today and I am very tired, but very happy.

  65. I took a break from binging the show to do First Friday gallery stuff and I feel compelled to share this story:
    Last night, standing in front of a bar, a large man insisted on buying me a drink. I refused several times. At this, he picked me up and carried me into the bar while I loudly said “No” 10-20 times. He said that I am single so I should have a drink with him. I said that I am not (I am pansexual and I am currently dating a cis guy). He then proceeds to go back outside to apologize to the person in question for violating a “man code” and being disrespectful to him. Not to me. So, there’s that.

  66. I’m on episode 9! I think I’m definitely going to finish today. Which is good, because I definitely have to finish before the Tony Awards tomorrow night. I have such a social life, it’s magical

  67. I finished last night and I need people who are finished to talk to me about it! Catch up everyone!

    • I finished last night and I need people who are finished to talk to me about it! Catch up everyone! This means you Casey..

    • I just finished. The ending was perfect, there’s no big cliffhanger but I don’t think it needed one. Season 3 come to me soon!

      • could you imagine? we’re all going to be dying for more of the show even with no cliffhanger. i couldn’t have handled if there had been one!

  68. Oh my goodness gracious episode four I am dying a slow and sweet death

    Vagina anatomy lessons
    Lesbian sex competition

    These are a few of my favorite things~~~~!

  69. I already watched it all! OMG! Is it just me or did the writing and acting get even better this season?! I was a bit surprised by the sort of lack of hanger at the end but still it was amazing!!! I’m going back to watch episode four again as soon as I recover from the first watch. Poussey!!! Be still my heart!

  70. I am holding true to my commitment to a healthier lifestyle by not binging on netflix. I am I am I am. Hence I’ve only watched season 2 episode 1 and hence I haven’t read any of the rest of the comments here just in case and hence I’m almost exploding wanting to watch the others. I love this show.

  71. Why did I blow through all 13 episodes in less than 24 hours knowing full well that another season won’t be out for a whole year? Why couldn’t Netflix release an episode per day to save me from my lack of self-control? And, most importantly, why aren’t I living happily ever after with Samira Wiley?

    • My unhealthy obsession with Samira Wiley is literally making me a little depressed. I want to marry her so badly. My previous celebrity crushes pale in comparison. I think about her several times a day.

  72. I made the wrong decision to go out and socialize at a party tonight. It is SO boring, everyone here is the worst, and I could be finishing OITNB right now instead!!!! What’s wrong with me? :)

    • I had gone to a Rod Stewart & Santana concert Friday night with a bunch of folks because we got free tickets, and there was some bar socializing afterwards. I’m so glad my friends driving me home were ready leave after one drink because I just wanted to watch OITB instead of being at the bar.

  73. I finished the season last night and wow! That last scene was perfection!!! This season blew the other one out of the water, the script was so much funnier and the new character developments were great. I did get a bit bored/frustrated with the whole Vee storyline in the middle, though.

    • I giggled helplessly every time Vee/Lorraine Toussaint came on screen. The character is beautifully schemey and manipulatively slimy. I loved it.

      HOWEVER, can we talk about how she manipulated Suzanne? OMG, my heart broke a few times. She figured out exactly how to make Suzanne her attack dog. :-(

      • Absolutely. Vee is a smooth operator. She knows how to “ding” her target slightly (remember how she told young Taystee why she wouldn’t get adopted?), then offers some kind of advice or hope that makes them feel better disposed towards her. She compliments, praises, plays on each person’s deepest hopes and needs. I am in awe of her smoothness and her leonine presence. She can nurture and discard without any real sense of guilt or mercy. Too bad she is soulless and a more successful sociopath than that vile Fig. I loved what she got in the end, even if it seemed a tad melodramatic.

        • It was definitely meant to be melodramatic though, and a parallel to what happened to Gloria’s abusive boyfriend. I love how they tied that in – it’s like the ending brought together four story arcs all at once to make one giant BANG.

          And you’re spot on about how Vee weasels her way in. Lorraine Toussaint got her down perfectly.

      • i had too many feelings about how she treated suzanne to appreciate her character very much. it was a well-written and well-acted character, but just noooope.

  74. There’s a lot more- a lot more- sex in season 2, for those few members who haven’t started season two yet. A lot more nude shots, especially topless, pretty much in every episode, not a lot of actual pussy (I wonder if this is an FCC thing or just Netflix’s attempt to stay tasteful?) but tons of t & a shots.

    • I do! I really like how this season brought older women inmates into the mix. Sure everyone wants hot young lesbian sexy times–Poussey’s back story and love for Taystee moved me, and the butch-off made me laugh. But I loved how the show took the older women and made them more than background extras. I loved how we saw Rosa’s backstory and her current situation. But what I really dug was when we discovered that the older gardening crew were in Litchfield because of good behavior during Max. Those old ladies had done more serious shit than getting tangled in a boyfriend’s drug business or fraud. All the young hotties thought they were nobodies, but they showed them.

    • legit, Rosa is one of my favorite characters now. she’s such a badass. and her thing with the kid with cancer was so sweet.

  75. I finished it last night. I have too many mixed feelings about this. Almost the whole 1st season was nonstop amazing, but this one was exciting in like only 4 episodes :( (loved the last episode!)

    Am I the only one to want June 2015 to be here already?

    • I feel the exact same way! Everyone says season 2 is way better so I kept wondering if I was just missing something…and yes, this year needs to be over now!

  76. I have so many feelings!!!!! I need to talk about them! There should be an OITNB spoiler thread so we can all discuss the Poussey episode in depth!

  77. “Roberta!! ROBERTAAA!!”

    “‘I really don’t think Jersey is for you.”

    “I am a garden rose.”

    y’all I’m a wreck

  78. just finished the entire season and my life is forever changed. also, i’ve never felt so fucking awesome and affirmed.

  79. I just finished episode 8 and I’m scared to continue because of the feels and because I don’t know what I’ll do with my life after I finish the whole season!

    Can we have a Poussey spin-off in the meantime, please?

  80. On episode 11 and without getting two spoilery two of my absolute favorite moments have been:
    – The Golden Girls reminding everyone just who they are.
    – Sister Ingall’s stoking old flames. Yes it did just get real.

  81. I first joined this site while watching Orange is the New Black… funny that this is the first post to come up!

    Just finished episode 11. Most hearbreaking were the Morello and Poussey plotlines. Creepiest character: Vee (am I hallucinating or is Lorraine Toussaint channeling Laura Prepon’s lizard eyes?) . Most unnecessary addition: the hunger striker hippy chick. Vanishing characters: Pennsatucky has faded into the background (and why did they ever take her out of psych?) and Sophia seems to have been marginalized into nothingness. I predicted this last year… once they have their “trans plotline” the trans character isn’t really given anything to do. At least they didn’t kill her off (yet).

  83. It was my brothers’ birthday this weekend, and while I’m super busy with stuff and won’t be able to watch until probly Sunday pm, I am looking forward to bundling down on my bed with cake.

    I’ve only seen two episodes. Awww, Taystee. Aww, Piper. And seriously, this isn’t the first time I’d heard about something similar to Big Boo. Had a classmate once who also became too close to her dog. Waddup.

  84. Did anyone else catch Boo’s “I’ve always wanted to put my dick in her mouth,” line? Straight off her interview on here. It makes me wonder if that was improved or written in.

  85. I’m desperately trying to stop myself from binge watching by reminding myself that there won’t be another season till 2015 and I’ll have another OITNB shaped void to fill in my heart, but I accidentally watched 10 episodes and resistance is futile.

  86. Episodes 4 and 6 Poussey!!!!! **swoon** so sweet and cute

    Also, Natasha Lyonne is KILLING it this season. Also- Crazy Eyes needs to win an Emmy for this role. DANG. I’m so proud of this show.

  87. Oh man. I’m done. What do I do noooooow?
    I’m queer, so the obvious answer is process my TV relationships.

    Current primary feelings:

    9. The only thing more boring than Larry on my screen is Larry and Polly on my screen.
    8. I’m an atheist, but damn do I love some politically active, rebellious nuns.
    7. When the hell did Healy turn into an actual person? I feel like he was doing therapy between seasons.
    6. Has it occurred to NO ONE that there will likely be a paternity test?
    5. I love Red.
    4. I want some hardcore old lady back stories.
    3. Rosa was amazing. That totally turned what I was afraid would be a cliched emotionally manipulative illness story into something rad.
    2. Where the hell was Sophia this season? In season three they damn well better give her an actual story arc that isn’t about her being trans.

    • Leigh, one of the rules about trans characters in media is… they’re only of any value so long as they are tools in a plotline to discuss trans issues. They aren’t given much complexity, certainly not any sexuality and are often so innocuous they’re easily disposed of when the trans plotline is finished. As wonderful as Laverne Cox is, this character fit that mold. :(

      • You really hit the nail on the head there! I was wondering why we didn’t see more of Sophia and I feel you really explained it! That’s really sad!!! I hope they get back to her in season 3.

  88. I just finished Episode 4. Quick thoughts: Man, Vee is sowing the seeds of future terror. Poussey is breaking my heart. I’m curious what Red is up to. I’m afraid that Jenji is going to throw in a weeds reference or something. Hahaha.

  89. On episode 4. Loving Sophia’s sex ed lecture! Do disappointed when Taystee didn’t actually get the job when she won the career contest. Taystee and Poussey are in a relationship? Vee is really seductive but so manipulative! The kid with the iPhone at chemo is an asshole

  90. I think I’m in love with Poussey.

    I wish I had something more constructive to say, like how I thought the ending was freaking awesome and I ugly cried at multiple points throughout the season, and how I really enjoyed the season as a whole but now even the names Larry and Polly put me to sleep, and how I loved there were whole episodes that Piper wasn’t in (not that she isn’t all well and good, just that there are so many amazing stories that I want to hear that don’t involve her) and how Uzo Aduba is absolutely amazing and Natasha Lyonne still kicks ass and Laura Prepon is hot as hell and that is just an fantastically talented cast.

    But my thoughts and my heart are still with german-speaking-flannel-wearing-joke-making Poussey. I am definitely in love.

  91. I wanted to leave this somewhere in Dear Queer Diary, but it seems more appropriate here :)
    My favorite characters:

  92. I JUST realized that Pornstache from OITNB is Benson’s predator guy from SVU… and he’s the guy from Weeds. AHHHH! Why is he so good at playing creepy characters?

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