Your Best Halloween Costume Ever: Queer Couples Edition

So my girlfriend and I were invited to a very serious Harry Potter-themed Halloween/birthday party. While neither of us have a lot of enthusiasm for H.P. (I know, I know, I’m sorry!) we knew enough vague facts to brainstorm some ideas. Like, the fact that there are owls. So I set to work on figuring out how in the world to make owl costumes that were a) recognizable as owls and b) customizable so that we would clearly be an owl couple rather than twin owls (kind of the same principles to apply when working out who can have which short alternative lifestyle haircut). I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of owls on the internet. And this is what I came up with!


DIY Hogwarts Owls


yes that is a sorting hat

You will need:

Felt in light brown, dark brown, white, and yellow
Two plastic masks
Paper/a pen
additional paper/twine (optional: use only if you are making Harry Potter-specific owls)


Part One: Owl Faces

This requires some planning. So first, trace the shape of the mask on a piece of paper, including the eye holes. Then, draw owl ears on it. Or rather, approximations of owl ears — owl ears are pointy and triangular, kind of like this guy has:





Cut the shape you just made out of brown felt, and glue it down to the mask. Make sure it’s pressed down into all the mask’s various curves. I made one in light brown and one in dark brown.



Now, return to your drawn template, and draw a figure-eight shape over the eye holes. Then cut it out in white felt.



To make the nose, draw an ice cream cone shape where the nose should be, and cut it out in yellow felt. Glue it to the white figure-eight shape. This is also when you are going to customize the owl’s face. For mine, I gave my owl mask long brown eyelashes. For the second mask, I made triangular shaped eyebrows.




Now glue it down to the base of the mask, and you’re done with Part One! Just make sure the eye holes line up.


butch/femme owl face realness


Part Two: Wings

To make a wing, cut your felt into the shape of half of a heart. They should be big enough to cover about 2/3 of your upper arm. The pattern of the owl wing is completely up to you; owl wings come in a lot of beautiful, intricate patterns, and it’s pretty much up for interpretation (for the sake of these costumes). I cut felt into teardrop shapes for feathers and made two different designs for each pair of wings. One is alternating light and dark brown, and the other is kind of a star burst effect, starting with white at the tip and darkening to brown around the edge.




To wear the wings, just safety pin them to your shirt. So we’d look like we knew what we were doing, I made tiny paper scrolls tied with twine, and we carried them around like owls with letters from Hogwarts.

More Queer Couples’ Costume Ideas as Determined by Autostraddle Staff:

+ Rhianna and Katy Perry at the VMAs
+ Hothead Paisan and Chicken
+ Pam and Tara
+ Each other (do this only if you are okay with your friends rolling their eyes at you forever)
+ Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
+ Romi Klinger and Michelle’s high school reunion
+ Pebbles and Bam Bam
+ Any vintage couple from this list
+ Butches leaning on things
+ Calvin and Hobbes
+ Valerie Solanas and Andy Warhol
+ Thelma and Louise
+ Oprah and Gayle
+ Danny and Sandy from Grease
+ Michael and Stephanie from Grease 2
+ Drake and Nicki Minaj
+ Dolly Parton and Dolly the Sheep
+ Dolly the Sheep and Clone
+ Starbuck and Laura Roslin
+ Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama, 2016 Presidential Elections

Tell me your favorite queer grrrl duo costumes!

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Gabrielle Korn

Gabrielle Korn is a writer living in Los Angeles with her wife and dog.

Gabrielle has written 93 articles for us.


  1. My bff and I are going as Calvin and Hobbs this Halloween. We thought we were being super original. Then I saw your list.
    My girlfriend is going to be a pregnant January Jones from Mad Men so I should go as Don Draper but it felt a little obvious.

  2. The Joker and Harley Quinn?

    What about the girls from Tipping the Velvet(in their top hats and tails, naturally). Buffy and Faith?

    I just saw an awesome photoset of two females cosplaying Sherlock Holmes and Watson (Downey Jr version).

    So to sum up, an excuse to wear some kind of formal Victorian menswear.

  3. I really admire those that put time and effort into their Halloween costumes. I couldn’t be bothered. A few years ago, I stuck sponges on a casual outfit and called the costume “Self Absorbed.” Took all of 5 minutes.

  4. I’m going as Robin and continuing my search for a girl who wants to be Batman with me without me having to bribe her with beer or make her entire costume myself. But those owl masks are too damn cute, I might have to change it up for parties.

  5. I’m right in the middle of watching an insanely tense match btwn US v. Germany, and all I can think about is dressing up as Abby Wambach and my gf going as Pinoe, and making some fantasies come true on a pool table somewhere..
    I might regret this comment in the morning, but my beer and I are standing by it for now.

  6. My friend and I just decided to do Wesley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride. I would be worried about having time to put it together, but let’s be real, most of my clothes are already black anyways.

  7. my girlfriend and i spent about two or three hours looking for ladycouple costumes online before coming up with our own: i’m going as princess leia and she’s going as hope solo. probably only like one out of ten people are going to get it, but lbr i’m still pretty okay with those odds because it’s totally worth it.

  8. last year a friend and I went as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. So much flannel and converse and awkward, it was UNCANNY. THis year I want to be Ennis Del Mar but don’t have a Jack Twist :( (Brokeback Mtn)

  9. Omfg: “+ Each other (do this only if you are okay with your friends rolling their eyes at you forever)” I…I….well, fuck, we already wear each other’s clothing, so this wouldn’t be a costume.

    We’re planning on going as two complementary parent strands (DNA) while one of us will have DNA Helicase because I want to use this joke the whole fucking night: “Hey baby, I wish I was DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.” Bam. Instant win.

  10. I’m gonna be Frank N. Furter as part of a Rocky Horror costume group, assuming other folks in the group get their costumes together in time. If not, I’ll still be Frank N. Furter because I dress as him at any available opportunity.

  11. This year I’m going as Robyn circa the Call Your Girlfriend music video(as I already have the hair, and am about to head to the other room to sew a faux fur crop top right now) and my girlfriend is going as Batman.
    Batman and (swedish) Robyn.
    We think we’re pretty funny.

  12. Those aren’t ears, they’re just tufts of feathers. Owls’ ears are set asymmetrically on their heads, one lower than the other, which enables them to locate the source of a sound very precisely (in a study, 9 out of 10 times an owl caught a mouse in a 100% dark room on the first swoop!)

  13. My bestie and I were Juno and Bleeker one year when she was super pregnant. I dunno what that would look like as a couples’ costume, but it was really cute.

    Doing Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf this year w/another friend, which DEFINITELY would be an excellent couples thing given all the subtext there.

    If anyone ever does Hothead and Chicken, I want pictures.

  14. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but this Halloween I feel like I have nothing up my sleeve in regards to costumes.
    I’m single. The past two years I have been and oompa loompa with my friend willy wonka and garth and kat from snl. This year I have last minuted it to a unicycle?? My head is going to be the seat and my hands the pedals and I’ll make a wheel. I guess when people ask why I can say, “I want ladies to sit on my face?”

  15. so my (awesome, queer) sister is going as Babe-raham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer, and her (burly, straight) boyfriend is going as Sexy-Vampire-Mary Todd Lincoln. She’ll have a fake beard, stovepipe hat, bloody axe, and fishnets, and he’ll wear fake teeth and a long old-timey gown.

  16. carrie bradshaw and aidan! i’m more masc and my gf is more femme, so we’re swapping gender presentations so we can both do drag! yay! i’ve never been more stoked about tutus, crop tops, and nameplate necklaces in my life.

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