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    I just read all of yu+me dream in one sitting and then the next day read penny and aggie, I need more webcomics to read! Suggestions for longish story arcs over one strip wonders? I read QC and GWS and read Freakangels for a bit… also did anyone else read Angels 2200? Or was that just me?

    • Whoa! You read the entire Yu+Me archive in one sitting? I’m impressed! Though, if you can read all of Penny & Aggie in one sitting, then you’d like have to be an android. Have you tried Flipside? It has a pretty hefty archive. I read Angels 2200 whenever it was updating on a regular basis. Is it updating again?

    • yeah, I tend to obsessively read webcomics, I do the same with tv series on dvd. yeah the other day I went on Angels 2200 and they HAD updated! It was very exciting. Havent read Flipside but will now, thanks!