The Comment Awards Are Spicing Things Up

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Listen: there have been so many unknowns this year. So much has changed! My wardrobe is pajamas! I literally can’t tell time now! But in a time where nothing matters except our connections to one another, one thing I have been able to count on is that our Autostraddle community would continue to be here, making me laugh VERY HARD and teaching me things every single week. And I know this sounds like the intro to a pledge drive, but it’s not – I just continue to be amazed and delighted by all of you, every single day! And this week’s content! Was so! Good!

We kicked off Christmas movie season with Heather’s review of The Happiest Season and Carmen’s review of A New York Christmas Wedding, and as if that wasn’t enough, Shelli gifted us with this masterpiece, My Coming Out As Told Through The Outfits In “A New York Christmas Wedding”.

Rachel Maddow says: protect the ones you love. (Please watch this, if you can.)

In that vein, Adrian’s got tips for spending the holigays alone.

On Trans Day of Remembrance, Xaoi wrote about Mattee Jim, a trans Navajo elder, and what it means to be vessels of ancestral memory.

In news that will surprise no one, Sally wrote this perfect thing.

Valerie Anne revisited the saddest movie to ever launch a thousand awkward conversations where your straight friends said they’d “go gay” for Angelina Jolie, Gia. 

Lol, Stef: Kristen Stewart Being So Gay: The Definitive Vapid Fluff Timeline.

And then there were your comments!

On Heartwarming Gifts for Burning Down the System: Shopping for the Protestors in Your Life:

The Mom’s Girlfriend Award to -mom-:

Love this! Was needing some gift ideas for my girlfriend!

On  “A New York Christmas Wedding” Asks You to Believe in the Power of Love at Christmas:

The And To All A Good Night Award to Ellie:

If you’ve ever been a teenage girl who was madly in love with her best friend — which, if you’re reading this review on this website, the odds are pretty high that you know exactly what I’m talking about…

On Come Vibe With Me: Attention Please:

The Landing Award to Kerri:

’ve loved your work on this site from the moment it started appearing, but this series especially lands for me, every week. I so very much appreciate you sharing all these facets of yourself with us here.

On Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Fun Factory’s Magnum Dildo:

The That’s My Dick! Award to Morgan le Gay:

Just casually said “oh hey that’s my dick!”🤣 I enjoy the magnum as a strap for sure

On “Adventure Time: Distant Lands — Obsidian” Gives the Gays Everything They Want:

The Marcy4PB Award to thatottergirl:

As someone with eternal Marcy4PB vibes, this gave me all the feels! I loved both the special and your review.

On The Happiest Seasoning (and listen, you’re gonna want to read ALL of the comments):

The Friends In High Places Award to Heather Hogan and SmartAssJen:

This is also my favorite thing you have ever published. Which is not a diss on other content, but a righteous celebration of the pure genius and delight of concocting this perfectly spicy dish of lesbians, Christmas, wordplay, and seasonings. I salute, applaud, and lesbian head nod everyone involved in this. I anoint your feet with my joy sprung waters. I carve your names into the newly soft flesh of my opened heart. This, THIS is all that I have ever wanted. Thank you.

And the Unseasoned Melody Award to Kristana, Chandra, msanon, and Yasmin:

On Oh That’s Right, “Gia” Is a VERY F*CKING SAD Movie:

The Soul of Wit Award to Dawn Denbow’s Lover Cindi:

v sad v gay

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  1. So much good stuff this week! Can I highlight Shelli’s tag yourself Princess Switch post too? Also hilarious!

    Speaking of tagging yourself, Morgan le Gay’s “oh hey, that’s my dick” is classic.

    • I’ve also just realized that I now desperately want an out queer panto version of Dick Whittington

      • I mean I know it is a panto, and pantos are full of dames and principal bois, just, deliberately openly queer

        Listen I haven’t finished my morning tea yet ok

  2. Yaay thank you for letting me acknowledge that I am, at my essence, just a Moody Brunette looking for her Bubblegum Girl

  3. A comment award???

    I so rarely comment because I don’t feel I hit the right notes of witty banter the way I’d like to (and see from so many of you wonderful Comment Award regulars!). This was highly unexpected – and more touching than I would have ever guessed.

    :mumbles thank you and goes back to lurking:

    • Oh but it’s great to see your comments ~ more more more!!

      Congrats on your comment award and yay on your being here 😊

    • Kerri! I appreciate you and I appreciated your sincerity! It’s not all snark all the time around here, although I can see how we would give off that impression 😂

    • putting stuff on the internet is a thing i find difficult. and, i am often not a capable of being a thing i admire. whether or not it’s the same for you, i think it’s brave of you and important to take a minute to tell someone that you appreciate them if you can. be nice to see you around here again if you felt like it.

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