BREAKING: Samira Wiley Needs a Boo, Eats String Cheese

Yesterday Samira Wiley made everybody’s private parts explode with this announcement regarding her ass requiring warmth:

As if her public declaration regarding needing a special somebody wasn’t enough, today she followed up with a confession that she enjoys the world’s best processed food product, string cheese:

WAIT DON’T CHANGE YOUR PANTS YET. I have some photographs which I feel will be useful as you sit at home pondering your qualifications for boo-dom. If you’d like to win honorary Boo’dom, I invite you to write a haiku for Samira Wiley in the comments or otherwise express your feelings. Just remember that there’s already a Big Boo and a Little Boo, which means you’ll have to be Medium Boo.


hey boo check out how light revolves around my face like the sun revolves around the earth


hey boo wanna get non-monog with me and these two fierce bitches and also our hats


hey boo it’s cool you can rub your hands in paint and then say hello to me any time you want


hey boo, i recognize the obvious sexual caption that could be given to this photograph, but i actually look so fucking ridiculously sexy in this picture that using that kind of caption would be actual blasphemy


hey boo what are you doing you don’t have to wear clothes around me


hey boo, i just wanna be loved like a puppy is loved




hey boo, we got something for everybody


hey boo, i believe you belong under this arm and yet you are nowhere near this arm


hey boo, i just gotta hang out with my BFF for a second ok, it’s cool because we’re both independent women and aren’t super co-dependent and give each other lots of space


hey boo, it’s true g-d invented hoodies just so i could wear them


hey boo my gender presentation is hella flexible and damn do i look good doing it


hey boo, just texting you to let you know if you’re out there in the rain that i got an umbrella right here for you


hey boo i’m technically on this panel right now but my heart’s way over there with you


hey boo, with your consent i’m just gonna put two in the front and two in the back real quick, go knicks


hey boo it’s just that our future’s so bright i gotta wear shades


hey boo gtg hang out with black cindy right now… wanna come?


hey boo, look it’s how we met!


hey boo, now the puppy’s gonna know your scent


hey boo i identify as 100% Y.O.U.R.S.


hey boo, when i sang “amazing grace” i really meant “amazing boo” and damn you lit up like the prettiest angel i’ve ever seen


hey boo, it’s okay, just take a lot of deep breaths and this photo won’t give you a heart attack


hey boo, check out how i accent à droite this bitch


hey boo. yes that’s my bra. stop staring. ok it’s fine keep staring.


hey boo, btw i went to julliard


hey boo, butch please


hey boo, you’re so hot i had to take off my sweatshirt


hey boo, how do you like this double puppy eyes


hey boo, did you know that only 12 women a year get into julliard’s theater program, just saying


hey boo, it’s cool you couldn’t make it, you probably would’ve hyperventilated in the face of all this awesome and it was taylor’s birthday so


hey boo, hey.

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  1. Welp. I’m in love. Again.

    Does she fit the qualifications to be in the autostraddle queer hot 100? Cause if so, I expect her to do very well next spring.

    Of course, Kate Moennig has never actually come out to the best of my knowledge and she’s always on it. lol

  2. my computer just lost a very important project file literal SECONDS before i was about to finish with it, and i was really considering throwing it out the window, but then this decided to grace my screen with its presence.

    so thank you for saving me from a very rash decision.

    • I made a follow-up post to this last night, but apparently it didn’t go through (my ISP is garbage), but I was SO UPSET that I spelled her name wrong! I knew it was Samira, but the URL tricked me when I was writing this, and I second-guessed myself. *sob*

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